bazhangis lasersaber prone to somewhat iffy 'advice'01:10
daxI have seen iffy advice from him quoted, iirc.01:11
k1l_imho he gives some advice, he doesnt know anything about.01:12
bazhangjust random noise is what I have seen01:12
bazhangstartx has not been used since 7.04 or something?01:13
daxi have never actually looked, how did Ubuntu manage to break startx01:13
bazhangeven arch doesn't like it!01:15
daxodd. gentoo and debian are both fine with it as far as I can tell01:16
daxi've used it with both rather recently01:16
k1l_depends on the used desktop setup, too. there are ways on ubuntu where that works.01:17
k1l_but most multi xserver tiling wm users dont come to #ubuntu01:17
Unit193I have a basic .xinitrc that'd allow me to use startx without any adverse side effects.01:19
bazhangEmanuelTavares> I'm new here01:45
bazhangoddly enough the IP says something else entirely01:45
elkyis it a vpn?02:11
hggdhIDK. But the guy speaks Portuguese, and I was chatting with him on -br.02:16
elkyit seems to be mobile telco in the san paulo area and i don't see it in my year of logs02:18
hggdhpretty much he wanted to copy his current /var to a new mount point, remove the old, and use the new. Easier to just create another AWS instance with enough disk space02:18
elkyhow did you come to that conclusion so fast anyway?02:29
bazhangubuntu007> i start ulimate boot cd and go do dos02:38
bazhangthat makes me think of ultimatix02:38
elkypretty sure i just had flashbacks02:38
bazhangtrigger flashback: unlocked02:51
Unit193bazhang: I'm not seeing anything on that one at all.  Where'd you see it?03:56
yehaiban evading? cool06:20
elkyyeah you're evading. very naughty06:20
elkyhaving fun?06:20
yehaiwhy i cant speak in bazhang s channel06:27
elkyhe's probably got you banned, since you keep being an asshole to him06:28
yehaino you did06:29
elkyi don't have ops in chat06:29
yehaidax: what u doin , bitch06:31
daxyou are boring, yehai06:32
yehaiwhat you doin06:33
yehaiwhat the fuck are you doin06:35
yehaifucking bitch06:35
dax[navy seal copypasta ripoff intensifies]06:36
* elky snorts06:39
elkyUnit193: mind grabbing tonight's favorite url and adding it to drone?06:49
Unit193elky: Done, I believe.07:08
elkythanks. it'll probably be a new one tomorrow knowing them but oh well07:08
Unit193Then we can update it again, if I remember how and where.07:09
elkyfeel free to email me a list of the current urls and i'll go through and check which ones aren't needed anymore07:11
ptyttyPici: can i be unbanned @ 15:5113:10
ptyttyguess il try after 15:5113:25
=== Menzador is now known as Guest92325
=== Guest92325 is now known as Menzador
ptyttyPici: hi15:58
Piciptytty: hi16:00
ptyttyPici: I was banned yesterday you told me to come back16:01
Piciptytty: I did.  I assume if I remove this ban that we won't have to have this conversation again, right? As you'll be treating the advice you give more seriously.16:02
ptyttyPici: assuming the operant conditioning works. I actually didnt know i did something wrong.16:04
Piciptytty: but you know now?16:05
ptyttyPici: Well yes now i know you made me read the rules. want me to take a test also? i really think it would help the conditioning stick.16:06
Menzadorptytty: Knock it off with the attitude, please.16:06
ptyttyMenzador: i was being serious.16:08
ptyttyPici: thank you16:09
Piciptytty: I've unbanned you. I'd appreciate if we didn't need to revisit this in the future.16:10
ptyttyPici: hopefully not its never on purpose.16:12
Menzadorptytty: All right, if you're finished here, please /part the channel.16:15
PiciMenzador: thanks16:16
MenzadorPici: For the record, I was active when ptytty was, helping the same user as he was, if you check the #u backlog.16:17
=== Menzador is now known as Guest99779
=== Guest99779 is now known as Menzador
ikonia@mark #ubuntu wildpenguin confirmed user LinuxNovice after telling lies 2 times in the public channel and 2 times in private before admitting it was the same guy, no idea why, but this guy is not honest in sharing info19:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:06
ubottuakik called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:50
ubottuwhatisthis called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:50
dax(k-lined also)22:50
bazhangl33t enuf23:42
bazhang'dodge this'23:42
hggdh@comment 75374 pretending to be a scriptz kiddie23:42
ubottuComment added.23:42
bazhangwonder if ryanaca is ever going to get the trivia channel goin again23:43
bazhangI so enjoyed pummeling the Seveas with a top score of 133723:44
geniibazhang: When it's quiet, #trivialand is not a bad distraction.23:46
bazhanggenii, thanks23:47

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