Unit193Rhonda: Is the soft freeze hindering your desire to get Irssi 1.0 in Debian?03:55
RhondaUnit193: Yes, no, solved. ;)06:04
RhondaI was asked to check the reverse dependencies, and given we have transition freeze got told that an exception could be made if the reverse depends would do with just a binNMU.06:05
RhondaThere was some API change upstream though, so I uploaded the bugfix release 0.8.21 for now.06:05
RhondaI got an upstream patch though that just used some #define old_functioname new_functioname which allows to binNMU the plugins, I tested that already, but I want to give the package maintainers of the modules a chance to check that themself before pushing it.06:06
RhondaSo: 1.0.0 is prepared but not pushed yet (neither to git, I might want to do that for now)06:07
Unit193OK, cool.  Thanks for the full update!06:23
RhondaUnit193: Also, there is something that I changed: /version now gives the full package version, not just the upstream version.  This is useful to know if one still has to /upgrade, and also for reports to upstream to know which security patches might be included already, if it's distribution related updates.08:35
Unit193Oooh, cool.09:45
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