floridagram<SivaMachina> I might be able to go. Depending on how things go between now and Friday.00:10
floridagram<KMyers> @SivaMachina, Sweet, let me know if you need transportation00:46
floridagram<SivaMachina> I will most likely need transport. Just need make sure I clear some money. I am assuming 10 bucks more or less should be enough for donuts and a cup of coffee.00:50
floridagram<KMyers> You should be fine00:51
floridagram<AdamOutler> @KMyers Just wondering if you've made butter tempura?01:36
floridagram<KMyers> Um, no01:36
floridagram<AdamOutler> Y U NO?01:36
floridagram<AdamOutler> Fried butter is a southern delecacy01:36
floridagram<KMyers> @RazPi / @Ivoriesablaze - are you able to make it down this weekend?02:07
floridagram<AdamOutler> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2017/01/09/bash-in-windows-insider-build-15002-many-fixes-but-a-couple-of-bugs/04:49
floridagram<AdamOutler> All bash sessions must now be created at the same permission level. Attempting to start a session at a different level will be blocked. This means admin and non-admin consoles cannot run at the same time. (GH #626)04:49
floridagram<AdamOutler> Sounds like a workaround for a permissions escalation with a crappy, Microsoft implementation.04:50
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> I can't be there in the morning, I have to perform a couple songs at the south Florida fair at around noon, I can probably catch a train by around 210:36
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floridagram<SivaMachina> http://arstechnica.com/business/2017/01/yahoo-board-drops-to-five-mayer-is-out-name-changed-to-altaba/22:09
floridagram<ahoneybun> http://www.networkworld.com/article/3156029/computers/why-you-shouldnt-trust-geek-squad-ever-again.html23:23

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