daftykinsfound diddledan http://imgur.com/gallery/tHX9WZp00:59
zmoylan-pichanging the name of yahoo... that'll fix things right up01:30
daftykinsno way?01:31
zmoylan-1ii always feel renaming the company is somehow pretending to not be the same organisation before in a deceptive manner... silly i know01:37
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knightwisegood morning06:49
knightwisemorning jodh07:15
jodhknightwise: morning07:45
davmor2Morning all09:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:12
knightwisehey brobostigon09:23
knightwisehow are you doing today ?09:24
brobostigonhi knightwise, alittle tired, but thats normal day after first shift in a new job.09:24
brobostigonand you?09:24
knightwiseSorry , typo . I'm doing ok :) How did the first shift go ?09:33
foobarrynew job work stamina takes a while to build up09:33
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, and happy Peculiar People Day! 😃09:37
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brobostigonknightwise: it went well, thanks.09:47
brobostigonfoobarry: yes, very true,09:47
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCoCNCJFS7A got you covered dude09:50
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knightwisebrobostigon: whats the new job all about ?10:20
brobostigonknightwise: shop floor and till in a toy shop.10:20
davmor2brobostigon: say what now?  It's not the Lego Shop is it :)10:24
brobostigondavmor2: if only, :)10:25
diddledanwow, the C.H.I.P is a lot of computer for 9$10:44
diddledanonly 512MB ram though, but other than that it's comparable to the pi310:45
TwistedLucidityFancied getting myself a pocketCHIP a whileback; never did.11:17
diddledanransoms being demanded for data in mongodb servers: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3852197311:21
zmoylan-pisee, if they had stored their data in csv files like nature intended... :-P11:24
diddledancan anyone else currently play the mp3 version of latenightlinux? http://latenightlinux.com/12:13
diddledanI'm getting network error12:13
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popeydiddledan: you on telegram? they have a telegram channel12:18
diddledanI'm not12:18
* diddledan goes to see what is required to sign-up12:18
popeyAs if by magic12:19
* popey pokes diddledan with JoeRess 12:19
diddledanaha, hello JoeRess12:19
JoeRessCan you download it?12:20
diddledanweirdly, I can if I get the url using curl first - but clicking the download link in chrome is failing12:20
diddledanI used `curl -I http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/latenightlinux.com/media/LNL01.mp3HTTP` to get that url12:21
JoeRessDoes that work in Chrome?12:21
popeyit does here12:22
diddledanyeah the direct link works, but for unknown reason the redirector/tracker link in chrome doesn't work12:22
diddledanthe tracker link in curl does work, though, which is confusing12:22
diddledanhmm, I wonder if it's an IPv6 issue12:23
* diddledan checks12:23
diddledanok, it seems there might be an intermittent problem on podtrac's end - I just received HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden12:24
JoeRessIt works in Chrome for me :/12:24
diddledanthat was using `curl -4 -I http://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/latenightlinux.com/media/LNL01.mp3HTTP`12:24
diddledanoh, I borked the url12:25
* diddledan repastes12:25
diddledanin chrome I'm getting redirected but then it fails with Failed - Network error when using the "download" link12:26
diddledanaah. https12:27
diddledanchrome thinks it should be downloading the mp3 via https12:27
JoeRessWhy would it think that?12:27
diddledanok, I figured it out12:28
diddledanI have https-everywhere installed which is forcing the podtrac url to be loaded securely which then causes the returned direct url to also be https12:29
diddledanusing https for the podtrac url (https://podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/latenightlinux.com/media/LNL01.mp3) in curl returns: Location: https://latenightlinux.com/media/LNL01.mp312:29
JoeRessThis means I will have to sort out let's encrypt. :(12:30
* diddledan hides12:31
diddledanit's a bit odd that podtrac is redirecting to a url that you didn't configure it to use though12:32
diddledani.e. https rather than http when podtrac is loaded via ssl12:32
JoeRessPodtrac has many failings12:35
JoeRessTheir servers run Windows for example12:40
diddledanyeah I noticed the tell-tale Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.5 in curl response :-p12:41
diddledanthey're on amazon by the looks. so at least they have "cloud" checked-off the marketing checklist12:43
JoeRessTheir dev is usually fairly responsive on Twitter so we'll see what he says12:45
diddledanooh, I like these predictions13:12
diddledanjust got onto the worldwide internet outage13:12
diddledanso we're considering all-out cyberwar at this point I guess?13:12
diddledanoh god, sorry, I regret using the word cyber. because the cyber is so big now13:13
diddledantelegram has a naughty picture on their homepage: https://telegram.org/img/tl_card_open.gif13:24
foobarryfrom the bears perspective maybe13:32
SuperMattThat's a very odd picture13:33
SuperMattBut I like the graphical style13:33
diddledanall their imagery is custom-designed by the looks13:34
diddledanthey all follow the same style13:34
popeythey walk close to the line a lot13:40
popeythey announced a new feature in telegram and used an image of a half naked women to promote it13:40
popeythat image then disappeared and a new one (of the same woman) appeared, with more clothing13:41
m0nkey_wow. my switch under my desk just failed.13:47
foobarrycan i still use the apache "combined" format to log search engine request strings?13:47
foobarryhaven't done it for 10 years13:47
diddledanfoobarry: yes and no - if your site isn't running https then you'll not get any referrer info from the search engines because they _are_ running https so your browser doesn't send the previous page to protect privacy on non-secure connections13:50
foobarrythanks diddledan thats a new thing since 2005 :P13:51
diddledanyey. google rock. they've put a nice big red screen of phishing on an official government website I worked on15:00
diddledanpresumably because it isn't a .gov.uk domain15:00
SuperMattWell, were you phishing everyone that went there?15:00
zmoylan-pimaybe they were phishing some other country... :-P15:01
diddledanno, there's no phishing involved15:07
SuperMattTBH, when I was at Rackspace I constantly had clients that were accused of phishing, but mostly because someone would exploit a vulnerability in a wordpress plugin to upload a naughty script or seven15:08
diddledanI really do think tumbleweed is a bad name for opensuse's thingy15:08
zmoylan-pimaybe it confused google as there were no adverts all over it? :-P15:08
SuperMattMy number one tool was to run "find . -mtime -30"15:09
diddledan"YEY, OpenSuse release a major new update... *tumbleweed*"15:09
SuperMattI would often find the newly uuploaded script in a few minutes15:09
diddledanthe site in question is running an entirely bespoke piece of software15:10
diddledanso if it has been hacked then it would have to have been very targeted15:11
SuperMattfair enough15:17
m0nkey_Last time I tried SuSE, I couldn't figure out how to install any packages.15:21
SuperMattMy big problem with Suse was that their equivalent of PPAs was nowhere near as good as ppas15:25
SuperMattand a lot of things just didn't exist in the main repos, so you hand to rely on their second class system15:25
m0nkey_heh, and there was me trying to use yum, since it's rpm based. lol15:27
m0nkey_shows you how long ago i used suse15:27
* diddledan watches the suse tumbleweed roll past the desolate abandoned town15:29
diddledansee, totally a bad name15:29
m0nkey_who actually uses suse these days?15:29
diddledanopensuse, not sure, but I think businesses might use SLES still (mostly european companies 'cos american and elsewhere use RHEL)15:30
diddledanI don't know whether anyone ever used SLED (the desktop equiv of SLES)15:32
SuperMattSome people rely on SLES for packaging Red Hat patches15:37
SuperMattI like yast in principle, but in the end I just think that Fedora is the most balanced distro between being bleeding edge and stable15:38
SuperMattUbuntu lost its bleeding edge when it stopped tracking behind gnome15:40
jezsterUbuntu seems fine for me, given that I'm just returning to Linux desktop use.16:06
SuperMattI've spent quite a few years jumping around, until I finally landed on Fedora. I think it has something to do with using it for my jobs in enterprise, making it the logical choice to stay abreast with changes16:08
jezsterI've recently been given a nice little X220 Lenovo and it's almost perfect for me use ... I have to wonder if Budgie will fix my last few issues.16:08
jezsterFedora is excellent, but I guess I'm used to CrunchBang/Ubuntu/Debian/etc...16:10
SuperMatttook me a little while to get used to Fedora, but now I have, it just seems the correct fit for me16:11
diddledanSuperMatt: what's wayland like? :-D16:14
SuperMattIt works16:14
SuperMattIf I didn't know they'd made the change, I wouldn't have guessed16:14
diddledangotta love when stuff works16:14
SuperMattI haven't tried any xforwarding though16:15
diddledanI suppose there's forwarding X from server to wayland client and vicky verky16:15
SuperMattI think there's something like that going on16:16
SuperMattbut meh16:16
diddledanwould be interesting to see if there's a difference in behaviour depending on direction16:16
SuperMattMost of what I do requires a terminal, and no forwarding16:16
SuperMattanyway, it's home time16:16
SuperMattso peace out, yo16:16
diddledanoh dear: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-3856591317:38
daftykinsno biggy, hideous device :)17:38
daftykinsoy at folk that don't read your emails properly and so reply with the wrong conclusion17:39
daftykinsmust be that manx fella redtaperenegade i'm dealing with for my gas bills (since the parent company is up there these days) :D17:40
MartijnVdSdiddledan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcP98zlwojE&t=0s17:43
daftykinsi think he worked out what it is from the story of it being stolen?17:47
MartijnVdSRazer announced that it was indeed those prototypeds17:50
daftykinsMartijnVdS: sure you don't work at a gas company? ;)17:57
MartijnVdSOh you're not talking about the triple screened laptop anymore?18:02
daftykinsjust getting at how you seem to pay as much attention as the bloke from the gas co. who read my first email18:03
marshmnif I have both wired and WiFi networks connected, does Ubuntu only use the wired interface?18:57
popeyit uses whatever is default route18:59
popeywell, default with higest metric18:59
marshmnso for mine it will be using WiFi I guess (has a metric of 600 compared to 100 for the wired)19:00
diddledananyone seen this thingy? https://www.crowdsupply.com/raptor-computing-systems/talos-secure-workstation19:00
popeys/highest/lowest/ I think.19:00
daftykinsyeah low metric = priority interface19:01
popeyi just tested this by running iperf -s on my server, and iperf -c on my laptop19:01
marshmnhow is the metric determined?19:01
daftykinsinterface type19:01
marshmnI see19:01
popeythere's rules19:01
marshmnOK, so it will prioritize wired - which sounds good...19:01
marshmnthanks :-)19:01
daftykinsideally though you just wouldn't run both19:01
marshmnok - why is it bad?19:02
daftykinsno idea if it'd switch if you had some transfers / communications in process19:02
popeydepends on the app19:02
popeymosh does19:02
marshmnI see19:02
daftykinse.g. browsing online, streaming something, then plug in your cable19:02
popeyi frequently switch during the day between wifi and both19:02
popeynot sure if I ever have stuff streaming tho19:03
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23777617/ too many interfaces :)19:03
daftykinsyeah that's why i added that caveat19:05
marshmnis it possible to control the volume from Ubuntu when the audio is connected through HDMI?19:46
daftykinsif it's stereo, sure19:48
daftykinsMr.Kipling prices have gone up!? :(20:08
zmoylan-piwell... until they can source a local source for pineapples and other ingredients...20:09
zmoylan-pijapanese amateurs are going to try and launch a nano sat in a few mins... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55ouemR6bbk23:46
zmoylan-pilooks like it's been scrubbed... :-(23:47
daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVjop01FGrA yay Louis23:52

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