magespawngood morning00:01
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inetproKilos reen gehad?09:03
inetprogoeie more09:03
* inetpro had about 29mm09:04
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squish102i have the strangest problem on a linux box, login as root but i cannot type a commands. some work like df -h, but top or screen just never returns13:54
squish102vi doesnt work, but cat does13:55
squish102had some storage removed, but not sure what to look for13:55
MaNIsounds like a ncurses issue or something13:58
MaNIall the problem commands involve manipulating the terminal in some way other than just plain text output13:58
MaNIwhile the ones that work are all plain text output13:58
squish102i'd have no idea what to do about ncurses13:59
MaNIperhaps: strace top - or similar can shed a bit more light14:00
squish102what happened is that this is a vm on vmware and we ripped a storage array out from under it. vmware had a failure because disk wasnt removed correctly and vm would not start. removed all storage array disk from vmware and machine booted.14:00
squish102strace top - 14:01
squish102^^ doesn't do anything14:01
MaNImaybe ncurses or some similar library that all these things share got corrupted or something, don't know if apt-get has some way to just forcefully reinstall everything if so that would clear it up14:02
MaNIotherwise I don't know - can't see a direct link between a failed storage array and your symptoms, but theres definitely some kind of a pattern to which commands are working and which are not14:03
squish102Thanks, that gives me a place to start14:04
Kiloshi everyone, many power cuts today with storm and rain16:54
Kilosand water getting into house wiring so earth leakage tripping16:55
Kiloshelloooo inetpro and all you other lurkers16:55
smileKilos-: hi :)17:05
nsnzerohey smile17:07
smileShould I leave? Should I stay? Should I come back another day? :)17:08
* smile listens to David Carvet - Should I Leave17:08
nsnzerostick around 17:08
smileI'll do that ;)17:08
smilefor now :p17:08
smileKilos-: but you still have power :)17:09
smilensnzero: are you a developer? :)17:09
nsnzerono smile , just an average joe 17:09
nsnzerobut what do you need help with ?17:10
smilenothing in fact :) I was trying to build chmlib a few days ago, but to no avail :)17:10
smileI'm not used to C programming myself17:10
smileI know the basics, but I can't even compile a simple library XD17:11
smileunless there is a "configure" script, that is17:11
smileI wonder why it's missing17:11
nsnzerochm -> i remember that as a windows help file format 17:11
smileyes! :D that's it!17:11
smileI'm writing a program to take a chm file, extract it and read the hhc file inside the chm archive17:12
smilethe hhc file is what you end users call the table of contents17:12
nsnzerook in c there are two files to a library - the header and the code 17:13
smileyeah, that's right. :)17:13
nsnzerodo you have to use c ? 17:13
smileI use JavaScript with node.js currently, for parsing the hhc file17:13
smileI wrote a command line tool with node.js and javascript17:14
smileI would like to know how I can "talk" to chmlib from JavaScript17:14
smilethat way, I will get a lot of information about the chm file for free17:14
smilechmlib is also what's used by xchm and the sumatrapdf reader (which also opens chm files)17:15
smilechmlib is widely used, but not from within javascript ;)17:16
smileI'm going to play a game, be back in a while17:16
nsnzerook sure i do some research in the mean time - i dont like java so i never learn't it17:17
nsnzeroMaaz tell smile that this is a good starting point https://sourceforge.net/projects/chmpane/?source=typ_redirect17:25
Maaznsnzero: Got it, I'll tell smile on freenode17:25
smilensnzero: thanks :)17:46
Maazsmile: By the way, nsnzero on freenode told me "tell smile that this is a good starting point https://sourceforge.net/projects/chmpane/?source=typ_redirect" 20 minutes and 38 seconds ago17:46
smileI wonder if it's using chmlib, lets download it and look at the source code :)17:46
Kilos-power on and off smile17:50
smileKilos-: now it's on I presume ;)17:51
Kilos-well duh17:51
Kilos-longest its been on all day17:51
smilensnzero: I tried chmpane, it works for some chm files, but even for CHM specification compliant files the chance of failing is high :)17:52
smileI might still have a good time studying the source code, but as a product on itself, it's worthless :) 17:52
smileKilos-: lets celebrate that. :)17:53
Kilos-Maaz coffee on17:55
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:55
smilechmpane uses lzx.c, which is written by Jed Wing :)17:56
Kilos-i have power sockets hanging outside the flush wall mountings to escape the water17:56
smilethe same author as the chm specification17:56
smileKilos-: good17:56
Kilos-will need to check roof tommorrow17:56
Kilos-or in ceiling17:56
smileKilos-: don't fall of the roof17:56
Kilos-nope its too far for old peeps to fall17:56
Kilos-ill tie a safety rope to a sky hook17:57
smilethat's a thumbs up17:58
smilehttp://www.nongnu.org/chmspec/latest/ <- do you envy me for reading that? ;) 17:58
Kilos-ok guys i go sleep now. you have a good time17:59
Kilos-see you tomorrow17:59
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos-!17:59
Kilos-oh my17:59
Kilos-Maaz ty17:59
MaazYou are welcome Kilos-17:59
* Kilos- sips cyber coffee17:59
smilegood night, Kilos- 18:00
smilegood luck sleeping with drinking coffee late at night.. ;)18:00
Kilos-lol ty18:01
nsnzerosmile - you will see in the spec that extracting the index is not guaranteed18:06
smilensnzero: the CHM spec on nongnu.org? :p18:06
nsnzerothe chm is just a bunch on html files , with an index which is compressed with LHZ and complied into the chm file itself18:07
smileindex != table of contents :p18:07
smileindex = keyword index = hhk file18:07
smiletable of contents = hhc file18:07
smileit seems to extract the table of contents, but the encoding is wrong o.O18:08
smileit's just plain ascii / utf-8 I think..18:08
smileso it shouldn't fail at all18:08
nsnzeronow you just want to extract the index or hhk file ?18:10
smilehhk = index XD18:10
smileI want to extract the hhc file18:10
smilewhich is the toc18:10
smileI've succeeded at it with JavaScript and 7-Zip already :)18:11
smilebut I'm very interested in the $FIftiMain file: http://www.nongnu.org/chmspec/latest/Internal.html#FIftiMain18:11
smilethe search cache :)18:11
smilechmpane is not using chmlib o.O18:12
nsnzeroi need to find a chm file to check out 18:15
smilensnzero: I'll pass you one :) what's your e-mail address?18:18
nsnzerogot 1 aready18:18
smileokay :) where did you get it? :) I would like to test it as well :)18:21
nsnzerosorry smile : from here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms669985(v=vs.85).aspx18:34
nsnzeroright from the source18:34
inetproai! 18:36
inetproMaaz: tell Kilos why you killing our power now as well? 18:37
Maazinetpro: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode18:37
nsnzerohi inetpro 18:38
smilensnzero: thanks18:39
inetprohi nsnzero 18:39
inetprocity of Tshwane, "Power off due to a 132Kv trip, technicians already attending to it. ETR not yet known."18:39
smileETR => estimated time resolved? ;)18:40
inetproI guess so yes... down since about 18:30 here 18:41
inetproor estimated time to recover 18:41
inetproor estimated time to resolve 18:42
nsnzerowe had a transformer trip about a week ago - lucky it was about 10pm 18:45
nsnzerowhen it blew about 8 months ago it took a week for them to fully restore power 18:46
nsnzerosmile - here is 1 using chmlib https://github.com/jedwing/CHMLib/blob/master/NOTES18:52
smilensnzero: I came across it before, but now I already understand some more of it :) 18:59
smileI now realize i just can call any chm* function from chmlib.c from within another c program18:59
smilelet's hope I don't need the source code of "chmlib", and just use the compiled library as available in the repos19:00
nsnzerojust include chmlib.h aswell19:00
smileyeah, but do I need the file "chmlib.h"? or will the C compiler detect "hey, I dont need to have chmlib.h, because I already have the installed chmlib?"19:02
nsnzeronormally the *.h is the library that pulls the relevant c code into your program19:05
nsnzeroi havent programmed in c in a long time - and i only use it for Atmel AVR microcontrollers19:06
smileI have a directory with chmlib.h and test_chmLib.c in19:07
smile[geoffrey@msi-laptop chmlib-tests]$ LANG=C gcc test_chmLib.c -o testchmlib19:07
smile/tmp/ccHNORkc.o: In function `main':19:07
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0x69): undefined reference to `chm_open'19:07
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0xe9): undefined reference to `chm_resolve_object'19:07
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0x1b4): undefined reference to `chm_retrieve_object'19:07
smilecollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status19:07
smilethat means it can't import chmlib19:07
smileit doesn't matter if I have a chmlib.h in the same directory, it fails with the same errors19:08
nsnzeroinclude chm_lib.c those missing functions are in there 19:11
smilensnzero: did that, no effect :) I found this, what should I do with it? :)19:15
MaNIthats a linker error19:16
smileI would like to do a ./configure, make, make install, but no such file or command "./configure"19:16
MaNIyou need to tell the linker to link chmlib19:16
smileMaNI: how?19:16
MaNIi.e. nothing to do with the header file19:16
MaNIgcc test_chmLib.c -o testchmlib -Lchmlib19:17
MaNIfor example19:17
smile[geoffrey@msi-laptop chmlib-tests]$ LANG=C gcc test_chmLib.c -o testchmlib -Lchmlib19:17
smile/tmp/cc5KpISp.o: In function `main':19:17
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0x69): undefined reference to `chm_open'19:17
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0xe9): undefined reference to `chm_resolve_object'19:17
smiletest_chmLib.c:(.text+0x1b4): undefined reference to `chm_retrieve_object'19:17
smilecollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status19:17
smilechmlib files (installed from repo): /usr/bin/chm_http /usr/bin/enum_chmLib /usr/bin/enumdir_chmLib /usr/bin/extract_chmLib /usr/bin/test_chmLib /usr/include/chm_lib.h /usr/include/lzx.h /usr/lib/libchm.so /usr/lib/libchm.so.0 /usr/lib/libchm.so.0.0.019:19
MaNIsorry, -lchmlib19:20
MaNI-L is for specifying the search path.19:20
nsnzerothanks MaNI - i never built with command line gcc before19:22
MaNIheader file (include) tells it -what- definitions to expect to find, linker has to actually locate those definitions in order to produce a binary that knows how to call them19:24
MaNIundefined reference is always a linker error19:24
smile[geoffrey@msi-laptop chmlib-tests]$ LANG=C gcc test_chmLib.c -o testchmlib -lchmlib19:24
smile/usr/sbin/ld: cannot find -lchmlib19:24
smilecollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status19:24
smilenot yet there :)19:24
smileshould I specify the path to the library, instead of the name?19:25
smile /usr/lib/libchm.so maybe?19:25
MaNII'm just assuming the name of course, I've never used 'chmlib' so I don't know what it calls itself19:25
MaNIif it's named libchm.so then it should just be -lchm19:26
MaNIif it's in a custom (non system) path then you need to tell the linker where to find it with e.g. -L/my/custom/folder as well19:26
* nsnzero goes to read up on C.... again19:26
nsnzerogoodnight guys - hope everything works out 19:27
smileMaNI: you're an angel :D LANG=C gcc test_chmLib.c -o testchmlib -lchm worked19:27
smileLANG=C is just added because I could show you the error messages and info messages in English ;)19:27
superflyHello 19:30
smileI'm leaving, thank you for your support! :)19:33
smilebye :)19:35
nlsthznhey superfly , so how is the US?20:13
* nlsthzn will check for an answer in the morning... bed time :p20:15
superflynlsthzn: so far, it's a good winter. In general, warmer than South Africa's winter. 20:16
superflynlsthzn But I'm in the desert, so that kinda figures 20:17
* inetpro falling asleep 21:05
inetprosuperfly: take care and have a good rest of the day 21:06
inetprogood night 21:07
squish102just had first snow day and snow is gone :(23:41
squish102!weather charlotte, nc23:42
squish102Maaz weather charlotte, nc23:42
Maazsquish102: In Charlotte, North Carolina at 5:52 PM EST on January 07, 2017: -2°C; Humidity: 49%; Wind: NW at 11 km/h; Conditions: Partly Cloudy; Sunrise/set: 7:32 AM EST/5:27 PM EST; Moonrise/set: 1:31 PM EST/2:03 AM EST23:42

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