Kilosmorning inetpro paddatrapper and all the lurkers04:51
magespawngood morning05:07
Kiloshi magespawn 05:41
paddatrapperMorning Kilos, magespawn 06:14
magespawngood morning Kilos paddatrapper 06:14
LangjanG'morning all from a wet, green and grateful Bushveld 06:15
paddatrappermorning Langjan 06:16
LangjanHow you doing paddatrapper ?06:16
LangjanAnd you Kilos ?06:17
paddatrapperLangjan: good thanks. You?06:18
LangjanVery well thks paddatrapper 06:19
Kiloshi Langjan 06:39
Kiloshi frogboots06:39
LangjanLmga! All well Kilos ? Just popped in to see 06:43
Langjankde not broken?06:43
LangjanAnd girls on oz ok?06:46
LangjanI see you chasing Rustenburg sheep, will check you later06:47
Kiloskde fine07:02
Kilosgirls in os just stressing about the demand letter we got07:02
Kilosotherwise fine07:02
Kiloshows things your side07:02
Kilosai! i talk to the trees07:03
Kilosbut they dont listen either07:03
nsnzerolol Kilos 07:06
nsnzeromorning all07:06
paddatrappermorning nsnzero 07:14
nsnzerohey there paddatrapper 07:14
chesedomorning Kilos magespawn paddatrapper Langjan nsnzero and all others07:56
paddatrappermorning chesedo 07:56
nsnzerohi chesedo 07:57
inetprogoeidag mense08:07
nsnzeroinetpro: good day to you as well 08:08
Kiloshi nsnzero chesedo `and my pro08:24
chesedodag inetpro08:42
inetprochesedo: how goes it?08:42
chesedoinetpro: great thanks and self?08:43
inetprogood, good08:43
inetprodid you see the Trello story?08:43
inetpromaybe time to find an alternative?08:44
chesedoinetpro: about the acquasition?08:44
chesedowell the email I got says that standalone usage will still be possible, so we should not have a problem08:46
chesedothough I think that we have an open task to look into alternative08:46
LangjanHi Kilos is jy daar?10:30
Kilosja oom jan10:33
Kiloswhat broke10:33
Langjaneks nie op kde nie man10:34
LangjanAlles reg by jou?10:35
Kilosja als ok hier dankie10:36
Kiloslekker gereen10:36
Langjanmooi so, lekker hier ook10:36
LangjanKilos, how do I create a disk image - have been trying via disks but get bogged  10:37
Kilosa disk image of what'10:37
Langjanof my system on the ssd10:37
Kilosi dont think i have done that10:37
Kilosyou can make a backup disk or a disk to install with10:38
theblazehenhey Kilos, all10:38
Langjanhi theblazehen 10:38
theblazehenhey Langjan10:39
Kiloshi theblazehen 10:39
LangjanI dont see systemback in the software centre?10:40
LangjanI found some sites will do some homework there10:41
Kilosgoogle systemback for 16.0410:41
Kilosi thought it was in the repos already10:42
LangjanThis shows a number of utilities, but does not include systemback: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem10:44
Kiloslemme look10:48
Kilosi think that is where i got it10:50
Kiloshavent tried it on 16.04 yet but works like a charm on 14.0410:51
LangjanI see it says "development suspended"10:59
Kiloshopefully because it works ok as is10:59
LangjanLooks risky & complicated, no toy for the aged, will pass for now. 11:05
Kiloswow even i used it without help man11:06
Kiloscheck for a readme file11:06
LangjanJa but you still spring chicken11:06
Kilosit was quite easy iirc11:10
Kilosi did it when in oz11:10
Kilosjust read everything before you start clicking11:10
LangjanWill do thks, going for lunch - lekker dag verder vir jou. 11:13
Kilosselle daar 11:15
magespawnwhat now?13:04
andrewlsdHi All. A belated _Happy New Year_ to all here.13:11
inetpropower outage here in Hatfield again13:14
inetproluckily traffic is still in holiday mood13:15
inetproand our generator, fortunately is still working as well :-)13:17
Langjanthks andrewlsd and the same to you13:32
Langjaninetpro, fortunate to have a generator and lucky to have fuel13:33
inetproLangjan: especially in January as well :-)13:33
LangjanYou still around Kilos 14:01
Kilosjust woke from a nap14:01
Kilosand hungry14:01
Kilosso had some stew14:01
LangjanOk lekker, hope you enjoyed14:02
Kilosnow i got 3 inverter welders to try repair and i know nothing about them sigh14:02
Langjan ouch! Learning about inverter welders...14:02
Langjanwhats wrong with them?14:03
Kilosyeah i have no idea how they work but seems basic inside , just the pc board might need more investigation14:03
Kilosnever seen a welder with pc boards in14:03
LangjanStrongs, cannot help there14:04
Langjanwhy inverter if 220?14:04
Kiloshopefully i can make one work out of the three14:04
MaNLto turn the AC into DC14:04
Kilosthey tiny things and can weld up to 60 amps14:05
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
Langjanso is dc14:05
Kilosand ive seen one working before they weld quite well14:05
Kilosdc output ya14:05
Langjandc does weld well - they are smooth14:05
Kilosarent all welders dc output14:05
LangjanNot as far as I am aware14:06
Kilosthere must be some info online so ill work through it slowly14:06
Kilosthey been lying here a year already14:07
Kilosso no rush and what works is then ours14:07
Kilosso cant lose either way14:07
LangjanGood luck14:07
Kiloswhat you doing14:07
Kiloswhat broke14:08
LangjanGoing to leave you to it14:08
Kilosim sure you want to know something14:08
LangjanNiks nie ek se mos eks nie op kde nie lmga!14:08
LangjanKuier net14:08
Kiloseverythings working???14:08
Kilosoh my14:08
Kilosthats wonderful14:08
LangjanThats why its raining14:09
Kilostell first14:09
Kiloshow did the installations go and what did you do14:09
Langjanwhich installlations14:09
Kilosyour drive man that wasnt lekker14:10
Kilosthe ssd14:10
Kilosai ! ek sukkel partykeer14:10
Kilosyou forgot?14:10
LangjanIts still sdb if thats what you mean14:10
Kilosi saw some cure for altzheimers somewhere14:11
Kilosjust swop the sata cables then it will be sda14:11
Langjanwhats in a name?14:11
LangjanLeave well enough alone14:12
Kilosthe narrow red or yellow cables in the pc board14:12
Langjan160 GB storage is sda14:12
LangjanJy moet lekker speel met jou sweisers14:14
Kiloslol ok dankie sal so maak, pas julle mooi op14:14
LangjanDankie my vriend, lekker aand vir jou14:15
Kilosdankie baie14:15
LangjanOh did I tell you our new granddaughter arrived 6 Jan in Perth?14:16
Kilosthats great news14:16
LangjanThks: http://www.greeff.info/tng01/getperson.php?personID=I2164&tree=Lichtenburgstam14:17
LangjanNo 714:17
Kilosyou should wait till she is 18 before entering her14:17
Kilossometimes when small they so annoying peeps sit on them14:18
LangjanYes especially with smile around14:18
Kiloshahaha yeah14:18
Kiloshe is naughty14:18
Kiloseven his parents gave up14:18
LangjanOk gonna leave you to the welders now14:20
LangjanMooi loop14:20
Kilosgo well14:20
Langjanand good luck14:20
Kilosi may go nap more14:20
Kilosdont need luck for that14:21
LangjanSleep over the prob14:21
Langjanoften works14:21
Kiloshaha i know14:21
LangjanBye for now Kilos 14:21
Kiloscheers Langjan 14:21
jerit_Off to Bronkhorstspruit Magistrates Court tomorrow which is fun15:03
pavlushkaKilos: whassup doc?16:11
* pavlushka the bugs bunny16:11
pavlushkaahoy za!16:12
jerit_Kilos is sleeping... or something :P16:14
jerit_hello pavlushka 16:14
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
smilehi :)19:56
Kiloshi smile 20:00
smileEst-ce que vous parlez fran├žais, Kilos ? :p20:00
smilepourquoi pas? :p20:00
Kiloslol say it in english and ill answer20:01
smileKilos: why not? :p20:02
Kilosbecause i dont understand french20:03
Kilosexcept for merci and wi20:03
smileyou did understand my question asking if you speak French ;)20:04
smileso you speak more French than you tell me! :p20:05
Kiloslol odd words here and there20:05
* smile wants to spend something, but doesn't know what20:06
smileI want to buy something for myself20:06
smilebut I wouldn't know what on earth to buy! :D20:06
Kilosbuy a hat20:06
smileFood, for sure. :D20:06
smileOr maybe sunglasses.20:06
* smile is going to Leiden (near Amsterdam) in two weeks20:07
smilemore near "The Hague"20:07
smilewhere the international justice court is20:07
Kiloswhat you going to do there20:08
MaNIhopefully not to be put on trial :)20:09
smileMaNI: lol20:10
* smile is going to the New Year's drink20:10
smilemaybe catch a prize20:11
Kilosoh yes20:11
smileit's organized by Wikimedia Netherlands20:11
smileKilos: did I tell you already?20:11
Kilosyes  but i forgot20:11
smileI forgot too20:11
smileI found wok very nearby! :DD20:12
smileI like!20:12
smileThey even have ice cream20:12
smileand smoothies20:12
smile(in Leiden :p )20:12
smilewhere I'll be20:12
smileOnly 2 minutes walk20:12
smileThere's an hotel nearby, but I will take another hotel :) Last time I went to that hotel chain, I was a bit disappointed20:13
Kilosa bed is a bed20:14
smileno man!20:14
kulelu88smile smiles too much20:14
smileI can stay in a hostel if I like too, that's way cheaper20:14
smileIf I pay premium, I also want premium20:15
smilekulelu88: I'll try to cry some more. :'( 20:15
smileKilos: I want a nice breakfast! A nice bed20:16
smileI don't go out every day20:16
smileIf I could, I would have two smoothies!20:17
Kilosmake your own20:17
smilebut that's not real food :p 20:17
smileKilos: too lazy :p20:17
Kilosi make mine now with mango20:17
Kilosand watermelon20:17
Kilosif you use the peel of the mango and the rind of the watermellon the become medicines as well20:18
* smile goes to sleep20:19
Kilossleep tight lad20:19
smileyou too, Kilos :)20:21
smileyou should have been in bed already20:21
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:42

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