elachecheMorning folks :)09:26
praisethemoonelacheche, good morning my friend10:09
praisethemoonHow are you?10:09
elachecheGood praisethemoon :) u?10:31
praisethemoonI'm good as well :)10:31
elachecheYou didn't saw my nagios plugin to check docker stats? :D10:31
praisethemoonNope :310:31
praisethemoonis it on github?10:31
elachecheHere is a preview of the data from script to nagios then from nagios to grafana → http://i.imgur.com/K6LR9up.png10:35
elachecheI'm pushing the code in a minute10:35
elachecheI still have issues, didn't clean the cde yet, didn"t documented it yet, but I know that I should push it now otherwise I'll never do x)10:36
elachechepraisethemoon nzoueid: so, here is my Q&D script https://github.com/elacheche/docker_check/blob/master/docker_check.py it's on github until I get my VPS and switch to my own git server10:40
praisethemoonY U GPL :(10:40
elachecheI need contribs :p10:42
elachecheFREEDOM :p10:42
nizarusje recommande https://gitlab.com plus que github :p10:45
elachechenizarus: I'll migrate my repos to my VPS when I got it.. I'm just too lazy to go to the bank and pay for the VPS now :(10:46
elachecheI'll go for gogs, or just gitweb on a containers.. I'll try to keep the VPS clean, with only Docker on it, and all the services inside containers..10:46
elachechegitlab needs a lot of ressources10:47
praisethemoonit's ruby based :(13:04
praisethemoonnot that it ain't cool13:04
praisethemoonbut it's entreprise oriented13:05
praisethemoonor so I feel about it13:05
elachecheI'm gonna give Taigaio an other shot, otherwise I4ll go for gogs or gitweb..13:14
elachecheand build PM based on other foss projects13:14
elachecheFrom OSX to Ubuntu → https://nicolas.perriault.net/code/2016/from-osx-to-ubuntu/14:10
nzoueidiI saw the script elacheche! You did a good job \o/ :D15:08
elachecheI need to fix some issues in there x) including docstrings and version check15:09
nzoueidiGood luck15:11
nzoueidipavlushka: o/15:11
nzoueidielacheche: you saw the reply of Dalila? What you think about the date?15:15
elachecheI saw.. I'll answer here later.. I'm still checking the hosting & transportation thing, I guess it's kind a hard place to reach or find somewhere to stay in.. I'll answer here asap, after checking some facts..15:19
elachecheGoing to there to have 3hours workshop isn't a good deal, same if wwe go there for a whole day but we don't find a way to go home or a place to stay15:32
elachecheThat moment when someone tries to install an obsolete package and you ask him to use the supported one, then he tells you that he managed to install the obsolete one.. You feel like o_O..15:54
elachecheYou're one of the ML admins!! x)15:56
elachecheI can't see that! I'm not admin15:56
elachecheubuntulog: ignore the last 3 messages.. That's not supposed to be posted in here x)15:57
nzoueidihahaha :D15:59
pavlushkanzoueidi: o/ :)16:01
pavlushkaAnd Hello everyone :)16:02
pavlushkaI am here to praisethemoon :)16:03
elachecheHey pavlushka16:03
praisethemoonpavlushka, ahahah xD16:03
praisethemoonHow is it going?16:03
pavlushkaHey elacheche :) finally my fixed line is fixed ;)16:06
pavlushkapraisethemoon: cold and slow but good :)16:06
praisethemoonyeah, we're all cold x)16:07
pavlushkalol, elacheche> ubuntulog: ignore the last 3 messages.. That's not supposed to be posted in here x)16:08
elachechepraisethemoon: I'm not :D16:09
praisethemoonelacheche, yes you are.16:10
elachechenope :) I'm not affected by that bug :D16:10
nzoueidiwassup pavlushka :D16:11
nzoueidipraisethemoon: \o/16:12
praisethemoonYo :D16:13
praisethemoonHow is it going?16:13
pavlushkanzoueidi: lots of small things :)16:16
nzoueidiAs usual :D wbu praisethemoon16:16
nzoueidipavlushka: samm things lead to a big one thing :D16:16
* pavlushka got that ;)16:16
praisethemoonwell, company moved to a new workplace16:17
praisethemoontrying to get used to it16:17
nzoueidiCool :D16:18
pavlushkaI need to find a specific type of file among different type with specific prefix and need to copy those preserving directory hierarchy in a single command.16:19
* pavlushka got stuck because of being busy and lazy ;)16:19
elachechepavlushka: use find -type f -name '*.pattern' -exec cp16:20
elachechesomething like that16:20
pavlushkaelacheche: make it specific for .txt type please16:21
pavlushkafind -type txt -name '*.pattern' -exec cp destination16:22
pavlushkaa bit confused on the pattern part.16:22
elachechenot mike that16:23
elachechefind -type f -name '*.txt' -exec cp {} destination \;16:23
praisethemoonelacheche, who's mike?16:24
elachechepavlushka: find ~ -type f -name '*.txt' -exec cp {} destination \;16:24
elachechereplace ~ with the needed path if it(s not ~16:24
elachechepraisethemoon: a typo :p16:24
praisethemoonelacheche, I know16:24
praisethemoonY U NO SENSE OF HUMOR16:24
praisethemoonyou could i've said Mark Stallman xD16:25
praisethemoonor Mark Suckerburg16:25
pavlushkapraisethemoon: I know mike, he lives next to roger.16:25
praisethemoonpavlushka, you never disappoint me XD16:26
nzoueidiwho's roger :o16:26
* pavlushka still thinking clicking his finger16:28
pavlushkanzoueidi: you dont know roger seriously?16:29
* pavlushka neither16:29
praisethemoonRoger is a freedom fighter16:32
praisethemooncurrently works at facebook16:32
pavlushkaroger that16:34
* elacheche is back16:36
elachechepavlushka: worksN16:36
elachechepraisethemoon: I'm multitasking :p16:37
praisethemoonelacheche, you only monotask when you drink coffee16:38
pavlushkaelacheche: I am looking for the contents first, then apply the sequence, in a minute16:38
pavlushkaelacheche: its working but there are files with same names in different directories which are different but of same name, how can I preserve that?16:43
pavlushkaits repeatedly replacing the files in the process as the name is same16:44
pavlushkaelacheche: I did a  [ find irclogs.ubuntu.com/ -type f -name '*.txt' -exec cp {} txt \; ]16:45
pavlushkaadvised to ignore the square brackets16:46
elachechefor files with same name you should create a more complicated script I guess..16:47
elachechethat checks if the file exists in the dest dir or not, if so, it'll copy it with an other name or something like that16:48
pavlushkaelacheche: I did [ find irclogs.ubuntu.com/ -type f -name '*.txt' -exec cp --parents {} txt \; ], its working now \o/16:49
* pavlushka oops, secret revealed16:50
elachechegood boy :D16:52
pavlushkaI am actually trying to make the grep search faster with filtering only the txt logs :)16:55
elachechepavlushka: instead of cp you can execute grep16:56
pavlushkakind of local data mining technique, with only txt files, grep will execute faster for any itemized search16:57
pavlushkafor instance,  for a specific nick or topic, if I run grep on only txt files, it will execute faster than on combined html files which is a bit more complicated and heavier.16:59
pavlushkaso I am filtering the txt first then will mine data with faster grep execution speed :)17:00
pavlushkathough I still need to master the scripting for that which I am procrastinating17:02

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