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zwxis threr anyone05:00
zwxI'm a Chinese.05:00
jesse__i am from the united states05:08
jaredanyone know how to overclock my raspberry pi on here?07:20
ykeloh hi, i had some questions about installing ubuntumate on my macbook07:27
ykelonline most people use efi boot managers so taht they can dual boot alongside osx, but i want to remove osx entirely and only have ubuntu07:28
ykeldo i simply install using the installer already included as with any other device or will i run into issues whenever i boot up07:28
* alkisg has no idea about macs, but maybe someone else will answer, hang around for a couple of hours...07:29
ykelalrighty :)07:29
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ykel0Installing ubuntu-mate on mac is just as easy as clicking install. No boot problems so far10:29
skywalkeri need help anyone here ?11:34
NeoNamohi skywalker11:34
NeoNamoask your question, and if somebody can answer they will :)11:35
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masnell_ yep, I just felt sorry for NeoNamo :'(12:16
keevitajadoes mate have good dual monitor support out of the box?13:35
keevitajathinking about switch from xfce to something else as it has crappy support with multiple monitors. especially when using laptop with external monitor as primary13:36
keevitajajoin #manjaro13:37
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actraiserhello, just curious as to what is a good backup tool? whole system snapshot maybe? or do i just need to focus on the home folder?17:10
jesse__i have good dual monitor support on my T430s17:22
mate|75172Hey guys, may someone help me ? I have no sound on my computer. :(18:18
mate|75172I've remove alsa and pulse audio18:18
alkisgEeh... that's a bad way to fix things :D18:19
mate|75172then reinstalled them, but it doesn't work18:19
alkisgDid you ever have sound?18:19
mate|75172Yeah I had, but my microphone wasn't working since 2 days18:19
mate|75172So I tried to fix it18:19
alkisgAnd now is it only the mic that is not working, or it completely broke sound?18:20
mate|75172it completely broke sound18:21
jesse__what changed in the environment?18:21
mate|75172how can I know ?18:21
alkisgWhen you purge a package and then reinstall it, you MISS all the dependencies of the package18:21
jesse__like what have you done with the comptuer in the last 2, 3 days that could have triggered this problem?18:21
alkisgFor example, 30 packages might depend on alsa, so if you remove and reinstall alsa, all those packages won't get reinstalled18:21
jesse__or is it simply a faulty cable?18:21
alkisgSo I think the major issue now is to reinstall the missing packages18:22
mate|75172It's a laptop, I've just removed alsa and purge18:22
mate|75172Sound was working before that, and I'm updating my packages every day18:22
alkisgUpload your /var/log/apt/history.log to pastebin18:23
jesse__ooh yeah18:23
mate|75172Application AisMDMMInTAOji478kuNxz is unavailable.18:25
mate|75172Cannot upload file here18:25
mate|75172But it's not long, I can paste it18:26
mate|75172Start-Date: 2017-01-02  10:19:2718:26
mate|75172Commandline: apt-get -y dist-upgrade18:26
mate|75172Requested-By: dreimus (1000)18:26
mate|75172Upgrade: git-lfs:amd64 (1.5.3, 1.5.4)18:26
mate|75172End-Date: 2017-01-02  10:19:3118:26
dreimusSorry it's me18:27
dreimusI've been kicked18:27
dreimusHave you seen my history.log ?18:28
alkisgmate|75172: cat /var/log/apt/history.1.log | nc termbin.com 999918:28
alkisgWhat's the output of that? It will tell us which packages you removed18:28
dreimusMy Wifi icon is also removed by the way, maybe it could help18:30
alkisgStart-Date: 2017-01-07  19:08:18 Commandline: apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio18:31
alkisgSee how many packagese were removed there18:31
alkisgBy reinstalling pulse and alsa later on, you didn't reinstall those18:31
alkisgSo you need to manually check them one by one and reinstall the ones that are missing now18:32
dreimusOk I'll do this,18:32
dreimusI keep you inform18:32
alkisgFor example, ubuntu-mate-core18:32
alkisgYou had this installed 3 days ago, you dont have it now18:32
jesse__yes, amazing18:33
dreimusIt worked ! I now have sound !18:36
dreimusBut still no microphone18:36
jesse__nice! do you have another means of microphone to attempt?18:42
alkisgNow you need to check the differences that jesse__ was saying, e.g. did you put the mic to the wrong hole, did you break the cable etc etc18:42
dreimusit's an internal microphone18:43
alkisgYou can also use a live cd to check the mic there, if you think it's a software/settings issue18:43
dreimusWhen I had installed pavucontrol, it said that internal micro was not plugged-in18:43
alkisgFinally, if you think it's a user setting (vs a system setting), you can check with the guest session18:44
dreimusI'll try the guest session, I'm coming b18:45
dreimusIt neither works in guest session18:47
dreimusI've done a alsa-info to check18:55
dreimusHey guys ! I've fix the problem of my microphone19:03
dreimusAdding to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf19:03
dreimusoptions snd-hda-intel model=lenovo19:04
dreimusThanks for your help !19:05
dreimusHave a good night !19:05
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Guest8774how can i istall the tor browser on ubuunto mate?20:03
merlin_i have a problem20:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:26
douglashow would I go about installing GStreamer 0.1 on my UbuntuMate 16.10 system?  I want to install Rstudio and it cannot use GStreamer ver1.020:51
douglasI am very new to Linux and don't know the comand line well yet.20:52
Akuliis 0.1 same as 0.10? or do you mean 1.0?20:52
alkisgmaybe: sudo apt install gstreamer0.1020:53
douglasI am guessing it will work with the latest version of 0.1 Thanks20:53
douglasWhen i tried that I got an error: Invalid opertation gstream0.1020:55
alkisgYou mistyped a lot, try it again :)20:56
douglastried again and it was unable to locate the package gstream0.1020:58
alkisgAgain you mistyped20:58
douglasthanks that appears to be working, I must be more careful on my typing.21:00
Akulior just use tab21:05
Akulitype "sudo apt-get install gstrea", then hit tab once to have it complete some, then hit it two more times to see a list of what you can install :)21:06
douglasNow I am trying to install libgstreamer0.1-0 and it says it is unable to locate the package Libgstreamer0.10-021:07
alkisgAgain typo :)21:08
douglasI did type it correctly in the command line.It returns Unable to locate package libgstreamer0.10-0 and it also says: Couldn't find any package by glob 'libgstreamer0.10-0' and Couldn't find any package by regex 'libgstreamer0.10-0'21:19
DougCDI have downloaded Ubuntu 16.04.1 into my download box on a win 10 system.  Now what?21:30
DougCDHey, hey, hey!21:49
merlin_HP 15-ba022ng can i run linux on this notebook22:18

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