lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:23
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: is back ... things must be settled out in your world .05:34
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: yep cosy homes getting there now05:35
Bashing-omGood deal .. we get to now enjoy more of your company :)05:37
lotuspsychjeseems like ubuntu phones are in an impasse05:39
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: the cases of " Help I have fallen and I can not get up ' you sure are a blessing :)05:41
lotuspsychjebreakfast guys laterz06:31
ducassehi all06:59
Bashing-omducasse: \o , just in time to observe my backside .07:04
ducassehave a good night and sleep well Bashing-om :)07:06
Bashing-omducasse: Thanks ,, Hope to hang long enough to get one dorkmafia installed .07:08
Bashing-omNot hang'n to well ,, gotta go . laters guys .07:14
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lordievaderGood morning.08:29
BluesKajHowdy all14:08
ducassegood morning, BluesKaj!14:13
BluesKajHi ducasse, had a tough time connecting to freenode card and asimov erored out chat.freenode.net worked though...wonder what is the problem with those servers14:13
BluesKajscuse my poor punctuation14:14
ducasseiirc, we're supposed to use chat since it serves as a redirector like httpredir.debian.net14:15
BluesKajducasse, well I see much lower lag using servers closer to my location, not that'ts that important. Not like the old dialup days :-)14:17
ducasseBluesKaj: i thought it was supposed to connect you to the closest available server - that what the debian one does. *shrug*14:19
ducassethat's, even14:19
BluesKajanyway the chah.freenode serbver didn't work atall on Zesty14:19
ducasseodd, can't see why that would have an impact...14:21
BluesKajno servers worked on zesty, so there's problem that should be reported about konversation14:22
ducasseand did you? ;)14:22
ducassegood, let's hope it's an easy fix. how do you find zesty so far in general, still a lot of issues?14:26
ducassei heard gnome-terminal no longer does middle-click paste, which imo is a monumentally idiotic decision.14:30
BluesKajducasse, actually Zesty had fewer issues than Yakkety up until now14:32
ducassewell, that's good. i rarely upgrade early in the development process anymore, i wait until there are enough new packages i want.14:34
BluesKajducasse, being a Kubuntu tester I receive requests to try certain packages, ppas etc on Dev OSs14:43
ducasseah, ok. i used to be an xubuntu tester, but it wasn't very useful when i didn't actually use xfce anymore...14:58
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ducasseikonia: i think you're right, he was here under both nicks a couple of days ago18:58
ducassehiya Bashing-om, everything good?22:03
daftykinshey folks!22:03
ducasse\o daftykins22:04
Bashing-omducasse: Better ! .. spent the day fixing daughter's busted water line . And hunting car parts . Good thing, water resored :)22:06
Bashing-omhiya daftykins / not froze out I see :)22:06
ducassedaftykins: getting really annoyed with this one guy in #ubuntu, he's taken up several (5-10) hours support time every day for the past three or four days, insists on total hand-holding, never reads links or tries things himself before asking for help, and stalks individuals.22:06
daftykinsnope pretty warm here on the rock!22:08
daftykinsducasse: ooh so a standard user :)22:08
daftykinsBashing-om: ooh any damage to speak of from the water, or did she get to the supply valve quickly?22:09
ducassedaftykins: hehe, this one is far worse than most :) he's worn out like 5 volunteers now :)22:10
Bashing-omdaftykins: The bust was under the domicile, so no damage . Just a lot of aggravation and worry about the helath of the well's water pump and fixing the pipes .22:11
daftykinsBashing-om: phew :>22:12
daftykinsi'm still awaiting the letter from my plumber so give to my insurance company22:13
daftykinsducasse: that sounds like a record..22:13
ducasseBashing-om: so you've been busy? ;)22:13
Bashing-omwell ,, occupied .. mostly spinning wheels ,, 3 trips to the plumbing store before I got the lines back up .22:16
ducasseisn't that how these things normally work? come home from store, notice missing part, go back to store, come home and notice missing tool...22:19
Bashing-omdaftykins: Uh huh .. But all in the end works out .. given time and effort !22:33
daftykinsducasse: ooh did i mention i soldered some guys LED torch recently :D22:34
daftykinslost his battery connections22:34
ducassedaftykins: i think you did, some facebook aquaintance of someone?22:35
daftykinsah yes22:35
daftykinsok my memory is terrible :>22:35
ducassehaha, i told him to rtfm as he has been hand-held for days now - he said he doesn't have time for that... grrrr...22:36
daftykinssudo middle_finger22:36
ducassei hate using /ignore, but it might be the only way out of this.22:39
Bashing-omducasse: I too lost patience with him long past . ( working on a loss of patience with #2 ) .22:40
daftykinsthis the hexa fellow?22:42
* daftykins has the log open22:42
ducasseeven now he's still asking me questions, not asking them to the channel. he just refuses to let go if you've helped him once or if you are active in answering others.22:44
daftykinshttps://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2017/01/10/%23ubuntu.txt hah spending lots on hardware22:44
daftykinspretty glad to be spared that stuff!22:45
ducassedaftykins: he is an [the word you got banned for calling someone] :-P22:46
daftykins:O such language sir22:46
Bashing-omdaftykins: Is it not 'bout time your statue of limitations are expired ? Look at all the fun you are missing :)22:47
daftykinsi had PTSD reading that log, sir22:47
daftykinshad to shake it off ;)22:47
ducassei'm going to have flashback nightmares of the period i did tech support after this.22:50
ducassehorrible way to make a living, btw. :)22:52
Bashing-omducasse: Do not miss those days at all . I got a slap on the wrist once - spending too much time individually responding to trouble calls :(22:52
daftykinsBashing-om: and quite right too, you can't HELP the people! :D22:58
ducasseoh, $deity, the guy that doesn't get basic package management but wants to create his own distro is back... i think it's time i go to bed ;)22:59
daftykinsi should go and do some food23:00
Bashing-omducasse: Here to sweet dreams .. leave the night-mares here !23:01
ducassei'll most likely be fine :)23:02
ducasseback tomorrow, though, but might run screaming for the hills if hexachop is back ;)23:03
daftykinsooh - http://www.anandtech.com/show/11016/gigabyte-launches-lp-geforce-gtx-1050-1050-ti23:03
Bashing-omstiff upper lip :)23:03
daftykinsducasse: :D sleep well!23:03

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