flocculantochosi: http://i.imgur.com/IwhF4NF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IayMLPm.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/lJHO427.jpg07:54
flocculantafter all that ignore the middle (application one) 07:56
flocculantthis is better for application http://i.imgur.com/hNCOHju.jpg08:00
flocculanthope that helps - if nothing else it will make you think :)08:02
flocculantochosi: I really like the idea of show notifications on display with mouse pointer \o/12:15
flocculantonly slightly visual thing I would mention is the application list has 90deg corners, the log list has rounded corners at bottom - (perhaps because it has that Refresh/Clear button area?)12:19
* flocculant generally doesn't like that whole square at top, rounded at bottom thing - which I assume is some gtk3 thing12:19
flocculantochosi: ummm - seems that while that all looks good - it's broken here. Open notify settings - set which to mute. Close settings - no notifications, re-open settings and those you unmuted are now muted again.12:25
* flocculant is in and out for a while now12:25
ochosibluesabre: the inline toolbar buttons *are* linked. and i'll probably add icons later13:52
ochosiflocculant: ok, i'll check what i broke with restructuring the code and all13:53
ochosithe "display with mouse pointer" was always the default btw13:53
ochosii just exposed it now by adding an alternative to it (primary display)13:53
ochosii'll go through the rest of your suggestions later13:53
ochosithe heading subtitle cannot be changed dynamically13:53
ochosibut we can reformulate it13:53
flocculantI did think that was the case with subtitle - in which case the screenshot suggestion to remove 'screen' seems more important to me 14:04
flocculantcya later :)14:04
bluesabreochosi, there seems to be a space between them in this screener (compared to the stack buttons) http://i.imgur.com/xHEVzAv.png15:02
ochosibluesabre: yeah, that's not the latest version ;)15:07
ochosii've fixed that already15:07
ochosibut i guess now i need to look into what is broken with the settings15:15
ochosibluesabre: if you wanna help out by submitting a patch for the g_idle_add callback you're more than welcome to ;)15:15
flocculantochosi: I didn't notice this issue prior to last night15:16
flocculantnot able to give you more of a clue than that :(15:16
* flocculant wanders off again 15:17
ochosihopefully not a big deal15:17
ochosiflocculant: only the muted apps? or other settinsg too?15:17
ochosii see15:18
flocculantochosi: only seems to be the muted apps page that has an issue - other settings stay as I set them15:18
bluesabreochosi, will take a look later15:18
ochosiit's because i added the icon15:18
ochosiflocculant: already fixed locally15:18
flocculantochosi: ok \o/15:19
* flocculant really does wander off now :p15:19
flocculantbluesabre: hi and have a great day :)15:19
ochosiflocculant: ok, pushed the fix. so i hope the rest is still fine (please keep testing ;))15:30
ochosiflocculant: btw, if we invert the logic from "show notification" to "mute application" (i had that initially), then the switches in the list will be more unclear15:35
ochosiflocculant: e.g. does an active switch mean the app is muted..? or that it is "enabled"?15:35
ochosiflocculant: so that was my reasoning for doing it like this15:35
flocculantmmm - ok that makes sense to me15:49
ochosibut i agree, the usage of "muted" in the other context may not be ideal15:49
flocculantwonder how we can word that then 15:49
ochosiyeah, i'm not 100% sure how to word all the options15:49
flocculantI'll think more on that for you :)15:50
ochosibluesabre: still around?15:50
ochosiflocculant: thanks!15:50
bluesabreochosi, aroundish15:50
bluesabrewhat's up?15:50
ochosibluesabre: just wanted to add another button for opening the log in an external editor or at least showing the folder in a file-browser15:50
ochosiand you do that in catfish too15:51
ochosiso in terms of being lazy and not looking through the code, do you just use xdg-open directly with a path?15:51
ochosi(it seems to work from the term)15:51
bluesabreochosi, or exo-open15:52
ochosibut exo-open is xfce specific15:52
bluesabreglib has a launch thing too15:52
ochosiand potentially will die, no?15:52
bluesabreone sec15:52
bluesabrehttps://developer.gnome.org/gdk2/stable/GdkScreen.html#gdk-spawn-on-screen that's what you'll use to launch15:54
ochosithat has been deprecated...15:55
ochosi(you're looking at gdk2)15:55
bluesabrehttps://developer.gnome.org/gio/2.48/GAppInfo.html#g-app-info-launch  maybe?15:56
ochosiyeah, but then i would have to know what app15:56
bluesabreyeah, xdg-open should be fine15:57
bluesabredon't imagine we'll be dropping exo-open though15:57
ochosiwho knows15:57
ochosimaybe we'll just make exo-open a wrapper for xdg-open15:57
bluesabrelooking for what else might be used15:58
bluesabrehere you go https://developer.gnome.org/gio/stable/GAppInfo.html#g-app-info-launch-default-for-uri15:58
bluesabre(use the one below that)15:59
bluesabreoh wait, nope15:59
bluesabregetting terms confused use g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri15:59
* ochosi waits a little longer anyway to be sure15:59
bluesabreochosi, feel confident about that16:00
ochosiwhich one?16:00
ochosithe waiting?16:00
ochosior any of your suggestions :D16:00
bluesabremaybe none of them :D16:00
bluesabrebut that one seems like the A-OK acceptable one16:00
ochosiok cool, i'll give it a shot16:01
ochosialso, if you wanna help me and flocculant in reviewing the naming of the current options feel free to!16:01
bluesabresure thing16:01
ochosii need more native speakers ;)16:01
bluesabreI'll probably use that function's python version in catfish16:02
bluesabreseems nice16:02
ochosibluesabre: humm, somehow it doesn't work16:17
ochosicalling g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri (notify_log_path, NULL, NULL);16:17
ochosiwith a valid log_path16:17
bluesabreochosi, using uri?16:22
ochosibluesabre: thanks for the hint, that works :)16:26
bluesabreochosi, awesome!16:26
ochosi...and pushed16:31
flocculantochosi: not sure what's going on (maybe zesty) but I've pulled, distcleaned, rebuilt and still get the set things up, close then when it's re-opened - all are set to muted16:32
flocculantback tomorrow 16:37
ochosiflocculant: you may need to clear the "muted_applications" setting in xfce4-settings-editor16:44
ochosiit was corrupted by the previous bug16:44
ochosi(i had to do that in order to fix it for myself)16:45
flocculantochosi: that did it - thanks - back to testing it for you/me/us :p19:48
ochosiflocculant: nice :)20:21
ochosiflocculant: one more thing: changing strings means putting work to translators, so i usually am a little conservative about that20:25
ochosihey knome 20:40
knomehai ochosi 20:41
ochosibluesabre: what about renaming xfpanel-switch to something like "xfce panel layouts" or "xfce panel layouts manager" (in the UI at least and maybe in the desktop file)20:53
bluesabreochosi, that sounds pretty reasonable to me21:12
ochosiplus i guess it would be a good idea to add an icon21:12
ochosieven if it's a copy of the panel icon21:12
bluesabresounds fine to me21:13
bluesabreit's a simple utility app, no need for a special icon21:13
ochosii wonder whether we should keep the name of the icon though21:15
ochosicause that may cause packaging conflicts21:15
bluesabreit would, so it will look out of place until xfce icon themes get symlinks21:16
bluesabrewe can submit patches where we care to :)21:16
ochosiyeah, guess so21:17
bluesabreI'll try to tackle that soon21:19
ochosiif you wanna update the makefile, i've already handled the rest21:21
ochosibut: do you also wanna rename the executable/desktop file itself?21:22
ochosii.e. the project21:22
ochosifrom xfpanel-switch to something more reasonable like "xfce4-panel-layouts" or something?21:22
ochosior "xfce4-panel-layouts-manager"21:22
ochosi(even if it's a little long, at least it's clear)21:22
bluesabreprobably not, it's already packaged in fedora/ubuntu (and maybe others)21:23
ochosik, then i guess the icon also has to be xfpanel-switch21:24
ochosibluesabre: https://code.launchpad.net/~ochosi/xfpanel-switch/dedicated_icon/+merge/31428621:33
flocculantochosi: I understand strings/translators - which is why I'm usually ok with us having bizarre wording - on the other hand - this is rather a big change to notifications - so surely 'now' would be a sensible time to change something?22:06
flocculantand really - now that it does what it does - it is no longer setting up screen notifications - but a lot more22:07
flocculantand I'm still not convinced by your argument re muting :)22:10
flocculantochosi: on the logging tab, the log applications - how about visible instead of muted?22:14
flocculantthe wording logic would need to swap though 22:14
ochosi(and yeah, ofc now is the best time to change the wording, that's another reason why i work in a separate branch not to disturb translators all the time)22:15
flocculantyea :)22:15
ochosibefore we get more into wording22:16
flocculantochosi: so my thinking is - on Application tab - we talk about apps we see or don't show notification22:16
* flocculant waits22:16
ochosido you think a notification log counter is something that is needed?22:16
ochosilike the amount of notifications that are in the log22:16
ochosicurrently i've set an implicit limit in the dialog to only show the first 100 items22:17
ochosibecause with all the widgets there it may become excessive22:17
flocculantI don't think it would add much to it's usability22:17
ochosino idea whether that will be efficient or not22:17
ochosiyeah, i could also show a warning saying that not all notifications in the log are shown22:17
flocculantwould a popup on the current open log in editor button work? 22:18
flocculantsomething like 'Show full log in text' 22:19
ochosia popup?22:19
flocculantthe mouseover text22:19
ochosiyou mean a tooltip22:19
ochosiyeah, but a tooltip is already there22:19
flocculantI know that :)22:19
ochosii just wanna make the users aware that there is a limit and that it has been hit22:19
ochosithat was my thinking22:20
ochosithe tooltip is not the most discoverable place for that22:20
ochosiso i considered adding a line22:20
ochosiat the bottom of the log22:20
flocculantx/xxx logs showing? 22:20
flocculantochosi: could you have the open log button in the same horizontal plane? 22:21
flocculantleaving the refresh/clear buttons at the very bottom?22:21
ochosii'll try something, give me a sec22:22
flocculantsomething like x/xxx logs showing *button* for opening log in editor?22:22
flocculantone day I'll make more effort how to fiddle about with bits like this :)22:25
flocculantnot effort - learning ;)22:26
ochosihm i think i need to fix some stuff there22:27
ochosithe limit doesn't seem to work22:27
flocculantI'd happily put effort in - no idea where to start though lol22:27
ochosiwill have to do that another day though, too tired tonight..22:27
ochosiyeah, usually start with a small bug22:27
ochosiget familiar with the code of a small component, etc22:27
flocculantlike words :p22:27
flocculantwhat's gtkinspector? is that what it sounds like it should be? 22:28
flocculantfor instance - if I worked out how to do the wording - I could (I assume) change the code locally, build it and not have to scribble on bits of paper and scan it :D22:30
* flocculant will look while you're asleep ;)22:30
ochosiok, this would be a start: http://i.imgur.com/etowHY6.png22:31
ochosiif you wanna play with wording etc install glade and then edit the file in xfce4-notifyd-config/xfce4-notifyd-config.glade22:31
ochosithat's really easy22:31
* flocculant did install glade a few weeks ago - trying to work things out22:32
flocculantok - I will look tomorrow then \o/22:32
flocculantthanks ochosi 22:32
flocculantoh boo - that screenshot reminds me 22:33
flocculantbluesabre: parole and 'some' media files ... bug 165003822:34
ubottubug 1650038 in parole (Ubuntu) "mkv files report gstreamer backend error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165003822:34
flocculantoh - I think I pinged you about that ... sorry for the repeat lol22:35
ochosimoving the "open in external editor" button to the "showing .." line would be easy22:36
flocculantochosi: then that would make more sense to me at least, 'You've got to 99 of 100 log entries, read the full log in text 'Button'22:39
flocculantor something that's not quite so long to read 22:39
ochosiyeah :)22:39
ochosii'll push what i have22:39
flocculantokey doke22:39
ochosibecause then at least things work as they should and there is some notification about the limit22:39
ochosiok done22:40
flocculantochosi: just so you know - I'm quite adamant about losing the customise how notifications statement - makes 66% of sense :)22:40
ochosigotta get some sleep22:40
flocculantyea - night night :)22:40
ochosiyeah, i considered renaming the whole thing22:41
ochosijust "Notification Center"22:41
ochosino subtitle22:41
flocculantThat would work 22:41
ochosior even just "Notifications" to spare the translators some work22:41
ochosibut the subtitle really doesn't make too much sense, i agree22:41
flocculantyea - losing it completely wouldn't be bad imho22:42
flocculantand just having Notifications works too 22:42
flocculantgo to sleep :D22:42
ochosiwill do now22:43
ochosilooks a bit "naked" without a subtitle though22:43
ochosianyway, nighty ;)22:43
flocculantanyone - got some odd libxfce4ui issue going on > http://i.imgur.com/uNfE6ni.png22:52
flocculantI think that's why I stopped looking lol22:53

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