Bashing-omAll the fun I can stand for one session , G nite06:38
ducassemorning all06:51
lotuspsychjehey there ducasse06:52
ducassehi lotuspsychje - happy new year to you! :)06:52
lotuspsychjeall the best wishes for you too ducasse xx06:52
ducassehow were your holidays?06:52
lotuspsychjegreat,busy and moving to the new house also06:53
ducassedo you like it there so far?06:54
lotuspsychjeducasse: how were yours?06:54
lotuspsychjeyes very, its bigger house now alot of space to walk in06:54
ducassefine, thanks - quiet. visited family and relaxed a lot :)06:55
ducasseplans for the new year?06:56
lotuspsychjebuild my business room in the house06:56
lotuspsychjebreakfast times, laterz ducasse :p06:57
BluesKajHiyas all11:47
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ducassei'm continually amazed at the amount of people who think ubottu is a real person :)17:52
Bashing-omducasse: ^ Lot of new people :) that is a good thing .18:19
ducasseBashing-om: in some ways, yes :)18:21
Bashing-omducasse: One in a hundred make a contribution to the effort :) Separate the wheat from the chaff ?18:24
ducasseBashing-om: :) you logged off literally 13 minutes before i connected to tmux this morning :)18:26
Bashing-omducasse: Left a bit earlier last // My eyes are not ajusting well to the newer irssi and Firefox colors ==> head ache :(18:31
Bashing-omI am trying to give FF another chamce, but I still miss chrome .18:32
ducasseBashing-om: i've been messing with terminal color schemes and themes for my most used applications, trying to make things more relaxing for the eyes.18:33
ducassei use both ff and chromium.18:33
Bashing-omducasse: Yeah .. http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_configure_xterm . Have yet to find a means to change a browser background color that I am comfortable with - as the website controls that .18:38
ducasseBashing-om: can't you use an addon like stylish?18:39
ducasseBashing-om: hehe, i just gave a guy in #ubuntu that exact link about an hour ago :)18:39
Bashing-omducasse: perhaps . I sorta real slow about adding add-ons :)18:41
ducasseit just inject css in web pages, aiui, so you can manipulate things like that18:42
ducasseBashing-om: haven't used it myself, just keep hearing about it.18:43
Bashing-omThe more I mss about with xterm, the more I am impressed. These people have done the homework . Thanks for the hint about stylish . I look into it .18:44
ducasseBashing-om: i prefer urxvt over xterm in many ways, it's what i use now. roxterm was nice but is no longer maintained since gtk 3.20 broke it.18:46
ducasseBashing-om: urxvt can have perl plugins etc, it's a deep rabbit-hole to get into :)18:47
Bashing-omducasse: For now xterm more than meets my simple needs. As a matter of fact I am not even "glomming" over all the enhancewmnt as offered in xubuntu 16.04 . And yeah I may yet return to my 14.04 minimal install as my system of choice . But ! Got to learn systemd sometime !19:00
ducasseBashing-om: i still generally like systemd, it's nice in many ways. ymmv, though.19:02
Bashing-omducasse: I figure systemd is here to stay . As much as I dislike change . Gonna make the adjustment :) There are many things about systemd that I truely like and appreciate .19:04
ducasseBashing-om: other than that, is there something you dislike about 16.04 as you are considering switching back to 14.04?19:11
Bashing-omducasse: Nope, so long as I can function on 16.04 .. all speed ahead ! ( 17.04 also available to investigate what will be ) . Just the learning curve of the differences in the apps I use - ( going back to learning the GUI way ) .19:16
ducasseBashing-om: almost all the programs i use are cli/tui, except the browser. trying out cvim with chromium now to get keyboard control there as well :)19:17
Bashing-omducasse: Browser was elinks for a while . google-chrome has spoiled me to the GUI . I will say easier !19:25
ducasseBashing-om: there are so many websites that demand a gui browser, unfortunately. the whole "write clean html that can be parsed by almost anything" is completely forgotten now.19:28
Bashing-omducasse: Yepper . GUI web browsers are much easier to use now-a-days . No going back .19:32
ducasseBashing-om: i guess the reason they call it 'web 2.0' is because they broke the first one ;)19:36
Bashing-omWell, can not keep up, can not take notes. what is a CLI browser to do ?19:37
ducassei need something hot to drink, think i'll go make some chai. good stuff :)19:41
Bashing-omWe been doing hot chocolate here of late . Wife is swearing off .. says it is bad for her diet :(19:42
ducassemy cat has an incredible talent for getting what she wants. if she's begging for treats and i ignore here, she starts climbing all over me until i cave :)19:57
Bashing-omCats wil be cats . Same same here . 2 in the house and 4 outside . No peace till we give what they demand ( else they will live elsewhere !) .20:05
Bashing-omTook a year for Ebony to convince us that she wanted to be a domesticated house cat .20:06
ducassecats <3 as i live alone a cat is great for company. she's very social, and demands a lot of attention :)20:07
ducasseheading to bed soon, ttyl Bashing-om20:07
Bashing-omHave a good rest ducasse20:09
ducasseBashing-om: you enjoy the rest of your day :)20:09
Bashing-omTime for a nap . laters guys .21:27

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