OvenWerksin 15 min or 45? or another time?  :)18:46
krytarikI don't knooow! :D18:47
OvenWerksAnybody else around?18:49
OvenWerks(controls hasn't moved much)18:50
eylulSorry OvenWerks technical problems19:57
OvenWerksSo much for that one  :)20:48
eylulwhich one?20:49
OvenWerksthis one (meeting)20:49
eyluloh right20:49
eylulI am very sorry20:49
OvenWerksNo worries20:49
OvenWerksI have not much to report20:50
eylulto be honest neither do I.  I am installing ubuntustudio to a new laptop so a few bug reports. but that's the extent of last few days I am afraid20:51
OvenWerksI haven't done any testing. My P4 box doesn't like USB sticks and I don't have lots of DVDs to use up...20:52

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