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jrwrendoog morning14:08
shakes808has anyone heard of this: https://www.freecodecamp.com/14:52
shakes808seems to be a cool way to get on some non-profit projects to give back14:52
cmaloneyLooks like a lot of the other code camps14:53
shakes808oh really?  this is the first one that I have seen14:54
cmaloneyOr maybe I've seen something like that already.14:54
cmaloneyNot sure.14:54
jrwrenEstablished: 818days ago14:55
jrwrenyes, I've heard of them, but I don't recall where.14:55
brousch__What DE are you all using these days?21:14
brousch__It no longer sucks?21:15
jrwrenno, its pretty terrible.21:16
brousch__I'm trying to get along with KDE, but little things are annoying me21:20
brousch__Apple's touchpad has really spoiled me21:21
jrwrenall other laptops suck.21:21
brousch__The scrolling on this is driving me nuts. It's so twitchy, and I can't get it to reverse direction (damn you Steve Jobs) in every application21:23
jrwrenwhat kind of hardware?21:26
brousch__´╗┐´╗┐Dell Latitude21:27
jrwrenI really like the simplicity of xfce, autohide a few bars and maximzie windows nicely21:27
brousch__Hm, I forgot about those light DMs21:27
brousch__I did like XFCE21:28
brousch__Cute little hamster21:28
brousch__cmaloney: I'm blind now. Thank you.21:28
cmaloneyDon't listen to jrwren. His mind is corrupted.21:28
cmaloneybrousch__: You're welcome.21:28
brousch__Wow, how did it get to be 4:30 already?21:29
cmaloneyWell, there's this thing called "time"...21:29
greg-gtiiiiiiiiiiiime, it's on my side, yes it is21:37

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