rc3k2s0hello, I'm trying to understand the /proc/ exe folder. Does it only appear when a process is running? I don't seem to be able to find it under 4.8.0-2201:11
Rar9hi need help adding pagespeed to ngnix.  got problems with nginx: [emerg] dlopen() "/etc/nginx/nginx/modules/ngx_http_passenger_module.so" failed (/etc/nginx/nginx/modules//etc/nginx/modules.conf.d/phusion-passenger.conf:106:48
tomreynRar9: apparently the configuration file path the phusion passenger module uses to find its configuraiotn is incorrect08:54
tomreyni doubt you have it stored at /etc/nginx/nginx/modules//etc/nginx/modules.conf.d/phusion-passenger.conf - more likely at /etc/nginx/modules.conf.d/phusion-passenger.conf ?08:55
tomreynif you built nginx yourself, make sure the configuration file base path was set correctly as build option.08:55
tomreyn(won't guide you on this, that's OT, maybe ask in #nginx)08:56
Rar9tomreyn i`m only trying to replace the sesisitng older nginx that come with plesk and add pagespeed  - https://talk.plesk.com/threads/how-to-compile-nginx-with-additional-modules-pagespeed-cache_purge-headers-more-and-others.340640/10:09
Rar9but this phusion-passenger is causing trouble10:10
Rar9is there anything under step5 that might be wrong?10:11
tomreynRar9: i dont do Plesk nor nginx compilation support10:27
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DragginHi there!14:30
DragginCould anyone point me to a comprehensive guide on DHCP on Ubuntu Server? I've been reading the manpages, and overview instructions on getting one up and running (and, for all intents and purposes, my server is running, but doesn't seem to be handing out addresses...)14:31
jakstI'm trying to mount an exfat formatted usb-disk in a headless ubuntu server 14.04, but haven't had much success. Anybody care to assist? It shows up in dmesg and lsusb, but not in fdisk -l or lsblk15:09
patdk-lapjakst, if it doesn't show up in those, then it cannot read the drive15:40
patdk-lapwhat does dmesg say?15:40
jakstIt works when I mount it in ubuntu 15.10, but not on my 14.04 machine15:41
patdk-lapI didn't ask about that15:41
jakstpatdk-lap: This is dmesg15:42
patdk-lapthat says it found a new usb device15:42
patdk-lapit doesn't say it found a drive15:42
jakstFair enough15:42
patdk-lapno more dmesg info?15:42
jakstNot from plugging the drive in15:43
jakstI also noticed the usb folder doesn't exist in /lib/modules/3.16.0-77-generic/kernel/drivers. Could that be it?15:43
patdk-lapis it in a usb3 port?15:44
jakstNo, usb215:44
patdk-lapyour missing this15:44
patdk-lapusb-storage 1-1.2:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected15:44
patdk-lapit could be15:45
patdk-lapyou must have installed a strange kernel to not have it15:45
jakstpatdk-lap: Hmm, I took the official iso from ubuntu.org15:46
jakstHaven't tinkered with the kernel15:47
patdk-lapdpkg -l | grep ^ii..linux15:48
patdk-lapwhat does that show?15:48
patdk-lapya, probably doesn't have any drivers, cause it got loaded as a vm image15:49
jakstOkay, so missing drivers is my probably my problem then. Seems reasonable. How would I go about fixing that?15:50
patdk-lapapt-get install linux-generic-lts-utopic15:51
patdk-lapI think that is all that is needed15:51
patdk-lapyou might also need, apt-get install linux-firmware15:52
jakstHey that worked. Thanks a bunch!15:52
jakstQuick and easy with some guidance :)15:52
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fishcookeron gzip level of compression will do effect on the speed of compression -3 always faster than -6 default level, but on bzip2 manual... will it do the same? because bzip manual said  --fast and --best aliases are primarily for GNU gzip compatibility.  In particular, --fast doesn't make things ...19:05
fishcookersignificantly  faster.19:05

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