HexaChopOuroumov, USB is not an option, I can't really use it to instal without A LOT of problems. And I want to use Ubuntu with CDROM.00:00
okthenjnewt one note you must edit grub from the last OS who modified it, so if you have 2 linuxes, use the last one installed00:01
ouroumovHexaChop, you might be facing a hardware issue there. Are you sure your PSU can handle the added wattage for the CDROM?00:01
jnewtokthen: let's say that is successful, and i choose to boot to windows  can i edit grub from there or am i now stuck in windows?00:02
HexaChopMy PSU, Ouroumov, is 1200W.00:02
ouroumovHexaChop, do you have multiple SATA slots?00:03
okthenjnewt yes but you will need to access the ext4 file system with something like https://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd/00:03
okthenjnewt but im not 100% sure00:03
HexaChopAbout 16, Ouroumov.00:03
ouroumovHexaChop, on some CMs you need to use the slots in a specific order.00:04
ouroumovSorry, on some MBs *00:04
HexaChopOuroumov, my MB is Asus Maximus VIII Extreme00:04
ouroumovHexaChop, check the docs I'm no expert.00:05
HexaChopOuroumov, in what order mate?00:06
HexaChopOuroumov, should the sata be connected?00:06
ouroumovIt should be written on your board's manual00:06
HexaChopOuroumov it is kinda made for Windows...00:06
kk4ewtno its made for software just optimized for winblows00:07
ouroumovThat doesn't matter, if the Order of SATA slot is important, it'll be written there00:07
HexaChopOuroumov it works well on Windows though.00:08
HexaChopOuroumov, I didn't see anything about SATAs, I'd have to re-read the whole manual.00:09
ouroumovNah HexaChop00:09
ouroumovIf it works on Windows then you have the correct order already or the order doesn't matter.00:10
ouroumovHexaChop, have you checked the vendor's website for a BIOS update?00:10
HexaChopOuroumov, my MB costed 500€... Yes, it is updated.00:10
ouroumovCostly doesn't mean shit HexaChop.00:11
HexaChopOuroumov it is top class MB, and please don't swear, mate.00:11
ouroumovHexaChop, From the moment the card is manufactured to the moment it gets in your house there's usually a couple of firmware revisions.00:11
HexaChopOuroumov, I did update the BIOS before.00:12
ouroumovThen you are left with the worst case scenario: a kernel issue.00:12
HexaChopOuroumov elaborate, please.00:13
ouroumovHexaChop, there is most likely a bug with the core Linux system for this hardware. You can't have it fixed now. If you want to have it fixed eventually you need to submit a bug report.00:14
HexaChopOuroumov my system is UEFI.00:14
HexaChopOuroumov, could that affect anything?00:17
ouroumovHexaChop, I don't think so, but then again it's not my area of expertise.00:17
Bashing-omHexaChop: A thought on the CD . Have you verified the .iso file that you downloaded .. and from the install medium boot to the boot options screen and " check disk for defects " ?00:17
HexaChopBashing-Om I can't even get empty cdrom to boot with ubuntu00:18
Bashing-omHexaChop: "empty cdrom " ??  Then indeed will not boot as there is nothing there to boot ? explain in greater detail .00:20
ouroumovBashing-om, what he means is if the CDROM reader is connected to the CM, he can't boot Linux00:21
HexaChopBashing-Om I can't run installed ubuntu withotu unplugging cdrom otherwise ot freezes.00:21
ouroumovBashing-om, Ubuntu is already installed on his internal00:21
HexaChopOuroumov, correct, except it is installed on ext. HDD.00:21
quasi6Can I realistically run arch (antegros) if I have limited terminal knowledge (e.g. only use the Ubuntu terminal to update and install occasional software packages)?00:22
quasi6I've been running xubuntu without any issues for 2 years00:22
bazhangquasi6, why not ask in arch support00:23
Quidam9989I think so, based on my own experience.00:23
quasi6bazhang is there a room for arch on this network?00:23
quasi6thank you00:23
Bashing-omHexaChop: Hummm . next then is take the CD out of the firmware's boot order and the drive that has ubuntu on it as the 1st boot proprity ??00:23
Quidam9989I am going on three years with Ubuntu on an old thinkpad,no issues.00:23
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HexaChopBashing-Om, believe me, I've tried.00:24
Bashing-omHexaChop: Oh I believe you .. just crossing off the possibilities . That was all I could think of, is that the firwware passes off to the specified location to boot .00:27
HexaChopBashing-Om, what so you mean?00:27
ubuntu595xubuntu system completely freezes when i leave it running overnight - i have to do a hard reboot; any suggestions?00:34
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ubuntu595xubuntu system completely freezes when i leave it running overnight - i have to do a hard reboot; any suggestions?00:43
borisetoouroumov: well sorry for annoying you again, but even after I ran the command from before and everything was set to normal it just went back to low (and some are even VeryLow). Will need to inspect this way more00:43
skipichiHi, anyone know how to redefine "alt gr" key to "ctrl"?00:46
ouroumovboriseto, just to make sure you know minus nice value means high priority yes?00:47
borisetoouroumov: yeap.00:47
ouroumovboriseto, did you logout before it came back?00:48
borisetoouroumov: nope.00:48
ouroumovboriseto, that's just weird.00:48
borisetoouroumov: I know. The same thing happens to another machine at work. I wonder what makes it happen.00:49
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw00:49
borisetoouroumov: it only sets the priority to low to the processes I use most often, which is even weirder for me00:49
bazhangfvdffd, here is english00:50
bazhangfvdffd, #ubuntu-cn for chinese00:50
pilotautoi see you crazy ubuntu guys got sound working on Asus X205TA. Awesome!00:51
hestonin terms of getting a total count on files and directories in a directory, would tree be the most accurate?  'find . | wc -l' is reporting 1 more file than tree00:51
wedgieheston: check out this link http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/00400:53
ubuntu595xubuntu system completely freezes when i leave it running overnight - i have to do a hard reboot; any suggestions?00:55
ouroumovubuntu595, please provide the output of: inxi -CG | nc termbin.com 999900:56
heston_hopefully I didnt miss anything after wedgie sent me that link. My system crashed00:59
wedgieheston_: i don't think you did. Need the link again?00:59
heston_wedgie, I got it thanks, just reading01:00
ubuntu595ouroumov: http://termbin.com/rnal01:04
ubuntu595ouroumov: i've also installed all amd drivers, ran system updates, etc.01:07
poco_anyone else on Kubuntu with the issue of the Driver Manager infifinitely "collecting information about your system"?01:11
poco_I would work around it but I hear installing Nvidia drivers can be tricky if not using the manager01:12
Bashing-ompoco_: Maybe consider purging the present driver and having the system autoinstall the driver it thinks best ( from what it has to choose from ) ?01:14
poco_wouldn't it just default to Nouveau?01:14
poco_and isn't the proprietary Nividia driver better for performance?01:15
Bashing-ompoco_: No, will try and install the higher proprietry driver for nVidia . You are sure you have nVidia graphics ?01:16
MarkB2It appears I need to recompile a driver module for Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS .  This is an installable module; do I need to completely recompile the kernel?01:16
azeiteiraes horrivel, tu01:16
poco_I have a GTX 97001:16
poco_I've been having serious driver issues so I just want to make sure I do it right. I've been fighting the infamous black screen for serveral days01:16
Bashing-ompoco_: ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' to see what is presently available .01:17
poco_ah looks like it's already installed- "nvidia-367"01:18
poco_lshw made it look like it was using nouveau01:18
poco_thank you01:18
MarkB2Pardon me for poking my nose in... did you blacklist the noveau driver?01:18
poco_I did not01:18
MarkB2I think that's in the instructions....01:19
poco_which instructions?01:19
ubuntu595xubuntu system completely freezes when i leave it running overnight - i have to do a hard reboot; any suggestions?01:19
MarkB2NVidia has a set of instruction when installing their driver.  Now that I think of it, the last time I did an NVidia install, I just downloaded a ginormous shell script and the thing did it all.01:20
MarkB2Think I had lunch while it was doing it.01:20
poco_I'll look into it. Thanks MarkB201:22
MarkB2Hope I've helped.01:22
poco_whoops did I just ping everyone that starts with Ma?01:22
dorkmafiahi I have an hp z820 and I'm trying to verify that both CPUs are being utilized how would I do this?01:22
wedgiedorkmafia: top, then press 101:23
Bashing-ompoco_: Installing the driver via the package manager should auto blacklist nouveau . ( grep -ri nouveau /etc/modprobe* ) to make sure .01:23
basedmarsubuntu595, I suggest joining #xubuntu. They might have similar problem and solutions01:23
ubuntu595mmm bummer.  thanks01:24
MarkB2Bashing-om: Apologies for butting in.01:24
Bashing-ompoco_: By the way, if ya have reservations about the 367 driver ( should be fine ) nVidia recommends the 375 version : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us .01:25
poco_Oh ok01:26
poco_I'm seeing a lot of conflicting things? Do I have to add the ppa?01:26
SpeirosHi folks:)01:26
poco_I just installed nvidia-current I think01:26
Bashing-omMarkB2: Nope . we are all in this together . We do watch one another's backs :)01:26
dorkmafiahow come the top menu bar is off the screen01:27
dorkmafiai don't think my graphcis drivers are installed correctly because I can only connect a vga cable01:27
dorkmafianvidia 550ti should be able to use the dvi cable to connect to my 30in monitor01:27
poco_dorkmafia, I'm having a similar issue. Ubuntu is not liking my 1440p Korean monitor01:28
poco_I cannot get it to connect01:28
dorkmafiayou try a vga cable?01:28
poco_It only takes DVI01:28
poco_my other monitor work with HDMI and DVI01:28
poco_viola! it suddenly works01:29
Speiros*plays a snappy tune on the viola01:30
MarkB2The fancy display interface is running?01:30
dorkmafianow if i could only get a viola... maybe a cello will work?01:30
Bashing-ompoco_: nvidia-current - best I recall is 340 ??? .. so what is installed?  ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' to see .01:31
SpeirosYeah, I think it will sound quite good:D01:31
poco_maybe it wasn't -current01:31
Bashing-ompoco_: :)01:32
poco_so is there a way to get 375 like you recommended via a ppa?01:32
poco_ugh Bashing-om I ran that command and now it's showing me libcuda1-30401:33
poco_I guess I installed nvidia-common01:33
dorkmafiahow do I get my nvidia drivers to work properly?01:35
dorkmafiai'm only able to use a vga cable to see my monitor01:36
Bashing-ompoco_: Do not think libcuda1-304 is correct with the 367 version driver . maybe best to pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' so we see what we have installed .01:36
k1l_dorkmafia: install the matching drivers, make sure there are no errors while installing. then logout of the desktop and back in01:36
dorkmafiai went to additional drivers and used nvidia binary driver version 375.26 from nvidia-37501:36
dorkmafiais that the correct one?01:37
k1l_dorkmafia: did you try an older version offered at that menue?01:37
poco_Bashing-om, pastebin.com/hcj5S3S301:37
dorkmafiayah i tried an older one then tried this one01:39
dorkmafiado you have a specific one i could try?01:39
Bashing-ompoco_: That say you have no driver installed . ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Is what I would do .01:40
k1l_dorkmafia: did you look into the nvidia-settings tool if you need to activate that outpu?01:40
kapaGuys, how to do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" with autoselect ? I want system detect my keyboard itself01:41
dorkmafiathere are nvidia settings?01:41
dorkmafiai don't see those01:41
dorkmafiawhere would I find the nvidia settings?01:42
poco_Bashing-om, cool. Doing that now. I'll run that pipe after a reboot and see what drivers I have01:42
k1l_dorkmafia: its installed with the driver install01:42
k1l_dorkmafia: so start the dash and type nvidia and start it01:43
dorkmafiaok where is it though?01:43
wiggmpkIf I am using an encrypted /home directory (file encryption not the partition) would my swap partition naturally be encrypted?01:44
dorkmafiaok cool01:44
EmanuelTavaresI'm new here01:44
dorkmafiak1l_: i have it open what do I need to do to make sure it's enabled?01:44
dorkmafiaright now the screen isn't even centered on the display01:45
k1l_dorkmafia: look if there is a setting for it. and if it sees the monitor connected on that port.01:45
EmanuelTavaresSomeone let's tried to put the /var on a new disk device?01:45
dorkmafiathe top menu bars are all going off the screen and are on the bottom01:45
k1l_dorkmafia: i dont have a nvidia system, so i cant tell you what exactly to do.01:45
poco_Bashing-om, much better. I definitely have 367 installed. So how do I get to 375 like you recommended?01:46
EmanuelTavaresI'm creating an EC2 instance on AWS and usually I mount a disk and transfer the /var to it01:46
dorkmafiaok so first thing first how do i get the screen to center on the monitor?01:46
EmanuelTavaresAfter that I put this disk on FSTAB and mount as /var01:47
dorkmafiathe top 30 pixels or something are off the screen and show up at the bottom01:47
ouroumovwiggmpk, yes01:47
EmanuelTavaresbut with 16.04 LTS I had a lot of errors01:47
EmanuelTavaresCan anybody help me?01:48
k1l_dorkmafia: that is mostly an issue with the monitor not giving the right infos to the system. are adapters used?01:48
Bashing-ompoco_: I do not recommemd the 375 - but nVidia does - if the 367 works great - do not fix it . what release are you running ? maybe have to get the 375 from our trusted PPA ??01:48
wiggmpkouroumov: I am having some weird behavior (or maybe not weird just unexpected) I recently resized my partitions / /home and swap. Now I am prompted for the decrypt passphrase during boot and when installing applications or updates via the terminal01:48
poco_Bashing-om, ah cool. I should be set then01:48
dorkmafiayeah i have to use a vga to dvi adapater b/c it wont' work dvi right now01:48
poco_since I have you man, you mind helping me with one more question?01:49
wiggmpkouroumov: I should mention, I resized the partitions from a LiveUSB with gparted01:49
dorkmafiaI'm still not sure how to get it to work with dvi01:49
ouroumovwiggmpk, I think I read something similar on the Ubuntu MATE forums very recently.01:49
dorkmafiaif I switch the monitor to the dvi input and plug the dvi cable in instaed of the vga one I get black screen01:49
EmanuelTavaresPlease, I really need to put this server up01:49
ouroumovwiggmpk, https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/strange-boot-behavior-following-ssd-overprovisioning/1083101:50
Bashing-ompoco_: me " since I have you man," ?01:51
wiggmpkouroumov: thank you, I'll have a look. Passphrase at boot is a pain but during updates/installs is just, not supposed to happen01:51
poco_weird wording I know01:51
poco_anyways I haven't messed with multiple HDDs on linux before01:51
wiggmpkouroumov: excellent, that is exactly the message "Please enter passphrase for disk SanDisk_SSD_U100_128GB (cryptswap1) on none!"01:52
wiggmpkouroumov: minus the HD name01:52
EmanuelTavaresHi, no one knos how move the /var to another disk?01:52
poco_I am sharing an SSD with Win and I have another HDD. Anything I really need to do other than making the HDD a mount point and directing installed programs there?01:52
ouroumovwiggmpk, compare the UUID of your swap in fstab with output for: lsblk -o UUID,NAME01:53
Bashing-ompoco_: depends on what you want to do .. ( my data drives I do not automount, I mount as on demand terminally )01:53
wiggmpkouroumov: verbatium01:54
poco_do I have to worry about any issues with breaking directories by moving them to the HDD such as moving Steam, Spotify, or Wine?01:54
dorkmafiais there a way to tell if the nvidia gfx driver is installed correctly?01:56
Bashing-ompoco_: System files ya got to establish links to the new lication from the installd system ; similar : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving .01:57
ouroumovwiggmpk, for reference it looks like that when it works: http://termbin.com/2cv801:57
poco_Bashing-om, ah perfect! looks like a good resource01:57
k1l_dorkmafia: the Xorg.0.log in /var/log can tell if its loaded correctly01:58
wiggmpkouroumov: http://termbin.com/cetf01:59
ouroumovwiggmpk, lsblk -o UUID,NAME,FSTYPE02:00
wiggmpkouroumov: sd4 is swap but I'll run it02:00
TFlanaHey all. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 16.10 on my laptop(MacBook Pro). I decided to encrypt the disk. Installation was fine. After rebooting I am asked to enter my password for 'cryptsetup'. My keyboard no longer has functions for capslock and shift. I plugged in an external keyboard, it worked. The laptop keyboard works after I was able to l02:01
TFlanaogin. Once rebooting again, the laptop keyboard and external no longer work.02:01
wiggmpkouroumov: http://termbin.com/3r36 and /etc/fstab #UUID=8a0aef08-812f-432c-a1be-0e280adc2ba3 none            swap02:01
ouroumovwiggmpk, do you have the /dev/mapper line in your fstab?02:02
TFlanaShould I reinstall without disk encryption or does anyone think there is a solution to this?02:02
wiggmpkouroumov: yes, only for swap though dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 002:02
SpeirosTFlana Have you tried unplugging and replugging them in again now that you're in?02:03
dorkmafiak1l_: looks like it's working from the log02:03
dorkmafiabut i still can only use vga cable02:03
SpeirosTFlana, Just before you reinstall or something major?02:03
wiggmpkouroumov: think I may have found a solution02:04
wiggmpkouroumov: suggestion is to edit /etc/crypttab to point to swap by ID instead of UUID02:04
TFlanaSpeiros: I am no longer back inside the desktop. I am stuck on the encrypt password login. I tried plugging the external back in but it no longer works.02:05
SpeirosTFlana Ok, can I just confirm...when you rebooted this time, the keyboard wasn't plugged in, is that correct?02:06
ouroumovwiggmpk, yeah, I've seen the same02:07
wiggmpkouroumov: just gave my daughter a hatchimal but I'm gonna try it lol02:08
cfochHow do I see a stack trace of coredumpctl02:08
TFlanaSpeiros: I believe so (it was this morning). I am rebooting again with it unplugged.02:09
TFlanaRight, it doesn't work with it unplugged during reboot.02:09
SpeirosTFlana Ok.  I was thinking if you can confirm both ways that it's not working on the reboot (plugged in or unplugged) then there's the next step.02:10
TFlanaOr shall I say, capslock and shift does not work.02:10
SpeirosTFlana Yeah, that's right.  Strange that.02:10
TFlanaI do have one more keyboard I could try.02:10
SpeirosTFlana If it works, it's an easier solution.02:11
wiggmpkouroumov: not exactly sure how to find the ID of the partition02:11
SpeirosTFlana, but I know turning on and off is a pain, but it's quicker than troubleshooting, especially if one of the options work.02:11
wiggmpkouroumov: care to take a guess http://termbin.com/ipr802:12
TFlanaSpeiros: No dice on the last keyboard. Won't even power up, guess it requres 2 usb slots -.-02:12
AegNuddelcan someone help me here?  My sister's Ubuntu box won't boot up and the start screen keeps fashing02:13
SpeirosTFlana Ok, I'll do a search on the ubuntu wiki, and see if there's something there similar.02:13
TFlanaSpeiros: Thanks kindly. I will keep looking as well. I found similar questions on Ask Ubuntu but nothing with a solution.02:14
ubuntu007i need help02:14
ubuntu007i want to install ubuntu but i have a problem02:15
ubuntu007who want help me02:15
SpeirosTFlana,  I found this link, and it suggests a language selection issue.  Could that possibly be your problem too?  Here's the link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/641067/shift-keys-not-working-properly02:15
TFlanaSpeiros: Hmm that may be possible. I remember setting my keyboard to US English, though. I do not think it is possible for me to open a shell though, with the keyboard not functioning properyl.02:17
SpeirosTFlana Good point.02:17
ubuntu007i have pendrive usb and on this  pendrive i writen ubuntu (bootable)02:18
SpeirosTFlana, I'm not sure either.02:18
TFlanactrl alt f1 for shell right?02:18
ubuntu007i powen on computer but usb disk i third02:18
ubuntu007i cant come in to bios beacuse i dont remeber password  but i have ubcd on cd rom02:19
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SpeirosApparently, yes, TFlana.  I see the problem without the shift key...02:20
ubuntu007How from dos from dos i can see pendrive with ubuntu but which file i can start ubntu02:20
TFlanaSpeiros: I guess I will reinstall without encryption. Is that a poor choice?02:20
SpeirosTFlana, There's always making a password without capitals and uppercase, but it's not fixing the problem eh.02:21
TFlanaOdd, certain keys turn the screen black.02:21
SpeirosTFlana That's strange.02:22
SpeirosTFlana I only found a question from 2015, but not an answer...so far02:23
TFlanaSperios: Funny, I'm back in the installer, entering my wifi password. Keyboard works with no issues.02:24
ubuntu007i have ulitame boot cd how by program(linux boot ) i can start pendrive with ubuntu(bootable version)02:24
TFlanaIs there a large security risk if I do not encrypt my drive?02:24
SpeirosTFlana, Is your keyboard working elsewhere, with the shift key?  It isn't stuck on by any chance?02:24
TFlanaSpeiros, no that is not the issue. The lights on the keyboard did not work when stuck at that login. They are all functioning and lit up in the new installer now.02:25
SpeirosTFlana I can't answer that from knowledge, but I haven't always been encrypted.02:25
ubuntu007where is on this site channel other language02:26
SpeirosTFlana I see.  Maybe someone else can give you some advice regarding this?  I don't know about this much.02:26
TFlanaOk, thanks. Sigh..now when I choose "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" - the continue button is grayed out.02:27
Speirosubuntu007 Which language?02:27
TFlanaVery odd. It didn't like the dl settings in the previous window, apparently.02:27
TFlanaSperios: No worries. Thank you kindly for your support.02:27
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.02:27
SpeirosTFlana  If necessary, maybe you can do it unencrypted, and then get help to troubleshoot, so at least you're in and operating.02:28
Speirosubuntu007 Mam nadzieję, że link może pomóc. :)02:29
TFlanaSpeiros: Aye. If that works, I will be very happy! Hah.02:30
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SpeirosTFlana Sorry I can't be more helpful.02:30
TFlanaSpeiros: Again, thank you very much for your time. It's much appreciated. I will let you know how this turns out.02:31
ubuntu007sperios on the polish channel is 8 person and all sleep Help help i have ultimate boot cd i pendrive with ubuntu how to start ubuntu from pendrive by cd rom(ultimate boot cd)02:31
Speirosubuntu007 Ok mate:)  What has happened so far?02:35
TFlanaSpeiros: Installation complete. It rebooted, the normal login screen appears to have successful key operations :) Now to update and try again.02:36
SpeirosTFlana Excellent.02:37
ubuntu007i start ulimate boot cd and go do dos02:37
ubuntu007go to dos and i have the tree ubuntu because i in pendrive by dos02:38
bazhangubuntu007, tree ubuntu?02:39
ubuntu007but i dont know how i turn on ubuntu start ubuntu02:39
bazhangwhat is tree ubuntu02:39
ubuntu007tree image on usb02:39
ubuntu007pendrive is bootable i burning by universal usb installler 1.902:40
bazhangwhere did you get this 'tree ubuntu'02:40
wiggmpkouroumov: any idea what my disk id would be and why my partitions are listed twice... http://termbin.com/ipr802:40
ubuntu007what command start ubuntu to install02:41
bazhangubuntu007, where did you get this 'tree ubuntu'02:41
ubuntu007me english is thick02:42
ubuntu007i have good iso image i i burning it to bootable version on pendrive but my computer not bootalbe pendrive first02:43
ubuntu007which command start install ubuntu by dos on pendrive02:44
Speirosubuntu007 I'm not sure mate.02:46
Speirosubuntu007 It is important though to understand what "tree ubuntu" is.02:46
heston_you have to change your BIOS settings to boot usb02:46
ubuntu007i cannot i dont remebebr password02:46
TFlanaSpeiros: Apparently it's working fine without being encrypted disk. Woo!02:47
SpeirosTFlana Yes, that's great:)02:47
ubuntu007i try uncolck password by 6 different programs but it suck02:48
ubuntu007i have ultimate boot cd i i have dos in this cd i by this dos i can go to pendrive but how start install which file is which folder02:49
bazhangubuntu007, what does dos have to do with ubuntu installation02:50
elkywhat's an "ultimate boot cd"?02:50
ubuntu007http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ there is list programs02:51
elkyubuntu007: that's a different distribution it seems.02:51
ubuntu007egzample grub2, xosl02:52
elkyubuntu007: you don't need that to install things on ubuntu02:52
elkyin fact trying to will probably be a problem02:52
ubuntu007how i can install  how02:53
elkyubuntu007: apt-get install02:53
elkywhat are you trying to install, ubuntu007?02:53
ubuntu007by which program02:54
heston_ubuntu007, pull out your cmos battery to reset the password02:54
heston_then change the boot order to boot usb first02:54
elkyubuntu007: that's what i am trying to figure out. do you already have an ubuntu computer that boots into ubuntu without cd?02:54
heston_otherwise if your computer boots cd/dvd first, just burn an ubuntu cd02:55
ubuntu007i try battery cmos reset but it  suck it is hp elitebook 8530w no one program dosent work only services its kost 120 dollars i dont have this money02:55
heston_what opperating system are you using right now02:56
heston_on the hp02:56
ubuntu007i have this cd rom with ultimate by which program (linux gnu) i can install ubuntu on pendrive(bootable)02:56
heston_forget the ultimate thing, just burn an ubuntu cd and boot that02:57
ubuntu007i can t i dont have cd dvd disk only disk what i have i ultimatebootcd and pendrive and internet help me02:59
heston_ubuntu007, you can use a dvd to burn an iso too03:01
heston_you didnt say which operating system you're currently running03:01
unknown_ubuntu007 use a USB bootable distro03:01
unknown_takes literally 2 clicks03:02
heston_he cant...03:02
heston_you didnt read the backlog03:02
=== joe__ is now known as bigjoe__
unknown_you part of it, not going to lie03:02
elkyubuntu007: do you have the cd image downloaded?03:04
elkyfor ubuntu03:04
ledeniubuntu007, if you have ultimatebootcd you got option --boot next device try to boot usb from there03:04
ubuntu007no i dont have this option becuse windows 7 started because usb boot is third first cd second drive third usb!!03:05
rohanrhu_there is a problem related to chrome and gpu acceleration03:05
rohanrhu_probably chrome's gpu acceleration does not work03:05
rohanrhu_what can i do?03:06
heston_ubuntu007, he's saying boot the ultimate boot cd which will let you boot usb from its menus03:06
=== Ard1t is now known as Guest74558
ubuntu007when i boot ulimateboocd from cd rom i havent got option usb on tree becuse next device is hard drive03:07
elkyubuntu007: wait so you have a working windows still?03:07
ubuntu007now i on windows it work03:08
elkyubuntu007: you can make ubuntu usb drives from within windows with a program called rufus03:09
ubuntu007but not  good i must have got stable system ubuntu03:09
ubuntu007i have usb pnedrive bootable03:09
ubuntu007with ubuntu03:09
ubuntu007but how start it03:10
elkyok so you got that far then. is it asking you to choose which device to boot?03:10
ledenielky he can't boot usb because don't have password for bios03:11
ubuntu007but i cant go to pendrive egzamlpe by dos from ulimatebootcd03:11
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest31828
ledeniubuntu007, you can't or can03:12
elkyubuntu007: i don't know how to mess with bios passwords, and apparently nobody else here does either, so you might be better off asking in ##hardware or even ##security03:12
ubuntu007i can03:13
ledeniubuntu007, ^^03:13
Speirosubuntu007 Can you change the boot order with holding f9 on start up?  This being done while your pendrive is plugged in?03:14
ubuntu007i try ever program every special dedicated by mazzif no one work03:15
Speirosubuntu007 Or I mean pressing it on the first screen before any actual booting up.03:15
ubuntu007i cannot03:15
SpeirosOk, sorry mate.03:15
ubuntu007again Who is so good i wisdom i know that it possible  i have cd with ultimatebootcd and pendrive with burned ubuntu (boot usb) how to install ubuntu03:19
ubuntu007Help me03:19
=== Guest31828 is now known as chineseboy
elkyubuntu007: did you ask in the other channels i said?03:22
ubuntu007on polish any one i sleep03:23
ubuntu007is sleep03:23
elkyi suggested ##hardware and ##security03:23
ubuntu007everyone sleep it obout 8 men03:23
SpeirosWe're here mate.  Just waiting for your question.:)03:38
WolfHackeroh uh how do I enable scroll lock?03:39
SpeirosWolfHacker there should be a button on your keyboard, probably near the numbers pad.03:40
WolfHackeryea but it never activates03:40
ubuntu007i have cd with ultimatebootcd and pendrive with burned ubuntu (boot usb) how to install ubuntu from portable (programs from Ultimate boot cd)03:43
Bashing-omWolfHacker: Terminal command ' xev ' . what rerurns when the scroll lock is pressed ? mine >> " state 0x0, keycode 78 (keysym 0xff14, Scroll_Lock), same_screen YES, " .03:44
ubuntu007who can help me03:45
WolfHackerKeyRelease event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x3200001,     root 0x281, subw 0x0, time 1298473, (466,-39), root:(531,451),     state 0x0, keycode 78 (keysym 0xff14, Scroll_Lock), same_screen YES,     XLookupString gives 0 bytes:      XFilterEvent returns: False Bashing-om03:46
ubuntu007i was in channel hardware no one respond03:46
ubuntu007Help i have cd with ultimatebootcd and pendrive with burned ubuntu (boot usb) how to install ubuntu from portable (programs from Ultimate bootcd)03:47
=== ricardo is now known as Guest56485
Bashing-omWolfHacker: Well, seems it is not the key or the key coding at fault. Must be something on your system intercepting the key ; all I can come up with .03:49
=== feliks_ is now known as longboy
ubuntu007Help i have cd with ultimatebootcd and pendrive with burned ubuntu (boot usb) how to install ubuntu from portable (programs from Ultimate bootcd)03:54
ubuntu007anyone help me03:54
Speirosubuntu007 Sorry mate.  I personally don't know how to help in this situation.03:54
ubuntu007are anyone wisdom here:>03:55
ubuntu007fail but thanks03:56
=== longboy is now known as felikswhite
jamieyg3hi.. i'm having an issue connecting to apache...04:07
jamieyg3i have a fresh install of ubuntu... and a fresh install of apache... but i can't seem to reach the server... when i test remotely it says the site can't be reached... and if i locally connect to it says "Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 503 Service Unavailable"... any ideas how to get this to work?04:07
jamieyg3if i use wget --no-proxy then it will get but... not sure what that means or how to fix it04:08
sadasany one around ?04:08
pressure679I have a couple of questions, 1)  how do you mount a USB from a ssh terminal? 2) How do you use WoL with ssh?04:08
sadasi need some help i did something bad04:08
sadashere https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86916004:09
sasserubuntu007 if you remove CMOS battery from motherboard is should reset your BIOS then you can install ubuntu04:11
sadasi have recently installed ubunto lts on a external usb on my macbook and selected the external usb as driver for install.unfortunatly lol it has deleted and ssomhow isntalled or delted part or all of my internal hardrive that has my osx on......any help yet???also the partions are visible still exsisting within ubunto i cannot scan or find anything in them or acces them but when trying to boot or view partition i am denied acces/????04:12
sadasloads of peps not much chat04:14
stiltzkinAnyone good with software RAID/mdadm? Still looking for some help04:14
dgsdi have recently installed ubunto lts on a external usb on my macbook and selected the external usb as driver for install.unfortunatly lol it has deleted and ssomhow isntalled or delted part or all of my internal hardrive that has my osx on......any help yet???also the partions are visible still exsisting within ubunto i cannot scan or find anything in them or acces them but when trying to boot or view partition i am denied acces/????04:16
guideXI have a tar.gz file I'm trying to restore from my vps to a vm, I have my vm, with same version of ubuntu server04:17
guideXhow do I put the two together04:17
Speirossadas No, true.  It's a help channel mate.04:17
dgsdthanks mate04:18
vermillionguideX are you asking how to get the file into your vm from the vps?04:18
guideXvermillion: I have the tar.gz file on my desktop here at home, and I have the new vm04:19
guideXbut I'm not certain how to restore the ubuntu server from the tar.gz to my vm04:19
Speirossadas If you look in the list of channels, you will see plenty for just chat, although I don't know what is to your personal liking.  You're best off exploring yourself:)04:20
vermillionso the tarball is your server image?04:20
guideXyeah it's a tarball of the main system drive, with etc, dev, all those linux folders04:20
guideXI am missing the swap, and other linux created drives, but I have the main system drive04:20
vermillionguideX: I'm not sure. I'04:24
vermillionI'm assuming the uncompressed file isn't just a vm image.04:25
guideXI guess I'm not 100% sure, I can show you what's in it, but basically looks like the root of a ubuntu file system04:26
vermillionwhat vm program are you using?04:28
guideXI was hoping to use virtualbox under win704:28
guideXso the inside of the tar.gz has admin,bin,boot,dev,etc,home,lib,lib64,lost+found,media,mnt,opt,procrunsbin,srv,sys,tmp,usr,var04:29
guideXand a few files04:29
vermillionYeah, that sounds like the whole file system.04:30
vermillionI don't think I can help. I misunderstood your original question.04:32
guideXthanks anyhow04:33
Ben64what you want probably won't work04:33
srulii have dual boot ubuntu (different flavours) each on separate luks partition, so that a update-grub after a kernel update doesnt delete the menuentry for ubuntuB i created a custom.cfg in /boot/grub/ based on this http://paste.ubuntu.com/13622375/ however when i try to boot it after entering passphrase i get an error "file /vmlinuz4.4.xxxxx" not found, you need to load the kernel first" in the past i did mange to get this config working, what am i doing wrong h04:34
guideXBen64 not possible eh?04:35
Ben64doubt it04:35
Ben64if you want to have the same setup, you can install the same packages04:36
guideXI'm trying to move a docker, but I'm not really sure how to do that, I will keep looking into it04:36
glurghey, folks. `sudo apt-get install bumblebee` locked up and i had to kill it. now i get this error: <http://pastebin.com/c7D6wcZm>. things i've found on google for errors like this have resulted in having to wipe. how can i clear it up?04:37
glurgit had been stuck in the middle of `Unpacking libxau:i386 (1:1.0.8-1)` as a dependency of bumblebee04:39
gruffAfter disabling the touchpad on my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop through my settings a week and a half ago, I've realized the option for it has disappeared. Where should I be looking for re-enabling it?04:43
heston_gruff, check your bios04:44
wafflejockgruff, if you don't have the GUI for it or hardware keys would try xinput http://askubuntu.com/questions/65951/how-to-disable-the-touchpad04:44
wafflejockbut you know do the opposite :)04:45
priporghi, what is the current recommended way of installing flash or equivalent so that you can play videos in firefox browser?04:58
Jordan_Upriporg: Most sites shouldn't require flash for videos. Youtube for example works great with HTML5 video.05:01
donughtpriporg there is a port of google chromes flash player called pepper05:03
donughtbut flash is unsupported05:03
priporgJordan_U, Some sites don't as you pointed out. How I install flash or like plugin for firefox?05:03
priporgdonught, I use Firefox.05:04
Jordan_Upriporg: sudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash05:04
donughtpriporg yes i know05:04
Bashing-ompriporg: Consider ' apt show flashplugin-installer ' .05:04
donughtmake sure to also install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash05:04
donughtto get firefox support05:05
Jetti982Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order https://youtu.be/ssCkc8t9sho05:05
priporgis there a performance difference between flash and pepperflash?05:06
donughtnormal flash in not maintained on linux at all priporg05:07
priporgsudo apt install pepperflashplugin-nonfree05:08
priporgsudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash05:08
donughtyou need both05:08
ReddisgirlUnlike the demonic portrait that the "allies" painted of him, Hitler was beloved by his people, he wanted nothing but peace, and never ordered the extermination of a single Jew. The largely Jewish-controlled mainstream media has ever since painted an evil picture of Hitler and the Jew World Order has even enacted laws in 16 European countries prohibiting free-speech on the issues of Judaism, Hitler and the Holocaust.05:08
donughtone is for pepper flash and the other is the plugin to use it in firefox05:08
Kiryat8Please reframe from antisemetic nonsense!05:10
sruliKiryat8: ignore trolls, best not to respond at all05:11
SpeirosGood catch elky05:14
elkyit'll change eventually05:14
elkythey've been at this for a while.05:14
elkyping me if you see them sneak back in05:15
priporgthanks for help05:15
VulcanJedihello, looking for quick help with audio settings05:17
dorkmafiahow come I can only use a vga cable to connect to my monitor?05:19
VulcanJedidoes your monitor have multiple input types?05:20
dorkmafiayes it does05:20
VulcanJeditrying to use dvi or hdmi?05:20
dorkmafiadvi, hdmi, displayport, vga05:21
VulcanJediand you've used the button on the monitor to toggle inputs?05:21
dorkmafiayup yup05:21
VulcanJedigotta get the eassy stuff outta the way05:21
dorkmafianvidia 550ti05:21
dorkmafiait's a dell u301105:22
VulcanJedilast dummy check, did you make sure both ends of dvi are firmly connected?05:22
VulcanJedii would go into the software packages manager05:23
VulcanJediand in the software and updates screen, there should be a proprietary drivers tab05:24
VulcanJeditry a proprietary nvidia driver (one might say tested) and see if it recognizes the dvi input05:25
dorkmafiasoftware & update05:25
dorkmafiathen additional drivers05:25
VulcanJedishould be easy enough to find, i'm on a slightly different gui right now05:26
dorkmafiai'm using nvidia binary driver 375.26 from nvidia-375 (open source)05:26
dorkmafiahow do i get the proprietary nvidia driver?05:26
dorkmafiadamn i just noticed my install type is a 32 bit05:27
dorkmafiai wonder if that is causing all this05:27
VulcanJedidoubtful, 32 works just fine on hardware that supports 6405:28
dorkmafiawhy did it install 32 though05:28
dorkmafiaprobably has to do with the EFI boot05:28
VulcanJedii believe you have to get the x64 iso specifically05:29
dorkmafiaI did05:29
dorkmafiait wasa  pain installing ubuntu on this box for some reason05:29
dorkmafiai had to update the bios05:29
dorkmafiai think it was partially due to a bad memory stick i found along the way05:29
VulcanJediah, hardware issues05:29
Bashing-omdorkmafia: What proprietary drivers are offered ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ?05:30
VulcanJedii'm trying to find something to point you in the right direction, i didn't have to fuss with mine05:30
dorkmafiahad to make a dos usb stick and junk05:30
dorkmafiaBashing-om: i'm trying to install a nvidia proprieetary driver i guess??05:31
Ben64if you have 32 bit installed, then you didn't05:32
dorkmafiabut now i'm wondering if I should just scrap it all and try to reinstall ubuntu 64 bit05:32
dorkmafiaBen64: didn't wha?05:32
Bashing-omdorkmafia: For game level performance. yes you want a proprietary driver .05:32
dorkmafiawhats the min ram for 64?05:32
Ben64i was scrolled up a bit, if you got 32 bit installed, you didn't get the 64bit iso05:32
Ben64same as 3205:32
dorkmafiai have the stick still let me check whats on it05:33
VulcanJedii mean, you might as well install 64 to take advantage of your hardware's capabilities. anyone know if he can do that through apt-get?05:33
hopefooldo anyone know any application to search for torrents?05:34
dorkmafiaBen64: gotta reinstall again huh?05:34
Ben64dorkmafia: yep05:34
dorkmafiahow do I know what's on this stick05:34
dorkmafiahow do i double check it's 3205:35
VulcanJedilink should be on the desktop05:35
Ben64dorkmafia: mount it, check a binary?05:35
VulcanJedito your stick, i mean05:35
dorkmafiai mean on the current install05:35
Ben64uname -m05:36
dorkmafiawomp womp05:36
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Boot it .. and in terminal rin ' uname -a ' if ya get " x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux " you have 64 bit .05:36
dorkmafiahow do i check the stick now05:36
Ben64dorkmafia: mount it, check a binary05:36
dorkmafiais a file in there05:36
Ben64ignore that05:36
dorkmafiai'm just going to remake it05:40
dorkmafiai have the iso for 6405:40
ignacioIs there any alternative to pidgin? Like really good ;-;05:41
foptionhi all. someone tell me where can I download the script for automatic proxy change05:42
Random832ignacio, like what do you need it for05:45
ignacioRandom832, facebook the most05:45
ignacioI can stay with pidgin, but idk, I had to ask :P05:45
Random832you can't just get on facebook?05:45
ignaciomy machine is not that fast to handle facebook05:46
ignacioby facebook i mean the chat05:46
Random832apparently there's a facebook chat plugin for bitlbee05:46
Random832which is... a thing that lets you use an irc client, i think?05:46
Random832i don't know, i haven't used any instant message program in years05:46
MozammelHi guys, does anybody did kernel patch PHC on ubuntu ? I'm having some problem to configure it.05:47
ignaciois empathy still alive?05:48
x4idoes anyone know of free softaculous/free server management panel  combination that i can install on my  VPS?05:49
VulcanJediIs pulse the standard sound mixer panel for ubuntu, or just for studio?05:50
vishal_ha ah aha05:55
iamborisyo bro why u leave bro05:56
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marekw2143hey, do you know, if newest linux-mint distribution has same issues with network-manager as Ubuntu  ?06:05
=== General_1 is now known as General_Failure
dorkmafiaok so this is lame i keep getting memory errors06:09
dorkmafiawhen trying to install now06:09
dorkmafiabut the memory is good06:09
RednickThere it is.06:10
dorkmafiathere what is?06:10
Rednickso "jews" are behind the financial system and the new world order.06:11
Rednickfucking hell. who would have thunk it.06:11
=== taffip is now known as taffipip
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Did yoy verify the .iso file that you downloaded, and also " check disk for defects" in the liveDVD boot options menu ?06:14
dorkmafiai'm going to make it again06:17
dorkmafiaand download it again06:17
dorkmafiawhat should i format the usb stick as?06:17
dorkmafiait's a 4gb stick06:17
Bashing-om!md5sum | dorkmafia06:18
ubottudorkmafia: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM06:18
SpeirosWhat is the website for uploading documents and pictures so we can see it?06:19
dorkmafiaBashing-om: check memory for defects?06:20
Speirosis it imagurl?06:21
Speiros...um...I'm not a gurl though.06:21
SpeirosHi AlecTaylor06:21
yehaiSpeiros: sup fam06:22
AlecTaylorMy Bluetooth hardware device disappeared from settings, the only place I can still see it is `lsmod`. How do I readd it, e.g.: `sudo hciconfig hci0 <something>`06:22
SpeirosHey yehai:)06:22
* AlecTaylor uses Ubuntu compatible System7606:22
kspencerphotos to imgur, and text to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?06:22
elkyyehai: you know this isn't a social channel06:23
lotuspsychje!bluetooth | AlecTaylor06:23
ubottuAlecTaylor: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup06:23
yehaihi i like ban evading06:23
lotuspsychjeAlecTaylor: see also the package blueman for more easy bluetooth managing06:23
ignacioInstalled Kopete as alternative to pidgin; though no facebook supoorted at the moment :(06:24
AlecTaylor$ hcitool dev returns Devices:06:24
sudharshawHi Has any one got Hibernation working on Ubuntu 16.0406:24
dorkmafiaBashing-om: ok hash verified06:24
dorkmafianow I need to burn it to the usb stick06:24
lotuspsychjesudharshaw: best to ask your specific issue to the channel mate06:24
dorkmafiashould i format it as a fat 32?06:24
karmapeachThat video is utterly insane.06:25
karmapeachIt completely exposes the jew world order beyond any shadow of a doubt. Fuck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssCkc8t9sho06:25
lotuspsychje!usb | dorkmafia06:28
ubottudorkmafia: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:28
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Are you in a linux box now ? 'dd' is the best tool then to mak up the liveUSB .06:28
lotuspsychje!ask | leon_06:30
ubottuleon_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:30
AlecTaylorlotuspsychje blueman can't enable bluetooth06:33
AlecTaylorMy Bluetooth hardware device disappeared from settings, the only place I can still see it is `lsmod`. How do I readd it, e.g.: `sudo hciconfig hci0 <something>`06:33
crassI'm running the 16.10 live cd and trying to turn on some dynamic debug kernel logging for btrfs but it doesn't seem to take affect. I've tried to add and remove logging, nothing seems to change the lines logged according to 'cat /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control'. Can someone help with this?06:33
tatertotsAlecTaylor: bluetooth just up and disappeared?06:37
dorkmafiaBashing-om: yah i'm on the ubuntu 32 bit box06:38
dorkmafiathat i'm going to install 64 bit on06:38
tatertotsAlecTaylor: install inxi, it's in the ubuntu repositories, so it should be easy to find using your favorite installation method06:38
dorkmafiawhats the dd command?06:39
tatertotsAlecTaylor: or if you wanted to find it on your own, or wait for it to find you, thats okay also.06:39
=== Talghu is now known as TIMEMACHINEKIKE
sudharshawlotuspsychje: I am trying to configure hibernation on my Laptop on Ubunut 16.04, but when comming out from hibernation there is a crash report and the opened applications are not re opened. I dont know how to read and understand which driver is making the problem, can any one help me to understand the conflicting driver06:41
Bashing-omdorkmafia: just ' sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync ' where sdX is the target usb drive as in sdb or sdc .... make real sure you know ( sudo fdisk -lu ) . Very sure of the target name !06:42
AlecTaylortatertots: inxi is only showing my CPU06:43
crasssudharshaw: that's really a tough issue to resolve. Have you tried to hibernate as soon as you can after boot, as a test?06:43
tatertotsAlecTaylor: lol if you installed it, allow me to show you how to use it properly06:43
sudharshawcarss: yes infact I disabled the wifi also and checked but its the same06:44
tatertotsAlecTaylor: inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999906:44
tatertotsAlecTaylor: share the url/link here06:44
sudharshawbut I have a doubt in the configuration I did with regard to UUID06:44
tatertotsAlecTaylor: the link does NOT contain anything unique to your person06:45
crasssudharshaw: does the hibernation seem to complete successfully? ie it doesn't freeze or cause errors?06:46
dorkmafiaPartition 2 does not start on physical sector boundary.06:48
dorkmafiai've never seen that before06:48
r1k1d1rblaka blaka06:48
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Many times that warning can be ignored . how did you install ?06:49
dorkmafiavia a usb stick created with unetbootin06:50
dorkmafiadf -h tells me that the usb stick is /dev/sdb2 but when i do fdisk -lu I see /dev/sdb1 start 40 EFI system and then /dev/sdb2 Microsoft basic data06:51
dorkmafiawhich i'm guessing is because i formmated it as fat3206:51
sudharshawcrass: No it completes sucessfully06:52
tatertotsAlecTaylor: you're awfully quiet, did i scare you?06:53
sudharshawmoreover first I configured the hibernation using the GUI and it didn't work then I configured it manually06:53
Bashing-omdorkmafia: In the installer " erase disk and install ...  " or 'something else " as the install option > If ya set up the partitions manually maybe you did not alighn on the 1Mb boundry ?06:53
crasssudharshaw: what does your kernel command line look like?06:53
VulcanJediIs it possible to adjust the edge width of my windows so i can have more than 1 pixel to click and resize?06:54
russkiHave dual boot ubuntu 16.10/Win 10, only 1 speaker works in ubuntu, works fine in Win10, any suggestions?06:54
sudharshawGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash resume UUID 7426e0a3-2b49-49b6-a781-3ab65acab64c"06:54
sudharshawI am not sure about the UUID here so I took the UUID from the resume file which was already configured by the GUI settings06:55
dorkmafiaok I can do that but for the dd command does it use the nubmer as well? or is it just sdb?06:56
AlecTaylortatertots: Yeah I'm scared06:59
dorkmafiaBashing-om: ah I re-read your msg I can just use of=/dev/sdb06:59
dorkmafiaBashing-om: I hope this will work with an EFI boot07:00
crasssudharshaw: don't you need some '=' chars in there?07:01
daewoomam klopocik pomoze ktos ?07:01
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Yeah it will .07:01
Bashing-om!uefi | dorkmafia07:02
ubottudorkmafia: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:02
tatertotsAlecTaylor: i'm sure it'll turn up again soon07:02
dorkmafiaBashing-om: this hp z820 bios is a POS07:04
dorkmafiait's given me nothing but headaches07:05
Bashing-omdorkmafia: POS -- Point Of Sale ?07:05
delt5050why i can not join IRC with tor ? it gave me an error " you are banned" ?07:05
xXEoflaOEXxdelt5050, This is not an appropriate channel to ask for that.07:05
delt5050xXEoflaOEXx, please direct me to there07:06
xXEoflaOEXxdelt5050, OK, it is #freenode.07:06
Bashing-omdelt5050: ^ , inquire in #freenode for tor issues .07:06
Netekhi all, does somebody recommend any mail server control panels that would be easy to use for clients?  Web Hosting is fully managed and they do not access the webserver files, but I want to find a way where they could manage email accounts?  I had a look at vimbadmin but not sur if this is a decent choice07:07
delt5050thanks Bashing-om .. I got it07:09
Bashing-omdelt5050: :)07:11
Bashing-omdorkmafia: I got to quit on ya . If ya have problems still others here will assist .07:16
dorkmafiaok here we go07:18
dorkmafiaok when I try to boot of the usb I just made it just says there are memory errors and reboots07:19
dorkmafiathere are no memory errors though07:19
alkisgdorkmafia: did you do a memory test? did you check the usb stick for errors (from the boot menu option)?07:20
dorkmafiaalkisg: yes I did a memory test earlier and it was fine and then I just did the check stick for errors from the boot option and it just restarts07:20
alkisgThen that possibly means that the stick is indeed not written correctly07:21
alkisgWrite another one with `dd`07:21
dorkmafiawhat's option ROM promt?07:21
alkisgI don't know about "ROM prompt", where did you see that?07:21
dorkmafiaok write another stick?07:21
alkisgOr rewrite the existing one, yes07:21
dorkmafiainmy bios07:21
dorkmafiai'm looking at the bios now to find out what all the extra junk is07:22
dorkmafiano i'm starting to think it's the stick07:22
alkisgsudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdc, where sdc is your usb stick07:22
alkisgAnd then sudo md5sum /path/to/ubuntu.iso /dev/sdc, to verify that it's written correctly07:22
alkisg(i.e. that they have the same md5sum)07:22
dorkmafiawhen i boot up w/o the usb stick in there it boots fine07:23
dorkmafiawell it complains about memory but boots fine07:24
dorkmafiaand i know the memory is good07:25
alkisgYou mean when you boot from your hard disk installation, without using the usb stick?07:25
sudharshawyou are right I do need it let me try again and come back07:25
dorkmafiaso it's weird07:25
alkisgdorkmafia: if you think that the problem is the usb stick itself, why wouldn't the hard disk boot?07:25
dorkmafiano the hard disk one boots07:25
alkisgJust rewrite and verify the stick07:25
dorkmafiabut still complains about the memory07:25
alkisgWhat is the exact message?07:25
dorkmafiahow do i verify the stick?07:26
dorkmafiahold up07:26
sudharshawI dont know about "pci=nomsi"  so I left it out07:27
sudharshawGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash resume UUID=7426e0a3-2b49-49b6-a781-3ab65acab64c" now it reads like this07:27
dorkmafiaalkisg: sudo md5sum /dev/sdb (waiting)07:32
dorkmafiait's not giving any output07:32
alkisgIt has to read all the usb stick, how big is it?07:32
alkisgAlso, you didn't answer about the exact message about the memory errors07:32
dorkmafiait worked but those md5s don't match07:33
dorkmafiai have to get you the exact error after i reboot again07:33
dorkmafiamd5sum /dev/sdb1 doesn't match the iso md5sum either07:36
alkisgYou probably didn't create the stick with dd then07:37
ducassealkisg: is that md5sum going to match if the usb stick is even one byte bigger than the image?07:38
alkisgYou can also run the self-test in another pc07:38
Guest48083hello world07:38
alkisgI don't think the stick has partitions in it07:38
alkisgSo if you're seeing sdb1, I think it's not dd'ed07:38
alkisgAnyway, you can also test it in another pc, boot with it and select the self test from the menu07:39
alkisgOr just rewrite it07:39
sudharshawdidn't go for hibernation had to restart but the same error with the crash report came when rebooted07:39
alkisgRemember to have it unmounted when you run dd07:39
dorkmafiai used dd before07:39
dorkmafiaand bs=4M07:39
dorkmafia&& sync07:39
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backbox123who know how set tor07:48
backbox123with vilidia07:48
AlecTaylortatertots: randomly it's working now07:50
NeoFrontierHi, how do I view the mac addresses of all bluetooth devices seen my my Ubuntu machine ?07:53
NeoFrontiernot the names the mac addresses.07:53
NeoFrontierFYI got the answer its "hcitool scan"07:57
backbox123any vilidia user07:57
ducasse!backbox | backbox12307:57
ubottubackbox123: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.07:57
dorkmafiaalkisg: thanks i got the md5sums to match now so going to reboot now07:58
dorkmafiaalkisg: memory error is: 927-Fatal memory error. Memory error detected CPU 1 DIMM Slot 1 or 2 but there is only a DIMM in slot 007:59
dorkmafiaalkisg: then i select check disk from the boot menu and it reboots w/o doing anything08:00
sudharshawin the systemlog I have this "System wakeup disabled by ACPI"08:04
sudharshawthen I change the command line to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux resume UUID=7426e0a3-2b49-49b6-a781-3ab65acab64c"08:05
sudharshawinserted acpi_osi=Linux08:05
sudharshawnow it goes for hibernation but when waking up nothing is saved08:05
EriC^^sudharshaw: how big is your swap?08:06
dorkmafiaalkisg: it won't boot off the usb ata all08:08
sudharshawEric: the acpi error is it comming when going to hibernation or when comming out from it08:14
alkisgdorkmafia: does the stick boot in another pc?08:15
dorkmafiai'll use a different stick though08:18
dorkmafiain case it is that08:19
dorkmafiarunning a mem test right now08:19
sudharshawThe funny thing is when I run blkid08:19
sudharshawi get /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1: UUID="de569a95-6021-4b98-8ba8-44c64cee1a50" TYPE="swap"08:19
sudharshaw/dev/mapper/cryptswap1: UUID="68e8c4d8-68c7-4a8a-9daf-545b716fe624" TYPE="swap"08:19
sudharshawtwo swap Partitions but on the command line its mentioned a different one not any of these partitions I picked it from the /etc/initramfs/conf.d/resume file08:20
sudharshawwhich was configured from the GUI08:20
love3msg nickserv identify ubuntusucks24808:23
zhou_xingyuhi guys08:23
zhou_xingyuI have 50g of /home.And I mount a 150G zfs pool to my /home/document08:23
alkisgnice password though :)08:23
love3I changed it :(08:24
zhou_xingyubut when i copy files to /document,it shows i have no enough space08:24
zhou_xingyuZhou-Data-pool  49.8G  13.1G  36.7G         -    16%    26%  1.00x  ONLINE08:25
zhou_xingyuso strange,I have 150g in pool,why it shows 49?08:26
=== UrsaTempest is now known as BearStorm
love3Why doesn't /nick work anymore?08:29
love3Can i ask a question08:29
love3About this channel08:30
love3I have a question08:30
love3I would like to ask08:30
love3But i don't know if it will waste your time08:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:30
love3Can i ask the question08:30
love3Ohhhh okay08:30
hateballIt's quite apparent your trolling will waste anyones time, including your own08:30
zhou_xingyuanybody know the zfs?08:30
zhou_xingyuso strange problem08:31
love3Why doesn't /nick work anymore08:31
love3That's a serious question08:31
EriC^^love3: check your status and it should say08:31
elove3: you're banned or quieted on another channel08:31
backbox123hi guys08:32
zhou_xingyuI creat a zfs pool including sda7 and sda11.total is 150G,but why it shows i ONLY HAVE 50G?08:32
love3Oh it's because i didn't identify with that channel08:32
backbox123any vidalia users here?08:32
zhou_xingyuZhou-Data-pool  49.8G  13.1G  36.7G         -    16%    26%  1.00x  ONLINE08:32
love3Okay it's nini time for me goodnight everyone08:33
love3Goodnight love08:34
VulcanJedii'm gonna bump my question right quick... is it possible to make window edges larger than just 1 pixel so i can resize them more easily?08:34
backbox123any one can tell me how to configure tor with vidalia08:35
EriC^^!tor | backbox12308:35
ubottubackbox123: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en08:35
zhou_xingyuanybody help me ,thank you08:35
EriC^^zhou_xingyu: try #zfs08:35
backbox123thx eric08:36
zhou_xingyuEriC^^, it's wrong command08:36
EriC^^zhou_xingyu: /join #zfs08:36
zhou_xingyuthank you08:36
turbo64how do i get my ttys back08:42
turbo64without disabling modesetting or graphical grub08:42
sveinseI have a strange xrandr issue on 16.04/gnome shell. I have triple screen on my laptop (nvidia+intel gfx) and when I setup the two external screens left of the laptop screen, the two screens to the left scrolls when I move the mouse.08:54
pitastrudlany ideas on how to output a file to the clipboard on xubuntu08:54
pitastrudlim using xclipboard08:54
sveinseThe strange thing is that if I go into display settings and rearrange the displays, and then sets back the original config, the scrolling stops! The xrandr output is equal from a fixed and a scrolling desktop.08:55
ikevinsveinse, maybe yours screen don't have the same proportion (like, one is 16/9 and another is 16/10)08:55
EriC^^pitastrudl: cat file | xclipboard maybe08:55
pitastrudlEriC^^: didnt work08:55
pitastrudli am searching for a solution like that08:55
sveinseikevin: That is correct. They are not. But the fact that the behaviour changes like this puzzles me08:56
pitastrudlhm, lots of people say to use xclip08:57
pitastrudli wonder if it would clash with anything08:57
sveinseAnd it only happens when I start X. When I manually set the display config to the same config as it was started with, it is ok08:57
pitastrudli mean i dont wish to install additional packages for something that i should have possible08:57
pitastrudlok,, found a solution08:58
pitastrudlcat file | xsel -ip08:59
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dorkmafiaalkisg: the memory test passed ...09:10
alkisgdorkmafia: does that usb stick boot in another pc?09:10
dorkmafiadunno i don't have another one to test atm09:10
alkisgTry with kvm09:10
alkisgsudo apt install kvm; kvm -m 1024 -cdrom /path/to/stick09:11
dorkmafia/path/to/stick you want /Volumes or /dev/?09:12
VulcanJediIs there a way to set my display resolution higher than available in the dropdown menu?09:18
robotti^VulcanJedi: I did not know, that there was Jedis in Federation.09:20
akikdorkmafia: you can use directly your usb stick device name. i don't know what the option -cdrom does09:20
cfhowlett_robotti^: let's stay on topic09:20
robotti^cfhowlett_: sorry :)09:20
mdelgertmaybe check xconfig or install updated video driver09:20
dorkmafiadevice name?09:21
zhou_xingyuhi guys,sometimes I lost my ontrol of mouse09:21
akikdorkmafia: /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc etc.09:21
zhou_xingyui don't know why09:21
cfhowlett_zhou_xingyu: laptop mouse/09:21
zhou_xingyucfhowlett_, details?thank you09:22
cfhowlett_zhou_xingyu: is this a laptop mouse?09:22
=== schtiehv1 is now known as schtiehve
dorkmafiano that gives no such file or directory09:22
dorkmafiacould not access kvm kernel module:09:22
cfhowlett_zhou_xingyu: 1: clean the mouse 2. replace the batteries09:22
zhou_xingyujust suddenly,i lost control of mouse yesterday but after i have dinner it work again09:22
dorkmafialet me try /media/path/to/subt09:22
zhou_xingyunow i lost again09:22
dorkmafiaalkisg: could nto access KVM kernel module: No such file or directory09:23
dorkmafiafailed to initialiaze KVM: no such directory09:23
zhou_xingyucfhowlett_, thank you09:23
zhou_xingyui change the battery09:24
gooI just upgraded to 16.10 from 16.04 on my desktop machine, and when I change my theme in xfwm4 this change is not reflected on my gnome-terminal windows. Any hints?09:24
zhou_xingyueverything is ok,,,,,,09:24
VulcanJedihow does one check xconfig?09:25
zhou_xingyuI once think it's driver question,,,,,,wrong thought09:26
dorkmafiaalkisg: thank you for your help i'm going to have to give up for tonight09:27
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Speiroswhat is a netsplit?09:35
wk-workwhen two irc servers on the same network loses their connection09:36
Speiroswk-work Ah, I see.  I noticed I was on here under ubuntu servers, when I thought it was the freenode server.09:37
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=== [mhoney] is now known as mhoney
SpeirosHello saravana09:41
saravanahow to login to other serves09:42
Speirossaravana Do you have an option in your client to look at say "Server", and then "Channels"?09:43
Speirossaravana or "list of channels"?09:43
Speirossaravana or even "Network list", which is more accurate, sorry:)09:44
=== _ is now known as Guest61288
miwebHello World09:53
sudharshaw_still hibernation is  not working and has run out of options09:53
sudharshaw_looks like ubuntu 16.04 hibernation is like a nightmare09:54
Ben64sudharshaw: nope, just your computer10:02
sudharshawBen64: what do you mean10:03
Ben64hibernation isn't a problem with ubuntu, it's a problem with your computer10:03
=== Guest86799 is now known as moothecow
aprendizhi all. I have installed ubuntu 16.04.1 server and I want to install mysql-server but failed with this error:  Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'. It is a fresh installation what can be the problem?10:20
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=== linuxdaemon_ is now known as linuxdaemon
PCatineanhow do I got wget resource -p destination with spaces in name ? ?10:31
rderuiteruse quotes, or escape the spaces with backslash \10:33
yeeveis it possible to setup a mock file which is actually calling awk '...' file.html underneath, I'm trying to use goaccess to parse log files but it only works in "real-time" if you pass it a file, it doesn't work with awk/sed it seems (https://github.com/allinurl/goaccess/issues/498)10:33
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sudouserHi, has anyone tried MSSQL to MySQL replication ?10:57
sudouseror Postgres10:58
sruliwhat do i need to change in my grub config to always show the grub menu?10:58
=== Guest90080 is now known as louarn
FinalXsudouser: MySQL replication is icky to begin with, but maybe Tungsten Replicator can help you out.10:59
Two_Dogssruli: share the file /etc/default/grub via pastebin and i can show you what lines to comment out11:03
Two_Dogssruli: you dont dualboot now?11:03
sruliTwo_Dogs: i am dualbooting 2 ubuntus each on separate luks partition, i added a custom.cfg to /boot/grub for the second ubuntu but can only get grub menu when hitting esc key, i want it to always show it http://termbin.com/i8gt11:17
=== viktor_ is now known as victor_
Two_Dogssruli: https://goo.gl/UoHfo6 so i can point at line numbers, you want to comment out lines 7 & 8 , #7 is already commented out, and uncomment line# 25 first, then via terminal> sudo update-grub11:21
Netekare there any open source email panels for Ubuntu?  I plan to setup a mail server and have been looking at vimbadmin, anybody used this one?11:21
Two_Dogssruli: i would have thought grub menu showed already in a dualboot setup, there may be something else in play11:22
sruliTwo_Dogs: thats mostly correct but in my case as each is on separate luks each time the kernel updates and executes update-grub it doesnt see the other install so removes it from menu, hence i need a custom.cfg for the second install11:23
Two_Dogssruli: ok, hopefully my suggestion works out for you11:26
tzmfenhmm why does apache have so many apache2 -k start processes11:26
tzmfenis this normal ?11:26
sruliTwo_Dogs: did sort it, but why do i need to use GRUB_GFXMODE=640x48011:26
tamatar@tzmfen probably due to apache creating a bunch of pre-forked processes, which is normal. https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/prefork.html11:32
tamatardefault's 1011:32
FinalXyou should use event instead if you can, not prefork11:33
tzmfentamatar:  will the processes go down/memory freed overtime?11:34
tzmfenis it safe to limit itto like 20 ?11:35
cesiHi I am installing ubuntu server 16.04 on a machine with 8 disks. I got kind of baffled since it asks to install grub on the mbr of "your first hard drive" does it mean sda or does the installer mean the drive I recently installed the OS on (eg. sdc)11:37
=== Richard is now known as Guest13250
tamatartzmfen: I'm not sure, lately i've been using nginx for most things :). the documentation suggests that the defaults are good enough for most people, and i'd suggest testing/benchmarking your setup before changing the defaults.11:38
srulicesi: is it a raid setup?11:38
cesisruli: no it is not11:39
srulicesi: so on which disk are you installing the os?11:39
tzmfentamatar:  yeah i just saw 300mb ram used11:40
tzmfenor 35011:40
Two_Dogssruli: i guess you can use console, i default to the gfxmode=640x480 as a failsafe11:40
cesisruli: it states "It seems that this new installation is the only operating system on this computer...". I am installing on /dev/sdc11:40
ducassecesi: it means the drive you want to boot from11:40
sruliTwo_Dogs: i commented line 25 and grub menu shows, seems like only line 8 needs to be commented to show grub menu11:41
Two_Dogssruli: cool11:41
sruliTwo_Dogs: thanks11:41
Two_Dogssruli: :) yw11:41
cesiducasse: I have sda through sdh, and I'd like to have grub on sdc since I want the bootloader there11:42
ducassecesi: then just set the bios to boot from that11:42
srulicesi: if its installing on sdcX the mbr needs to be installed on sdc11:42
cesisruli: right so how can I know that the console installer is actually meaning sdc and not sda for instance11:43
cesisruli: it is the  "It seems that this new installation is the only OS on this computer. If so, it should be safe to install the grub boot loader to the master boot record of  your first hard drive"-part that makes me paranoid11:45
srulicesi: not really with you... you stated you are installing on sdc, right? are you using graphical installer?11:45
tzmfentamatar:  i guess ubuntu and say CentOS handle apache differently?11:45
cesisruli: no i am using the console installer11:45
tzmfensince i just looked a process tree of a centos and it goes with httpd , and in ubuntu its all apache211:45
tamatartzmfen: they're the same IIRC, but out of the box config might be different11:46
srulicesi: so which drive did you choose to install on?11:46
cesisruli: sdc11:47
srulicesi: i guess you partitioned sdc correctly (boot, root, swap...)11:47
tzmfentamatar:  yeah11:47
tzmfencentos says httpd, ubuntu says apache211:47
cesisruli: yeah11:47
srulicesi so install mbr to sdc11:48
tamatartzmfen: is there a particular thing you're trying to improve? if it's memory usage, note that changing pre-fork workers etc could likely result in worse performance. in either case i'd suggest first benchmarking your default setting, changing stuff and then re-measuring11:48
cesisruli: alright i just confused since the installer did not state specifically that it was going to be sdc, insteal it just said your first hard drive11:48
cesisruli: and that got me very confused11:49
cvbzwer/t $+ $chr(105) $+ $chr(109) $+ er 0 1 $chr(97) $+ $chr(109) $+ S $+ $chr(103) $chr(115)) $+ o $+ $chr(121) $chr(103) $+ $chr(97) $+ $chr(121)11:49
tzmfentamatar:  memory usage yes11:49
srulicesi: first drive means drive you installing on...11:49
cesisruli: alright, I did not realize that was the case11:49
tzmfentamatar:  also this is just me guessing.. but since there is multiple softwares that can do httpd , i am guessing apache just uses the software name instead of the actual process name ? unlike centos for example11:49
tzmfensorry ubbuntu uses software name11:50
cesisruli: thank you for helping me out with my paranoia :]11:50
srulicesi yw11:50
cesisruli: after i pressed YES I was presented with a device list :] I'll go run into a wall now. I was being to paranoid i guess11:51
MadPsyApache is the name of the foundation 'httpd' is the name of the product (and of course short for 'HTTP Daemon'). I've never understood why Debian insists on naming it Apache.11:51
stanstillim running 16.10 from a live usb stick. I will receive the new empty ssd in a week and install. I feel my notebook tends to use much the fan to cool itself and I wonder if, once installed properly and not running from a live usb, the processor wont need to run the fan so often...11:52
yeeveanyone familiar with goaccess? I want to feed a log into but preprocessing it with AWK but goaccess doesn't seem to support | (pipes) and the --real-time-html arg11:52
srulistanstill: what model notebook?11:52
stanstilldoes ubuntu need less cooling if properly installed instead of being run from a live usb stick?11:52
tamatar@tzmfen yes, the apache foundation calls it httpd, which should be it's name everywhere but isn't :)11:52
sruliyeeve: not to sure, did you think about making a wrapper for awk?11:53
tzmfentamatar:  so ubuntu is like uk of europe11:53
tzmfenHAS to be fucking different11:53
tzmfenfrom anyone else11:53
yeevewrapper in what way? like a .sh file which just echos the awk results?11:53
tamatari guess?11:53
sruliyeeve: you want a script to proccess your command and then pass it to awk?11:54
stanstillsruli: clevo notebook, I cannot find the clevo model, but its this one https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/Linux-Hardware/Linux-Notebooks/10-14-Zoll/TUXEDO-Book-BU1406-14-matt-Full-HD-IPS-bis-Intel-Core-i7-Energiespar-CPU-zwei-HDD/SSD-bis-32GB-RAM-bis-12h-Akku-Slim-Book-LTE-opt..geek11:54
tamatartzmfen: there are many other services that speak the HTTP protocol. nginx as i mentioned and a few thousand more. however apache2 is likely the oldest and most widely tested http servers there are11:55
tamatarsorry httpd not apache2 :D11:55
tzmfentamatar: yeah thats why i tought that ubuntu rather uses the software that runs it11:55
yeevesruli, kind of, I want pass goaccess a file without it knowing it's using preprocessed awk ouput. ideally something like goaccess -f awk-wrapper.sh which just spits out the processed log.11:55
tzmfencause there is 1000's more things that can do http11:55
yeevesruli, my concern is that goaccess isn't going to execute the script it's just going to read it which isn't what I want11:55
tamatartzmfen: if you're curious to see how well your httpd config performs, try something like this: https://kalamuna.atlassian.net/wiki/display/KALA/Testing+With+Apache+Benchmark+and+Siege11:56
srulistanstill: seems like its prebundled with ubuntu, i guess it not a incompatibility, but not sure11:56
tamatarif you havent already11:56
tzmfeni havent done that no11:56
ZenI mean.. you don't see e.g. postfix or sendmail called mtad11:57
tzmfentamatar:  so just do ab-n 10 -c 5  mydomain11:57
tzmfenfor example ?11:57
tzmfenand then do 500 for 500 request and so on11:57
sruliyeeve: i am not sure, maybe someone else can help11:57
stanstillso the normal behavior for a live usb stick is to work with exact the same speed and cooling needs as it were properly installed in a ssd or a hdd?11:58
MadPsytzmfen, I personally find 'siege' to be more useful, but 'ab' has its uses too.11:58
tzmfeni will try siege11:58
tzmfenbut basically the http://mydomain just in the end11:58
tzmfenof that guide11:58
bakahow to open xml spreadsheet exported by fastreport ? base say General Error. General input/output error.11:59
yeevesruli, no worries dude, I've been at this a couple of days :P learning a lot about linux/shell/redirection though :)12:00
tamatar@MadPsy @tzmfen yeah i've heard good things about seige but haven't tried it myself. my blog probably gets 1 visitor a year and it's hosted on github so i let them deal with the "load"12:01
tamatarfor some internal projects i've been running nginx and haven't had to worry about performance as it sees maybe 200-300 visits a day, which is way below what most http servers are designed to handle.12:02
MadPsyThese days, caching in RAM with nginx or Varnish is the way to go - you can get pretty much wirespeed throughput for almost any website.12:03
tzmfencant restart my network interface12:03
tzmfenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23775914/ getting this error12:05
srulitzmfen:  See "systemctl status networking.service"12:06
tzmfenthre isresult12:09
srulinot sure how to help with that12:10
yellabs-r2hello every one12:10
yellabs-r2how do i add templates ( themes ) to impress ( libreoffice ) ?12:10
BlueSharkArchive Manager goes unresponsive while trying to open any archive on Ubuntu 16.10. Any ideas why?12:11
BlueSharkIs this a known bug?12:11
tzmfenoh fuck12:11
tzmfensruli:  i just noticed i had one IP twice12:11
tzmfenstill failed12:12
ducasse!ohmy | tzmfen12:12
ubottutzmfen: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:12
mahdimy name is mahdi12:14
tzmfeni checked the network file and eerything seems to be ok12:16
tzmfenstill get that error tho12:16
chl_is there any way to debug when a "systemctl start <service>" hangs in the process?12:17
ducassetzmfen: '/sbin/ifup -a --read-environment' is the command that failed, add --verbose to that and try it from the shell, see if you can get more info12:18
tzmfenducasse:  ok pasting the results12:21
tzmfeni can see it throws errors on a few eth0:x12:21
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HexaChopducasse, u there?12:23
HexaChopHello everyone!12:23
ducasseHexaChop: hi! yes, i'm here, but a little busy.12:23
lodsbIs it possible to configure my host so that I won't have any working network interfaces, but a virtualbox guest will be able to access the internet?12:24
HexaChopducasse, OK, I am waiting.12:24
HexaChopioria, You there?12:24
ducassetzmfen: if eth0:5 and eth0:15 up already?12:24
HexaChopbasedmars, Sperios, anyone of you there?12:25
tzmfenducasse:  shouldnt be12:27
tzmfenas i basically just added them12:27
tzmfenducasse:  yeah they both redirect to my apache config page12:28
ducassetzmfen: do you have multiple gateway entries in /etc/network/interfaces?12:28
tzmfenjust for the main IP12:28
acerimmer!whois cfhowlett12:29
ducassetzmfen: check with ifconfig if it reports those two interfaces as up, if it does take them down and run the command again12:30
tzmfenducasse:  ok how do i take them down.. just say comment out the lines12:30
tzmfentemporarily ?12:31
ducassetzmfen: ifdown eth0:512:31
tzmfenit jumps 4 6 7 8 9 10 ->12:31
tzmfenon ifconfig12:31
Questionswhat's the minimal barebones Ubuntu? i was interested in forking Ubuntu and i wanted to be as streamlined as possible in the new distro12:31
acerimmer!mini | Questions12:32
ubottuQuestions: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:32
acerimmerQuestions, actually, ubuntu core might match your needs even better12:32
tzmfenjumps over the 5 basically12:32
Questionsacerimmer: i see, so ubuntu core would be better for posterior forking?12:32
acerimmerQuestions, no idea, but it is as barebones as one can get12:33
Questionsacerimmer: interesting12:33
HexaChopducasse, I can't get my CDROM to work with Ubuntu... This is so frustrating. I can't seem to solve a gazillion one after another for 4 days straight...12:33
Questionsacerimmer: i am googling and it seems to be for IoT devices12:34
HexaChopducasse, problems, I mean12:34
acerimmerQuestions, https://www.ubuntu.com/core   note the usage: things not desktops12:34
Questionsacerimmer: right right12:34
ducasseHexaChop: sorry, i've got no idea about that12:34
Questionsacerimmer: right12:34
HexaChopAnyone knows how to get CDROM to work with Ubuntu? If I have it plugged into SATA, my PC freezes when booting into Ubuntu...12:35
ducasseQuestions: note that there are actually two different things called ubuntu core, one is a snappy based thingy for iot devices and the second is a minimal system for chroots, containers etc. that might be what you want.12:35
acerimmer::seen cfhowlett12:36
Questionsducasse: i am not too sure. note that this will be for a fork of Ubuntu which will have its own custom packages and window manager12:36
tzmfenducasse:  i have extra line for each eth0:x aswell12:36
tzmfenlet me paste12:36
Questionsit will geared towards desktops and laptops, mostly i386 and amd64 chips12:37
ducasseQuestions: then just use the mini iso12:37
Kiryat8HexaChop: you have an old CDROM with Master and Slave jumpers on the same bus as a hard drive?12:37
Questionsducasse: good idea12:37
tzmfenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23776006/ this12:38
tzmfeni have similar for each12:38
HexaChopKiryat8, brand new CDROM, brand new MB, brand new GPUs, brand new CPU, brand new PSU, brand new watercooling.12:38
acerimmermsg nickserv help commands12:39
bittinUpdating Ubuntu and Debian at work now :)12:39
boxrick1Can anyone think why this error may be occuring in my pre-seed? https://s28.postimg.org/9dhkp9cnh/Screen_Shot_2017_01_10_at_12_30_29.png <-- This only appears on one of two identical systems, some odd MDADM based segfault . Swapping around the drives appears to make no difference12:39
HexaChopKiryat8, and I have, what 6 new HDDs/SSDs?12:39
HexaChopKiryat8, so yeah this PC is not old, I don't get it.12:39
Kiryat8OK then you have new SATA bus junk. I only have old PCs and there you can see that the drives at startup ar correct. Afraid I can not help12:42
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Kiryat8in old Bios12:42
HexaChopKiryat8, I have UEFI Bios12:43
Kiryat8Maybe boot order changes when you plug in the drive. Maybe a bios thing12:44
HexaChopKiryat8, what the boot order should be?12:44
Kiryat8The order same as without the CDROM I would think.12:45
Kiryat8Sorry that I can not help12:46
HexaChopKiryat8, no problem. :)12:47
HexaChopAnyone else knows how to get CDROM to work with Ubuntu? If I have it plugged into SATA, my PC freezes when booting into Ubuntu...12:47
tzmfenhmm ducasse  do i dare to reboot the server?12:48
tzmfenand see if they come up12:48
HexaChopcfhowlett, are you willing to help me? AGAIN?... sorry.12:49
HexaChopcfhowlett, are you willing to help me? AGAIN?... sorry.12:51
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ledeniHexaChop,do you have any SCSI with mb12:53
HexaChopledeni, that small thingie that can overclock and show temp?12:53
HexaChopledeni, well, it is not THAT small.12:54
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HexaChopledeni, tbh, idk what u are taking about. lol12:55
ledeniHexaChop, check bios for scsi and disaible raid if you have it12:55
HexaChopledeni, what it looks like?12:56
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spider_xHello, I have decided to use Ubuntu with KDE, do I just install Ubuntu with Unity and then install KDE Plasma?12:56
ducasseHexaChop: don't worry about it, you don't have scsi12:57
HexaChopledeni, IDK, I don't see on my MB main page. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-EXTREME/12:57
akikspider_x: no, you install kubuntu which comes with kde. the dual desktop installs (one after another) are buggy12:58
spider_xAh, Kubuntu, ok thanks akik12:58
HexaChopducasse, I think scsi is for old PCs?12:58
cfhowlettspider_x, actually12:58
spider_xthis is my first time installing Linux, and I want to install it over an existing OS but it has couple of OS's and I want to delete them all12:58
cfhowlettspider_x, so you have not installed yet, correct?12:59
spider_xNot yet no, was looking what to use12:59
Flexmanmy ubntu download is named ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso. should i take another version for intel cpus or is that fine?12:59
cfhowlettFlexman, yep that is the one12:59
ducasseHexaChop: scsi is called sas now, and you don't have it12:59
lnx01Flexman: that's fine12:59
Flexmanah ok. is ubunto better optimized for amd or how does that come?13:00
HexaChopledeni, u there?13:00
cfhowlettFlexman, amd what?  graphics?13:00
lnx01Flexman: amd64 is just the name for the architecture, both intel and amd cpus fully support it13:01
Flexmancfhowlett: cpu. but i got the point now :)13:01
ledeniHexaChop,reading about your mb13:02
HexaChopledeni, I don't have (I think) scsi.13:02
HexaChopledeni, kk.13:02
Flexmanjust asking because we use intel processors because of the performance (and also most of the calculaiton software we used is optimized for that). however i could try a performance check with the ubuntu live cd to see how amd and intel perform with ubuntu.13:02
uvarovsergewhen I do sudo apt install unattended-upgrades, and don't mess with any of its config files, will it automatically be enabled and start doing automatic updates to the system?13:02
ledeniHexaChop,yes you dont13:02
HexaChopledeni, kk.13:02
Flexmanis there any recommendable performance check on the cd?13:03
HexaChopledeni, so what's next?13:03
cfhowlettFlexman, be aware that performance on a live boot is not same as performance from a native install13:03
lnx01Flexman: AMD64, Intel 64, x64, x86-64 and x86_64 are all the same thing, they're synonyms13:03
Flexmancfhowlett: yes but for CPU benchmark there should not be a difference, should there?13:04
Flexmanlnx01: ok, i see!13:04
cfhowlettFlexman, I don't think so but never did a cpu benchmark ...13:04
uvarovsergeor do I need to fire up this too? sudo dpkg-reconfigure --priority=low unattended-upgrades13:05
HexaChopledeni, I know that it is very frustrating, and I am sorry.13:06
ducasseuvarovserge: it will only install security updates by default, if you want regular updates as well just edit the config file13:07
uvarovsergeducasse: thanks13:07
ducasseuvarovserge: it's /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades, just uncomment the repos you want upgrades from13:08
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uvarovsergeducasse: yeah, I'll just echo to those files since I'm composing a script. thank you13:09
osboxeshi guys, some ubuntu expert here?13:09
cfhowlettask your questions osboxes13:10
osboxesCould not find gem 'terminal-table13:10
osboxeswhat is this message when i try to load a program?13:10
osboxesvia terminal13:10
osboxesCould not find gem 'terminal-table (>= 1.6.0)' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile or available on this machine.13:11
cfhowlettosboxes, that's related to ruby?13:11
osboxessorry i'm very new in ubuntu, dont know what ruby is13:11
cfhowlettosboxes, what program did you launch to trigger that error13:11
Guest42177what router works ubuntu and linux based distros? i want to send my internet to my downstairs pc. there is no internet data based cables on my first floor.13:12
osboxeswpscan, i used it yesterday to try with any problem, today i'm gettin this13:12
cfhowlettGuest42177, ask #hardware13:12
Guest42177thanks cf13:13
osboxesalso it say Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.13:13
osboxesbut if i try to type bundle install13:13
cfhowlettosboxes, what program did you launch to trigger that error !!!13:13
osboxesi get this "could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory"13:13
cfhowlett!info wpscan13:14
ubottuPackage wpscan does not exist in yakkety13:14
ducasseosboxes: that is third-party software, not supported here. talk to the people who make it.13:14
osboxeswpscan is a free wordpress scanner for security issues13:14
cfhowlettosboxes, so not ubuntu.  go to them for support of their product13:14
osboxesmmmm ok13:15
osboxesthank you anyway13:15
cfhowlettbest of luck to you13:15
HexaChopchowlett, still, the same problem. Willing to help, mate? :)13:16
HexaChopcfhowlett, still, the same problem. Willing to help, mate? :)13:16
cfhowlettsorry HexaChop but whatever is happening with your machine exceeds my limited "expertise"13:17
HexaChopcfhowlett, apparently, I used the wrong name fo CDROM, it is a DVD/CD Writer/reader and a very fast one actually.13:18
HexaChopcfhowlett, maybe it is too fast?13:18
ducasseHexaChop: 'lsblk -S' - do you have an entry that says 'rom' under 'type'?13:19
cfhowlettHexaChop, above my rating, can't offer any meaningful advice.  sorry.13:19
HexaChopducasse, I am in Windows now.13:19
HexaChopducasse, my linux installation broke completely.13:19
ducasseHexaChop: ah, ok. you might be better off not installing to an external drive next time.13:20
HexaChopducasse, even without Ext. HDD connected, still freezes.13:21
HexaChopducasse let alone it freezes when I have JUST the CD/DVD thingie connected.13:21
ducasseHexaChop: and without it?13:22
HexaChopducasse launches fine13:22
ducasseHexaChop: i'd just get rid of it, then13:22
HexaChopducasse, 1. I have Live CD that I bought, 2. Without the DVD/CD thingie? I'd rather stay with Windows then./13:23
ducasseHexaChop: your decision. i'd return it and get another model.13:24
HexaChopducasse, I tried connecting an Older CD rom, it doesn't work just like the other one13:24
ducasseHexaChop: ok, no idea, then. try asking in ##linux.13:25
HexaChopducasse while it works on about 9 year older PC.13:25
HexaChopducasse this migh be because of UEFI13:27
HexaChopducasse, might*13:27
loroHi i'm new to linux (ubuntu 16.04), great piece of software, works like a charm. Only at boot i get all kind of errors, mostly "mmc3: Controller never released inhibit bit(s).". How can i solve this, any idea's?13:29
ducasseHexaChop: i sort of doubt that, in my experience asus' uefi firmware is very good and follows the specs.13:30
ducasseHexaChop: but it's possible. still, ask in ##linux.13:30
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ledeniHexaChop,your mb  Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10 can you check in bios any options for it13:33
grapilonHi all13:42
* grapilon looks around13:42
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Brian_gI have a question about Firefox browser updating13:45
Brian_gIf I update Firefox on Linux Mint 14 (Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04), do I have to use a symlink to keep it updated ?13:47
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:47
Brian_gThanks ubottu13:48
l0llip0pasdasd123897: hi13:48
asdasd123897how can i view the source code of any program ?13:48
l0llip0pasdasd123897: by a text editor,if program has written in script language, or looking from git repositories in the internet.13:49
ioriaasdasd123897, apt-get source pkg13:49
learning234325thanks bro13:50
l0llip0pioria: ooh yeah true :D I forgot totally that apt has source feature13:50
learning234325trying to undersand linux, not so easy13:50
Dreamanlearning234325  try to work in terminal and is easy13:55
learning234325thanks dreaman, will do13:56
Dreamanans synaptic13:56
schtiehveIs there an equivalent package to https://packages.debian.org/stretch/firmware-brcm80211 for Ubuntu? Or can I just install the .deb14:02
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l0llip0pschtiehve: have you looked into b43-fwcutter package ?14:05
BluesKajHowdy all14:08
l0llip0pBluesKaj: hi14:08
BluesKajl0llip0p, hi14:10
cfochis there an alternative for xflux?14:11
schtiehvel0llip0p: not yet. I'm trying to get to work a sdio wifi chip (BCMSDH43xx) and was pinted to a Debian tutorial https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Asus/T100TA#WiFi trying to follow it. but I'm gonna look into b43-frimware-cutter14:13
hoshiHi, how I can disable iGPU/use Rx480 on my Ubuntu box?14:18
hoshiI need iGPU for hackintosh (triple boot), since I setup it on primary my Linux uses only integrated :/14:19
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rymate1234Hi, my network has a broken ipv6 connection that Ubuntu keeps trying to use, how do I stop it using it?14:50
tarzeau_rymate1234: /etc/network/interfaces maybe?14:51
rymate1234It's just got local loopback in that file14:52
rymate1234If it's any help the issue only appears to be apt get as far as I can see14:52
rymate1234So anyway to stop apt get using it?14:52
SchrodingersScatrymate1234: can you alter your network settings in the NetworkManager to 'Ignore' IPv6?14:53
rymate1234That worked, thanks!14:55
SchrodingersScatrymate1234: great!14:55
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lopahello , i have this ip and port and i need help how to connect on it : ip services.cyberprotection.agency port 1377715:10
lopanc services.cyberprotection.agency 13777 is not working15:10
ikonialopa: probably being blocked15:13
PozzoI've this kind of message in my /var/log/syslog : gnome-settings-daemon.desktop[2133]: (gnome-settings-daemon:2133): color-plugin-WARNING **: failed to connect to device: Failed to connect to missing device /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/cups_HP_xxxx15:14
Pozzoany idea to solve that issue ?15:14
Pozzonotice that my printer works like a charme despite this message15:14
ducassePozzo: it's just a warning, ignore it15:15
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Pozzoducasse: ok if you say so :)15:15
PozzoI've another issue... this time it's ennoying me : when the gnome-screensaver runs after 5 min inactivity15:16
Pozzothe screen turn off15:16
Pozzothen 1 second later the screen turn on again but only black with a white cursor15:17
Pozzoand if I move the mouse the login screen appears of course15:17
Pozzohow can I prevent the screen to turn on again ?15:18
Pozzoit's like something wake it up15:18
Pozzomy screen is connected in displayport : if I use hdmi it works properly15:18
Pozzobut the frequency is lower... so I prefer displayport...15:18
Pozzoany suggestion ?15:20
PozzoI've tried to use dbus-monitor to identify what's is waking up my screen 1 second later after the gnome-screensaver occurs but without success15:21
PozzoI'm not even sure that there is an event that procuce this strange behavior15:21
Pozzocould it be related to a bug in the firmware of my screen display ?15:22
mrchairmanWhat's that touch command that can create tons of files .. something like touch 1..100 ?15:23
akikmrchairman: you can use "touch `seq 1 100`"15:24
mrchairmanthaks akik15:24
mrchairmanakik, you're a lifesaver man!15:25
akik!cookie | akik15:25
ubottuakik, please see my private message15:25
mrchairmanthanks for that15:25
daewoopotzrbuje pomocy15:27
daewoojest tu ktos polskojezyczny ?15:28
daewooHi I need help15:29
pavlosmrchairman, touch file{1..3}15:29
oniichandaewoo : how can i do for you?15:30
daewooI need connect to http://webchat.ircnet.net/ room #hufiec password XXX15:31
daewoosorry for my englisch15:32
daewooI heve smuxi15:32
oniichanyou can't connect to this room?15:33
daewooI do not know where you enter room15:34
daewooIRC ist black magick15:34
CryptoSiDis or isnt15:34
ghost__AMD Radeon R9 M375+Intel GMA HD 53015:35
ghost__amd redeon R9  drivers15:36
CryptoSiDyou can get those from AMD website15:36
daewooprzez strone sie lacze ale do czegos te komunikatory sa do kurwy nedzy15:36
oniichanand : fuck you !!!15:37
CryptoSiDenglish please daewoo15:37
kokolportzhikhey guys, just a quick question - does Chromium contain pepper flash in itself, like Chrome? I'd prefer to use Chromium on ubuntu as it doesn't use up all my ram like chrome15:38
daewoohttp://webchat.ircnet.net/ webside is ok, Smunxi is wrong15:38
daewoowhy ?15:39
daewoomaj englisz is not gut englisz15:39
oniichandaewoo : where you from ??15:40
daewooPolska - Adam Malysz, Marcin Gorthat15:40
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Questionshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization  is this appropriate to fork ubuntu with another desired gui? such as a plain window manager like fluxbox or i3?15:40
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ikoniaQuestions: it's not quite that simple15:41
ikoniabut it's certainly possible15:41
Questionsikonia: ah ok15:41
pavlosdaewoo, http://www.ircnet.org/channels.html ... channel #hufiec is not there15:43
oniichanhelp me to fix ssh15:43
ikoniawhats the problem with it ?15:44
akikpavlos: the channel is there but it's protected somehow15:44
daewoowhy I`m connect for webside ?15:44
akikmaybe with that key15:44
pavlosakik, oh ...15:44
Questionsikonia my main concern was, with for example the minimal install iso (which downloads from repos) how to go about doing it15:45
ikoniaQuestions: what do you mean how to go about it ?15:45
Questionsikonia i've read these instructions and it seems to be made to *modify* what is already there, and not add separate packages as defaults (for the gui, anyway)15:46
ikoniaQuestions: adding packages is modifying15:46
VulcanJedihow do i switch my DE to Unity?15:46
Questionsikonia: i see15:47
ikoniaVulcanJedi: install the ubuntu-desktop package and use the greeter to select it15:47
DarkchaosWell somewhere there might be a file which contains which packages to download during the install.15:47
QuestionsDarkchaos: i see15:47
Questionshm that may be it15:47
DarkchaosBut I would start by having a full iso first before stripping it off again15:48
DarkchaosJust to bypass all that trouble. Because If you want to add custom versions of packages you'd need your own apt repository15:48
QuestionsDarkchaos: yeah i see15:48
daewooanesthetized so many people !15:49
leaftypeif anyone here is familiar with ubuntu touch: reflashing the M10 keeps not working. I get to "waiting for device to enter recovery mode", and then ubuntu-flash-device never realizes that the tablet does this15:49
akikQuestions: i ran into cubic (custom ubuntu iso creator) which seems to make customizing ubuntu iso easy15:53
Questionsakik oh nice15:53
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akikQuestions: http://askubuntu.com/a/74176415:53
Questionsakik that looks promising15:55
daewooHi I need help15:55
ducasse!touch | leaftype15:56
ubottuleaftype: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:56
spider_xHey guys, I have been trying to install nvidia drivers for kubuntu15:57
AkhilHello please help me for installation of Ubuntu15:57
spider_xand each time it breaks :D could this be because of LVM full disk encryption?15:57
spider_xAkhil: just google a guide :)15:57
Questionsspider_x: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=232861615:57
spider_xQuestions: it only shows to use nouveau but it is ok, I am reinstalling without the LVM encryption, gonna see if that's better.15:58
AkhilAm trying to install Ubuntu on my VAIO laptop. It has already a crashed windows . While am trying to boot from usb it fails15:59
QuestionsAkhil please be more specific, what error message if any do you get15:59
spider_xAkhil: when you see the first screen either tap F2 or F1215:59
Akhil1 min let me check16:00
AkhilGNU grub version 2.02 it shows when hitting f216:01
Questionsok. do you see a boot menu with different options?16:01
Questionsor what do you see16:01
raubSo I am trying to connect to a vnc server. Lines 1-5 in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23776742/ show that I can see it. But when I try to connect it says it can't open display. Fun fact it worked earlier this morning16:01
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AkhilSome times shows operating system not found16:02
ikoniaAkhil: are you using an external disk at all16:03
ikoniaprobably the most common reason for that is a disk that is "not there"16:03
ikoniaAkhil: operating system not found is normally it can't find the device with a boot sector of the OS16:03
AkhilAm using a pendrive .For booting it has Ubuntu bootable image16:04
ikoniaif it's intermittent it maybe an external/usb disk thats not always available at boot time (I"m making a guess)16:04
ikoniaAkhil: ok, so there you go, thats pretty much what my guess said16:04
raubNVM: someone else was using that connection16:04
AkhilSo how can I fix this ?16:05
ikoniaAkhil: I suspect your box is just not readying the USB port in time to boot16:06
AkhilWhich boot mode I need to select? UEFI OR Legacy?16:06
=== din0 is now known as dino82
ikoniaAkhil: whatever your PCI is booting from16:07
ikoniaPCI ? sorry - I meant PC16:08
AkhilIs there any possibility of failure of ram?16:08
ikoniaAkhil: why would ram impact the boot sector of a disk ?16:08
ikoniaor am I missing the point of the question16:09
QuestionsAkhil it is possible but something like that is also noticeable on your usual operating system, not just a bootable USB that somehow fails16:09
Questionsso if your normal OS works it's unlikely16:09
AkhilSorry for stupid question s I don't aware about all these16:09
ikoniaAkhil: nothing stupid in asking16:10
ikoniaAkhil: just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the point of your question16:10
AkhilNow my pc doesn't boot at all. From usb and from hdd16:11
ikoniaAkhil: what does it say16:11
liohfbHow to use double os on low ram device? 1gb16:11
pavlosraub, export DISPLAY=localhost:0 on your term and try again16:11
ikonialiohfb: your only running one OS at a time16:12
ikonialiohfb: so "double" doesn't matter16:12
Menzadorliohfb: Nothing special is needed, as what ikonia said is true; you'd set up a dual-boot system the same way as a device with a greater amount of RAM.16:12
liohfbHow to achieve it? ikonia16:12
AkhilGNU grub version 2.0216:12
liohfbMenzador I can't increase ram as its tablet16:13
spider_xHey guys, having an odd issue http://i.imgur.com/ql6RhlU.jpg  I did exactly as said on said image16:13
spider_xhowever nothing happend16:13
spider_xthis happend as I was adding backports to Kubuntu16:14
Menzadorliohfb: You don't need to increase your system RAM to use lighter-weight flavours of Ubuntu, such as Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu.16:14
liohfbHow to use lubuntu with Windows?16:15
liohfbDevice is Windows16:15
Akhilikonia how can I troubleshoot16:15
Menzadorliohfb: Do you have a Live USB image of Ubuntu? Also, many Windows tablets use 32-bit UEFI, which will make installing Ubuntu impossible.16:16
liohfbWhy 32-bit uefi isn't good for Linux?16:16
ikoniaAkhil: whats the actual error you're getting16:16
liohfb64-bit good for Linux?16:16
Southern_Gentlembecause 32bit uefi is a hack16:17
Southern_Gentlem64bit is goog16:17
MenzadorWell, not just that, but Ubuntu does not support 32-bit UEFI systems.16:17
liohfbI have  dowloadeded lubuntu iso image from its website;is it called live usb image?16:17
Menzador(At least to my knowledge.)16:17
AkhilActually I doesn't boots stuck on GNU grub. The same pendrive boots on other pc16:18
Menzadorliohfb: Yes, the ISO image is called the Live DVD/USB image.16:18
liohfbHow to check uefi version for iball i701?16:18
liohfbIs it 32 or 64 or not uefi?16:18
liohfbIs there any thing called as non iso image?16:19
AkhilActually I doesn't boots stuck on GNU grub. The same pendrive boots on other pc16:21
=== bad is now known as Guest18155
liohfbI was disconnected16:27
liohfb(liohfb) Is there any thing called as non iso image?16:28
liohfb(liohfb) Is it 32 or 64 or not uefi?16:28
liohfb(liohfb) How to check uefi version for iball i701?16:28
FleuvGood afternoon y'all! Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong, I'm trying to setup a (urbanterror) gameserver. The game runs like a charm, but I can't connect it as well as with telnet. So I tried modifying the iptables without any luck, I added this: iptables -A INPUT -p UDP --dport 27960 -j ACCEPT16:31
spider_xHey guys, in Kubuntu the power saving module is not working I get the error: "Power Management configuration module could not be loaded." I tried googling but don't understand some of the solutions16:32
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
Menzador!pm | liohfb16:35
ubottuliohfb: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:35
=== ghost__ is now known as lina_2
onlacreated iso from mini.iso and booted it and i am on grub prompt.  on ubuntu instructions page i was supposed to see "install"  option.  this is mini.iso fram 14.0416:43
onlathe system itself has systemd boot with efi partition but if I am booting from install usb stick it shouldnt matter?16:47
BeanHello, I have question about rsync I have read a lot on the feature but was wondering if someone could proof read this to make sure I am doing the cmd correct, I have never done this berfore. Copying from movies from a NAS to a computer, Thank you in advace16:48
Beanrsync --files-from=Movie.txt (source)/IP/Movie/ (destination)/home/chris/Movies/16:49
ioriaonla, i really don't know if mini.iso supports efi16:51
onlait doesnt but cant i install grub on efi pc if i have legacy enabled in bios and disalbed secure boot etc?16:52
pavlosonla, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD does not support UEFI16:52
=== ikevin- is now known as ikevin
onlaokay maybe i install lubuntu and then purge lxde, maybe thats ok for this16:54
PiciBean: You probably want to include  -av on that somewhere, -a is for archive and is the standard flag to use when using rsync. v is for verbose, otherwise it will just run and not tell you anything about whats being copied.16:54
onlaaccording to that page it should boot in bios bode16:55
ioriaonla, what 's your goal ?16:55
Bean@Pici rsync  av --files-from=Movie.txt (source)/IP/Movie/ (destination)/home/chris/Movies/?16:55
pavlosonla, I d/l the mini 54MB and am building now on VB16:55
onlato get minimal linux system with 3.16 or older kernel without a lot of hassle16:56
ioriaonla, server 14.0416:56
onlapavlos: thats not 14.04 i presume16:56
pavlosonla, 16.0416:57
onlai see 14.04.4.. not sure but i think someone reported 14.04.3 freezing and 14.04.2 hmm..  i have the intel n2830 celeron which is vulnerable to the famous bug17:01
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109051 in intel_idle "intel_idle.max_cstate=1 required on baytrail to prevent crashes" [Blocking,Needinfo]17:02
onlai mean i need 14.04.217:02
onlayeah, i need 14.04.2 ar older, that page doesnt have17:03
xanguaWhy? onla17:04
onlathe bug on above thread17:04
sudharshawtrying to configure hibernation on Ubuntu 16.04 , but when it is comming from hibernation the saved items are not avaialbe and I get a crash report17:04
xanguaSorry just joined17:04
sudharshawI am not sure weather its hibernating properly in the first place is there a way to check weather its hibernating17:05
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109051 in intel_idle "intel_idle.max_cstate=1 required on baytrail to prevent crashes" [Blocking,Needinfo]17:06
souravbadamiHey! I was installing android-studio from here http://paolorotolo.github.io/android-studio/. It got interrupted in between. Now, when I'm trying to install any other package -- It automatically starts downloading. How to fix it ?17:11
manishhi..i m manish17:11
manishi am new her17:12
souravbadamiHey! manish: Welcome :)17:12
manishwhere are you from #souravbadami17:13
onlafound the old release. i'll see how that one boots thanks ioria17:14
ioriaonla, old release of what ?17:14
manishhow can i install kali from a USB flash drive??17:15
manishcan someone help?17:15
souravbadamimanish: I'm from Bangalore, Just like you :P17:16
souravbadamiYou can create a bootable usb drive using yumi for windows or startup disk creator for debian based system. -- manish17:17
nacc!chat | souravbadami, manish:17:18
ubottusouravbadami, manish:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:18
nacc!kali | manish17:18
ubottumanish: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)17:18
pavansaI am ubable to connect to iphone 6+ to my laptop17:20
pavansacan anybody help me17:20
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day17:20
pavansaI have ubuntu 16.04 lts17:20
=== Menzador is now known as Guest99779
=== tinti is now known as Guest38364
=== Guest99779 is now known as Menzador
souravbadamiraynold: Yep!17:23
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
liohfb(liohfb) (liohfb) I can use live Linux thumb usb drive without vbox also; then what's benefit of vbox/qemu/vmwareplayer?17:26
naccliohfb: I don't know why you're prefixing your statements with your own nick. Are you asking why people use virtualization?17:28
thechahow can i copy an dvd to an iso on my hddd from comand line?17:28
thechai am on an ubuntu1417:28
liohfbnacc it's copy and paste17:29
liohfbI want to know and decide whether I need virtualization in my case or not17:29
naccliohfb: then just c&p the relevant part, not your nick...17:29
naccliohfb: in any case, what is "your case" then?17:30
liohfbIt's tough bit from phone17:30
liohfbnacc iball i70117:30
liohfbWindows tablet17:30
liohfbI want to use Linux also17:30
liohfb1) Which are various ways to use Linux?17:30
liohfb2) which may be better with 1gb ram?17:31
thechaLiohfb you need to test and see for yourself17:31
k1l_liohfb: use lubuntu with that few ram17:31
thechaeverything works great on paper17:31
liohfb3) which may support tablet drivers?17:31
liohfbk1l_ will I need vbox/qemu also?17:32
k1l_liohfb: installing on a tablet is a different thing. there are no generic drivers like for PC/laptops.17:32
liohfbI  downloaded lubuntu17:32
k1l_liohfb: why do you need vbox/qemu?17:32
naccliohfb: what does needing virtualization or not (purely a use-case thing) have to do with installing ubuntu on your system?17:32
liohfbk1l_ i am not sure.  I just found that that's also one way to use Linux17:33
thechanacc how to copy a dvd to iso ?17:33
thechai need an iso on my hdd to backup17:33
ducasseliohfb: i can see absolutely no reason why you would want to use virtualization on a 1gb tablet, if kvm is even supported on it17:33
thechai have got a dvd that i want to back up and i want to do it from cli17:33
thechacomand line interface17:33
nacc!patience | thecha17:33
ubottuthecha: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:33
naccthecha: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CreateIsoFromCDorDVD17:33
thechaubottu→ i thougth maybe they didnt hear me17:34
ubottuthecha: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:34
thechaty nacc17:34
k1l_liohfb: its not "one way to use linux". virtualisation is one way to let OSs run virtually. but that is not a general way to run OSs.17:34
thechavery sweet of you17:34
liohfb(k1l_) liohfb: its not "one way to use linux". virtualisation is one way to let OSs run virtually. but that is not a general way to run OSs.17:34
liohfbDoes this way help to avoid driver problems?17:35
naccliohfb: stop doing that. you're just c&p entire lines of text into the chat, that are already there.17:35
k1l_liohfb: i dont think you understand the idea of having a OS run in virtualisation.17:35
=== Netninja_ is now known as Netninja
liohfbk1l_ can you please explain17:35
liohfbLittle bit17:36
k1l_liohfb: no, it will not help in that way. it only adds an additional layer on the system which will need more ressources.17:36
k1l_liohfb: for performance reasons you want to run your OS native on the hardware.17:37
liohfbWhich are other ways to use Linux? Except virtualization17:37
liohfbk1l_ I don't have enough space on hard disk17:37
k1l_liohfb: no. virtualisation is not linux specific17:38
EriC^^liohfb: make space by shrinking windows17:38
liohfbHow to shrink?17:38
liohfb4gb empty space17:38
k1l_liohfb: is this a android tablet? or a windows tablet?17:39
EriC^^you need space for virtualization too17:39
liohfbWindows iball i70117:39
liohfbW8.1 k1l_17:39
EriC^^liohfb: remove the stuff you dont need17:39
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
liohfbI haven't stored any personal data17:39
liohfbAll are system files17:40
k1l_1gb ram, atom 1,3ghz. dont even think of running virtualization on that17:40
liohfb(liohfb) Which are other ways to use Linux? Except virtualization17:40
k1l_native install17:40
k1l_there is non17:41
tatertotsyou're out of options17:41
liohfbLive pen drive?17:41
k1l_liohfb: doesnt make sense, since you still got too less ram.17:41
liohfb1gb is sufficient for lubuntu I think so17:42
k1l_liohfb: either install ubuntu on that tablet, or let it be.17:42
k1l_and i would look up if someone already accomplished to install ubuntu on that tablet first. because its not like installing onto a pc. the drivers are an issue17:43
ducasseliohfb: you're also going to have lots of fun trying to find drivers for the hardware in a cheap tabket from an unknown manufacturer17:43
TZAnolowhat is equivalent to windows mmc in ubuntu17:44
liohfbCan you help me? I don't have pc to Google and read enough the way I want.  k1l_17:44
giuliosomeone is also in #java?17:44
k1l_liohfb: sorry, i cant do that work for you.17:44
liohfbducasse can you?17:45
ducasseliohfb: google from your tablet17:45
liohfbIt's terrible display17:45
TZAnoloi want to acess windows server ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES, ACTIVE DIRECTORY USERS AND COMPUTERS, remotely. in another workstation i just run MMC and acess. what is equivalent on ubuntu as a MMC CLIENT.17:45
liohfbYou may have read reviews ducasse17:45
giulioi maked a botgame in java using pircbot java class, for bypass the connections number limit to same server irc i tried to proxy the java with proxychains but did not work...firefox work but javabot not17:46
ducasseliohfb: i've never heard of it, or the company17:46
liohfbIball i70117:46
liohfbIball is Indian company making pc parts and phone17:46
GenericHello, world17:47
giulioi maked a botgame in java using pircbot java class, for bypass the connections number limit to same server irc i tried to proxy the java with proxychains but did not work...firefox work but javabot not17:47
nacc!patience | giulio: and also, that should be asked in #java, I assume, not here.17:47
ubottugiulio: and also, that should be asked in #java, I assume, not here.: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:47
ducassegiulio: this channel is not for programming support17:47
thechaducasse if it takes my comuter 20 reboots to try and read the ubuntu installation medium, is it possible the problem is a fauld dvdv drive?17:48
naccTZAnolo: I don't believe there is anything along those lines (at least not officially)17:49
ducassethecha: it's possible.17:50
thechaducasse→ i have created an ubuntu live usb in the past...from which i could technically install ubuntu...but it was very slow, do you think there are usb that have a higeher speed?17:51
ducassethecha: your ports can have supports for different usb levels, so some are faster than others. check the docs.17:53
onlacan i skip the network stuff on ubuntu server install if i dont have network17:53
ducasseliohfb: the only thing i can find is that someone managed to get ubuntu installed by also installing debian, but touch, sound and bluetooth does not work.17:54
liohfbCan you link me that post? ducasse17:55
liohfbThanks for your efforts17:55
ducasseliohfb: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/installing-ubuntu-on-tablet-1-usb-and-touch-input-only-4175561718-print/17:55
liohfbPm please17:55
ducasseliohfb: and this around mid-way down - https://www.desidime.com/forums/dost-and-dimes/topics/install-remix-os-use-android-apps-natively-on-iball-slide-i701-or-any-other-windows-based-device?page=217:55
liohfbI think last post is for android; I prefer any other version except Android because there are many Android phones in home lying17:57
liohfbIn every corner17:57
=== socrates is now known as Guest27225
liohfbLinux Version17:58
ducasseliohfb: i'm telling you - the same guy is talking about ubuntu there, read it.17:58
liohfbOh I see17:58
thechaducasse→ for now i am gonna buy a new dvd drive... ducasse  do you know if i can use the same dd command to create a working bootable dvd form my now freshly created iso?17:58
thechaducasse→ i read the brunf iso link but it doesnt mention cli17:59
ducassethecha: no, you can't dd to a dvd drive.17:59
thechaducasse→ can it be done cli?17:59
ducassethecha: please post your questions to the channel, not to individuals.18:00
thechaducasse→ ok18:00
thechahow do i burn an iso to dvd from cli?18:00
ducassethecha: but look into cdrecord, wodim or the other cd burning tools18:01
liohfbI tried to contact asif on LinkedIn few weeks back; but he didn't find me intersting and hence didn't accept my invitation yet ducasse18:01
liohfbI think noone tried with lubuntu18:02
ducasseliohfb: maybe he lost interest in it since it seems to be a dead end. lubuntu is going to be the same thing, same driver problems.18:02
liohfbHow to create live usb drive with lubuntu?18:03
ducasse!usb | liohfb18:03
ubottuliohfb: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:03
thechayou need to format first18:03
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Coffee8Maniacis this a newb channel?18:04
liohfbThen? thecha18:04
=== medberry is now known as med_
liohfbYes maniac18:04
ducasseliohfb: no, you don't need to format first.18:04
thechadoesnt it need to be fat32 file system?18:05
ducasseliohfb: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows18:05
ducassethecha: no. the image has it's own partition table and file systems.18:05
liohfbGuideline shows use of rufus.18:08
liohfbI have yumi grub also18:08
liohfbWhich one should I go for?18:08
liohfbRufus creates  persistent usb?18:09
zer0devliohfb, just my personal preference, 'unetbootin'18:10
liohfbWill it create persistent usb?18:10
RashadHello. I am trying to secure my ubuntu 16.04 server by disabling root SSH password authentication. I've made a separate "secret" super user that I will use myself to log myself in, but I want to hide "root" from the process.18:10
RashadHow do I do that?18:10
zer0devliohfb yes18:11
liohfbWhy you like it?18:11
liohfbOver others18:11
zer0devwell, i find it very simple :]18:11
liohfbCan you share me how to use it step by step on Windows machine to make live Linux drive18:12
zer0devliohfb: just go through, https://unetbootin.github.io/18:13
BluesKajliohfb, use rufus on windows to create a linux image on usb18:13
liohfbzer0dev  you switched from Windows to Linux? BluesKaj18:15
BluesKajliohfb, rufus has a tutorial18:15
zer0devswitched? liohfb18:15
liohfbI Mean do you use both system?18:15
BluesKajliohfb,  yes about 13 yrs ago :-)18:16
BluesKajliohfb, yes , but I use linux 90% of the time18:17
=== KagomeShuko is now known as AegNuddel
balbooaaa1whats up18:22
balbooaaa1is anybody alive18:22
SchrodingersScat!support | balbooaaa118:23
ubottubalbooaaa1: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com18:23
xangua7+billion human beings18:23
balbooaaa1xangua: lol18:23
liohfb(Deeps) you may find if you're wanting to learn more about this general area (/me waves arms around somewhat vaguely), containers and docker may be a more suitable avenue given your limited hardware18:26
liohfb(Deeps) it's not the same thing as virtualisation, by any means18:26
liohfbWhat he is trying to explain me?18:26
liohfbI am unclear18:26
Piciliohfb: ask him, not us.18:26
liohfbHe replied me this when I asked about using qemu/vmware/vbox kind of softwares to use Linux18:27
balbooaaa1does anyone here uses i3wm18:27
liohfbPici can you hear me?18:27
=== balbooaaa1 is now known as balbooaaa17
EriC^^liohfb: no, cause this is a text chat room18:27
Piciliohfb: I can.  I just don't understand why you want us to explain what some other user has told you elsewhere.  The best person to ask would be that person who told you that.18:27
ducassebalbooaaa17: yes, are you taking a poll?18:27
liohfbYou can be kid!!!18:28
EriC^^liohfb: what?!18:28
liohfbHe is dead Pici18:28
liohfb(EriC^^) j/k.18:28
=== quakestring is now known as mozammel
balbooaaa17ducasse: hahahah nope , i just wanted to know if anyone is using it ;p18:28
liohfbHow much time it takes to create live usb drive? Lubuntu18:32
liohfbI have single port for charging and usb18:32
EriC^^liohfb: 10mins or so18:33
liohfb900mb Lubuntu!!! EriC^^18:33
liohfbUsb 2.018:33
liohfbProcessor Intel atom18:34
liohfb1.3 ghz!!!18:34
EriC^^it takes 1 min for me using dd and 2.4ghz18:34
ducasseliohfb: stop shouting, and don't press enter every two or three words18:35
liohfbWhat's dd? EriC^^18:35
EriC^^liohfb: it's a tool in linux to write blocks18:35
ducasseliohfb: lubuntu is not going to be very comfortable on a tablet, it is really intended for desktops. maybe someone here has a better suggestion? EriC^^ ?18:37
ducassethen again, the whole thing is kind of moot as touch doesn't work :)18:38
ducassehi, mr. penguin!18:40
WildPenguinhow Ubuntu is different from Fedora?18:40
WildPenguinI am a beginner in Linux.18:40
ikoniait's the same thing really just presented in a different way18:41
WildPenguinikonia, I got it.18:42
WildPenguinwhy Cinnamon DE is not available in Ubuntu?18:45
DoYouKnowWildPenguin, it is18:45
DoYouKnowwhere did you see it wasn't available?18:46
WildPenguinand which DE comes with the most features that is beginner friendly?18:46
WildPenguinDoYouKnow, I just surmised.18:46
DoYouKnowthe default one, MATE, is pretty much the most stable18:46
DoYouKnowI tried a couple of them recently, including lxde18:47
ducassemate is not the ubuntu default18:47
DoYouKnowhad some screen refresh/painting issues18:47
DoYouKnowsorry, not mate18:47
DoYouKnowlxde had screen refresh issues18:48
DoYouKnowand I tried the default with mythbuntu, and that had issues too18:48
DoYouKnowon my nvidia card18:48
DoYouKnowbasically they don't seem to repaint the screen properly for windows18:49
DoYouKnowunder events18:49
ducasseDoYouKnow: that's probably a driver issue18:49
WildPenguinok. But, I have read that Unity is quite resource hungry.18:50
xanguaUnity, gnome, cinnamon and KDE18:50
xanguaBasically gnome and KDE18:50
ikoniaWildPenguin: you'll be fine with anyone for learning, it just comes down to personal preference18:50
WildPenguinok. I don't want the performance to be slow, though.18:51
ikoniaWildPenguin: what machine are you running it on18:51
ikoniaWildPenguin: what is the spec ?18:51
WildPenguinI am buying a new laptop, actually. It will have core i3 cpu with 2 Ghz and 4 gb ram18:53
coffeeguybasically i have a ip cam in firefox and need to record it any packages for ubuntu that can do that?18:54
l0llip0pWildPenguin: most likely unity will work fine if the graphics card is supported by linux18:54
ikoniaWildPenguin: what are you currently running18:54
ikoniaWildPenguin: as in what is the current hardware18:54
WildPenguinikonia, currently Lubuntu.18:54
ikoniaWildPenguin: no no, what is the current hardware spec18:55
ikoniaWildPenguin: sorry should have been clear18:55
WildPenguinthis is a very old laptop18:55
ikoniaWildPenguin: yeah, what is the spec of it18:55
WildPenguinhas Celeron M Single core 1.6 Ghz cpu and 2 gb ram.18:55
ikoniayour the same guy right ?18:55
ikoniaWildPenguin: you're LinuxNovice nickname ?18:56
WildPenguinNo. Why?18:57
ikoniaWildPenguin: are you sure, you're not ?18:57
WildPenguinyes. But, why?18:57
ikoniaWildPenguin: then why did you lie ?18:57
ikoniaWildPenguin: I was just asking if you where the same guy, as we've spoken about this before and I wanted to see if you had a problem/changed the situation from when we spoke18:57
WildPenguinNo. I'm not that guy.18:57
WildPenguinI said yes to the question you asked.18:58
WildPenguinthat whether I am sure or not.18:58
pavlosout of curiosity, what's the purpose of !ping?19:00
ikoniapavlos: check if the bot is alive and responding19:00
ikoniaand see how fast it responds19:00
pavlosI see19:00
l0llip0pyou can see the impact of lag19:01
EriC^^pavlos: also to check if you're still connected19:01
pavlosok, ty19:01
HexaChoppavlos, tbh, !ping is pretty fun19:02
kernellohello everyone, please allow me to say that network manager of ubuntu sucks terribly since 14.04.x19:10
kernelloit sucks19:10
kernelloand I don't remember having used this word for any ubuntu component19:10
l0llip0pkernello: Can you justify your statement?19:10
kernelloI turn on the computer. it shows me the ethernet connection symbol instead of wifi symbol. and of course no network is shown. when I turn off-on wifi from the physical slide, this time 'enable wifi' gets grayed...and all this when I turn on the machine. in addition there are countless times this happened after waking from sleep. no network shown, I had to run network restart on terminal..19:13
ikoniakernello: not really interested in a rant19:13
ikoniaif you want help with something, just explain the problem and people will help you if they can19:13
kernelloI just did19:13
ikoniaI'm lagging a little behind you19:13
xanguaSounds like dualboot19:14
l0llip0pkernello: well you say that the graphical interface of network manager sucks. (I agree in some level) But have you tried to learn nmcli ? It is a command line interface and its has worked on me19:15
kernello'worked for me' have you been to 33c3, l0llip0p? :)19:16
kernelloyou cant seriously expect that one connects to terminal every time one accesses to desktop to go online?19:17
l0llip0pkernello: sry what is 33c3? I recommend command "man nmcli" for your problem19:17
kernellol0llip0p, https://hackaday.com/2016/12/30/33c3-works-for-me/ :)19:17
kernelloevery year the event has a motto, and this year's was 'works for me'19:18
kernelloanyway, it doesnt work for me :)19:18
ikoniakernello: please drop the smart responses, people are just giving you info/options trying to offer some suggestions19:19
kernelloyes, I was just going on with the matter..it is not a solution to use terminal to connect to wifi, right=19:20
BluesKajkernello, i do with vpn , every morning, especially if I'm going on irc19:20
kernelloI am talking about a tool that doesnt work19:20
xangua If this is not a dualboot setup, did you install TLP? kernello19:21
kernelloxangua, you mean dual boot with windows?19:21
kernelloxangua, no it is not dual19:22
ikoniakernello: be interesting to know what make/model the wifi card is you're having problems with (it is wifi right ?)19:23
kernelloikonia, it is  intel corp pro/wireless19:24
ikoniakernello: what model ?19:25
ikonia(if you know)19:25
kernellothe problem has affected other people, too, I suppse19:25
ikoniakernello: you suppose ?19:25
ikoniabut you don't know ?19:25
kernelloPro/Wireless 5100 AGN, ikonia19:25
kernellono, I know.19:25
ikoniakernello: how do you know ?19:25
kernelloI remember having seen that the problem was reported19:25
ikoniawhere ?19:25
kernellomight be on launchpad, it's been a while19:26
l0llip0pkernello: thanks for the article :) Yeah it works for me and might work for you too. Only way you are going to is to try it.19:26
ikoniakernello: be helpful to know the bug if possible19:26
ikoniasee what it's status is / what's been done19:26
kernelloapparently nothing, since I still have the problem19:26
ikoniakernello: thats not really true though19:27
ikoniaif you don't know the bug or status of it19:27
kernelloikonia. believe me I am not here to convince you. If I didnt have the problem I would be doing other things now19:27
l0llip0pkernello: you can find out your wifi card model with: lspci command19:27
ikoniakernello: I don't think you don't have the problem, but you don't know the status of the bug, so you can't say "nothing has been done"19:27
tgm4883kernello: it's worth noting that multiple bugs could have the same symptoms19:28
ikoniakernello: if you can get the bug, that would be very useful19:28
ikoniasee what the current state of it is, if there is a fix/workaround, or even someone saying "the problem is X Y Z, and we can't fix beause of A, B , C"19:28
kernellol0llip0p, it is the model I posted above, Intel Corp Pro/Wireless 5100 AGN..I saw it in the lspci output19:28
ikoniakernello: ooh, what version of ubuntu is this ? I may have something19:29
l0llip0pkernello: well quick googling says that your card has been supported from 2010 beyond in ubuntu19:29
kernellol0llip0p, sorry..!!! I guess it is this: 'Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6200'19:30
kernelloikonia, it is 16.04.19:30
ikoniakernello: interesting, so the card shows full support, in 16.04 the last confirmed bug with it as a "device" that I can see was in 2009, and I see no open, or closed network-manager bugs relating to this card at all19:31
ikoniakernello: the problem I did find may have impacted 14.04 in certain situations, but not 16.0419:31
jgcampbell300anyone know how i could see what a program or script is doing in the back ground ... if i execute /home/user1/games/game1 ... it opens up a window and looks like its gona start game but then sits there19:31
ikoniajgcampbell300: strace the program19:31
jgcampbell300ikonia, thanks19:32
kernelloikonia, I just corrected my wireless card model..sorry. does your last reply refer to the corrected model?19:32
ikoniakernello: ahh, no I missed your correction19:32
ikoniakernello: can you do an "lsusb" for me and see if you see a wifi device (not lspci)19:33
jgcampbell300ikonia, cool thanks much ... it seems to be looking for some kind of hardware19:34
ikoniajgcampbell300: nice job19:34
kernelloikonia, yes, there is a Broadcom device shown19:34
ikoniakernello: I've found an interesting issue that depending on the laptop (I assume this is a laptop) and the detection of this card can force it to be in a "kill switch off" state, when it's not actually in that state, this behaviour can confuse network manager (rightly so as thats a bit of a mess)19:35
ikoniakernello: how often can you reproduce this?19:36
kernelloikonia, I think almost every time the device wakes from sleep (when the laptop lid is lifted)..except just now, I dont remember it having happened when the computer has been turned on or restarted.19:38
ikoniakernello: so basically the trigger is being put to sleep, rather than a clean boot19:39
ikoniakernello: as when you joined the channel you said "when I turn on the computer"19:39
kernelloyes, it just happened when I turned on the computer, too19:39
ikoniabut actually the problem is "when I wake the computer from sleep"19:39
ikoniaahh, so it can be a clean boot, or a sleep state it doesn't matter ?19:40
kernelloikonia, the latter is like each time, the former must have been a handful of times at most19:40
ikoniakernello: can you do "rfkill list all" at the moment ?19:41
kernelloso at the end, yes, whether once or 1000 times, it happened in both19:41
kernelloikonia, I did19:41
kernellopaste output=?19:41
wikiWhats a great computer Laptop i should buy for developing and programming? Anyone ..? ty19:41
xanguahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed wiki19:42
wikiAlso should I get  a Mac?19:43
l0llip0pwiki: up to you19:43
wikiI love linux... but I see alot of jobs with macs aswell..19:43
ikoniakernello: when it's in a broken state, can you re-run that command and save it to a file please (then share it with us)19:43
felikswhitewiki:  is your potential work with macs too intensive for a virtual machine?19:44
kernelloikonia, sure. I can do it now and be back in a minute19:44
wikiExcuse me?19:44
wikiTo intensive?19:44
felikswhitelike would it stress your computer too much?19:45
felikswhiteor the vm, rather.19:45
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
wikiUhmm... Perhaps... Im thinking macs for graphics... might do some edditing etc.. but Im doing Ruby I got some cash to spend and Im thinking of a mac book? or am i going in the wrong direction19:45
wikimy desktop is linux.19:46
wikiok should i be more wellrounded with both mac and linux? is my question i guess.19:46
=== user_ is now known as pavlos
HexaChopEriC^^, you there, mate?19:47
ducassewiki: if you're asking what gives the best chance of a job you're in the wrong channel19:47
=== cereal- is now known as cereal
wikiNo im not..19:47
wikiur answer is basically pick what u want u can develop on either...19:48
wikii just was hoping u had some good specs in mind.. i dunno.19:48
ikoniawiki: this channel supports ubuntu linux, so we really only deal with helping with that19:48
wikiok.. well i dont think i asked  my question correctly..\19:49
wikity either way.19:50
ducassewiki: try #ubuntu-offtopic, maybe19:50
wikicant enter19:51
timyp  wiki That channel requires that you have registered and identified yourself with the network's nickname registration services (e.g. NickServ). Please see the documentation of this network's nickname registration services that should be found in the MOTD (/motd to display it).19:51
l0llip0pikonia: it seems there is reports of intel card 6200 problems in ubuntu 16.04.1 by the ubuntu network manager maintainer19:52
l0llip0pin kernel level or in network manager notsure19:52
ikonial0llip0p: really, do you have a link to the bug ?19:52
wikiOh ok ty timy19:52
l0llip0pikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/136074919:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1360749 in linux (Ubuntu) "Centrino Advanced-N 6200 Not Sustaining Wireless Connections" [Medium,Incomplete]19:52
ikoniasuper, great find19:53
HexaChopledeni, I am in bios now.19:54
ikonial0llip0p: that (at a basic level) ties into the issue I've found19:55
ikoniaand funny, the first reporter (although he's not on 16.04) has one of the laptops with the hardware design thats a problem19:55
l0llip0pikona: okay great would be the first time that hp laptops has network issues19:56
ikonial0llip0p: it looks like it's something to do with the way the card sits on the bus, its a pci device but hangs off the usb bus, and the module can't work out the status of on/off because it depends on a "pass through" of some sort from the usb bus19:58
ikonial0llip0p: I'm over simplifying it obviously19:58
l0llip0pikonia: and should be O_o I'm still a university student :D19:59
ikonial0llip0p: it's not a "confirmed" thing, so it could be either "nothing" or just something else and the problem is with the kernel module20:00
ikoniabut reading it does sort of make sense20:00
kernelloikonia, the following is the output when I turn off-on wifi via hardware switch, and the wifi list was then empty, with no network connected; https://paste.ubuntu.com/23777828/20:01
ikoniakernello: so you actively turned it off ?20:02
l0llip0pikonia: well one of my family memeber's laptop is suffering wireless issues (she is running windows) solution: open laptop insert the half loosed connection wire on its place. Unfortunately problem needs to be fix 3 times in year20:02
kernelloikonia, I should have added that it also happened sometimes when I turned off the switch and on again..20:03
kernellolike now20:03
felikswhitegeneral question, hope this is related to the channel:  does anyone know what changed between how Virtualbox began acting in 16.04 (not running VMS) to 16.10?  was it a change in Ubuntu itself?20:03
kernelloso it's been happening in all the ways I said; wake from sleep, turn on pc, turn off-on switch20:04
ikoniakernello: I'm interested when the switch is "on" but it's being a problem20:04
=== Shadowmm_ is now known as Shadowmm
ikoniakernello: however if it's "off" now but the kill status shows as on, it sort of backs up the theory I have based on some notes I found20:04
kernelloikonia, the last output was taken when the switch was on20:04
kernelloit was on, but no network was there20:05
ikoniakernello: Hmmm, I'm not sure, I have a theory, but there is also a bug that l0llip0p found showing an intermitent bug, so I'm unsure20:06
PantlegssleeveHi, how are you!!20:09
l0llip0pikonia, kernello well I read that that network card has been supported in linux-kernel since 2.6.30 version by manufacturer intel.20:09
PantlegssleeveAre people even on here?20:09
ikonial0llip0p: yes, but I've also seen a few problems with later versions20:09
ikonia(that bug report you show suggests something is off)20:10
PantlegssleeveWhat the fuck is this shit?20:10
l0llip0pikonia: okay thanks20:10
Pantlegssleevelollipop is talking to themselves20:10
l0llip0pPantlegssleeve: hi! I suggested that use #ubuntu-offtopic channel for not so important discussion20:11
PiciPantlegssleeve: This is the official Ubuntu support channel.20:11
kernelloI might try these solutions here, hoping it doesnt break anything; https://askubuntu.com/questions/762904/network-manager-ubuntu-16-04-wifi-connected-no-wifi-networks-listed20:11
kernelloor here; https://askubuntu.com/questions/761180/wifi-doesnt-work-after-suspend-after-16-04-upgrade20:11
Pantlegssleevewhat, why would they put me on here?  Sorry for the foul language.20:11
ikoniakernello: I'm not convinced by those (but you may find that is your problem)20:11
BluesKajwho put you on here , Pantlegssleeve?20:12
akikPantlegssleeve: who put you here?20:12
PantlegssleeveMe i guess, but it was automatic.20:13
akikPantlegssleeve: how did you start this irc connection?20:13
PantlegssleeveI installed HexChat, and just joined the first one it tells you20:14
l0llip0pPantlegssleeve: okay I recommend that you join into #hexchat channel they can guide you :) use this: //join #hexchat20:15
l0llip0p*/join #hexchat20:15
Pantlegssleevealright thanks lolli20:15
BluesKajPantlegssleeve, which Linux are you running?20:16
Pantlegssleevethe latest ubuntu20:16
BluesKajPantlegssleeve, ok20:16
l0llip0pBluesKaj: most likely ubuntu since the default guided him to ubuntu channel20:17
Pantlegssleeveha, yep lolli20:17
ioriaPantlegssleeve, you connected with Ubuntu Servers that brought you here, if you choose other severs it'll be different20:17
BluesKajthis is ubuntu support , since you're running Hexchat Linux I shopuld have guessed :-)20:17
=== basedmars is now known as earth_
Pantlegssleeveyeah i saw hexchat in the software center and went hmm?20:19
PantlegssleeveI don't need support so i'll just be on my way20:19
leonarthwriting the initializer for a struct, how do I reference struct elements to perform calculations on the values? https://play.golang.org/p/Jd-uHqiHYS20:22
=== rootkit is now known as Guest6119
leonarthline: 2320:23
iorialeonarth, what is c#  ?20:23
Picileonarth: try #go-nuts, the go channel20:24
leonarthoh sorry thought I was in #go-nuts :D20:24
leonarthcheers guys20:24
leonarthioria it's Go - a better C20:24
ioriai see, i prefer c and c++20:25
HexaChopIoria, hi, still having DVD Drive probs...20:25
ioriareally ?20:25
leonarthit's hard to express a preference until you try :)20:25
HexaChopIoria, any of ideas?20:26
ioriaHexaChop, about dvd ?20:26
kernelloikonia, so the problem occurs via either one of the bugs that you or l0llip0p have found?20:27
HexaChopioria, DVD not working with Ubuntu together20:27
ioriaHexaChop, it's disconnected now ?20:28
HexaChopioria, no, I am in windows currently20:28
kernellosearch results with this problem are not few, can this be somehow fixed by ubuntu?20:28
ioriaHexaChop, idk, mate i'd change and switch the ports until it works  ... :þ20:29
HexaChopioria, easy to say :D, i did switch ports with my SSD, I think it worked back then, now they're switched back but SSD port is much faster...20:29
HexaChopioria, the "Express" Port.20:30
ioriaHexaChop, look, you can do this, put your external in the cabinet, disconnect all the other ports, but keep the dvd in20:32
HexaChopioria which cabinet?20:32
HexaChopioria you mean outie completely?20:33
ioriaHexaChop, idk how you call it... in the desktop , the case20:33
HexaChopioria put it together with all the other HDDs/20:33
cschneidThis isn't really the channel - but does somebody know the right channel? Need to ask about VPS experiences & reviews - specifically if amazon's lightsale is reasonable, and any downsides of it?20:33
kernelloI need to leave now. I will try to get more information on this.20:33
kernellothank you for your help20:33
Petoj87if i use the following command curl -s --user 'användarnamn:lösenord' \ "https://dyndns.loopia.se? \ hostname=dindomän.se&myip=dinipadress"    would that result in a post or get request?20:34
ioriaHexaChop, so it's now internal ... not external anymore ?20:34
ikoniakernello: maybe, I found an odd hardware situation, but it's not confirmed and it's only impacts certain laptops20:34
johannixI want to disable all auto updates on 16.04. I've already uninstalled: unattended-upgrades, ubuntu-release-upgrader-core. Anyone know how to disable update-notifier?20:35
HexaChopioria, no, you don't get it. You ask me to put the EXT. HDD In with the other HDDs? Next to them?20:35
ioriaHexaChop, yes, but disonnect the others20:35
HexaChopioria, kk.20:35
HexaChopAnd then what, ioria?20:35
ioriaHexaChop, leave the dvd plugged20:36
ioriaHexaChop, so, just your ubuntu disk and the dvd20:36
JohnnyLWhich is harder CompTIA or LinuxFoundation?20:36
HexaChopioria, about the live CD. Put it in?20:36
ioriaHexaChop,  why you need it ?20:36
ikoniaJohnnyL: offtopic for this channel, sorry20:36
ikoniaJohnnyL: both are weak20:37
HexaChopioria for re-installation because that current installation is corrupt really badly.20:37
ioriaHexaChop,  how ?20:37
HexaChopioria,checksum didn't match, now the CD I got, matches.20:37
pavlosjohannix, in the software & updates choose Never to check for updates20:37
HexaChopioria, checksum didn't match, now the CD I got, matches.20:37
johannixpavlos: Know how to do it from the terminal?20:38
pavlosjohannix, let me find out20:38
ioriaHexaChop,  may i ask you why you're using a cd and not a usb pen ?20:38
HexaChopioria, CD seems more safe, less ways to mess it up, if u know what I mean20:38
johannixI'm wondering if I can remove 10periodic, 20auto-upgrades, 99update-notifier under /etc/apt/apt.conf.d20:38
ioriaHexaChop,  usb is faster20:39
HexaChopioria, the drive is safer, aaand probably faster because my USB is ridiculously slow.20:39
pavlosjohannix, let me find out https://www.hiroom2.com/2016/05/18/ubuntu-16-04-auto-apt-update-and-apt-upgrade/20:40
ioriaHexaChop,  ok, so you want to reinstall  ?20:40
HexaChopioria, seems like it, because I was getting errors right from the beginning anyways.20:40
pavlosjohannix, better to update those files with 0 (zero) as the article describes20:41
JohnnyLikonia:  I didn't know you were a fighting force of 'extraordinary magnitude. You have our gratitude.'20:41
johannixpavlos: the annoying thing is, if you disable one of these auto-update methods, another one kicks in.20:41
johannixhard to figure out how to get rid of all of them.,20:42
johannixI'll try touching all the configs...20:42
HexaChopioria, what do you think?20:42
pavlosjohannix, you could uninstall unattended-upgrades pkg completely20:43
ioriaHexaChop,  the problem is that you already have a uefi installation on the main disk (windows) and a second efi partition on the external can cause problems20:43
ioriaHexaChop,  you should disable the first during the installation  : http://superuser.com/questions/684512/linux-on-external-drive-uefi20:44
HexaChopioria, I can just plug the other HDDs and SSDs out20:45
johannixpavlos: Ya, I've uninstalled: unattended-upgrades and ubuntu-release-upgrader-core. I've also already turned off '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic.' Now update-notifier is still active...20:45
lodearithol; what's the shortcut to move a window ?20:45
lodearitI'd like to move it with the keyboard instead? can i do it?20:45
ioriaHexaChop,  yes, but you have to disconnect them every time you want to boot ubuntu20:45
lodearitis it possoblee at all, or do i need a setup, or somethings?20:45
HexaChopioria, you got the point by its horns there.20:46
lodearitcan anyone tell me?20:46
pavlosjohannix, can you kill the update-notifier process?20:46
lodearitdoes anyone now, hwho uses more keyboard rather thtn the mouse?20:46
HexaChopioria, idk what to do on that site, not that I understand anything.20:46
daedelothis there a way to figure out where a certain version of qt comes from?20:46
daedeloth* from what repository20:46
johannixpavlos: runs once and then goes away.20:46
johannixpavlos: I'm trying to speed up boot20:47
lodearitHexaChop: do you know my r problem?20:47
daedelothI'm getting "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50501) with this library (version 0x50601)" on VLC20:47
ducasse!patience | lodearit20:47
ubottulodearit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:47
koffeinfriedhofdaedeloth: you're looking for "apt-cache policy"?20:47
ioriaHexaChop,  there is an option in gparted (the partitioner) when you install, called 'don't use this partiotion'  ... is that you probably want... but pernally nener tried20:47
koffeinfriedhofor apt show <name>20:47
daedelothproblem is I don't know where the invalid qt library comes from20:48
ioria*personally never tried20:48
pavlosjohannix, you can use systemd-analyze blame to find which procs take long20:48
HexaChopioria, ohh, what to do?20:49
daedelothlibqtdee3 gives the original ubuntu repo20:50
kernelloikonia, thank you, maybe it helps if I write to bug fix pages.20:50
johannixpavlos: haven't tried that. although, this update step just seems like a waste of CPU time...20:50
johannix(for these machines)20:50
daedelothoh I can check out the dependencies and check those :)20:51
ioriaHexaChop,  in bios-legacy  mode  is simple, with efi is different because there should be one esp partition20:51
pavlosjohannix, last resort, you can remove the update-manager pkg altogether20:52
HexaChopioria, let's get the legacy mode then20:52
ioriaHexaChop,  wait... you can't change the mode and disconnect the other drives every time you want to bot ubuntu20:53
daedelothall dependencies from the package are fetched from the same repository20:54
daedelothso I have no idea what is going on20:54
johannixpavlos: True.20:54
HexaChopioria, I can just change the mode and launch into Windows and Ubuntu.20:55
HexaChopioria, If I remember correctly, Windows still work with Legacy mode,20:55
ioriaHexaChop, if you installed win in efi mode, leave it20:56
HexaChopioria, in uefi, gpt f. system20:56
ioriaHexaChop, yes20:56
pavlosjohannix, my systemd-analyze reports -> Startup finished in 4.978s (kernel) + 52.746s (userspace) = 57.725s20:56
HexaChopiorua, i installed win in uefi then20:57
HexaChopioria, i installed win in uefi then20:57
ioriaHexaChop, yes you did ... i revovere your paste of yesterday http://termbin.com/m5ic20:58
ioriaHexaChop, 2      473MB   578MB  105MB   fat32        EFI system partition          boot, esp20:58
HexaChopioria, what to do then?20:58
ioriaHexaChop, as said, above install on the external drive , when in the partitioner click on the esp partition and select 'don't use this partition' but install grub on the external21:00
HexaChopioria, I install everything related to linux on ext, the GRUB right now is on ext21:01
ioriaHexaChop, ok21:01
johannixpavlos: mine takes around 11 seconds. I think what's happening is the auto update gets kicked off when I log in.21:02
HexaChopso, let's get back to getting the DVD drive to work21:02
pavlosjohannix, 11sec   nice.21:02
HexaChopso, let's get back to getting the DVD drive to work, ioria21:02
johannixpavlos: the userspace part takes 3 minutes...21:02
ioriaHexaChop, ok, but i'am leaving right now, sy21:02
johannixwhich is a bit more than you're seeing21:02
HexaChopioria, sy...21:02
ioriaHexaChop, if you're quick .... :921:03
HexaChopioria, If im quick, what?21:04
ioriaHexaChop,  booting ubuntu...21:04
HexaChopioria will tru.21:04
HexaChopioria will try.21:04
HexaChopioria, so quickly, what should I do to get the DVD to work?21:04
ioriaHexaChop,  insert the disk, and select if from bios (disable secure boot)21:05
HexaChopioria, kk, booting into bios21:05
dankjankemam I making contact with human life?21:05
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dankjankemHow many people are in here?21:06
ToBeCloudFeel free to ask your question though21:06
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dankjankemand what different channels are on this server?21:06
dankjankemis there a music one?21:06
dankjankemok thanks21:07
k1l!alis | dankjankem21:07
ubottudankjankem: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"21:07
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ToBeCloudAlso interesting:21:08
ToBeCloud/msg NickServ help21:08
=== rocket is now known as Guest41540
HexaChopIora, done21:09
HexaChopIoria, done21:09
HexaChopWhat's next?21:09
ioriaHexaChop,  you're at the main menu ?21:09
=== Ken is now known as Guest85773
HexaChopIoria, I am at the bios21:09
ioriaHexaChop,  select dvd21:10
HexaChopIoria, from where?21:10
ioriaHexaChop,  look for 'boot' options21:11
HexaChopIoria, dvd goes first?21:11
HexaChopIoria, done21:11
ioriaHexaChop,  boot21:12
HexaChopIoria, I have no CD inserted21:12
ioriaHexaChop,  meaning ?21:12
HexaChopIoria, should I insert it?21:12
royal_screwup21Hey guys, what does it mean to "wget an entire website"?21:12
ioriaHexaChop,  yes, i think so21:13
Chrisc99probably download every fi;le on the website21:13
Chrisc99if I had to guess21:13
dankjankemHey gentlemen what is this chat for?21:13
dankjankemUbuntu as an OS? or just a general chat?21:13
HexaChopIoria, I am at the ubuntu screen21:14
pavlosroyal_screwup21, http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/downloading-entire-web-site-wget21:14
k1ldankjankem: this is the technical support channel for ubuntu21:14
ioriaHexaChop,  select F6 - nomodeset21:14
dankjankemof forreals?21:14
dankjankemwhy is ur name green?21:14
HexaChopIoria, done21:14
ioriaHexaChop,  select install ubuntu21:14
Picidankjankem: because they were speaking to you21:14
Chrisc99okay so I've got a pretty big issue, I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.10 and every time I boot up, it reaches the "Raising Network Interfaces..." thing and sticks there for five minutes21:14
HexaChopIoria, done21:14
ioriaHexaChop,  wait until it loads21:15
dankjankemPici, oh neat! thanks for the info!21:15
Chrisc99this is what networking.service status saus21:15
HexaChopIoria, getting same ol' errors21:15
dankjankemso I have a quick questin21:15
HexaChopIoria, should I change port?21:15
dankjankemhow could I bypass a network at work to get on this IRC channel?21:16
Chrisc99dankjankem: vpn?21:16
ducassedankjankem: we're not going to help with that21:16
dankjankemok sorry21:16
ioriaHexaChop,  if the errors are about 'ata', yes (possibly)21:17
Chrisc99does anybody have a solution to my issue?21:17
HexaChopIoria, only ata errors21:17
ioriaHexaChop,  so... yes , but i have to go, sorry21:17
pavlosChrisc99, are the interfaces DHCP ? is DHCP running21:17
HexaChopIoria, kk.........21:18
Chrisc99i think dhcp is running, I use nmtui to connect21:18
rizonzmeh the package maintainers made a mess out of php, now php5 is php and php7 php7.021:18
HexaChopDucasse, help me maybe?21:18
Chrisc99would that not be happening if dhcp wasn't running>21:18
naccrizonz: php5 is not php.21:18
rizonzin 16.04 it is it seems21:18
naccrizonz: no, there is no php5 in 16.04.21:18
naccrizonz: read the release notes.21:18
rizonznacc: that is php as far as cache gives me21:18
CodeMouse92rizonz: There IS a PPA for PHP521:19
pavlosChrisc99, can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces21:19
naccrizonz: *what* is php?21:19
HexaChopPavlos, could you help me?21:19
rizonzCodeMouse92: yeah seems to be old packages that refer to php5 :SD21:19
jgcampbell300where would i go to hire programmers to build a game system for me?21:19
nacc!ot | jgcampbell30021:19
ubottujgcampbell300: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:19
pavlosHexaChop, what's the status?21:19
CodeMouse92rizonz: Well, FWIW, my 16.04 server has both PHP5 and PHP7 running just fine21:19
ducasseHexaChop: i've got no new suggestions. you should also ask your questions to the channel, not individuals.21:20
rizonzCodeMouse92: yeah but it's more for my puppet modules21:20
HexaChopPavlos, trying to install Ubuntu via CD and to make ubuntu don't use the windows hdd.21:20
naccCodeMouse92: yes, but PPA support is offtopic, so an exercise for the reader :)21:20
k1lrizonz: that is not a ubuntu setup then. you might have 3rd party repos or 3rd party package installs there21:20
naccrizonz: if you are using stock 16.04, only php7 is availble from the archives21:20
pavlosHexaChop, I read you changed the boot order to boot off the CD, did it pick up the CD?21:21
rizonzk1l: I said refer, not that it are the 5 packages ;)21:21
HexaChopPavlos, yes.21:21
k1lrizonz: "apt-cache policy php" will tell from where the package comes21:21
k1lrizonz: php should refer to php7.021:22
pavlosHexaChop, so you can now install ubuntu, right? is that a dual boot?21:22
naccrizonz: afaik (speaking as the person who did the php migration), no packages in 16.04 refer to php5; you might have 14.04 packages still installed, though, or something else21:22
Chrisc99http://paste.ubuntu.com/23778190/ pavlos21:22
rizonznacc: read, I said some old packages refer to 521:22
rizonzlibs or so21:22
HexaChopPavlos, changing sata port for cdrom21:22
CodeMouse92nacc: Not to be obstinate, but I don't see anywhere in the channel regs that referring to a PPA is "off topic"21:23
HexaChopPavlos, I mean DVD Drive.21:23
naccrizonz: 'old packages' that don't exist on 16.04?21:23
k1l!ppa | CodeMouse9221:23
ubottuCodeMouse92: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:23
naccCodeMouse92: sorry, not in the 'regs' (/topic), but in the above blurb21:23
naccCodeMouse92: didn't say referring to it was offtopic, i said support for it was :)21:24
pavlosChrisc99, dmesg | grep eth0 ... any issues?21:24
CodeMouse92Still literally don't see it. it isn't Canonical supported, yes, but, it's not OT21:24
CodeMouse92Support for the PPA itself, yeah, that'd be OT.21:24
naccCodeMouse92: in the official ubuntu support channel, unsupported things are offtopic...21:24
naccCodeMouse92: seems sort of tautological21:24
tgm4883PPA's are supported, the content of PPAs are not supported21:24
CodeMouse92^^^ +121:24
Chrisc99[   63.806091] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready21:24
tgm4883but that's splitting hairs21:25
CodeMouse92nacc: Right, that might need to be added to the official channel rules to be VERY clear.21:25
CodeMouse92Just sayin'. "I need PHP5." "Use this PPA" is this side of the line, AFAIK. Anyhow...moving on.21:25
pavlosChrisc99, bad cable? how about lspci21:25
k1lCodeMouse92: you are splitting hairs.21:25
Chrisc99pavlos: I'm on wifi21:26
naccCodeMouse92: yes, and i never said it wasn't..., but it's fine21:26
pavlosChrisc99, ok, then lsusb21:26
Chrisc99i don't use ethernet21:26
yangm97how can I make ubuntu 16.10 an airprint server?21:26
k1lCodeMouse92: the other solutions are: get some other 3rd party repo or package or compile yourself.21:26
CodeMouse92nacc: Okay. It was confused since I wasn't offering PPA support.21:26
Chrisc99there's nothing plugged into my usb ports21:26
pavlosChrisc99, if wifi, your eth0 should not be active but a wlan interface or something like that21:26
CodeMouse92k1l: No, not quite splitting hairs. What's OT and what isn't shouldn't be vague.21:26
HexaChopPavlos, done21:26
tgm4883CodeMouse92: I'd argue recommending users a path that will get them into unsupported territory should be considered unsupported21:27
CodeMouse92tgm4883: So, what would your recommended answer be?21:27
CodeMouse92For "I need PHP5". "No you don't?"21:27
naccCodeMouse92: use 14.04.21:27
tgm4883CodeMouse92: I don't even know what the original question was21:27
yangm97never mind, got it already, thanks21:27
pavlosHexaChop, so you're in the process if installing ubuntu What more help do you want?21:28
HexaChopPavlos, actually booted after changing port!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:28
Chrisc99pavlos: i set eth0 to down with ip link, maybe that'll fix it?21:28
Chrisc99I'll try rebooting21:28
tgm4883CodeMouse92: Either figure out what you need to do to get it to work on the version of PHP that you have, or upgrade your distro21:28
k1lCodeMouse92: if you want to be pedantic on the topic: there is no official supported way to have php5 on 16.04. thats it.21:28
HexaChoppavlos, need help installing it21:28
CodeMouse92That explains soooo much. Right-o, I'll bear all that in mind.21:28
pavlosHexaChop, if you boot of the DVD, you will be shown the live ubuntu with a button to install it. Follow the install process21:29
vicatcuhey all, i'm trying to bootstrap ubuntu onto a brand new machine I assembled21:29
HexaChopPavlos, simple as that?21:29
vicatcuclicked through the installation, installed ubuntu onto the SSD21:30
vicatcurestart and select ssd as boot device21:30
vicatcunothing happens, blinking cursor21:30
pavlosHexaChop, yes,21:30
vicatcuany ideas?21:30
pavlosHexaChop, are you trying 16.04 desktop?21:30
HexaChopPavlos, yes21:30
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pavlosHexaChop, after it boots, there will be a Try Ubunbu and Install Ubuntu. You can Try (as live) to make sure h/w is working, then click the install icon21:32
HexaChopPavlos, getting not optimum mode HDMI21:32
pavlosHexaChop, I dont have hdmi, dont know how to help21:32
pavlosHexaChop, is your display a TV21:32
HexaChopPavlos monitor21:32
pavlosHexaChop, the live cd should be able to negotiate a good resolution21:33
ElectrumGuyin #python21:35
ElectrumGuyI'm running 16.0421:35
ElectrumGuyin my crontab I have this: @reboot /home/jorged/startup1.sh21:35
ElectrumGuybut when I actually reboot, it doesn't run the .sh file21:35
HexaChopPavlos, ask someone for help. This is so frustrating :((((((((((((21:35
ElectrumGuyAny idea what I am doing wrong?21:35
ElectrumGuyif I do: "sudo reboot" when the VM comes back up, it doesn't ru n these programs.21:36
pavlosHexaChop, your system, a desktop, has GTX 1070. You are booting off a CD to install ubuntu 16.04 Desktop. For some reason there is an issues with the resolution21:36
Chrisc99that did NOT fix it21:37
HexaChopPavlos, use internal?21:37
pavlosChrisc99, if you're on wifi, eth0 should be non functioning21:37
pavlosChrisc99, ifconfig should give you another interface21:37
Chrisc99well it says it's waiting for a lock on eth021:37
Chrisc99pavlos: yeah wlan021:38
Chrisc99someone recommended setting a static IP21:38
IlmenHello; I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and would like to update IBus from source, as apt-get doesn't seem to see the latest release (1.5.14). Is it a good idea, and if so, should I first uninstall my current version?21:38
pavlosChrisc99, then your interfaces file should show the wlan0 with static info21:40
vltHello. Any why I get "New size smaller than minimum (1050112)" from "resize2fs ... 4G" for this file system: "/dev/mapper/loop0p2           4003312  2977912    798996   79%"?21:41
ducasseIlmen: of course 14.04 doesn't have the latest version of thins, it's nearly three years old. look for a ppa or upgrade to a later ubuntu.21:42
dorkmafiaI'm trying to install ubuntu I just made a bootable usb stick21:44
dorkmafiaI ran a memtest and everything came up fine21:44
HexaChopPavlos my PCE ports actually can be turned off...21:44
pavlosHexaChop, you mean PCIe ports (the 1070 card)?21:45
fearnothinghi folks, I have two questions21:45
fearnothingeasy one first21:45
HexaChopPavlos yes. They have little switches.21:46
fearnothingwhenever I ssh to this box, I get the error "-bash: =/opt/splunk: No such file or directory."21:46
fearnothingI removed splunk a while back but can't find where this error is coming from21:46
pavlosHexaChop, but then after you enable them, your graphics driver will be messed21:46
Ilmenducasse: would a .deb file of the newer version do it for replacing my current IBus?21:46
ducasseHexaChop: it could just be a driver issue that can be fixed by installing the correct driver after install.21:46
fearnothingI've searched ~/.bashrc, /etc/bash.bashrc, bash completion etc21:46
fearnothingwhere else might it be?21:46
dorkmafiawhen I boot up and select Ubuntu from the menu the computer tries to do something then restarts21:47
HexaChopDucasse, maybe. This is HARD.21:47
Chrisc99okay I fixed it21:47
dorkmafiaBashing-om: hi :D21:47
ducasseIlmen: that's generally a bad idea, and could mess up dependencies. a ppa is also unsupported, but will generally work.21:47
Chrisc99apparently it was trying to use eth0 because it identfied eth0 as the primary interface, and didn't use wlan0 at all21:47
Chrisc99so I set wlan0 to the primary and now my boot time is 1.5m instead of 5m21:48
HexaChopPavlos now I have just a black screen21:48
HexaChopPavlos it loaded as I was about to abort, lpl21:48
HexaChopLo*l, pavlos21:49
pavlosHexaChop, so you were not able to boot off the CD?21:49
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Still with problems installing from last night ? What release have you installed ?21:49
HexaChopLol**, pavlos. I am live cd. YES.21:49
dorkmafiaI have 16.04.121:49
pavlosHexaChop, and you have network and can browse pages?21:49
dorkmafiaBashing-om: yeah I got a different usb stick now just to make sure thats not the problem21:49
HexaChopPavlos yes21:50
pavlosHexaChop, and sound, mouse, works21:50
dorkmafiaI have a different screen that shows now21:50
HexaChopPavlos, yes21:50
fearnothingsecond, harder question: I have slapd logs going into /var/log/syslog, but I'm having trouble forwarding them; please could someone help me figure out what the correct way to get them forwarding like my other logs is?21:50
pavlosthere should be an icon, top left install ubuntu 16.0421:50
dorkmafiaUbuntu/Advanced options for Ubuntu/Memory test/Memory test serial console 11520021:50
pavlosHexaChop, there should be an icon, top left install ubuntu 16.0421:50
dorkmafiawhen I select Ubuntu the cpu restarts21:50
Sean_McGfearnothing: I have that working on my Solaris box, but I'm not sure if it is the same on Ubuntu.21:51
Bashing-omdorkmafia: K; Do you know how to boot to the grub menu and from there boot to a terminal ?21:51
fearnothingSean_McG - are you using rsyslog?21:51
dorkmafiaI don't think it is booting via EFI21:51
HexaChopPavlos, nope no sound21:51
Sean_McGno, whatever the standard system logger is on Solaris21:51
dorkmafiait says press c for command line21:51
dorkmafiaso i could do that21:51
fearnothingah, I have rsyslog, and it's happily forwarding other logs for me21:51
HexaChopPavlos, lol, my speakers were off, lol.21:52
fearnothingbut slapd isn't being sent and I cannot figure out why21:52
pavlosHexaChop, do you see the icon I described?21:52
HexaChopPavlos, yes. Already launched.21:53
Sean_McGfearnothing: ahhh I remember why... slapd isn't using the system logger. I had to set it's configuration to specifically log to a file.21:53
Ilmenducasse: Thanks.21:53
Bashing-omdorkmafia: At the grub boot menu press the 'e' key for edit mode . What results ?21:54
HexaChopPavlos, what's next?21:54
dorkmafiaset params 'Ubuntu'21:55
dorkmafiathen recordfail load_video gfmode $linux_gf ..21:55
dorkmafiayou meant hat?21:55
pavlosHexaChop, here's a page with pictures ... https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop21:55
dazed1hiyas, is there anyone who might take a poke at an selinux question on ubuntu?21:56
fearnothingSean_McG - whereas on mine slapd most certainly is using the system logger as it's going into the syslog file21:56
HexaChopPavlos, should I select install 3rd party software?21:56
pavlosHexaChop, if you are doing dual boot, there are differences21:56
fearnothingI just can't get it to forward21:56
HexaChopPavlos, hwlp with dual boot?21:56
HexaChopPavlos help*21:57
pavlosHexaChop, your choice, it will d/l during install21:57
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Bashing-omdorkmafia: Yeah ,,, now in this screen areow  down to the line starting with linux and across to "quiet splash" , rmove these terms and all aftr .. and in the place insert systemd.unit=multi-user.target . This shoulkd be TTY1, can you log into the system here ?21:57
HexaChopPavlos help with dual boot?21:57
ducasse!install | HexaChop21:57
ubottuHexaChop: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate21:57
pavlosHexaChop, what's the other OS21:58
Sean_McGwait what the...21:58
ducasseHexaChop: there are instructions for both dualboot and single install21:58
HexaChopPavlos, Windows UEFI 1021:58
dorkmafiaBashing-om: ok let me do that21:59
dorkmafiathen boot?21:59
pavlosHexaChop, another page, please read before you continue http://www.tecmint.com/install-ubuntu-16-04-alongside-with-windows-10-or-8-in-dual-boot/21:59
Bashing-omdorkmafia: when the edit is made , key combo ctl+x to boot up the system ub terminal mode .22:00
HexaChopPavlos, I have different HDDs for both OSes22:00
dorkmafiathe line says linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic root=UUID=<UUID> ro systemd.unit=multi-user.target22:00
Bashing-omdorkmafia: looks correct . ctl+x to boot .22:01
dorkmafiait's asking me to login22:01
ElectrumGuyhas anyone experienced issues with @reboot not working?22:01
ElectrumGuy@reboot /home/jorged/startup1.sh doesn't work22:02
HexaChopPavlos I want custom partitioning, could you please help?22:02
dorkmafiai will login now but I was trying to install ubuntu22:02
ElectrumGuybut if I run it as I could normally, it works.22:02
daedelothCannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50501) with this library (version 0x50601)22:02
dorkmafiacause this is the 32-bit install22:02
dorkmafiai am logging into22:02
daedelothgetting desperate :)22:02
Sean_McGfearnothing: apparently I am full of it... slapd does use the system logger, I just have the line to actually log anything from it commented out in /etc/syslog.conf. I also realize now that this is not what you are asking as presumably the forwarding functionality is part of rsyslog itself.22:02
dorkmafiaBashing-om: i'm in22:02
Bashing-omdorkmafia: You have not logged in yet ? .. do so .. when asked for password. enter your pass word blindly - there will be no response to the screen .22:03
dorkmafiabut it's still the 32-bit one22:03
pavlosHexaChop, I dont use dual boots, please read the links ducasse gave22:03
dorkmafiaBashing-om: I logged in yes22:03
HexaChopPavlos, other HDDs are off, I will update GRUBS later.22:03
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Why ??  .. what are you doing ?? that you have not told ? Exactly what do you want to do ?22:03
HexaChopPavlos, imagine I am doing it without dual boot22:04
pavlosHexaChop, then install to that one disk, the boot loader will be installed on that disk and you would have to flip OS at BIOS22:04
dorkmafiaBashing-om: I made a new usb stick with ubuntu 64 bit iso ... I want to install 64bit ubuntu22:05
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dorkmafiaI would like to overwrite the old install22:05
whatisthisthen just do it22:05
HexaChopPavlos, after updating grub, it actually detects windows and allows to select there22:05
whatisthisyoure talking about the os-prober22:06
pavlosHexaChop, how does it detect win if the win disk is off ????22:06
fearnothingSean_McG - yes, in the rsyslog.conf instead of specifying an output file you can specify @host:port to forward logs to22:06
whatisthisit is the software that detects your partitions type22:07
whatisthisif youre dualbooting, then your windows can be found22:07
HexaChopPavlos, I will reconnect it after install and then using update-grub to make it detect windows loader22:07
Sean_McGfearnothing: if it really is that simple, is it possible the other end is "dropping those logs on the floor"?22:08
pavlosHexaChop, up to you. As I wrote, you can proceed with the install to your just one connected disk22:08
Bashing-omdorkmafia: The easy thing to do is just boot the installer in efi mode, choose " erase disk and install ubuntu " and should all be over with in a matter of minutes .22:08
whatisthis^ yes22:08
whatisthiswell dont erase disk, just the previous ubuntu partitions22:09
dorkmafiaBashing-om: there is nothing under the UEFI Boot Sources22:10
whatisthisHexaChop how about looking at the dual booting walkthrough on the office Ubuntu site?22:10
fearnothingSean_McG - no, tcpdump would see them :P22:10
fearnothingin fact, tcpdump on the origin host would see them22:10
dorkmafiawhen I scroll down to the Legacy boot sources and select my flash drive it takes me to that screen I mentioned earlier22:10
Sean_McGoh you've checked for traffic22:10
Officewhatisthis: huh?22:11
HexaChopWhatisthis, how to format drive into efi instead of gpt?22:11
whatisthisOffice: what is up?22:11
whatisthisuse the live usb to boot from22:11
whatisthiswhen you boot your computer22:11
whatisthishold f1122:11
whatisthisor f2, depending on your computer maker22:11
HexaChopWhatisthis, i am at live cd, lol22:11
whatisthisyou need to make sure your computer is in efi mode22:12
whatisthisthen use the install22:12
whatisthisHexaChop, there should be two options, try ubuntu, and install22:12
whatisthisHexaChop: so use the second option, the install option22:12
HexaChopWhatisthis,, my PC can load uefi and efi at the same time somehow.22:12
Sean_McGthey are one and the same thing22:13
whatisthisuefi and efi are the same thing22:13
whatisthisthe two different modes are efi and legacy22:13
HexaChopWhatisthis, yup legacy and efi can load at the same time22:13
whatisthissince ubuntu uses efi, you need to make sure your computer has efi enabled, along withs secure boot DISABLED22:13
HexaChopWhatisthis, secure mode is off22:14
Bashing-omdorkmafia: Are you certain you have a EFI machine ?22:14
whatisthisHexaChop, very good then. Do you see an option to install ubuntu from the live usb?22:14
dorkmafiamaybe there is some dumb bios setting I need to set22:14
HexaChopWhatisthis it's a CD, yes.22:14
whatisthisoh cd22:14
whatisthisyyess the cd22:14
whatisthisHexaChop, so click the "INSTALL" option22:15
HexaChopWhatisthis, I am in the install app22:15
whatisthisHexaChop, what do you need help on then?22:15
HexaChopWhatisthis, my HDD was previously formated as gpt22:15
ElectrumGuyis there anyway to make it so a .sh script will be run on startup?22:16
whatisthisHexaChop, that shouldn't matter, the cd should still work the installation22:16
HexaChopWhatisthis I want a separate partition for the OS and user files22:16
whatisthisHexaChop, use 'gparted' to create a new partition22:16
whatisthisHexaChop, take a look at this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/731740/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-a-gpt-partition-table-without-using-efi-boot22:17
whatisthisgparted and cfdisk are the same thing. theyre just used for different kinds of partiton22:17
whatisthisHexaChop, in order to create a NEW partition, you'll need to boot into the TRY UBUNTU first and create the partiton there22:18
HexaChopWhatisthis, I am in gparted and I need mbr partition table22:18
pavlosElectrumGuy, you could add your script in /etc/rc.local22:19
ElectrumGuypavlos, as root (i.e. sudo nano /etc/rc.local)?22:19
whatisthisHexaChop mbr is for windows22:19
_AxS_hey all -- what's the quick and proper way of setting the default kernel version to boot?  ubuntu-16.04 .. i assuming editing grub.cfg isn't the best plan..22:19
pavlosElectrumGuy, yes, the last line should be exit 022:20
pavlosElectrumGuy, /etc/rc.local is 75522:20
ElectrumGuypavlos, the first line of the sh script it will be executing or the first line in /etc/rc.local?22:20
ducasseHexaChop: if you are booted in uefi mode the installer will install in uefi mode. period.22:20
whatisthisAxs change the /etc/default/grub file,22:20
HexaChopDucasse, I am in efi mode...22:20
whatisthisAxS the variable of GRUB_DEFAULT, change to the index of the kernel you want22:21
pavlosElectrumGuy, take a look at /etc/rc.local22:21
ElectrumGuypavlos, "permission denied" when I try to nano /etc/rc.local as a non root.22:21
pavlosElectrumGuy, try sudo22:21
whatisthisElectrumGuy use sudo22:21
whatisthisor just do su if you need to do more admin stuff22:21
ElectrumGuyi'll give it a shot now22:21
ElectrumGuy1 sec22:21
ElectrumGuywill it run the .sh as root then?22:22
ElectrumGuythe .sh creates a screen and runs a python file in that screen22:22
Sean_McGyes, rc runs as root22:22
ElectrumGuyoh wow22:22
ElectrumGuythat worked22:22
HexaChopDucasse what is the name in gparted for mbr partition table?22:23
ElectrumGuythanks pavlos and whatisthis22:23
pavlosElectrumGuy, np22:23
whatisthisno problem electrumguy22:23
HexaChopWhatisthis, what is the name in gparted for mbr partition table?22:24
whatisthisHexaChop, the mbr partition is the windows22:24
whatisthisyou just want to create a new partition for ubuntu22:24
HexaChopWhatisthis, I am reformatting the partition table instead of gpt. Partition table name for legacy?22:25
whatisthisHexaChop are you erasing the whole drive?22:25
HexaChopWhatisthis, exactly22:26
whatisthisremember, when you format you will lose data22:26
HexaChopWhatisthis, I'm fine with it22:26
whatisthisHexaChop, okay use EXT422:26
HexaChopWhatisthis, no such selection, there is msdos, etc.22:27
whatisthisyes msdos is good22:27
HexaChopPavlos, is msdos good? I need equivalent for mbr22:27
pavlosHexaChop, (whatisthis for ref) if you use the whole disk why do you go thru custom partitioning? please check the pages we provided22:28
HexaChopPavlos, please, I need to get out of gpt22:29
ducasseHexaChop: msdos = mbr, but the installer is going to install in uefi mode now.22:29
HexaChopDucasse, u saved me, thanks whatisthis and pavlos, too.22:30
HexaChopDucasse, size for boot partition?22:31
ducasseHexaChop: no. read the links you have been given. at least *try* before you ask for help.22:33
Sean_McGsean@ohana:~$ du -hs /boot22:33
Sean_McG117M    /boot22:33
HexaChopDucasse, I did read but not thoroughly, time's pushing.22:34
radulence84Hello to all22:34
Baronesmy /root instalation is on a 20gb SSD and /home on a 1tb hd, but upgrades ask for more space on /root is there a way to migrate /opt and others large folders to HD?22:36
Sean_McGBarones: sure22:36
Sean_McGBarones: investigate autofs22:37
BaronesSean_McG, thank you22:38
Bashing-omBarones: " more space on /root" what we often see here is a number of old kernels installed to the system . If so, removing the old kernels will fix .22:39
Sean_McGI mount user directories using that (some are local, others via NFS)22:39
yaourtTried several methods, can't seem to figure out the issue, anyone know why i get flickers on web browsers?22:39
yaourtvideo card "intel hd 4000"22:39
Sean_McGyaourt: poor acceleration on the Intel drivers22:40
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
yaourtSean_McG, i don't notice this issue on Arch or Debian.22:40
HexaChopDucasse, ubuntu is now installing!22:41
Sean_McGdo they use the same kernel?22:41
yaourtIs it just a ubuntu issue?22:41
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BRS-Ryanw.bulkreefsupply.com today for all your reefing needs, as at Bulk Reef Supply our mission is to make reefing fun & easy!22:41
yaourtWell ubuntu is pretty much Deb with a ton of shit stacked ontop so i cant see it make much more of a diffrence?22:41
Sean_McG /kb BRS-Ryan irrelevant22:42
HexaChopyaourt, no swearing, please.22:42
akikyaourt: try updating the kernel to a mainline kernel and see if that fixes it22:42
xubuntu13wHi everyone. I'm in need of help with my 16.10  installation. Everything works fine until I receive the error message "grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/"22:42
HexaChopyaourt,  no probs, bro :)22:42
yaourtakik, you have a link for that?22:42
xubuntu13when the installer fails and I have to reboot into the live session (which I'm currently using to seek help).22:42
saju_mHi, I want to add some new *deb packages to my local repo22:43
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akikyaourt: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/22:43
Questionsif i use ubuntu server and install the i3 window manager on it, can that be used as a desktop system that is substantially lighter than vanilla (unity) Ubuntu?22:43
saju_mi used reprepro to create that repo22:43
HexaChopDucasse, how to install nvidia drivers if I have just the internal CPU gpu enabled?22:43
xubuntu13wOne solution I found online was to modify the filename "grub-efi-amd64-signed_1.9~ubuntu12.04.4+1.99-21ubuntu3.10_amd.deb" by adding "64" at the end before .deb, but I cannot find the proper directory22:43
yaourtakik thanks.22:43
saju_mi am planing to use reprepro include command to add new packages to that repo22:43
Sean_McGyaourt: I don't notice any flicker with Chrome on my Skylake though.22:43
saju_mreprepro need *.changes file to add new packages to repo22:44
dazed1anyone able to field an selinux question?  There are a few profiles available - one is specifically for mls, but using the non-mls "ubuntu" profile shows MLS as being enabled, and if I set it to enforcing multiple basic things have mls errors.  Any tip on disabling MLS?22:44
saju_mhow to do i get this *.changes file ?22:44
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saju_mis there any command to download *.chnages file of a packages ?22:45
Sean_McGyaourt: I built my own packages for newer libva and i965-va-driver though22:45
HexaChoppavlos, bro, u there?22:45
xubuntu13wIt is supposedly a but when installing from a pen drive22:46
Sean_McGyaourt: (which I think is only used for video from YouTube et al.)22:46
pavlosHexaChop, here22:46
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HexaChopPavlos, k, how to install nvidia drivers while having just the CPU GPU enabled?22:46
Sean_McGcan someone please deal with the spam bot22:47
whatisthissean mcg how can i help22:47
pavlosHexaChop, after ubuntu is installed, you could check control settings, additional drivers and it would prompt you which Nvidia drivers to install22:47
Sean_McGHexaChop: graphics-driver PPA22:48
k1lBRS-Ryan: advertising is forbidden in here.22:48
Sean_McGHexaChop: which GPU?22:48
xubuntu13wis anyone familiar with the error message "grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/" during an install?22:48
xubuntu13wCan I resolve it by partitioning manually?22:48
HexaChopSean_McG, 2x Asus Strix 1070 GPUs.22:49
BRS-RyanHello this is Ryan from BulkReefSupply.com. While it is possible to buy your mixed saltwater at the local fish store, there is a way to create your own pure saltwater at home. I started with a 90 gallon tank and didn't want to haul all that water to and from the fish store, so I bought an RO/DI unit day 1. We have many RO/DI units on our website th22:49
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whatisthiswhere is the mod for this chan22:50
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu22:50
akiki think that's the way22:50
* dax raises an eyebrow22:50
BRS-RyanDon't forget our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/BulkReefSupplyCom is the YouTube channel for Bulk Reef Supply, where you can find videos made by me, Ryan Batcheller, about all things reefing.22:50
Sean_McGHexaChop: ah, yes I use nvidia-370 from the graphics-drivers PPA -- I have an eVGA GTX 1070.22:50
Questionsif i use ubuntu server and install the i3 window manager on it, can that be used as a desktop system that is substantially lighter than vanilla (unity) Ubuntu? :)22:51
whatisthisQuestions, yes22:51
HexaChopSean_McG, so relatable :D22:51
whatisthisi3 is the best window manager in my opionion22:51
ducasseQuestions: that is essentially what i do22:51
Questionswhatisthis, ducasse ok, cool. but will there be media things also there? like sound codecs etc22:51
whatisthisducasse very good22:51
whatisthisQuestions, of course.22:51
Questionsi'm worried because since it's a *server*, it may not have that22:51
whatisthisQuestions, the wm or de doesn't affect your drivers22:52
Questionssince a server generally has no need to play sound22:52
whatisthisQuestions, a server is just a computer22:52
whatisthisQuestions, unless it is some business grade material, most likely your server is jsut a big tower pc22:52
Questionswhatisthis, i know, what i mean is, the underlying server variant of Ubuntu is meant to be used as a server presumably, FTP, webserver, all that jazz22:53
whatisthisQuestions, on which you can install drivers and codecs22:53
daxQuestions: Ubuntu Desktop and Server use the same repositories, so anything that can be installed on the former can be installed on the latter22:53
daxit's just a convenience thing22:53
whatisthisQuestions, there are software that hosts audio, if you wnat to listen to music directly from your server, you can22:53
whatisthisdax, correctly said22:53
Sean_McGHexaChop: and if you want to switch between internal video and the GPU you'll have to a) enable both in the BIOS/UEFI, and b) use nvidia-prime (from the same PPA) to switch between them22:54
Questionsdax: i see, but my question is more specifically if the server variant *already comes* with the things necessary to be able to, say, reproduce audio, and not have to apt-get it from repos22:54
Questionsdax, whatisthis, the context is that this is going to be a fork down the line22:54
Questionsof ubuntu22:54
Questionsand i want this all to be there ready made, instead of having the user downloading it after install22:55
whatisthisQuesitons, understood22:55
daxQuestions: no22:55
Questionsi see, hm22:55
Questionsi'll have to package it then22:55
daxQuestions: there are no music playing apps etc. installed22:55
daxall the same drivers would be there, because it's the same kernel22:55
Questionsyeah i see i see22:55
whatisthisQuestions, you'll ned to customize yourself, then save it in your new fork22:55
Questionsso i guess i'll have to figure out how to package those22:56
Questionsand then fork22:56
whatisthisQuestions, yes, there are many ways to create an iso22:56
Sean_McGHexaChop: I've been testing an application that uses Intel QSV so I need to use the internal card for now.22:56
Questionsi was recommended isolinux for that, and for the installer, squashfs22:57
whatisthisQuestions: http://askubuntu.com/questions/136165/how-to-create-iso-images22:57
Questionswhatisthis: that looks good22:57
Questionsthanks let me see22:57
whatisthisQuestions, of course :)22:57
whatisthisQuestions, as i actually run arch on my box, i only know of archiso, for my distro22:58
Questionsarch is another good one, but not as beginner friendly as Ubuntu22:58
Questionsarch has excellent documentation online though, i'll give it that22:58
whatisthisQuestions: true, and true. I love arch. Cannot go back to any other platform of linux22:58
whatisthisbut back to ubuntu...22:59
whatisthisubuntu has basically premade distros, like better versions of windows lol22:59
whatisthisQuestions: just be sure to back up your data before doing any dd-ing22:59
Questionskind of, and since i like ubuntu's userbase and its high-quality package repos, i figured i'd use it to remaster23:00
HexaChopDucasse, whatisthis, pavlos, bros, thank you A LOT.23:00
Questionswhatisthis: oh yah23:00
whatisthisHexaChop, any time23:00
Questionsthis will all be attempted first in a VM23:00
HexaChopWhatisthis, :)23:00
whatisthisQuestions: That is a good place to practice. and save a lot of headache23:00
Questionsyeah lol23:00
=== done is now known as Guest15413
ubuntuuserHello I am having a problem with ubuntu on my dell xps13. It was not recognizing my ac adapter so I went into bios and restored defaults and now when I try to boot ubuntu it says "busyBox v1.21.1 (ubuntu 1:1.21.0-1ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash) enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.                (Initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system23:08
Bashing-omubuntuuser: Reset the boot order to the drive that contains ubuntu ?23:10
whatisthisthis means it doesn't recognized your live usb23:10
ubuntuuserBut I am not trying to boot from live USB but from the ssd23:10
whatisthisubuntuuser then your ssd isnt configured correctly for the conmputer to recognize it23:11
ubuntuuserBoot sequence is uefi Samsung ssd pm851 m.2 2280 128gb23:11
Questionsthanks all for the help23:12
ubuntuuserWhat would have caused this? All I did was restore defaults so I should be able to change something correct?23:12
whatisthisubuntuuser, how did you load ubuntu onto the ssd23:12
ubuntuuserIt came with the computer that way I have been using it for about a year and all my life is saved on it23:13
whatisthisubuntuuser when you restored defaults you may have either changed some settings so the computer cant read the chip23:14
whatisthisubuntuuser, or you erase and formatted your ssd23:14
whatisthisubuntuser, try booting from a usb with linux installed, then see if your files from the kernel is still there23:15
HexaChopSean_McG, it is possible to switch? :O23:16
ubuntuuserI don't think I erased anything because it happened very quickly and didn't give any indication that would happen also when I try to boot the ubuntu load screen comes up before that error message23:16
Sean_McGHexaChop: yes.23:16
ubuntu007i solveed yesterday problem23:17
HexaChopSean_McG, is it possible for ubuntu to run on internal and Windows on nvidia?23:17
HexaChopSean_McG on boot23:17
Sean_McGHexaChop: I haven't tried, but I suspect that is also possible.23:17
HexaChopSean_McG that'd be cool!23:18
whatisthisubuntuuser if it was preinstalled, then you could have reset something that shouldbe reseet23:19
=== valeech_ is now known as valeech
ubuntuuserwhatisthis: it goes to the purple ubuntu load screen and then to the error message should I contact dell then?23:19
whatisthisubuntuuser: your best bet is to yes, contact your manufacturer23:20
whatisthisubuntuuser: in worst case scenario you boot with live usb to recover your files before reinstalling23:20
HexaChopThat is a lot of pings.23:22
pavlosubuntuuser, not sure if this page might help ... http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/SLN297060/en23:23
Sean_McGirccloud fall down go boom23:24
HexaChopSean_McG, lol23:24
g405tHas anyone experienced cryptswap failure following upgrade to 16.04?23:29
=== madratrace_ is now known as madratrace
skiddieIM A SKRIPT-KIDDIE23:33
skiddieTO H4X0R PEEPLE23:34
Przhevalskoyeso uumm23:34
Sean_McGmmmmkay then23:35
=== done is now known as Guest60780
g405tFollowing my upgrade to 16.04 I found that my encrypted drive /dev/sda5 loaded okay, but my encrypted home folder did not. I found that modifications to my /etc/fstab tmpfs was necessary to allow my encrypted home folder to begin working again.23:36
skiddieNEED SKRIPTS TO H4X0R23:36
g405tI am wondering if there is something simple like this that I am overlooking to get cryptswap working again because nobody seems to be talking about it.23:37
k1l_skiddie: stop that please. this channel is for technical ubuntu support only23:37
skiddiek1l_: the skripts23:38
skiddiethey are supposed to hack ubuntu right?23:38
skiddiei need them23:39
Przhevalskoyesudo apt-get install skriptz23:39
skiddiethe skrips that hack ubuntu23:39
skiddiePrzhevalskoye: it gave an error23:39
hggdhskiddie: not here, please23:39
skiddie"Error code 0x66623:39
skiddie: Skriptz can go to hell"23:39
Przhevalskoyeskiddie: try this: sudo apt-get install life23:40
scriptkiddiehi hggdh23:41
scriptkiddiei am a script kiddie23:41
scriptkiddiei am l33t skid23:41
g405tI have checked all my settings and cryptswap should still be working but I am seeing in my boot.log that dependency failure for swap and cryptswap follow this error:23:45
wd_setting up a new machine i just built here23:47
Bashing-omg405t: A shot in the darkl but a quick check ' cat /etc/fstab ' the UUIDs aggree with ' sudo blkid ' ?23:48
wd_almost done... got ubuntu 16.04 installed onto ssd23:48
wd_got video card functioning properly23:48
wd_need advice on how to about incorporating installed 4tb hdd into ubuntu23:49
theoceaniscoolwd_, What do you mean by "incorporating"?23:50
wd_what would be the point of partitioning the 4tb drive?23:51
theoceaniscoolwd_, partitioning divides a physical drive in one or more logical units, in which you can create filesystems (structures to save files on the disk)23:53
pavloswd_, just call it /data, mount it, store data in there23:54

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