lafleurdubienCan anybody explain how to get files off of a corrupted LVM partition?05:10
lafleurdubienTwo drives, each one with a containing a single LVM partition. The system they were in previously is no longer bootable. Both drives appear to be corrupted and I'm unable to successfully mount them on another Linux box. Is there any way to get the files from it?!05:10
randalllafleurdubien, it can be done, but if it wasn't lvm it would juat need a chmod, since it is lf it's more complicated05:20
randallI did it once, but I had to google it05:23
lafleurdubienI've been googling for a while and I can't seem to get anywhere. Do you  know what command you were using or what resource you referenced??05:34
haguHi, there is a file called "Swapiness" on my Desktop. I think I haven√Ąt put it there. Is there any reason for it to be there?09:41
hagu..a plain text doc with no content09:42
alkisghagu: right click on it and see when it was created09:59
alkisgMaybe you created it while playing with console commands?09:59
alkisgDid you try things about swappiness previously?09:59
haguI didn't try to change swappiness on this machine (just installed ubuntu mate)10:00
haguIndeed it was created yesterday night after I set up the system10:01
haguNo harm in deleting it?10:01
hagu...swappiness will be unchanged after deleting it?10:01
alkisgsystem files never go into user's desktops10:02
nomicSwappiness is the kernel parameter that defines how much (and how often) your Linux kernel will copy RAM contents to swap. This parameter's default va...10:03
nomicsomething to do with swap?10:03
alkisgswappiness does have to do with swap, but a user created file called "swappiness" has nothing to do with it10:03
alkisgIt's just an empty file in his desktop10:03
guest-lae8osHello Guys!10:20
guest-lae8osDo you like Maths or Physics? You are very nice :)10:21
guest-lae8osIhr stinkt! :)+10:21
akufWir stinken?10:21
haguthanks @alksig and @nomic10:22
akufHi there. Do you know if there are guide books and video tutorials for Ubuntu MATE in some other language as English?10:46
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Guest72730good morning12:10
Guest72730I'm a buntu noob trying to do stuff by breaking and mending...I need assistance with a recent"break"12:12
Guest72730Anybody home?12:14
Guest72730I guess not12:17
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