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maic23Are there any sysops around at this time?08:57
maic23I still can not log in:  (Error ID: OOPS-e5b5e4dfa4718862a70211949e96c80f)08:57
maic23Anyone knows if there is a better time or place to report the above issue?09:05
md_5Mailing list maybe09:07
maic23md_5: I can't login to join a mailing list :)09:20
md_5Ah catch 2209:20
acheronukcjwatson: bug #1655298 filed as suggested the other day10:39
ubot5bug 1655298 in launchpad-buildd "Indefinite build hangs during python tests of gpgme1.0 v1.8" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165529810:39
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mapreriI'm failing on bug searching.  Is there a bug about having dependencies across bugs (bug n blocks bug m)?19:21
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mitya57mapreri, if you want a bug, then https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/9541920:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 95419 in Launchpad itself "No way to express that bug A cannot be fixed until bug B is fixed" [High,Triaged]20:07
mitya57If I remember correctly, there was some work-in-progress on this some time ago, but couldn't find it in the LP blog now.20:08
maprerimitya57: great, thank you!20:42
maprericjwatson: is there any plan to tackle #1616624 anytime soon, or to have more antispam measures in place?  It keeps happening, see e.g. https://answers.launchpad.net/inkscape/+question/432940/+history20:53
cjwatsonmapreri: there are quite a few measures already in place continuously improved (wgrant runs most of them), but it's not wise to talk about them in public20:54
maprerican you kill that last spammer dinni21 at the very least? :)20:54
cjwatsonmapreri: dealing with that particular one is somewhere on my to-do list, certainly; just a bit non-trivial to do it without damaging legit cases20:55
maprericjwatson: I can see what you mean, even if personally I think damaging some of those legit case is better than having the closed by spammers20:57
mapreriBut good to know it's on your radar20:57
cjwatsonmapreri: suspended20:58
cjwatson(that user)20:58
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wgrantYeah, that case is an aboslutely minuscule part of the problem. But we should resolve it eventually.21:26

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