navdeepsingh13 Hi i am looking for a device for development. Any suggestions ??01:52
UBport-use|41699Excuse me, I just posted a topic on UBports and asked for help:05:31
UBport-use|41699Any suggestion will be appreciated!05:31
TronFourtyTwohi men!11:55
rhalffany of you are using dual boot, what kind of method do you use?12:15
popeyits not well supported so most people don't12:17
rhalffpopey, ok thanks, will try to use multirom I guess.Ultimately I would just like to use something similar to grub, something I can maintain from ubuntu itself.12:50
mcphailI think we'd all like a GRUB-like experience on ARM devices13:10
rhalffI currently have the meizu pro 5 edition installed, any reason to run that instead of the normal versoin?13:25
rhalffNevermind I13:26
rhalffwill be dual booting in no time and could just switch, that, or brick my device :-)13:26
predator8bithello!  I have some problems with user accounts, I got used to my phone forgetting my ubuntu one after every single update but now I can't even add it back, no matter how many times I tap the buttons in the accounts option it doesn't open a dialog to add any accounts, so I can't add a google one or evernote either16:12
predator8bitI'm running it on the Bq Aquaris E516:13
predator8bitso is there no solution to something like this? can't I add the details manually to a config file? I don't care that it is stored in plain text16:16
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user____is anyone here use phone with hardware keyboard?17:55
mimecartablet with hardware keyboard (BT)18:03
DavidWeHi, i've got a question regarding the ubuntu store. Is it possible to provide a app which is not developet in / with QT ? Because its possible to create for example an app with lazarus. ( http://kriscode.blogspot.de/2016/10/lazarus-development-for-ubuntu-phone.html )18:04
mcphailDavidWe: you can use anything which has a Mir backend18:13
mcphailDavidWe: my experience of cross-compiling Pascal was grim, though18:16
mcphailAnd compiling on the phone or in qemu is painful18:17
DavidWeBut you can use BuildRoot for example.18:17
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DavidWeBtw is there a Tutorial to use a crosscompiler for GTK3 apps ?18:19
mcphailI haven't used buildroot, but I never found a Pascal cross-compiler in the Ubuntu repos18:19
DavidWeanother question is, if the gtk3 app wants to use the touch keyboard, i have to install the maliit-inputcontext-gtk3 package. Is there a way to install this package via setup from ubuntu store ?18:20
mcphailYou need to bundle everything your app requires in the click package18:21
mcphailThere is no dependency system18:21
DavidWeOk,sounds good.18:23
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