potato__hello all02:27
potato__I need some help regarding a cluster of 3 ubuntu 14.04 servers.02:27
potato__They run in the same network, on the same router. My problem is that when I run ifonfig to get the internal IP address of each PC, I get the exact same IP (
tarpmanpotato__: please pastebin the complete ifconfig output from one of them as an example02:31
tarpmanpotato__: do you have libvirt installed? sounds like the default IP libvirt sets up for its bridge interface - virbr002:31
potato__yes, it's under the vibr0 section. Give me a sec to pastebin02:32
potato__here's the link for the paste bin. http://pastebin.com/qxGUrAyY02:33
potato__I'm looking at this post right now!02:33
tarpmanso that machine's IP address is
tarpmanon em102:33
potato__yup. but, this is the IP I use to connect to the machine. I cannot open any other ports on it, as the machines are all protected by firewall02:34
potato__which disallows all port connections.02:34
potato__even 22 for ssh02:34
potato__I ssh to the machines via 44302:34
tarpmanI'm not understanding your initial question - you talked about "the internal address" - but this server at least only has a single network interface, not separate external and internal ones02:35
tarpmanor if it does have an internal one, it's not activated02:35
potato__alright. you're right. I need to activate the internal one. Can I do this by uninstalling libvirt?02:36
tarpmando you know if you're using ifupdown for networking, or something else (e.g. systemd-networkd)?02:37
tarpmanif you're using ifupdown for networking, you want to edit /etc/network/interfaces - the documentation for that is in 'man 5 interfaces'. if you're using systemd-networkd, or network-manager, someone other than myself has to help02:38
potato__alright, thank you very much!02:41
lordievaderGood morning.08:29
ws2k3_this bug is also in ubuntu 12.04 https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=85071809:08
ubottuDebian bug 850718 in src:linux "/proc/net/ipv6_route unreadable when number of routes is large" [Important,Open]09:08
rbasaknacc: I have emails about the bot held for moderation at ubuntu-server@.09:13
rbasaknacc: not sure what to do with them. Did you give up on ubuntu-server@?09:13
cesiHi I am installing ubuntu server 16.04 on a machine with 8 disks. I got kind of baffled since it asks to install grub on the mbr of "your first hard drive" does it mean sda or does it mean the drive it installed the OS on (eg. sdc)11:34
ws2k3_cesi first drive means sda11:55
Genk1Hello folks13:59
Genk1I am wondering how to secure (encrypt) an UDP traffic ?14:00
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sypherGenk1: What is your actual goal?14:03
Genk1sypher, OK I want to secure an UDP syslog traffic14:04
sypherGenk1: No, you want to secure syslog traffic, specifically. UDP has nothing to do with it.14:04
Genk1sypher, Hmm OK14:04
Genk1so what do you suggest me ?14:05
sypherGenk1: I assume you're using rsyslog, which is what Ubuntu ships with (I think)?14:05
Genk1I need a client/server solution here14:05
Genk1sypher, true14:05
sypherGenk1: Then Google "rsyslog tls".14:05
Genk1sypher, Ok but is this a client/server solution ?14:06
Genk1I need something else in the remote server right  ?14:06
sypherGenk1: Given that TLS is a session encryption protocol, and a session has two ends, yes.14:07
Genk1sypher, hmm OK but isn't TLS based on TCP ?14:08
zulcoreycb:  i checked this morning and libvirt unix socket group is set to "libvirtd" for some reason not "libvirt"14:08
coreycbzul, is that a package change?  addgroup libvirtd seemed to get the service going again but we need to dig a bit more.14:09
zulcoreycb: no i dont think its a packaging change because the nova-compute charm uses libvirt or libvirtd based on the lsb_release14:10
coreycbzul, ok14:11
zulcoreycb: im going to re-deploy and do so some debugging14:11
coreycbzul, i vaguely remember a packaging change to switch groups a release or two ago14:11
sypherGenk1: No. See also OpenVPN.14:12
sypherGenk1: I might suggest you rewind a little and get more familiar with the layered network model, how TLS works, etc.14:12
Genk1sypher, OK OK thanks14:13
zulcoreycb: yeah the nova-compute context covers that14:13
coreycbzul, ok14:13
zulcoreycb: definently not a packaging change14:24
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naccrbasak: yes, for now, i've given up16:00
rbasakOK, no problem16:00
naccrbasak: which e-mails got held?16:00
rbasakSubject: Ubuntu One: Finish your registration16:00
rbasakSubject: Ubuntu One: Validate your email address16:00
rbasakI can forward them to you if you like?16:01
naccah ha, I wondered why they didn't show up -- I just linked it to a different address, it's ok for now16:01
* rbasak empties the moderation queue16:01
smbrbasak, nacc, was there an irc meeting planned or is it skipped this week due to sprinting?16:05
naccsmb: it wasn't officilaly cancelled, I believe, but I'm not sure16:06
ikoniawin 416:07
ikoniaoops, sorry, I'm lagging bad16:07
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xpistosHey I am looking for a folder that should be in /wd500/Plex/ but it is not there. If I do a locate for the folder it says it is in /wd500/Plex. Any ideas? I am working with ubuntu server 16.04.120:15
sarnold'locate' only shows you what existed at the time of the last updatedb run20:16
sarnoldfind shows you the state of the filesystem at the time of traversal20:16
xpistosI didn't delete the folder so I am not sure what happened20:16
sarnoldtry e.g. find /wd500 -iname '*blah*' -ls20:17
xpistosI did a mv command "v  Penny\ Dreadful/Season\ 3/* ../*" but that was it20:17
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sarnoldoh. uh. that looks like serious trouble. using "*" in the "last" position of shell commands like that can be insanely confusing. the ../* will expand to list all files from the parent directories, and then it'll be like you wrote "mv penny_dreadful/1.mp4 penny_dreadful/2.mp4 penny_dreadful/3.mp4 ../funstuff.mp4 ../grossstuff.mp4 ../forbiddenstuff.mp4 ../GOAWAY/"20:21
sarnoldor even worse20:21
sarnoldyou may have quite a mess on your hands..20:22
sarnoldhopefully it just threw all the files and directories from the penny dreadful directory and all the files and directories from the parent directory into one of the child directories20:22
sarnoldin which case a simple 'find /wd500 -ls' will show you what you need to know20:23
xpistosI wanted to copy everything in that folder20:23
sarnoldfwiw the 'right' way to write that command could have been 'mv Penny\ Dreadful/* ..'20:26
xpistossarnold: I see what you mean. I don't know why I had that last *20:30
xpistosfound it thanks20:31
sarnoldxpistos: great :)20:36
xpistossarnold: thanks. I moved everything back again20:36
sarnoldxpistos: nice; i'm glad it was all there and easy to find again. I can't recall the exact circumstances but I've seen files lost this way too :(20:37
sarnoldxpistos: .. double-check that all the files are what you expect them to be20:37
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dazed1anyone able to field an selinux question on ubuntu?22:01
sarnoldnot many people tend to the policies22:15
dazed1ah, well the question is mostly that MLS shows as on, regardless which profile is used, and if I set it to enforcing I get MLS errors for a few basic things.  SO...how do I turn off MLS?  :)22:24
dazed1sestatus has "Policy MLS status:  enabled"22:26
dazed1(makes it odd that there's an mls profile, if the non-mls profiles are gonna have mls enabled...)22:27
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