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kalikianatimp: the MR for MainWindow is https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/outTheWindow/+merge/301278 - see the segfault on applicationName here (search for mainwindow) https://jenkins.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-sdk/job/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-ci-i386-gles-stable/1343/console12:26
timpkalikiana: does it only fail on specific architectures?12:42
timpkalikiana: I would add some prints to setApplicationName() to see more precisely where it fails12:45
kalikianaNo, multiple architectures. Just the latest builds ran into flaky tests so the failure looks different.12:46
kalikianatimp: Yeah, I might just do that. I'm running out of ideas what to check for by manual code review.12:46
timpwhere is setApplicationName called?12:47
timpkalikiana: note that in ucmainviewbase.cpp we have     if (applicationName != QStringLiteral("")) {12:51
timpso not applicationName.isEmpty()12:51
timpI wonder if the applicationName QString can be not properly defined12:51
timpmaybe it is just a performance optimization12:52
timpbut you'd want to do that too then12:52
kalikianatimp: Hmmmm, will give that a go. I was aiming to stick to the same behavior anyway for consistency12:54
kalikianaThose are exactly the things that are easy to miss12:54
timpmy guess is that it was a performance optimization that zbenjamin was doing. So not sure if it has something to do with the current failure12:55
timpbut consistency is good12:56
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