dbz2khello is anyone online?01:24
ricotzjbicha, hi, could you update epiphany in xenial to 3.18.10?12:52
jbicharicotz: it requires webkit 2.14 which xenial doesn't have yet unless we revert that commit12:57
ricotzjbicha, ah, I assume you already thought about doing it then12:58
jbichaare there particular reasons you wanted the update?13:00
ricotzjbicha, the upstream maintainer was asking about it13:01
jbichadid he ask about wk 2.14 too? :)13:02
ricotzjbicha, no ;)13:02
ricotzobviously this is an issue as well then :\13:03
jbichafor wk2, I should ping mdeslaur to see if he's ready to try it13:04
jbichait's a little bit different thatn 2.12 because we've tested 2.14 in yakkety13:05
jbichaboth 2.14.1 and 2.14.2 got stuck in phased-updates though, which makes me sad13:05
jbichabut things that get pushed through -security avoid phasing13:06
ricotzah, I see13:06
ricotzbetter to bribe mdeslaur then ;)13:06
jbichabecause the new wk2 makes xenial's older epiphany ftbfs, epiphany will need to be tested and updated at the same time too13:09
ricotzjbicha, did you tested it with the version bump reverted?13:11
jbichaif you want to work on the update, I can sponsor it for you13:13
ricotzI guess including the webkit2gtk is preferred13:14
jbichawe could do two separate updates: update now then rebuild once wk2 is published13:15
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