ubuntu595xubuntu 16.10 system completely freezes when i leave it running overnight - i have to do a hard reboot; any suggestions?01:24
basedmarsHey so I've decided to google a bit about it. How about this solution on http://askubuntu.com/a/796484 ubuntu59501:28
basedmarsI use ubuntu 16.04 btw. Never have freezes before01:29
ubuntu595i switched from LTS bc of an issue with file manager... when i'd copy a folder with the same name it'd make a new folder (2), not a prompt to merge01:30
ubuntu595and i don't think it's a memory issue though the terminal says somethign wonky atm...01:30
ubuntu595i have 16gb... it reads 15gb, which i understand, but it says used 2.9gb but only 262M is free with a 12g buff/cach and 12gb available01:31
ubuntu595no swap, bc i don't think swap is necessary with my usage01:31
basedmarsFrom what I know, the disk will start to swap on long uptime.01:39
ubuntu595so should i turn on swap anyway?01:40
basedmarsThis could be a full ram issue. So I googled about those and I found this http://askubuntu.com/a/4500901:40
basedmarsYeah I think so01:40
ubuntu595i checked ram usage from when my system froze on the system monitor01:41
ubuntu595they weren't higher than normal01:41
basedmarsThat solution basically saying that only swapping when the system desperately need swapping. And if they do, don't keep it in swap too much, more in memory01:41
ubuntu595mmm alright i'll give that a shot then01:42
ubuntu595not sure it'd work but i'm running out of ideas at this point01:42
ubuntu595thanks basedmars01:42
basedmarsYeah you're welcome. The first answer could help too by putting intel_idle.max_cstate=1 in grub. Also, update the kernel to the latest one.01:44
ubuntu595i think everything is updated as far as kernels go01:46
ubuntu595aight i'm gonna try some stuff out... might be back in a few days.01:48
xubuntu15dhelp me configure ubuntu02:13
xubuntu15di have tried a bunch of configurations but failing miserably02:14
xubuntu15dthere are probablt 6 distros on my cromebook02:15
xubuntu15di have already had kali-linux up and running but i want something with a graphical interface02:15
knomexubuntu15d, you'll have to tell people what kind of help in customizing you want for them to be able to help02:18
flisiqwhy i cant download anything with chrome on xubuntu?02:25
xubuntu72iircchat while installing. awesome07:20
newbiei need some help10:19
newbiei installed Xubuntu on old netbook and need to get chrome10:19
newbiebut cannot find a way to do it10:19
bazhangchrome from google?10:21
bazhangthey have their own repos I suppose10:22
bazhang!info chromium-browser10:22
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 55.0.2883.87-0ubuntu1.16.10.1330 (yakkety), package size 58374 kB, installed size 225463 kB10:22
dkesselnewbie, i guess the old netbook is an i386 machine, not 64 bit? chrome is no longer supported by google in i386 machines. your only option will be chromium.10:23
dkessel(or just use firefox or opera or....)10:24
dkesselok, forget about opera - not longer supported either10:25
newbieineed chrome for work10:25
newbiemy computer is dead then i hoped to use old netbook while waiting for new desctop to arrive10:26
newbieyes it is 32 bit10:26
newbieI found a 32 bit version of chrome bt cannot install it on my xubuntu10:27
bazhangwhy not10:27
dkesselnewbie, have you tried chromium-browser? it is very very similar to chrome and should work the same for the most purposes10:27
dkesseli would not advise anybody to install an unsupported browser version, for security reasons...10:28
newbieI told use chrome only, not sure about chromium10:28
newbieI see :(10:28
newbieim very new to linux , completely windows user  till today10:29
bazhangwhy can you not install chrome10:29
newbiehow can i get chromium- with terminal ?10:29
dkesselsudo apt-get install chromium-browser10:30
bazhangsudo apt install chromium-browser10:30
newbiejust copy it to terminal?10:30
newbieI will try right now10:30
newbieit said cannot install chromium10:31
newbieor not mentioned in sources10:32
bazhangdid you first sudo apt update10:32
bazhangthen sudo apt upgrade10:32
newbieno, just copied sugo get10:32
newbieand sudo install10:32
bazhangdo those first10:32
newbiefirst sudo update?10:33
bazhangsudo apt update10:33
bazhangsudo apt upgrade10:33
bazhanguse apt in there10:33
bazhangnow upgrade10:34
bazhangsudo apt upgrade10:34
bazhangonce that is finished, then sudo apt install chromium-browser10:35
newbie83% now10:36
bazhanglet it finish10:36
newbieaha waiting10:36
newbieit is generating something10:37
newbieit written10:37
bazhangyeah let it completely finish that10:38
newbie:) how great to meet so helpful person10:39
newbiei was completely frustrated10:39
bazhangthats what irc is, on a FOSS network10:39
newbiestill it doing something10:40
bazhangwe can wait10:40
newbieThank you10:40
bazhangthese things take time, on the first install etc10:41
newbieI tried ubuntu yesterday but it was not responding almost to anything10:42
bazhangthe channel?10:42
newbiefound xubuntu can work on older hardware and installed it10:42
newbieno, OS10:43
newbiei guess netbook too old10:43
bazhanghow old10:43
newbie2009 with atom processor10:43
newbie1gb ram10:43
newbie1600 processor10:44
newbieit had genuinely windows vista10:44
newbiebut even new didnt fit to it10:44
newbiewas slow10:44
bazhangif xubuntu proves too slow, you can install lubuntu-desktop and then select that from the login window10:44
newbieI will keep it in mind.10:45
newbieas i found xubuntu is good. and more windowslike10:45
bazhanglets try to get chromium-browser on that first10:45
newbiehow long time are you llinux user? if you dont mind a question10:46
bazhangdid the upgrade finish yet10:47
newbieit said i have to restart firefox for updates10:47
newbiewill you be here some more?10:47
newbiestill upgrades10:47
newbiestrange it wants to restart browser then10:48
bazhangnot really10:48
newbiecan ignore it?10:48
bazhangfirefox gets security updates all the time10:48
bazhangjust note down how to install chromium10:49
bazhangsudo apt install chromium-browser10:49
bazhangIf I am not here, others can surely finish up with that10:50
newbieafter updates write sudo install?10:50
bazhangsudo apt install chromium-browser10:51
bazhangyou need 'apt' in there10:51
newbiesudo apt install chromium-browser10:52
newbieafter updates10:52
newbiesomething else?10:52
bazhangfor that package, no10:52
newbiethank you very much Bazhang10:52
bazhangno problrm10:53
bazhangand problem10:53
newbie:) it means a lot for me, support of experienced user10:53
newbiewill restart ff11:03
newbiechromium installing!11:16
ZiberiusI have a problem with my wifi, I am no longer able to connect to a wifi, it seems like it's disabled and iwconfig shows no wifi adapter13:00
Ziberiusany tips on how to "debug" this13:01
cfhowlett!wifi | Ziberius13:01
ubottuZiberius: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:01
knomeandyfied, hello, having connection problems?13:27
flisiqwhy cant i run unetbootin 494?16:00
genii!info unetbootin16:03
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 608-1 (yakkety), package size 226 kB, installed size 827 kB16:03
geniiWhy 494 instead of 608 ?16:03
flisiqonly 494 detects nfs partitions16:04
flisiqso i need that one16:05
flisiqcos i want to install win716:05
geniiDo you mean ntfs and not nfs?16:06
flisiqthanks :)16:08
flisiqi execute the file and nothing happens16:08
flisiqwhen i run the file through terminal, i get a missing library error (which i have installed) and "no such file or directory"16:09
xubuntu46wmy issue: I installed manjaro xfce, but would now like to install xubuntu again since I don't like it as much. However, thunar isn't recognizing my usb devices so I can't make a bootable iso with unetbootin19:42
xubuntu46wI don't have a CD drive so I can't burn an CD image19:46
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Lykai'm planning on installing xubuntu on a 2in1 netbook fresh. do i use 16.04.1 or 16.10?20:58
Lykafor example, does 16.10 have driver support that 16.04.1 doesn't have, does the LTS thing make 16.04.1 more desireable than 16.10?21:02
knomeit depends on the use case, but usually you'll want the LTS21:04
knomehardware support will be available for LTS's with HWE (hardware enablement), though most often it's not essential to have that21:04
knomeit you have a very new machine, then it might be more essential21:05
Lykaasus t100ha21:06
knomenope, that's not "very new"21:07
knomeyou can always use the live DVD to see if the hardware works as expected21:07
Lykai hope the repair shop knows what they are doing, i'd hate to have to do more than wipe the ssd...21:11
Lykait had a damaged charge port when it went in21:12
Lyka(and had been pre-wiped by me with the default win10)21:13
* Lyka wonders if the repair guy is reading this...21:15
knomenot me :)21:22
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xubuntu13wHi everyone. I'm in need of help with my 16.10  installation. Everything works fine until I receive the error message "grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/"22:37
xubuntu13wThen the installer fails and I have to reboot into the live session (which I'm currently using to seek help).22:37
xubuntu13wOne solution I found online was to modify the filename "grub-efi-amd64-signed_1.9~ubuntu12.04.4+1.99-21ubuntu3.10_amd.deb" by adding "64" at the end before .deb22:41
knomexubuntu13w, sounds weird, try asking #ubuntu as this is not a xubuntu-specific problem and there are more people there who can help22:41
xubuntu13whow can I join #ubuntu from this room?22:42
knome/join #ubuntu22:42
knomenp, hope you'll find an answer soon22:42

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