poco_Hey all so I'm having some serious issues with sound. I can get my device to test fine but no audio in any app other than spotify00:49
poco_I have tried uninstalling pulseaudio and alsa too00:49
poco_wait just got sound... but not in steam games :/00:51
Donald_ET3How do you set a static IP address in Kubuntu? It seems like almost every distro has a graphical utility for doing that, but I can't find it in Kubuntu.01:17
hazamonzoDonald_ET3: The Network manager in the bottom right of the default taskbar?01:21
Donald_ET3Oh, hey, there it is! I didn't expect to find it there.01:22
Donald_ET3In other distros I always found it somewhere in system settings.01:24
valoriepoco_: you were having problems with sound, so you removed the things that give you sound?02:41
valorie!sound | poco_02:42
ubottupoco_: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:42
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poco_ubottu, I ended up getting it to work by installing pulse audio volume control02:43
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ubottupoco_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:43
poco_ah thank you robot02:43
poco_thank you for checking valorie02:44
hay3650I'm having difficulty getting conky-manager to work in kubuntu 16.04 .. my google searches have been fruitless02:44
valorie!info conky02:44
hay3650the widget flickers and does wierd things to the desktop02:44
ubottuconky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.3-1 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 27 kB02:44
valoriestrange, I know a lot of people use that02:45
valorieI use the built-in system monitor02:45
hay3650maybe it is because im still new to linux, but all the google searches point towards a conkyrc file02:45
valorieor plasma widgets02:45
hay3650which I cannot find on my system02:45
valoriein ~/.config?02:46
valorieor ~/.local02:46
hay3650Ill give those a try, thanks for the tip02:47
hay3650i used catfish to do the search, and also enabled hidden files in dolphin.02:47
hay3650ill give it another attempt. Thanks !02:48
valoriebest of luck, hay365002:48
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spider_xHey guys, not sure how to explain to google but you know how you have the task bar in the bottom on KDE, is it possible to have the taskbar panel only show what windows are active on that monitor?08:38
spider_xI have three monitors and each monitor has a panel of its own, however currently all 3 monitors display all the active windows.08:39
hateballspider_x: yes, rightclick the panel09:10
hateballspider_x: settings for task manager, and there's checkboxes for exactly that09:10
spider_xThank you hateball :)09:12
hateballspider_x: oh right, you were here yesterday. I take it you got everything sorted then09:12
spider_xYea, had some hickups with the full-upgrade thing but manage to fix it without reinstalling this time :D09:14
spider_xbut the error was indeed caused by the LVM full encryption, so just removed that09:14
hateballwell, you should be able to get that working as well if you really need it09:16
hateballSomeone once said: Unless you are prepared to lose your data, don't use encryption09:17
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Smurphyhateball: well. You loose your data if you don't know what you do.09:20
SmurphyI encrypt all my data/partitions, and have backups.09:21
SmurphySo far, the only data I lost is the one on the devices that have been stolen. And in that specific case, I was very happy encryption was active!09:21
Smurphyback to work :(09:34
BluesKajHiyas all09:43
BluesKaj'Morning smu09:45
BluesKajstill a bit early09:46
Smurphyyeah. Late morning here :)09:46
BluesKajnot quite 5AM here...09:47
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Smurphytoo early man...09:51
SmurphyI need my beauty sleep :D09:51
BluesKajprobly get more sleep later...very stormy here, ..wind is howling, keeping me awake09:53
SmurphyWhere you at?09:54
SmurphyFrance/ North of Paris here... Raining. No wind, 10C ... :}09:54
BluesKajCanada here, 400KM North of Toronto -3C ...snowed 15cm09:57
BluesKajI won't be pushing any snow, we have a contract with a snow clearng service10:01
SmurphyCool :)10:08
SmurphyCanada... I think I'll have make a tour there in summer time with my girls once :) After we did Japan.10:08
spider_xYea, I am not too worried about the computer being stolen, my laptop however is fully encrypted10:15
BluesKajSmurphy, nce10:16
BluesKajnice even10:16
lordievaderspider_x: I have the same policy, if a machine leaves my room often it should be encrypted.10:17
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spider_xYea exactly lordievader no point handing the data over so easily :D10:43
lordievaderToo bad Windows doesn't do Luks.10:44
spider_xI have gone away from using Windows all together.10:44
spider_xwas expecting kubuntu to be clunky but so far running pretty smooth10:46
lordievaderI keep it around for a few applications.10:46
spider_xYea I did too but then for whatever reason I upgraded to the aniversary update and everything went south from there10:47
spider_xwould constantly get 100% usage10:47
Smurphyspider_x: Remove the plasma widgets on the Desktop. They are the ones using up all CPU.10:51
SmurphyI have plasma 5.8.1 here, and no widgets on the desktop. Very smooth.10:51
spider_xoh Smurphy I have 0 issues on Kubuntu currently :D10:51
spider_xSmurphy: do you use the Panel in the bottom?10:52
SmurphyDual-screen setup.10:53
spider_xyea same11:01
hateballFor some reason I use panels up top at work, and bottom at home11:08
hateballBut everything works properly regardless, so that's not too bad I guess11:09
spider_xhaha, I guess it is to distinguish work from joy?11:11
user|43600I am trying to install kubuntu 16.10 via flash drive, i have tried 4 times with different partings at the end of the setup it throws error to me11:13
user|43600guys please help me out11:13
spider_xCan you tell anything about the error you are getting user|43600 ?11:13
user|43600this community is magical11:13
user|43600it got solved11:13
spider_xYou are welcome!11:13
user|43600Anyways thanks crew.!11:13
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yossarianukhi - I am running 16.10 + PPA, I have dual monitor - when I press windows (super) key to start kmenu when on 2nd monitor kmenu opens in the primary screen, anyway of making the windows/super key open kmenu on the screen I am using ?11:22
yossarianukprobably one for #plasma ?11:23
hateballyossarianuk: fwiw i have the same behavior in 16.04 + backports, so seems #plasma11:28
yossarianukasked in #plasma and its meant to happen...11:32
yossarianuk' yeah with plasma being so flexible, you could have 30 panels on 5 screens with 20 launchers, so we had to pick some kind of "thing that works for most people" :/'11:32
yossarianukfair enough...11:32
ikoniaat least you get a response thats "sorry it's not rocket science but it seems the best compromise"11:35
ikoniait's nice to see an honest response11:35
yossarianukyes it is11:36
yossarianukthe kde/plasma community are ace11:36
yossarianukI guess this is one thing that Gnome got right (Ii.e the menu shortcut works on correct screen) - but I still think gnome isn't really made for a desktop (kde is)11:37
hateballdo most people use the menu I wonder, as I use nothing but krunner + shortcuts myself11:52
spider_xI use the menu for quick accessing11:53
spider_xbut then again only been using Kubuntu for a day11:53
hateballalt+space -> type something, is faster than reaching for the mouse for me at least11:53
spider_xYou dont need to reach for the mouse, you just press windows keys and type and use arrows to navigate11:55
hateballI guess that is true yes11:56
spider_xbut thanks for the alt+space one, much easier ;D12:14
lordievaderI rarely use the menu.12:15
lordievaderUsually only when I either don't have a keyboard shortcut or can't find the (gui) application I'm looking for.12:15
spider_xYea lordievader I am trying to utilize the full power of CLI :D13:18
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kisinhallo. What can i do, when i have not xorg.conf at my kubuntu 16.04 ? Just create it at /etc/X11 ??14:12
yossarianukkisin: yes - why do you need one though ?14:13
yossarianuk(I know there are various reasons you might...)14:15
kisinI use nvidia driver. And when i set resolution according to my monitor (ASUS 16:10) and then i want look onto fullscreen vide from web broswer, is at monitr part green without video.14:16
yossarianukhmm doesn't sound good.. what player ?14:16
yossarianukalso do you have latest driver (375.26) - if not i'd try upgrading first14:18
kisinFor example everithing at http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/... youtube is ok14:19
kisinI can´t upgrade. I have old card and last suportet driver is 340.9814:20
kisinnvidia setting alloved at ViewPortOut just 1360x76014:20
kisin and monitr need 1280x80014:21
yossarianukCan't test as content not available in my region..14:23
yossarianukcan you not just use the display setting in plasma systemsetting?14:23
yossarianuk... for resolution?14:24
kisinin plasma settings is same options like in nvidia-settings for  ViewPortOut14:25
kisinoptzions of resolution14:25
yossarianukit just handles resolution I think - check it out ...14:28
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kisinBut i dont know where handles rešsolution? In nvidia settings is for viewPortOut  different posibiletes until need my monitor. And in plasma is it same.14:34
kisinI try find same othre resolution, but otherwise create Xorg.conf14:35
kisinTHX so much and for quick answer (help) :-)14:36
kisinḦave a nice time14:36
R13oseI am on a new user and all I had open was Opera Browser and Libreoffice.  The problem is my browser tabs would freeze16:49
R13oseI updated everything just now and will see if this happens again17:12
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LMGNHey. I have a problem installing kubuntu.19:29
LMGNIt flickers rapidly19:30
LMGNHowever I can still start the installer19:30
LMGNIt goes black for a few seconds19:30
LMGNThen shows the screen for a split second and that repeats19:30
LMGNUntil the PC crashes and reboots.19:30
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TheLMGNI have a problem installing kbuntu19:34
TheLMGNThe screen flickers but I can start the installer19:34
TheLMGNThen it flickers in a different pattern, few seconds black split second on19:35
TheLMGNThen the PC reboots.19:35
TheLMGNRip help.19:41
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dankjankemI have a problem with KDE alongside Unity21:50
valoriewhat's the problem, dankjankem?21:52
dankjankemafter installing KDE, my Unity is ridden with errors21:54
dankjankemlike everytime i login to Unity, I get multiple errors21:54
valorie"ridden with errors" and "multiple errors" is not specific enough to help21:59
dankjankemit just says system has encountered an internal error21:59
dankjankemor something like that22:00
valorieit sounds like a Unity problem, not a kubuntu problem22:00
valorieUnity is based mostly on Qt, as Kubuntu is22:00
valorieso I think your installing some KDE software is not the cause of your Unity problem22:01
dankjankemwell I have only been getting these errors after my KDE insatll22:01
valoriein the old days, gtk<>Qt problems were an issue, but you pretty much have to install gnome for that to happen now22:01
valoriedankjankem: what did you install?22:02
valoriethere is no "KDE" besides the KDE community22:02
momkenI want to write a script to install many packages and software for my own use, because I have 2-3 pcs22:02
momkenI can write the script with apt22:02
dankjankemI installed KDE plasma22:03
momkenwith apt-get/aptitude or pkcon (console of PackageKit)22:03
momkenI wanted to test pkcon, because PackageKit is a universal way to install packages across many distros22:03
dankjankemhold on im gonna restart my pc22:04
momkenBut the output of pkcon is uglier than aptitude. For example result of searches in pkcon includes version numbers in package name22:05
momkenIt makes the output very long and unreadable.22:05
momkenDid anyone work here with pkcon?22:05
valorieI use apt almost exclusively22:06
valorierather than apt-get22:07
valoriehaven't used aptitude in yonks22:07
momkenvalorie: I am not very aware of differences of apt/apt-get/aptitude.22:08
valorieapt is newest22:08
momkenIt seems apt-get is more legacy as I have seen it before.22:08
momkenIsn't aptitude the newest?22:08
momkenI am used to aptitude mostly due to its search function22:09
valorieapt-cache search is quite good22:10
valorieafaik aptitude has long been deprecated, but perhaps someone began to update it again22:10
daxaptitude never stopped getting updates, Ubuntu just stopped recommending it22:11
daxit had trouble with multiarch for, like, a year. it got unrecommended during that22:11
daxapt is the most recent addition to the APT-using family. apt-get is basically completely deprecated by it, they do the same thing22:11
daxaptitude still has the shiny ncurses UI that some people like22:12
dax(or rather, apt-get does a subset of what apt does)22:12
valoriethanks, dax22:12
valorieonce I switched to apt, I saw no reason to come back to aptitude22:12
daxit's very much a "use whichever you're happiest with, and if you don't care, use apt" situation22:13
momkenvalorie: But search functionality of apt is aweful. Just search for "gimp". It even lists results in details22:15
valorieI just did the search side by side22:16
valorieapt-cache search output is much easier to read22:17
valorieaptitude separates names from description22:17
valorielooks awful22:17
momkenvalorie: I agree that the distance between names and description may be far long. But it makes it a little neater in my opinion.22:22
momkenBut it is not my point22:22
momkenvalorie: The result of search is different between apt/apt-cache/aptitude22:22
momkenaptitude only searches in package names which outputs a much smaller and stricter list22:23
valorieI can see the use of that22:23
momkenapt-cache list is so long that is useless. apt list is only the sorted list of apt-cache22:23
momkenSo basically search functionality of apt and apt-cache is useless22:24
momkenmaybe there should be an argument to strictly search in names (not descriptions)22:24
momkenvalorie: Yeah it is the "--names-only" argument of "search" for both apt and apt-cache22:27
momkenor only using "-n" which is short enough22:28
momkenBut apart from that, my main goal of shifting to pkcon is that it is distro-independent22:28
momkenIt is very good to write an installation script that can be used on other distros too22:28
momkenpkcon search also shows findings in the names only22:29
valoriecalamares is the one I've been hearing about22:30
valorienot heard of pkcon22:30
momkenbut the results are very unreadable! Because package names include their version too. If I could only trim the results of pkcon it would be enough for me22:30
momkenvalorie: pkcon is CLI frontend for PackageKit which is a famous universal installer.22:32
momkenGenome Software (the default GUI frontend for Ubuntu) uses PackageKit backend as well22:32
momkenIt seems PackageKit will be the future-22:33
momkenBut I am not used to it22:33
valorieI think Calamares uses it also, but don't know22:33
* valorie is not a coder, or packager22:33
momkenI don't know how to trim the search results in pkcon22:34
momkenlet me search for calamares22:34
momkenvalorie: calamares is a universal os-installer, not a universal package-installer in different oses22:37
valoriereally? I mis-understood then22:37
momkenI read in calamares.io22:38
momkenvalorie: According to man of apt, it is more intended for interactive usage and for writing scripts, for backward compatibility it offered apt-get and apt-cache. But now that I want to install 50+ packages by my scripts, it is better to write my script with pkcon so the installer-script may be used in other distros too!22:40
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> calamaries is cool23:00
FanfareHi @ all. Q: I have a file i can not delete... it is on a external hdd with a gpt partitiontable and ntfs filesystem.23:47
Fanfarels -l gives: -????????? ? ? ? ?            ? Thumbs.db23:47
FanfareAny hint how to get rid of that file without reformatting...23:48

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