bazhangmunkygirl> yall need to calm down i just helped him you skids09:46
bazhangoh skids09:46
bazhang'google it'09:46
bazhangyeah thas so helpful09:46
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (mices)12:23
PhanesMornin'.  Back for the 48 hour followup to continue discussions regarding recent retaliatory ban in #ubuntu.13:38
PhanesI see that the ban is still in place but am going to provide good faith that this is resolved but some discussion is needed.13:39
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently14:04
ubottuPhanes called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()14:04
Phanesmust be bad timing.  ill come back in later.16:32
PhanesDave, ping21:13
Phaneswoof.  Dax21:13
daxstand by, am waiting for a response from IRCC21:14
Phanesit's pretty dead in there, i wonder if saturday was the best day to try to talk this out21:18
daxi'll get one of them, it just takes a few minutes (sorry for the delay)21:21
Phanesyou're fine.  hopefully they will be discussing this and not handing out some verdict where input was gathered in my absence sans rebuttal21:22
FlannelHi Phanes.21:43
Phanesyou guys getting a cold snap too?  central ohio has turned into a roller skating rink21:44
FlannelNot really, no.21:44
Phanesbelow zero after windshield factor last night21:45
FlannelThose windshields really are brutal.21:46
* Phanes disables thaT21:47
FlannelSo, I've looked at all the relevant logs and I'm comfortable with removing your ban in #ubuntu as long as you avoid interacting with ikonia for a while.21:48
PhanesI think that's appropriate.  Although this #LFS is pretty bothering.21:49
FlannelYou two have a bit of a history, and I think a period without all the banter would be healthy.21:49
PhanesI'm unaware of the history if you know something I don't21:49
Phanesbesides LFS.  ikonia is a 'familiar' nick name21:49
Flannelby 'history', I mean you and he are familiar with each other, and from what I've seen it's not a cooperative familiarity.21:50
Phanesit's most certainly not21:50
Phanesi am philosophically opposed to his administrative approach21:50
FlannelBut categorizing it isn't important.21:51
Phanesthese are places of learning21:51
PhanesThat said I still think after this is sorted out that re-evaluating the blacklisting factor as a violation of code of conduct merits some words.21:52
FlannelPhanes: So, does that seem reasonable to you?21:52
FlannelPhanes: Yes, that's a separate thing and I think it's important to keep them separate.21:53
FlannelPlus, that one is with the IRCC, and this one is just with me.21:53
FlannelAs much as I try, I'm no good at being five people at the same time.21:53
Phanesheh, try building a linux distro some time lol21:53
Phanesit is surprisingly more stressful than it sounds21:53
Phanesi've read more in this build out than all of the cs courses i took in school put together21:54
FlannelPhanes: alright, I've removed your ban in #u.  Please go verify (join and say something) so we know it's successfully removed.21:54
FlannelTry to keep #ubuntu to just support (which is always the goal for everyone), and avoid queries with ikonia, obviously.21:55
Phanesi'd prefer to put him on ignore if that's workable21:55
FlannelI think that would be fine.21:55
Phanesstill deciding on that as i should keep channels open for resolution in case he becomes reasonable about the ban21:56
Phanesim in21:56
FlannelGreat.  I think that does it then?21:57
Phaneshow do i follow up with this sig council thing, i am unfamiliar with your process21:57
FlannelWith my other hat on, we're still in internal discussions (it sometimes takes a while, since we're all on different schedules)21:57
FlannelBut I will keep you informed when we've wrapped those up.21:58
Phanesnah thats fine.  despite irc's age these types of orgs are still evolving and growing.21:58
Phanesit may be that there's just not a process yet for those kinds of things21:58
Phanesalright.  thanks again.21:58
FlannelNo, there's a process.  We're following said process.  It's just not something that can be run to completion in 24 hours.21:59
FlannelYep, thank you.21:59
k1l_<stevwills> i just got banned by #archlinux :(23:24
k1l_i dont understand the "i got banned in channel X so i will go to channel Y and tell them".23:26
valorieasking for sympathy maybe23:26
k1l_possibly. or to start something in the next channel. or to get people join the old channel and look at whats going on.23:29
bazhangI want to go there for help, but I got banned so I come here23:32
ikoniahe was just being silly, I suspect he's young, trying to be "noobs are silly they run commands like rm -rf /"23:33
ikoniagot warned not to post that sort of thing, and posted two other dangerous commands with "lol" style attitude23:33
k1l_he just posted the "girl dropped out of college because of using ubuntu" youtube url.23:34

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