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kjackalGood morning Juju world07:57
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deanmanHi, I have an openstack controlled by juju and have configure it with `use-floating-ip`. I notice that every time i deploy a service it associates the same floating IP (i.e. moves it around) instead of assigning a new floating IP. Is that normal or a bug ?12:25
deanmanto be more precise when i deploy the same service, eg. deploy 3 ubuntu units will only assign a single floating IP and associate it with the last.12:27
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kjackalhi deanman_ you might have more luck if you asked at #openstask-charms13:00
Zicre here, as I understand if I want to use Juju to deploy charms on physical server, I must also use MaaS?14:17
Zicor if I set up manually my Ubuntu Server, I can bypass this step?14:17
magicaltroutyeah you can use the juju manual provider to deploy to non bootstrapped servers14:18
ZicI will search more documentation about that, thanks :)14:19
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Zicmagicaltrout: I found https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.24/config-manual and I'm trying to run `juju generate-config` but all I have is a "ERROR unrecognized command: juju generate-config"14:27
Zicdoes this doc is up-to-date?14:28
magicaltroutnot the 1.2414:28
magicaltroutyou want stable14:28
Zicoops, sorry14:28
magicaltroutyou should be able to do something like a juju bootstrap lxd... to get a controller node running then add the unit14:29
magicaltroutbut i have no idea what the best practice is there14:29
deanmanhey kjackal, it is not related to openstack charms, I'm simply deploying on top of openstack.14:29
kjackaldeanman: I see, I thought it was an openstack configuration14:32
Zicmagicaltrout: seems that the equivalent for the stable version is this link: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/clouds-manual14:33
Zicby the way, if I have a deployment that typically spawn 11 nodes on cloud, with my "manual provider" in my case, I read that I need to use "placement directive"14:52
Zicbut in the example, it's just a "1 node - 1 app"14:52
magicaltroutyou still need to place them14:53
Zicmy problem is: the general case explains placement directive as : "juju deply --to x" where 'x' is the id of the machine seen in 'juju status'14:54
Zicbut can I run something like --to 0,1,2,3,4,... ?14:54
magicaltrouti don't believe so14:55
ZicI just found a "juju add-unit rabbitmq-server -n 4 --to host1,host2,host3,host4" example in the doc... hmm, let's try it, it's only a PoC, I can break it if needed :)14:56
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smgollerIs there a way to specify in a bundle an IP address for a service? I've got a maas cluster that I'm deploying openstack on and it would be nice to be able to specify the address for things like horizon dashboard.21:58
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