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vandanacan anyone help me out for resolving wifi issues? searched internet and tried but no luck.. have rtl8723be card+ubuntu 16.04+latest linux kernel 4.9.218:21
pavlushkaoh ho, missed one :(19:40
pavlushkavandana: hey :)19:50
pavlushkau-la-la: tell vandana that may be I can help her, may be :)19:51
u-la-lapavlushka: Righto, I'll tell vandana on freenode19:51
pavlushkavandana: hey :)19:52
u-la-lavandana: By the way, pavlushka on freenode told me "tell vandana that may be I can help her, may be :)" 1 minute and 26 seconds ago19:52
pavlushkavandana: Ubuntu 16.04 uses 4.4. series kernel by default19:53
vandanai upgraded19:53
pavlushkavandana: yeah I can guess that but19:53
pavlushkavandana: for any purpose or just for testing?19:54
vandanaread somewhere that wifi issue resolved for someone after upgrading kernerl because of new drivers19:55
pavlushkavandana: ok, can you please copy paste the result of "lspci -nnk" on paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link?19:57
pavlushkavandana: run that command on terminal19:57
vandanabefor your reply i tried soultion from http://askubuntu.com/questions/717685/realtek-wifi-card-rtl8723be-not-working-properly/20:02
vandanaand uptil yet wifi not disconnected otherwise it was disconnecting after some minutes20:03
pavlushkavandana: So what can we assume? lets wait and see if it malfunctions again, right?20:06
vandanaand thank you for replying20:07
pavlushkavandana: you are well come, and if you see u-la-la the bot, you can leave a message to it by "u-la-la: tell nick to / that I need her/him, or wash his hands before dinner"20:08
pavlushkalol, weird typo.20:09
pavlushkavandana: or you can leave a memo on memoserv by "/msg memoserv send nick message"20:10
pavlushkaso that she or he can get you back.20:11
pavlushkavandana: I may crush now, Night night :)20:12
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