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rharperpowersj: magicalChicken:  so when a test fails, I get a nice dir in /tmp which includes the collect data ... if I want to modify that data (instead of recollecting it) and then re-run the unittest, is that possible?21:10
powersjInstead of running "run" you can run "verify"21:11
powersjpython3 -m tests.cloud_tests verify -d <your dir>21:11
powersjI believe is all you need.21:12
powersjI did this when writing the tests so I didn't have to collect each time :)21:12
powersjyou were the one who pushed for this too :P21:12
rharperbtw, I figured how how to pass all the args21:12
rharperyes, yes I did21:12
rharperpain in curtin21:12
powersjI can imagine21:12
rharperwaiting 120 seconds per change in the unittest21:12
rharperthis is faster21:12
rharpernot by much (2m15 seconds) to run a single ntp_server test; that's mostly image download21:13
rharperwhich magicalChicken said he'd look at getting a sync-images21:13
rharperas we just throw them away21:13
magicalChickenrharper: I'm hoping to get to that today21:14
magicalChickenrharper: Still working on finishing up deb build/run from tree script21:14
magicalChickenrharper: I'm basing this + saving image on the pylxd 2.1.3 version so it can merge soon21:15
rharpercurrently I'm passing --deb to the run command after doing a package/bddeb locally21:15
rharperso that works nicely with the tox env21:15
rharpertox -e citest -- run -v -n xenial --deb cloud-init_0.7.9-2-gca191a2-1~bddeb_all.deb -t tests/cloud_tests/configs/modules/ntp_servers.yaml21:15
rharperupdated the citest tox command to just have {posargs}21:16
magicalChickenrharper: This is pretty much same thing, just building in a container to keep the host clean21:16
magicalChickenrharper: I pulled in tox with {posargs}21:16
magicalChickenprobably going to have a citest_run env and a citest env separate21:16
magicalChickenwhere citest_run is shortcut to just run with local tree on default systme21:16
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rharpersmoser: when maas deploys, does it typically write a 'user_data.sh' script ? or is that something a maas user would add ?22:56

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