VulcanJediCan anyone tell me how to listen to an audio input...05:15
VulcanJedii.e. the sound settings panel shows that sound is coming through line in, but i can't hear anything (can hear system sounds though, so sound is working)05:31
koodiyou can use audacity to record it05:34
koodior listen to it by recording i think05:34
koodiyou can find a guide by using a search engine05:36
koodiit's quite simple05:36
VulcanJedisure, but i need to listen to it live while recording05:40
VulcanJediit's not coming through, i should be able to listen05:41
VulcanJedisound records from the input alright, but i can't hear anything while recording except click track and what's already recorded. i don't see any option to enable to listen to the input in sound settings, and no proprietary driver for sound card in software manager05:48
VulcanJedii'm looking through the mixers packed with studio, but so far nothing can patch the sound from the input through05:48
VulcanJediSheesh, ok, found Line Playback Switch and Volume in QasHctl05:53
VulcanJediwhy these options aren't in PulseAudio panel is beyond me...05:53
koodiI hope it is working?06:10
koodii'm not that experinced with Studio so..06:10
VulcanJediYeah, I have sound through inputs now06:43
maxelaHi! I have a question, hope someone can give me a hint. I have an unmodified installation of Ubuntu Studio 16.04. When I start e.g. Ardour it is unable to connect to Jack. I started Jack with QJackCtl. I also stopped pulseaudio before (incl. respawn=no). But still all I ever see in the connections panel are the ins and outs of my soundcard.09:38
trebmuhmaxela, might your Ardour started with the "alsa" driver and not the "jack" one ?09:40
maxelaWhen I start Ardour it leads me through some config dialogues. There I choose Jack and I get an error message sth like "unable to connect to jack". Similar behavior in other applications.09:43
maxelaMaybe I should uninstall pulseaudio entirely? I will not use it anyway and it seems to be an issue. But I think it's not the solution for my problem with jack.09:59
maxelaI realised yesterday, that I have jack1 installed. Should I change to jack2?10:56
VulcanJediWhat desktop environment does UbuntuStudio use?15:39
studio-user906Hello, rae you there?20:29
studio-user906Hi, I need help20:30

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