jonhHEY EVERYONE NOOB HERE!1 Sorry, wait, no, I can type. Quick, assuredly dumb question. I'm working on some improvements to Inkscape, and want to fetch the bzr repo so I can eventually commit changes.16:11
jonhI created a launchpad account, username jonhdotnet.16:11
jonhhttps://login.ubuntu.com/ shows me logged in with that username.16:11
LeoNerdIf you just want to fetch, you don't need a login16:11
jonh(Ah, but I was planning ahead as suggested on https://inkscape.org/en/develop/getting-started/)16:12
* LeoNerd nod16:12
jonhjonh@selah:~/inkscape-hacking$ bzr launchpad-login jonhdotnet16:12
jonhbzr: ERROR: The user name jonhdotnet is not registered on Launchpad.16:12
jonhBut bzr doesn't believe me.16:12
LeoNerdAh, not sure on that myself. I don't use any of the LP integration things16:13
jonhThis must be a shallow mistake, so I'm embarrassed to ask.16:13
jonhAlright. Perhaps I'll just fetch anonymously, and then ask more enthusiastically once I have a patch ready for review.16:13
LeoNerdPerhaps best16:13
LeoNerdIt gets you started at least16:13
jonh(And I guess I'll ask the inkscape folks, since this seems to be lp specific.)16:14
jonhThanks for letting me drop in and cause trouble. :v)16:14
LeoNerdWell, here itself is fairly ontopic for LP generally. I'm just not *personally* familiar with it16:14

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