rbasakpdeee: sorry, I have a big backlog of outstanding things to do for people from before Christmas. Still working my way through (as well as regular work). It's my SRU day today (Wednesday) though, so I'll see if I can review it as part of that.00:26
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jbichatzero: you could also try #debian-python on OFTC00:34
tzerojbicha: cool, I'll try that, thanks00:37
tzeroI severely underestimated how much time and effort it would take to create a PPA for a project :/00:38
pdeeerbasak, thanks!00:47
naccbdmurray: sorry, I'll clarify in the bug!01:01
nacctarpman: openldap import should be done now01:20
Laneyelopio: I needed to restart one of the machines - all the others seemed okay09:39
Saviqwgrant, hey, another builder kernel update? arm64 fails to build again https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/227210:00
Saviqbetter link https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/2272/+build/1184143810:01
sil2100Yeah, I published a new kernel to -updates/-security yesterday, so maybe the builders go those automatically10:03
SaviqoSoMoN, do you know of an oxide throw of "'std::out_of_range'   what():  map::at"?10:09
oSoMoNSaviq, could it be https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/1643976 ?10:11
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1643976 not found10:11
oSoMoNhuh, why is this bug private?10:11
oSoMoNbug #164397610:13
ubottubug 1643976 in Oxide "webbrowser-app crashed with SIGABRT in __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164397610:13
SaviqoSoMoN, yup, looks like it10:14
oSoMoNSaviq, can you please confirm (and add details if relevant)10:15
gabmushello people. I am making a graphical application to install GPU drivers on linux, and I'd need some help. I use arch but I'd want to make this application compatible with any (or most) distro. Could you please tell me the packages you need to install on ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 to get the drivers working respectively for nvidia, nvidia+intel (optimus), intel, amd, amd+nvidia and intel+amd (primus)?10:42
gabmusthank you10:43
rbasakgabmus: Ubuntu already does this in System Settings->Software & Updates->Additional Drivers. If you still want to write an alternative app, perhaps look at the source of the existing one?10:50
rbasakI'm not sure if my knowledge is current. Maybe try #ubuntu-desktop.10:51
gabmusrbasak: It's much easier to just get a list of packages from users. If there was a good wiki page about this it'd be better. Don't worry if your knowledge is a bit dated, it's still more than I have right now :)10:52
rbasakgabmus: the list of packages will fall out of date though.10:52
gabmusrbasak: and I will update it. it's not possible to make this kind of application without updating it.10:53
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wgrantSaviq: argh, new one uploaded.11:30
wgrantWill take a couple of hours to build.11:30
LocutusOfBorgnacc, imagemagick uppdate/merge?11:37
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Saviqwgrant, thanks11:58
juliankOn a partial request for https://netix.dl.sourceforge.net/project/corefonts/the%20fonts/final/andale32.exe, the sourceforge redirector responds with 302 Found Location: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mirrorproblem?failedmirror=netix.dl.sourceforge.net12:36
juliank- that thing is madness12:36
ginggsI'm seeing a few packages coming from Debian that have recently added 'DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS = hardening=+all' and now FTBFS in Ubuntu.  Is it sane to change that to 'hardening=+all,-pie' ?13:02
cjwatsonhardening=+all in Debian is a deliberate request to opt into PIE13:03
cjwatsonso that sounds like a peculiar approach to fixing the build failures13:03
ginggscompare a build log: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=flint&arch=amd64&ver=2.5.2-14&stamp=148228351413:04
ginggslook for the './configure' line13:04
ginggson the Ubuntu build log has -fPIE13:05
juliankBoth should do -fPIE according to man, wonder what changed13:06
cjwatsonDebian's dpkg-buildflags doesn't emit -fPIE nowadays since it's the default in the toolchain13:06
cjwatsonsee Debian #83514913:06
ubottuDebian bug 835149 in dpkg "dpkg: please adapt setting the default pie hardening flag to gcc's new defaults" [Wishlist,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/83514913:06
ginggsin this case we are building a library, so we don't actually want PIE, right?13:06
juliankDon't we really want the newer dpkg with that change?13:07
cjwatsonthat would seem better than hacking about with individual packages13:07
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LocutusOfBorgI agree, I had to patch libpng, gdal and many more for this pie stuff14:11
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LocutusOfBorgnot sure why doko didn't switch it yet14:11
LocutusOfBorgand I'm also waiting for the new dpkg to merge sbuild14:11
slangasekkenvandine: did you mean to edit the TB calendar event,14:12
slangasekkenvandine: or was that an Ubuntu Phone playing havoc with sync?14:12
LocutusOfBorggdcm patched too14:12
kenvandineslangasek, no... i didn't... it must have been my phone14:12
* kenvandine disables canonical account on all devices14:13
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elopiothanks Laney. Testing again.14:34
caribouI'm doing an SRU of a fix in Zesty that brought in two new values to a conffile. Those values are not required to be present in the conffile and can be added later to alter some timings. Would it be sufficient to add a mention in the README to avoid a conffile prompt ?15:22
RFlemingGreetings and other salutations...16:44
RFlemingIs there a way to change the mount options for gvfsd-fuse to allow root access to /run/user/x/gvfs... or is it hardcoded somewhere?16:45
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naccRFleming: did you perhaps want #ubuntu for that question?17:25
nacctarpman: were you able to look at the openldap import? did it provide what you needed?17:26
tarpmannacc: sorry for the delay, import looks great, thanks a lot!18:26
nacctarpman: np! just wanted to check in18:26
RFlemingnacc: I did ask #ubuntu and in #gnome as well.  I thought to ask here as GVfs is a fundamental part of GNOME and Unity and if anyone knew how to modify how gvfs-fuse-daemon started, it would be developers.18:55
RFlemingnacc: I'm also aware this really is a fuse issue (in that root can't stat the gvfs folder)18:58
RFlemingnacc: that's why I was hoping someone would have an idea on passing further options to gvfs-fuse-daemon that would allow root to at least stat the gvfsd-fuse mount18:59
naccRFleming: ok, i just meant topically19:02
naccRFleming: note that it seems root can ls it with gvfs-ls19:03
RFlemingnacc: Yes, that is true... but the problem is with backup software which doesn't know.19:03
RFleminginstead it tries to stat it (even though it is ignored ... same with the fstype) and fails to generate a list of files it can backup because it errors out.19:04
RFlemingI have to manually unmount the gvfsd-fuse mount for backups to function.19:05
RFlemingIt truly is a GNOME only thing19:05
RFlemingFYI: the backup software is Veritas Backup Exec19:05
naccRFleming: why are you backing up /run?19:06
RFlemingI'm not, but the agent has to scan the filesystem19:06
RFleming... /run is ignored, so is the gvfsd-fuse filesystem type.19:07
RFlemingbut it still stats every directory19:07
RFlemingIt's frustrating19:07
naccthat sounds like broken software19:08
naccwhy woudl it need to stat directories it is going to ignore?19:08
RFlemingmy guess is "Because it's easier".19:08
RFlemingit appears to use the ignore lists to not put those items in the selectable list, not in ignoring what to stat19:09
dobeyso it sounds like you should complain to veritas then19:11
RFlemingthey don't particularly care19:11
dobeytheir software is broken19:11
RFlemingtheir answer is... you shouldn't be using GNOME in a server environment, unmount it19:11
RFlemingbut this deviates from the question on how to pass additional options gvfs-fuse-daemon that would let root stat it (without using gvfs commands)19:12
dobeyso it works with other fuse mounts?19:12
RFlemingif it isn't possible, then that's that.19:12
RFlemingI don't have other fuse mounts19:13
dobeyand does "sudo stat" work on the mount point?19:13
smoseranyone know how to make this new-fangled ipython work in vi mode ?19:14
smoserwith the old link to readline i used to hit ctrl-alt-j19:14
RFlemingdobey: as root /run/user/x/gvfs says permission denied19:14
smoseri think i'm supposed to be able to do:19:15
smoser %config TerminalInteractiveShell.editing_mode = 'emacs'19:15
smoserper http://ipython.readthedocs.io/en/stable/config/options/terminal.html19:15
smoser(err... = 'vi') but that doesnt seem to work for m19:15
dobeyRFleming: the problem has nothing to do with gvfs19:16
naccrbasak: ok, i might have found a problem with our -devel pointers19:19
dobeyRFleming: well maybe it's a bug in gvfs-fuse then19:20
dobeyRFleming: you could just uninstall gvfs-fuse perhaps19:20
RFleminghow would that impact Unity?19:20
dobeyit wouldn't19:20
dobeygvfs-fuse is just a magic thing to expose gvfs "mounts" as traditional filesystem mounts so you can access with things that don't support gvfs19:21
RFlemingIt might be better to disable it first19:22
RFlemingdobey: thanks.19:24
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naccjbicha: for the pacemaker merge, i see you kept a delta in the yakkety merge, but it only applies if upgrading from 14.04 -- it seems like that could have been dropped post x release?20:32
jbichanacc: I don't know much about the package20:36
jbichaI think the changelog is confusing though, I think it's intent is "to maintain compatability with how that package used to work, keep these packages as recommends"20:37
naccjbicha: yeah, i might update in the updated merge to make that clear20:37
jbicha've no idea how important those packages are20:38
naccjbicha: ack, thanks!20:39
naccjamespage: --^ i think you actually originated this in the first xenial merge; am I right in thinking we can drop that delta at this point? new installers don't need it (afaict), and upgraders will have it from x release?20:40
naccrbasak: in your branch, `usd import` fails, because import_patches_unapplied_tree refers to oldcwd which no longer is defined?21:40
naccslangasek: since we are not syncing from debian on src:ilohamail (fakesync), but debian has deleted that package, do I need to manually (via bug subscribing ~ubuntu-archive) request its deletion from Ubuntu?21:51
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rbasaknacc: sorry, I'll take a look.23:47
naccrbasak: np! i was just doing an import and hadn't switched my branch back :)23:47
rbasaknacc: I think the easiest way to fix that is to 1) not change the current directory; and 2) use dpkg-source -x ... dsc_path extract_dir.23:58
rbasaknacc: I'm not sure if you know that dpkg-source -x takes "output_directory" as an optional second positional argument. Do you see any other issue with that?23:59
rbasakWe could do that in most places, actually.23:59

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