lotuspsychjegood (early) morning guys02:27
Bashing-ommorn'n lotuspsychje .02:30
lotuspsychjehowdy Bashing-om :p02:30
lotuspsychjei was sleeping real deep, until a woman screamed like 3 times on the street oO02:30
lotuspsychjefirst i thought it was my gf falling off the stairs or so02:31
Bashing-omOuch, woman screaming is UNgood, any news on the why ?02:32
lotuspsychjebeats me? who screams in the middle of the night?02:33
* daftykins raises a hand and then shyly drops it again02:33
lotuspsychjenot good for my heart jumping out of bed like that02:34
lotuspsychjegood i have irc to calm me down02:34
daftykinsindeed! i'd have probably looked up and down the road/street if practical to see if i spy anything02:34
lotuspsychjewell the new house got like 2 tiny windows at the streets side02:35
lotuspsychjebah windows... :p02:35
lotuspsychjei rather like the backdoor02:36
daftykinsbackdoor in windows 2.0 D:02:37
lotuspsychjewhat do we have here :p02:39
lotuspsychjefinally they getting it!02:40
lotuspsychjefreedom of choice02:40
daftykinsworkstation class :/02:41
lotuspsychjewell its a start02:42
daftykinsisn't there still an active XPS 13/15 developer edition?02:42
lotuspsychjeyeah think so02:43
ducassegood morning all06:47
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BluesKajHiyas all09:43
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nicomachusthis guy frib in #ubuntu has the weirdest issue.17:14
OerHeksi just popped in, fluxbox ..17:15
OerHeksoh, fluxbox and the "unity-control-center" ap17:15
nicomachushe doesn't have any audio devices showing up in the settings menu, but they all show up in aplay -l and all work... he just can't switch between them or connect bluetooth devices.17:20
daftykinssounds like a broken audio server19:08
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