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efloidis there a way to save session in konqueror?03:50
efloidalso what about extensions?  will chrome extensions work with it?03:51
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mhall119ahoneybun_: you mean a KDE/Snappy sprint? I'm still trying to find a venue we can use for that04:30
ahoneybun_mhall119: no for Kubuntu team to meet and work on work04:36
ahoneybun_*stuff to work on04:36
ahoneybun_I was thinking London as the Canonical office is there04:37
IrcsomeBot3<tsimonq2> ahoneybun_: Would it be just a sprint to do Kubuntu-related things, or is it a hangout where we meet people, or what did you have in mind?04:39
ahoneybun_well you could also see as a getting to know each other more04:39
ahoneybun_maybe get closer together as well04:40
ahoneybun_mhall119: having a Snappy part of it might get sgclark and harald over04:40
mhall119ahoneybun_: I asked about using bluefin, but was told there wasn't really a good space for that (and having visited it once, there really wasn't)04:41
mhall119in fact, when I attended a sprint in London, it was at a hotel on the other side of the city from the offices04:41
sintrewish i could join , but in usa jumping the pond a little to much for my wallet this year :)04:41
mhall119bluefin is the office04:41
mhall119building name, or nickname04:41
ahoneybun_sintre: same04:42
IrcsomeBot3<tsimonq2> The only way that I could attend is with sponsorship, because while I get a paycheck now, it's not big enough to be able to save to fly to London... :P04:43
mhall119sprint attendence is usually sponsored by Canonical or the community donations fund04:43
IrcsomeBot3<tsimonq2> Oh ok. 👍04:43
IrcsomeBot3<tsimonq2> (If I get to go... :P)04:43
mhall119I've been talking to apol and sitter, trying to co-locate it with some other KDE event04:43
tsimonq2Better than Telegram, probably.04:44
mhall119Akademy would work, but it's so far away04:44
ahoneybun_tsimonq2: your invited of course04:44
ahoneybun_we have our issues but would not leave anyone out04:44
tsimonq2ahoneybun_: Fair enough.04:44
ahoneybun_it might help us get around those04:45
tsimonq2ahoneybun_: When would it be?04:45
ahoneybun_mhall119: yea no clue when the next akademy is anyway04:45
ahoneybun_tsimonq2: April was looking pretty good04:45
ahoneybun_could also be a 17.04 release party as well04:45
ahoneybun_but the date is still in the air of course04:45
tsimonq2ahoneybun_: Would it be a whole week thing or just a day or two?04:46
ahoneybun_tsimonq2: we were looking at a weekend thing04:46
ahoneybun_but I have the whole 2nd week of april off04:46
tsimonq2ahoneybun_: Oh ok.04:46
* tsimonq2 looks at the school district calendar04:46
ahoneybun_mhall119: I was looking at London as that is the cheapest Europe place for us in the USA04:47
tsimonq2Aww, spring break is in March :P04:47
tsimonq2ahoneybun_: I think that's a great idea04:47
tsimonq2I mean, if we wanted to go Europe. :)04:47
ahoneybun_would be easy to get Qt people in too04:47
ahoneybun_well USA is super expensive04:47
* ahoneybun_ knows he spelled that wrong04:48
sintrewell depends on where you coming from lol04:48
sintreusa going to europe super expensive04:48
ahoneybun_mhall119: getting an area picked is first then a place04:48
sintreeurope people going to usa expensive04:48
ahoneybun_travel in general is, we'll leave it at that :)04:49
tsimonq2sintre: Let's build an island. Let's call it, "conference island" *goes on to rant for another 30 minutes*04:49
sintreactually i think we can by an island for the price of the plane tickets somewhere off of belize hehe04:50
sintrekubuntu island lol04:50
sintrebut we'd have to build bungaloes04:50
tsimonq2mhall119: Ask Mark if he could help us invest in Kubuntu Island? XD04:50
mhall119Isle of Kman?04:52
sintregood name04:52
mhall119though I've heard k-puns are passe now04:53
ahoneybun_mhall119: any other ideas for locations?05:00
sintretampa florida ,05:00
ahoneybun_your in Fl?05:00
sintreselfish choice as i live here but big international airport :)05:00
valorieThere is Iceland, already there05:00
ahoneybun_join #ubuntu-us-fl05:01
ahoneybun_sintre: our Ubuntu Florida LoCo!05:01
sintrelearn something every day05:02
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jimtendo-X540Ssintre: Think you were away when I messaged last, but thanks heaps for your help yesterday... adding backports repo really sped stuff up... and solved another issue I had with Brave Browser and Chromium causing "flickering". Lots of other nice stuff bundled into the latest Plasma too (new SDDM login is really nice, so kudos to whoever is responsible for that).06:49
sintrejim> your welcome a hundred times06:50
sintreand aslo just coming to say thing worked out is alot to me and alot of people who trry to help trouble shoot06:50
sintreand also don't foget any problem you have bring it , we'll throw anything wie can think of , just updating was easy to say the least , so any other problem please come here and let us give it a wack06:52
jimtendo-X540SThanks again, hope I'll get some time to contribute back soon. Have a Qt-based SQL Database manager in the works, but not stable for anyone's usage yet. I'd like to work on KWalletManager eventually too, but I think that might all be getting replaced by KSecretService.06:53
sintrei just want it to not be active on install06:54
sintreannoys the **** out of me06:54
sintreespeically sinse i've been toying with my new laptop done many new install06:54
sintrelast couple months06:54
sintreits my first go to chore06:55
sintresome people like it though06:55
sintrebut out the gate when you gotta get stuff set up freakin unneeded pain imo06:55
jimtendo-X540Ssintre: I feel you there... I love the Wallet Integration conceptually, but KWallet feels a bit dated (and messy) now.06:56
jimtendo-X540SNeeds a "muti-device" type functionality (wallets shared across devices either through a third-party or maybe using some kind of sync app).06:57
jimtendo-X540SAnyway, I'll look into that when I get some time.06:57
sintrecertainly , would be welcome to help out06:58
sintrei can't code or package or anything of that nature , i just am good at finding problems and complaining really :)06:58
jimtendo-X540Shaha, all help is good help ;)06:59
jimtendo-X540SThanks again!06:59
sintreyour welcome again07:00
magichandsHappy new year all10:40
magichandsHas anybody got some experience getting multiple mouse buttons to work?10:41
magichandsI.e. volume controls, zoom, etc10:41
FritigernWhen looking at this video about plasma 5.8 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgH1Clgr-uE ), I get the impression that it should be possible to set a video as desktop background. Does anyone know how?11:15
soee_it requires some extra wok i think11:21
soee_like installing extra package, not sure11:21
Fritigernsoee_: what package?11:28
FritigernBACK! What did I miss?11:43
BluesKajHiyas all11:47
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IrcsomeBot3<KlimiCZ> Hello12:20
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x33ktrying yo upgrade to KDE 5.8.5 via backport ppa on kubuntu 16.04. Should i just let the updater do the job or apply apt full-upgrade command?14:03
BluesKajx33k, just  sudo apt upgrade, unless you have a particular package in mind14:09
x33kBack when KDE 5.6 was backported they said to use full-upgrade which also remove some deprecated packages. But recently there are no mention in the post, which got me confused. They know best what command will do better and result in less bug. Upgrade command clearly won't remove any package even if it necessary. So, they should've clearly mention it in the post14:12
EYI just installed Kubuntu on my laptop. I haven't used KDE since circa 2003. I'm amazed how good it looks.14:13
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EYAnyway, does anybody know how to get the battery applet to show the remaining time?14:14
x33kEY, just move the cursor on the battery icon, it will display in a tooltip popup14:15
EYx33k: I do that already, but is there another way to show the remaining time all the time?14:16
x33ki guess not EY14:17
EYx33k: OK. Thanks, anyway :-)14:17
BluesKajx33k, with a ppa when you do the upgrade it upgrades what's available, full upgrade shouln't make any difference unless there are upgradeable packages in the other repos14:19
x33kOK thanks, BluesKaj14:20
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omarramohey guys, I have a problem with emacs on kubuntu, it is really slow, even with small files. I notice the slowness when scrolling etc. where you can see how the text is drawn to the screen from top to bottom. I don't think that should be the case with an AMD RX 47014:33
omarramohow can I solve this?14:33
Mozammeldoes anybody try to rate a song playing in rhythmbox ? ubuntu 16.10 ; unity15:55
BluesKajMozammel, ask in #ubuntu, rhythmbox is a gtk app15:57
BluesKajthis is kubuntu support15:58
MozammelBluesKaj: yes I did asked, its also possible to install in kubuntu, I just asked because if someone have faced same problem.15:58
BluesKajkubuntu uses amarok Mozammel15:59
MozammelBluesKaj: I know that amarok is default palyer for KDE, so its for kubuntu.16:00
BluesKajyes, and rating songs is a personal thing imo unless you're talking about something different16:01
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BluesKajChalkPE removes himself ??16:03
acheronukBluesKaj: removed themselves from the telegram channel16:04
BluesKajacheronuk, ok16:04
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BluesKajircsomebot is an unfortunate handle, always makes me think of irksomebot :-)16:06
omarramohey guys, I just updated and restarted and now my login screen is just all white16:06
omarramoI can still type my password and hit enter to login but most of the screen is black still16:06
omarramowhat do I do now?16:06
BluesKajomarramo, ctl+alt+F1-F6 to drop to a VT/TTY , login then run your apt updates and upgrades to see if that fixes any broken packages16:08
omarramoBluesKaj: I typed in sudo apt-get update/upgrade but no packages were installed16:09
BluesKajok omarramo try startx16:09
BluesKajor sudo systemctl start sddm16:10
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omarramostartx has the same effects, I am logged in, can see the contents of the window but not the bar on the bottom or the alt + f1 menu16:11
omarramoalso browser doesn't work at all16:12
DarinMilleromarramo: Are you able to see a menu when you right click on the desktop?16:12
omarramoDarinMiller: yup16:13
omarramoyou mean the drop down menu right? still appears16:13
DarinMillerRight click, select add panel -> default panel.16:13
BluesKajomarramo, context menu with add panel etc16:14
omarramoyes context menu gets drawn. the stuff like panels is still there but it doesn't get rendered16:14
omarramothe panel gets rendered as like 5 white pixels, its really buggy16:15
DarinMilleromarramo: Sound kind of like a video driver issue.  NVidia perhaps?16:15
omarramono on amd16:16
omarramoRX 47016:16
omarramocan I somehow rollback the update? I remember that 13 pacakges were installed16:16
DarinMillercrap, I have no AMD experience.16:16
DarinMilleromarramo: was this a regular update or a backports update?16:17
omarramojust the regular one where it talls you that 13 packages are available or something like that16:17
omarramoso via GUI16:17
DarinMillerlaunch a terminal via krunner (alt-spacebar) then type konsole.16:18
BluesKajomarramo, think something is missing ,drop back o the TTY, sudo apt install plasma-workspace16:18
DarinMillersudo apt upgrade -f16:18
omarramoboth commands install 0 packages16:19
omarramoI think just one of the new packages broke something16:19
omarramothis really sucks, I have a bunch of stuff to do till tonight16:20
DarinMillerI forgot: sudo apt update  then sudo apt upgrade -f16:20
omarramoalso no thing :/16:20
BluesKajcould be the gpu driver and my experince with them is really limited16:20
BluesKajamd drivers that is16:21
omarramohow do you check which driver is installed again?16:21
DarinMillernetwork connect working? i.e. ping google.com from the terminal?16:21
omarramoyes I am actually writing from the PC that doesnt work16:21
omarramowindow conent and borders render correctly, just not the kde stuff16:22
omarramolike panels and krunner etc.16:22
DarinMilleroh, try kwin_x11 &16:22
BluesKajomarramo, sudo ubuntu-drivers list , there'll be a delay before you see any output16:23
acheronukmight help people to know what release you are on16:23
omarramokubuntu 16.0416:24
acheronukwith backports ppa?16:25
omarramonot sure, I didn't add any though16:25
omarramoDarinMiller: kwin_x11 gives me a lot of errors16:27
omarramoIll reboot really quick16:28
acheronukgrep installed /var/log/dpkg.log16:29
* acheronuk goes to break more stuff16:29
BluesKajheh, I'm fionding Zesty more stable than Yakkety16:31
BluesKajfinding even16:32
DarinMillerBluesKaj: I have not had any problem with either.16:32
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omarramohmmm still not working :/16:32
omarramoemacs works at least so I can do some work :D a browser would be nice though16:33
acheronukwhat does 'grep installed /var/log/dpkg.log' show for the packages you updated?16:34
BluesKajDarinMiller,  got crashes with kwin on yakkety on plasma 5.8.516:34
DarinMilleromarramo: acheronuk was about to provide the solution.  Install backports ppa.16:34
acheronukmight not be a solution, though it is better than 5.516:35
DarinMillerBluesKaj: I have not see that issue on any of my 3 YY boxes (2 NVidia, 1 Intel)16:35
omarramoseems to actually have been a driver update16:36
omarramoscroll to bottom16:36
acheronukomarramo: so you have the oibaf driver ppa enabled, and updated a upstream git snapshot of mesa16:38
acheronukand although you say you are on 16.04, you have the Yakkety repor for that ppa enabled?16:38
BluesKajmy laptop is intel Yakkety , no probs there with 5.8.5, this old HP with nvidia however does on YY, but not on ZZ16:39
DarinMilleracheronuk: how did you determine the oibaf driver ppa was enabled?16:40
omarramoacheronuk: my bad, it actually was 16.1016:40
acheronukDarinMiller: I recognised the versioning scheme he uses16:40
omarramoacheronuk: I didn't know that oibaf would bring unstable drivers to my machine :( what can I do about this now?16:40
BluesKajoma you're not bad, just mistaken16:40
acheronukDarinMiller: i.e. ~gd~y on the end for his Yakkey ppa packages16:41
omarramobut yeah I use oibaf ppa, I wanted to tell you but couldn't remember the name16:41
acheronukomarramo: may not be the problem, but unstable git snapshots can cause issues.16:42
omarramoseems like the mesa packages were updated. should I get an older version of those?16:43
acheronukthat or purge the ppa16:44
omarramobut I need it :(16:44
acheronukI have no idea if that is the issue, but it looks the most likely16:45
omarramookay I purged it, will restart and then maybe try padoka16:46
acheronukthere is a === Debugging and reporting problems === section on the ppa front page16:46
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omarramookay so it works again now16:49
omarramoI purged the ppa, shouldn'T I not have any drivers right now?16:49
acheronukppa-purge downgrades to to standard versions. not remove completely16:50
omarramooh okay16:50
omarramoit works even better than before now16:50
omarramothanks alot acheronuk and also to the other guys!16:51
omarramoyou saved my day16:51
acheronukomarramo: glad to help :)16:51
acheronukthat drive ppa is usually fairly stable, but things can break sometimes16:51
BluesKaj!cookie } acheronuk16:52
ubottuBluesKaj: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:52
acheronukit may be fixed in a day or a week, but you can never know for sure16:52
BluesKaj!cookie | acheronuk16:52
ubottuacheronuk: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:52
omarramoyup, I will try it out for sure16:52
* BluesKaj makes a note to do more research on amd gpus16:54
himcesjfDoes Kubuntu in general works slow when installed on a USB drive?17:00
himcesjfI am noticing a lot of lag17:00
DarinMillerhimcesjf: it's all hw dependent.  If its usb 1.0 hw with a spinning 5400rpm drive, it will be painfully slow.17:01
himcesjfSysinfo for 'TuxStick': Running inside KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) powered by Linux 4.8.0-32-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz at 3499-3500/3500 MHz, RAM: 4289/7717 MB, Storage: 17/56 GB, 229 procs, 1.55h up17:02
himcesjfIt's a 64GB drive connected to USB 3.017:03
himcesjfDarinMiller: ^17:03
himcesjfAlso, I notice a strange behaviour when connected to power source. It lags the most when connected to power source and normalises when disconnected from power source17:05
himcesjfi.e. runs fairly okay on battery17:05
himcesjfI am not sure what is causing lag17:06
DarinMillerhimcesjf: Spinng hard drive?  Is the external hd enclosure USB 3.0 capable? If not it may be running at USB 2.0 speeds.17:06
himcesjfDarinMiller: It is a USB drive. No spinning HDD17:07
himcesjfAs stated in my original question17:07
himcesjfA USB flash drive17:09
DarinMillerI have a couple USB drives that are external HD's...17:09
DarinMillerahh, OK17:09
DarinMillerwhat brand/model?17:09
himcesjfDarinMiller: SanDisk17:12
himcesjfI just noticed it's connected to USB 2.0 port17:12
himcesjfRestarting and triyng in USB 3.017:13
himcesjfDarinMiller: back17:18
himcesjfDarinMiller: Checking17:18
DarinMillerhimcesjf: do you know what the RW speeds of the thumb drive?  Some of the less expensive ones are kind of slow.17:21
gtozziAfter upgrading to 16.10, I happily see plasma is finally stable17:21
DarinMillergtozzi: awesome!17:21
RonaldsMazitisopenbox is most stable17:21
RonaldsMazitislove unity too17:21
DarinMillernever tried openbox. What does it do?17:22
himcesjfDarinMiller: Read speed up to 150 MB/s17:22
RonaldsMazitisit's super minimalistic17:22
DarinMillerDoes unity allow windows on top of the panel or allow panel hiding?17:22
himcesjfDarinMiller:  Product page - https://www.sandisk.com/home/mobile-device-storage/ultra-dual-usb-drive-3#specifications-section17:22
DarinMillerhimcesjf:  Plugged into a usb 3.0 port, I would expect very little lag.17:23
RonaldsMazitisYou install file manager like pcmanfm and panel like tint, use nitrogen for wallpaper, and set everything to start automaticly17:23
RonaldsMazitisit's like xfce without icons on screen17:23
himcesjfDarinMiller: Yes, still checking. It's considerably improved17:24
RonaldsMazitisDarinMiller: I have no idea what panel You want to hide17:24
himcesjfDarinMiller: Interestingly, CPU history is also normalised to 20% instead of rapid surges17:25
DarinMillerRonaldsMazitis: in Unity, the bar with the clock on it did not used be configurable.17:25
RonaldsMazitisYeah, but who care about that17:25
himcesjfDarinMiller: Thanks for pointing out about usb 3.017:26
himcesjfHow did I miss that17:26
RonaldsMazitisI like kde, but I like things simple and fast17:27
* DarinMiller misses stuff all the time....17:27
himcesjfDarinMiller: But there is still one weird problem17:28
RonaldsMazitisI will allow kde to grow till next ubuntu LTS17:28
himcesjfDarinMiller: I noticed lag the moment I plug it to power source and immediately CPU history shows surges from cores17:29
DarinMillerRonaldsMazitis: I too like simple and fast, especially for people like my parents who do not want a bunch of extra stuff to confuse them.17:29
himcesjfDarinMiller: it's hanging a lot now17:32
DarinMillerhimcesjf: Hmm, I too have seen disappointing perf on USB drive, but they were older USB 2.0 version that could not even reach max usb 2.0 speeds.17:35
himcesjfDarinMiller: I am not sure if it's about USB 3.0 or the OS when dealing with power17:43
himcesjfDarinMiller: The moment I unplug power, it smoothens out17:43
himcesjfVery weird17:43
mparilloI know it is unhelpful, but I cannot resist. If it slowed when you unplugged, I would have guessed it was some kind of power-saving mode.17:46
himcesjfmparillo: Uh, not sure. Checking polling though17:52
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Guest18842Hi there! In my dashboard the option to shut down has vanished. does anyone know how to reset that?19:52
Guest18842I already reverted to presets in the KDE settings under "startup" of course.19:53
Guest18842but it does not reappear19:54
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> HI ther19:55
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Hangon, I'll just check see If I can help you with that19:56
Guest18842IrcsomeBot3: are you talking to me?19:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Yes19:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Sorry, I'm linked in to IRC via Telegram19:58
Guest18842IrcsomeBot3: no worries.19:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> If you open a terminal and type ls -alh19:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> you'll see a directory .kde19:59
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> In there is all the configuration stuff for you user19:59
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> you could try moving that file to say kde_backup20:00
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> then logout and log back in20:00
Guest18842IrcsomeBot3: I just figured it out. I just had to change to the startup menu and then back to the dashboard.20:00
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Oh excellent, OK..20:00
Guest18842IrcsomeBot3: Thanks a lot for your effort though!20:00
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Welcome 😃20:12
ghostcubefolks, flashplugin-installer fails cause the tar.gz isnt available20:36
ghostcubeanything known?20:36
valorie!info flashplugin-installer21:04
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 58 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)21:04
valorieghostcube: you might file a bug21:04
valorieeasiest way is `ubuntu-bug flashplugin-installer`21:05
valoriein the commandline21:05
Serdar1hi all21:09
Serdar1how can I switch from ubuntu to kubuntu21:10
Serdar1because it looks like, just installing plasma is not working for me. my plasmashell is dying with aborted21:11
daxa good start would be installing the package kubuntu-desktop21:11
daxremoving the ubuntu-desktop-specific stuff is more complicated and am not sure how to do that (but it's doable i expect)21:12
sintre+ agree with dax advice21:14
Serdar1I am purging ubuntu* now21:14
sintreif you don't have anything to lose i would suggest a clean install using kubuntu imo21:14
Serdar1but will this help with my plasmashell issue?21:15
sintrei coouldn't tell you21:15
sintreas i've never done it before21:15
Serdar1is kde dead now? there is just plasma, right?21:15
sintresame thing21:16
sintrethen again , i could be out of the loop :)21:16
Serdar1yeah, here are more than two people here :)21:19
valorieKDE is the community21:19
valoriePlasma is the desktop environment21:19
Serdar1in my days it was just KDE :) But things have changed since21:20
valoriekubuntu-desktop should get you what you need for your plasmashell at least21:20
valorieI have to agree with sintre though -- a clean install of Kubuntu is the best route, if you have nothing to lose21:21
acheronukthe few times I tried to start with ubuntu/unity and then install KDE/kubuntu as well, never worked out well21:25
acheronukXubuntu/lubuntu/mate usually works not to badly21:25
Serdar1hmm this is strange21:26
Serdar1normally the distribution should not affect your desktop environment21:26
Serdar1I mean it wasn't 5-6 years ago21:26
daxthe distribution isn't the problem, it's removing all the cruft that was installed when you installed ubuntu that you no longer need21:27
daxubuntu's package management sets depends of metapackages as manually installed when you remove the metapackage (e.g. ubuntu-desktop), and it's a pain to figure out what *else* you need to remove without removing stuff kubuntu needs21:28
Serdar1acpi_osi= acpi_backlight acpi=ht ht=on nouveau.modeset=0 nomodeset i915.nomodeset=1 pci=nomsi21:33
Serdar1hmm download takes too long for strange reason. time enough to complete tron legacy :D21:34
Serdar1can somone paste their sources.list?21:41
DarinMillerBut that 's Neon Dev unstable.  I can reboot into ZZ or YY if you like.21:47
Serdar1no that's fine21:52
DarinMillerI just realized I don't need to reboot.  I can just navigete to the respective directories and grab it.  (duh!).21:53
q-buntuhi. i'm bored while installing kubuntu so i decided to IRC from this live session to distract my brain.21:55
q-buntuand i think it's freaking awesome that you can do just that. fire up a new konsole window, install irssi, bam, ready to go.21:56
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Hello q-buntu21:56
sintrewelcome to kubuntu :)21:56
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Why not take a look at our website kubuntu.org21:56
q-buntuwell, thank you. :)21:56
q-buntuoh i did, a number of times, actually. :)21:56
q-buntuohhh, my system is installed and i can reboot. :)21:57
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> We also have a podcast, audio and video, find out more on our site21:57
q-buntuwell i'm usually the type of guy who chooses random operating systems or distributions for no reason. i often end up with complex and minimal operating systems. i thought i would give kubuntu another try because my girlfriend demands an easy-to-use computer and i have some spare thinkpads.21:57
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> q-buntu take a look at Activities, google KDE Activities21:57
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> they're awesome ;-D21:58
q-buntuwhat i'm trying to say is: i'm impressed how cool kubuntu got, really.21:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Thank you, can I use that in the next podcast as user feedback21:58
sintrewell you'd be more impressed by the help you can find here or your girlfriend if thats the case21:58
q-buntusick: will do, that's one of the concepts i never got along with to be honest, but since you explicitly recommend me to have a look at that i should give it another go it seems. :)21:58
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Definetly21:59
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Think of them as super light weight docker images or VM's21:59
q-buntuwill be back with my "normal" irc client in 10-20 minutes after exchanging ssh public keys, thanks for easing my installation time, people. <321:59
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> enabling you to create seperate working contexts all on the same desktop21:59
IrcsomeBot3<Sick_Rimmit> Welcome ttfm21:59
valoriesick_rimmit: wow, I never thought of them that way22:02
arminhi. i'm the guy who was just here as q-buntu.22:05
sintrerdy to update?22:05
arminso you wanted to tell me something about activities.22:05
armindamn. i fell in love with kde again.22:12
arminthis happens like, one time per every 3 years or so.22:12
sintreusing back ports?22:12
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports22:12
arminah, not me.22:12
sintrethen sudo apt update22:13
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade22:13
sintrefew days ago newest plsma landed22:13
sintreif like like it now you'll love it after22:13
sintrejust get a beer and wait :)22:14
FritigernWhen looking at this video about plasma 5.8 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgH1Clgr-uE ), I get the impression that it should be possible to set a video as desktop background. Does anyone know how? Because I can't seem to figure it out.22:16
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