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jadewany ideas if I can get Dolphin to work correctly with soft RAID HDDs?07:06
jadewit allows me to mount each one individually, which corrupts the RAID07:06
jadewhi, is there a way to make linux aware of soft RAID?07:18
jadewI have two disks configured in RAID 1 from the BIOS, but I always get 2 disks showing up under linux07:19
jadewand if I mount one, it corrupts the RAID07:19
jadewsorry, wrong channel07:22
lordievaderGood morning.08:29
frantekwhat i need: a rdp session on the right (not left of two) monitor on all desktops in fullscreen mode (without decoration) - any suggestions?12:38
frantektried it but i was unable to get exactly what i described12:39
franteki used cinnamon for some years and there i had a script which started "rdesktop" without decoration in fullscreen mode and there is a gnome tweak (which i don't remember) which shows this windows on all desktops12:41
frantekone of my basic questions is: how can i show a window without decoration (where the pin for displaying a windows on all desktops lives) on all desktops?12:42
lordievaderHow so?12:42
lordievaderWhat didn't it do?12:43
frantekwell, i will give it a try when im back on the machine where i need this12:43
franteknext question: where can i find some information about the differences between "ubuntu" and "kubuntu" base system (not GUI etc.) e.g. systemd setup etc. as there have to be differences. on plain ubuntu with kde-desktop installed the bomngar remote controll client installes flawlesslie and on kubuntu it fails ...12:46
lordievaderBetween the base system there should be no difference.12:48
lordievaderIf you install the Kubuntu-desktop meta package on Ubuntu you get Kubuntu.12:48
franteki thougt so too - but there has to be a difference ... ok atleast /etc/lsb-release is different ...12:49
frantekand now to some thing completely different :-)12:50
lordievaderSure, there a few minor (visual) differences (splash screen), but that is it.12:50
lordievaderThe core is the same.12:50
franteki want to use kontact, i use kerio connect server, mail and contacts (carddav) work as expected but the calender does not. i can connect via cal dav but no enties created by thunderbird, android, kerio webclient show up in kontact. entries created in kontact show up every where else - how to fix this ?12:50
frantekwhere can i get help?12:52
lordievaderI thought there was a #kontact, but I'm not sure.12:59
lordievaderAsk alis I suppose ;)12:59
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:59
spider_xHey guys, I am installing Kubuntu for the first time, I see version 16.10 and 16.04.1 LTS13:02
spider_xI assume the LTS is the recommended one for most users?13:03
mparillospider_x: Correct, but I would apply the backports PPA to 16.04.113:05
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.13:05
spider_xok thanks, I have one more question, currently my machine has two OS's (Dual boot) and I would like to install Kubuntu on top of them (whiping both OS's) is it just follow the installer?13:07
spider_xbasically I want to merge the existing partitions and use it for Kubuntu13:08
BluesKajHowdy all14:08
spider_xHey, is it possible to initiate Kubuntu install from the live session?14:09
BluesKajyes , look in the menu there should be an install kubuntu option14:11
BluesKajnot exactly sure which category yho14:12
spider_xYep, found it thanks14:16
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spider_xHey guys, when I go under Additonal drivers it says "Collecting Information about your system" has been like that for some time now?15:01
hateballspider_x: it's bugged, use the commandline utility "ubuntu-drivers" instead15:05
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hateballspider_x: Is this a fresh 16.04 install? You may want to consider using kubuntu backports PPA as well15:06
spider_xYep just did that15:08
spider_xas for the backport, any source on that?15:09
spider_xSomeone else suggested the same thing15:09
hateballspider_x: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:09
spider_xCould you explain to me what that does, I mean what does the repository contain?15:09
hateballspider_x: Updated versions of Plasma stuff15:11
hateballas what is released with 16.04 is... volatile15:11
spider_xaha I see, thanks15:12
spider_xblaah I think I broke something :D15:23
spider_xit said something about rebooting so I did that and now I boot into black screen15:24
spider_xand for whatever reason it is giving me the Ubuntu at Grub?15:24
hateballwhat did you do before things stopped working then15:27
spider_xran the thing you mentioned15:28
hateballspider_x: and you didnt mess with ubuntu-drivers, only updated to plasma from PPA?15:28
spider_xwell I did indeed mess with that :D15:29
spider_xso I think something must have gone wrong, I will just reinstall me thinks15:29
spider_xI will do a clean install and the first thing will be to run the backport stuff15:30
hateballwell if you installed a driver, that's reversible, no need to reinstall15:32
hateballat worst you can boot with nomodeset and go to tty1 and remove whatever broken driver it was15:32
hateballspider_x: nVidia or AMD?15:32
spider_xbut the issue was it wasn't booting at all15:32
spider_xI mean after the bios boot it went into grub15:33
spider_xbut it is ok, I didn't have anything on it15:33
hateballspider_x: right. so was this installed with encryption?15:33
hateballspider_x: and what chipset more specifically15:33
spider_xI am using the LVM full encryption15:33
spider_xchipset I have no idea what that is15:34
hateballyou need a fairly new nvidia driver for it to work with encryption15:34
hateballspider_x: well, is it like "nvidia 1070"15:34
hateballor is this a laptop?15:34
spider_xDesktop Nvidia GTX 970715:34
hateballspider_x: right, then you like will want a newer driver from the nvidia PPA to have proper functionality15:34
hateballspider_x:  so instead of using ubuntu-drivers, do: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-375 nvidia-settings15:35
spider_xah 37515:35
spider_xbut I do this after the backports stuff, right?15:35
hateballdoesnt really matter, I'd sort the driver first15:35
hateballin case you feel like reinstalling instead of fixing if it should break, less time wasted :p15:36
spider_xhaha true that15:36
hateballanyhows, I must be off, good luck15:36
spider_xYea cya around, thanks :)15:36
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yossarianukhi people - how do I enable the Intel modesetting DDX driver in Kubuntu ?16:10
ikoniais that a specical driver ?16:10
ikoniaor just a boot flag16:10
ikoniaI thought it was a bootflag16:10
yossarianukits a driver included in xorg.16:11
yossarianukin arch you just remove the xf86-video-intel package and reboot16:11
yossarianukits faster apparantly -> https://www.dinohensen.nl/linux/modesetting-instead-xf86-video-intel-driver-plus-benchmark/16:12
yossarianuk+ https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/4cojj9/it_is_probably_time_to_ditch_xf86videointel/16:12
ikoniayossarianuk: I guess we need to know the package of that in ubuntu16:12
yossarianukxserver-xorg-video-intel ?>16:13
yossarianukjust found this -> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-Debian-Abandon-Intel-DDX16:14
ikoniathat arch reddit thread is confusing16:14
ikoniacondradicts itself 10 times16:14
marco-parilloikonia: If you find an arch thread confusing, try complaining, and see if a whole hour passes before you are told it must be your fault.16:17
ikoniamarco-parillo: the arch guys are good, I think the wording and approach to it is just a little unstructured in that thread16:17
yossarianukTO be 100% honest I have usually less issues with Arch than other (stable) distros....16:18
yossarianukso looking at that last post it looks like it should be there by default ... I shall check16:18
ikoniayossarianuk: that driver is intersting, I'd not seen it before16:18
yossarianukby the sounds of things it sounds better16:19
ikonianot convinced looking at that thread, but it looks like it has possibilitys16:19
ikoniaI'd be interested in the mir component16:19
yossarianukin my experience (15 yrs) of using Linux desktops its the intel driver (I only ever use KDE/Plasma) is the most unstable16:19
ikoniareally, I've found it to tbe opposite16:20
ikoniaout of many intel desktops and laptops - I've never had a single problem16:20
ikonia(certainly not that I can remember)16:20
yossarianuki.e with plasma4 +5 and on multiple different deskotps and laptops (mainly work ones) the screen goes unusable  - to the point of not being able to see anything16:20
yossarianukthats happened over the last 5 -6 years...16:21
yossarianukAt least 3 desktops and 2 laptops ... Oddly with Nvidia that never happens (not tried AMD/ATI on linux ever)16:22
yossarianukthat's why i'm interested in trying the other drievr16:22
yossarianukI think issues relate to SNA driver ... - i.e -> http://news.softpedia.com/news/critical-intel-graphics-driver-bug-puts-kde-plasma-5-in-a-really-bad-light-488621.shtml16:23
ikoniayossarianuk: I'll be interested in hearing how you get on with your test17:10
yossarianukikonia: I shall test tonight... btw that link is from a canonical employee .. > https://tjaalton.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/intel-graphics-gen4-and-newer-now-defaults-to-modesetting-driver-on-x/17:19
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taratorHi, I just noticed, that the QR-Code generator in the clipboard-plasmoid is gone on KDE with Backports enabled. Can I install it somehow?19:38
taratorKubuntu 16.04, Kde plasma 5.8.519:39
BluesKajtarator, aha, you use ppas,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports19:40
BluesKajyou might want o look at the staging-plasma anf frameworks ppas again19:41
BluesKajto  & and19:42
taratorBluesKaj: I think I already added the ppa. Would it make sense to add it again?19:42
BluesKajia normally you should use the ppa then delete after getting the packages you want19:44
BluesKajppas left unatteneded can sometimes bring packages not ready for use19:45
taratorok, why delete it after that? But anyway, by adding it again, there should be a newer version of kde for Kubuntu 16.04?19:45
taratorOk, I thought the backports ppa is stable somehow?19:46
BluesKajplasma is now the version number kde is just the platform19:46
BluesKajbackports themselves are , not the ppas , don't confuse them19:47
BluesKajit's a poor choice  of names, but they make the rules19:48
taratorOk, thanks for the tip, I didn't know that. So after adding the ppa and updating the system i should remove the ppa?19:48
BluesKajyes , any developer will confirm that as good practice19:49
taratorThanks for your help anyway, but I don' want to tinker around with my computer right now. I need to get things done. I was just missing the nice QR-Code Generator....19:49
acheronuktarator: not advisable to add our staging ppas unless you are asked to by the development team to test things19:49
taratorIs ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports a staging ppa?19:50
acheronuktarator: and I don't think you will find a fix for your issue there anyway19:50
acheronuktarator: no, that one is fine19:50
taratoracheronuk: Ok thanks, I originally even didn't want to install the backports, but the Plsama desktop delivered with Kubuntu 16.04 was unaceptable for production use. It had some eally nasty bugs....19:51
tarator(mainly the Multi-Display-Feature didn't work at all for me)19:51
BluesKajpoor old 16.04 still has issues...as does 16.1019:52
taratorThanks for your help guys! I will give qtqr a try....19:52
acheronuktarator: KDE have updated the minimum version of the required KF5prison library required for barcode/QR support. unfortunate we don't yet have a new enough version to build plamsa against in our repositories, as it's waiting on some other non kde packages to land in the ubuntu archive19:53
taratorBluesKaj: I'm using Kde since version 7.? and with the 16.4 release I wanted to abandon Kubuntu....19:53
taratorbut I'm too lazy to install another system....19:53
acheronukhopefully the next time we update plasma that will have got there, and it can come back19:54
taratoracheronuk: I can live without it, I just hoped I missed to install a package or something. Thanks for your help!19:54
acheronukyes, it's a little annoying, but as said, it's waiting on some stuff outside our direct control19:55
taratorThis is really sad for an enduser, when nice features disappear with an update. I remember the KIPI-Plugins gone in Gwenview(?) still missing them!19:55
BluesKajtarator, , acheronuk is one of our esteemed deveopers so now you have up to date info :-)19:56
BluesKajok time to boot back into zesty19:57
acheronuknot an excuse, but unfortunately upstream developers often want to use the latest version of libraries with the shiniest new features, but distributions sometime don't have the dependencies yet to build them. and then it takes a little while for things to catch up19:57
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warmachinesalut tlm22:09
ubottuWayland is a display server protocol that is intended to replace X. More information can be found at http://wayland.freedesktop.org/ . Ubuntu is instead focusing on development of !Mir; see its factoid for more information.22:38

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