redirthumper: yt?01:31
redirthat test bit is a fake, it doesn't really matter what it returns. The actuall code that does that work is in container/kvm01:44
thumperredir: I trust you to make a good call01:45
thumperdo what you think is right01:45
redirI'll update the code to use nonsense names and not depend on runtime since it is a fake to let the Initialiser complete so the rest of the suite will passa01:45
redircrap maybe I'm wrong01:52
redirme looks harder01:52
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redirback for a few03:53
hoenirHi guys, other than "--debug" option there is anything that triggers the output to be more "verbose" ?09:52
hoenircan provide some insight?09:54
macgreagoirhoenir: Not that I know of. You can up the logging levels on the machines/units though. Take a look at `model config`.09:58
babbageclunkhoenir: You can also get a lot more logging out during the bootstrap process by setting JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG, eg:10:00
hoenirThanks, I'm already aware of that option. I thought that there is more than this, some special flag hidden in the cmd that I'm not aware already.10:01
hoenirthe JUJU_LOGING_CONFIG tirggers the ctx.Verbose flag to be true?10:01
babbageclunkhoenir: I don't think so -  the --verbose flag does that.10:02
babbageclunkhoenir: hang on, what I was saying was: `JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG="<root>=TRACE" juju bootstrap ...`10:03
hoenirbabbageclunk, I will try now this.10:03
babbageclunkso setting the env var before bootstrapping (or other command) will show more logging from the client10:04
babbageclunkwhich might be useful if you're interested in --verbose10:04
hoenirsimple just like this ? JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG="<root>=TRACE"10:05
babbageclunkhoenir: yes, and then the command.10:05
babbageclunkhoenir: oh, are you on linux or windows?10:05
hoenirlinux amd64-arch linux.10:06
babbageclunkhoenir: actually I10:06
hoenirActually what?10:06
babbageclunkhoenir: no, it was a half-thought and I meant to delete it.10:06
babbageclunkdumb laptop keyboard ;)10:07
hoenirI forgive your keyboard.10:07
hoenirTell him/her to not worry.10:08
hoenirand thanks for the advice.10:08
babbageclunkso setting that env var using export and then running the command should do it, or prefixing the command with the assignment.10:08
babbageclunkmy pleasure - hope it helps!10:08
babbageclunkoops - bedtime!10:10
* babbageclunk bedtimes10:10
perrito666morning jujuers10:41
junaidaliHi guys, I'm trying to restore a failed juju controller. I have created a new controller and running the command 'juju restore-backup -b --file=juju-backup-20170110-092916.tar.gz'11:06
junaidalibut it is erroring out with the message 'ERROR old bootstrap instance ["bootstrap:6tdgfk"] still seems to exist; will not11:06
junaidaliI'm following this doc->https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/controllers-backup. Am I missing anything here?11:07
junaidaliOn deleting all existing controllers, commands outputs: empty controller name not valid11:08
perrito666junaidali: restore -b needs the controller to be gone, you can do that by killing it in your cloud controller11:22
perrito666junaidali: it is intended to be used when the controller is fully gone (usually died on its own)11:23
perrito666I advice you to do this11:23
junaidaliperrito666: I have killed all the controllers but now the error is 'empty controller name not valid'11:25
perrito666junaidali: how exactly did you kill the controllers if I may ask?11:28
junaidalijuju kill-controller <controller-name>11:33
perrito666ah there lies the problem11:34
perrito666junaidali: backup is intended to restore a fallen controller, so for instance, lets say you have an lxd juju11:34
perrito666if you go and lxc delete --force controller11:34
perrito666you end up with a headless juju11:34
perrito666 in that case a backup would give you back a controller11:35
perrito666if you kill controller, you kill the environment11:35
junaidalioh :(11:35
perrito666sorry :(11:35
junaidalino issues, it was a test setup. Thanks, I will be careful next time :)11:36
perrito666junaidali: yay, better this happening on test setups11:36
perrito666junaidali: in any case you can also restore a backup into the working controller but that is not the preferred way11:37
perrito666ask around if you have more doubts, ill be here all day11:37
junaidaliperrito666: thanks, much appreciated.11:37
perrito666anyone knows in depth how upgradeStepsGate12:46
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natefinchvoidspace: so, I seem to have that change working with lxd.... but I'm not entirely sure how to test that the constraints are actually applied14:31
natefinchtych0: how can I test that my lxd limits are applied correctly?  i.e. 2GB RAM15:10
perrito666natefinch: compile juju inside lxc15:10
SimonKLBwhats the current status on how the primary ip is "chosen" for a machine in juju? last i checked it was kind of arbitrary when you have multiple interfaces on the machine15:14
SimonKLBhas there been any recent discussions on that topic?15:15
perrito666SimonKLB: afaik it chooses one of the public ones but sort of randomly (ie, there is no predefined order)15:15
perrito666SimonKLB: perhaps voidspace can answer better15:15
SimonKLByea, it would be nice to have a way to force it to choose one of them, for example, i have a maas setup where each machine have 2 nics, and i'd like one of them to be an internal network while the other the public one15:17
SimonKLBright now there doesnt seem to be a way to guarantee that the nic i use as the public one becomes the primary in juju15:17
perrito666SimonKLB: I see, I presume the ips are both "public" or both "private" ?15:17
SimonKLBone public and one private15:17
perrito666SimonKLB: I believe spaces should provide you with a solution for that I am not sure what is the working status of that for maas to be honest15:18
perrito666natefinch do you?15:18
natefinchspaces are supposed to do that, I think15:19
SimonKLBare maas spaces and juju spaces one and the same?15:21
natefinchfor maas, yes, I believe so15:21
perrito666brb, lunch while bootstraping15:21
perrito666natefinch: SimonKLB I would not be so sure15:21
perrito666there is some overlapping in the definition but something tells me that juju spaces might be a bit more encompassing15:22
perrito666frobware: ?15:22
natefinchhmm, possibly15:22
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frobwareSimonKLB: your desire for "internal and public" would be met by spaces15:23
SimonKLBfrobware: and would that be defined in maas or in juju, or both?15:24
SimonKLBbecause i see that both maas and juju have spaces15:24
SimonKLBnot sure if they are directly translated from the provider to juju or if it's something that you define separately15:25
frobwareSimonKLB: define your spaces in MAAS. That's your definitive network setup/topology. Juju will learn of the spaces on bootstrap. From there you can use do: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/charms-deploying#deploying-with-binding15:26
SimonKLBfrobware: thanks!15:26
SimonKLBoh and btw, what decides what is going to be the primary ip and not?15:27
frobwareSimonKLB: You can also use spaces (i.e., their names) in provisioning machines.15:27
SimonKLBso now i have machines with two nics, one on the public subnet and one private, the public subnet is in spaces-0 and private in internal-015:28
SimonKLBsince spaces-X are special spaces names, do they simply have priority? or how can i force the public subnet to become the primary nic/ip in juju?15:29
SimonKLBthis looks kind of related https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/147306915:34
mupBug #1473069: Inconsistency of determining IP addresses in MAAS environment between hosts and LXC containers <2.0> <addressability> <bug-squad> <cdo-qa-blocker>15:34
mup<landscape> <lxc> <maas-provider> <networking> <uosci> <juju:Triaged by rharding> <Landscape Server:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1473069>15:34
SimonKLBalso this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/161609815:37
mupBug #1616098: Juju 2.0 uses random IP for 'PUBLIC-ADDRESS' with MAAS 2.0 <4010> <cpec> <juju:Fix Released by dimitern> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616098>15:37
frobwareSimonKLB: the software that you want to run an be public should be deployed and bound to your public space15:38
frobwareSimonKLB: you guide the exposure using spaces15:39
SimonKLBfrobware: my issue is that i can guarantee that juju chooses the "correct" public ip15:39
SimonKLBfrobware: so i could end up with the private ip being the one exposed in juju15:39
SimonKLBfrobware: i dont see anywhere an option in maas to define a spaces as "public" or "private"15:40
frobwareSimonKLB: put discrete subnets you put in your "public" space15:40
frobwarein your...15:40
frobwareSimonKLB: bbiab; meeting15:40
redirbrb reboot17:42
redirnew kernel17:42
perrito666this bug is starting to feel like a fractal ffs19:53
perrito666k , EODing until standup, ill reply if privmsgs are sent tho20:29
* redir lunches20:57
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* perrito666 is back23:07
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