dufluRAOF: Do you recall why outputs have pixel formats?02:15
dufluIs that for nesting?02:15
RAOFBecause CRTCs have pixel formats?02:16
RAOFHow else would you scan out of rgb565, or rgbx1010102?02:16
dufluRAOF: Hmm, OK. Just noticed we've hardcoded xrgb in a couple of places for KMS (which might aggravate the vmware bug)02:16
RAOFReally? Odd.02:17
RAOFIf you want to update the kms platform to use the available output formats that'd be fine :)02:17
dufluIn other news, I found a second use for blank DVDs02:19
dufluTo burn ThinkPad BIOS updates (which otherwise require Windows)02:19
dufluThe first use is as a coaster02:19
RAOFHuh. I always used USB sticks for that.02:20
dufluRAOF: Not an option with ThinkPad ISOs02:20
dufluI have tried many times02:20
dufluThe first 32K of the ISO is zero... so there's no boot sector there02:22
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dufluIs CI down? I've been waiting 5 hours on my current branch...07:21
dufluOh I see others have been waiting 7 hours07:23
anpokhm device-runtests-mir seem to wait for krllin executors07:45
anpokhm but it is still running07:46
anpokat least one job..07:47
dufluanpok: Finished after 6 hours08:20
dufluJust one revision on one branch08:20
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alan_gkdub: have I understood your review comment? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/rework-throwback-and-staging/+merge/31435112:09
kdubalan_g, didn't see the other file, will remove needs fixing12:15
* alan_g only needs the prerequisite to pass review now12:17
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kdubcamako, been thinking... if we're deprecating mir_buffer_stream_get_egl_native_window in favor of Mir(Render)Surface, there's really no reason to have a 'hardware' buffer stream15:34
kdubso maybe we just drop the MirBufferUsage parameter from mir_render_surface_get_buffer_stream(), and that makes software buffers15:35
kdubandroid drivers don't need streams, mesa doesnt need streams, and the users will port to using MirRenderSurface as the native window (instead of the hop through mir_bs_get_egl_native_window())15:35
camakokdub, umm yeah sounds reasonable... Future (non-egl) middleware can use PCs, I guess15:36
kdubright, and if we encounter any usage of it (which I think most the usage is the egl case)15:37
kdubwe should add extensions for android and mesa to do the right thing15:37
kdubthat is, 'add extensions for android/mesa to alloc a hardware bufferstream'15:37
kdubI'll pull that param out of there, and RAOF is probably interested in reviewing as well15:38
kdub0.26 is going to be a big silo15:42
bschaeferkdub, it is15:43
bschaefergoing to be15:44
alan_gkdub: your commit comment seems to be a C&P error - https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/usage-deprecation-nested/+merge/31451817:01
kdubalan_g, thanks, correcetd17:04
kdubcamako, darn, we have name collisions when trying to change MirRenderSurface to MirSurface :/17:11
camakokdub, yeah we are not ready... We need to make a release17:12
camakothen delete MirSurface17:12
camakothen rename17:12
kdubyeah, so it looks like releasing the new platform won't make it into 0.2617:13
alan_gkdub: unless you call it Mir5urface for the time being and then deprecate17:14
kdubyeah :D17:14
kdubnot too late to change all the functions to l33t5p34k before the 1.0!17:15
camakokdub, @new platform... correct17:16
alan_gIf we don't have enough to release now, we /could/ release MirRenderSurface in 0.26, then deprecate it for MirSurface in 1.0.17:18
alan_g...and delete it in 2.017:19
bschaeferkdub, i like that naming scheme, it expresses a lot about the functions17:20
alan_gkeywords too?17:21
bschaeferevery char17:21
* bschaefer assumes this would no longer compile though17:22
kdubwell, thats where macros come in17:22
bschaefergood luck figuring out how many k's you need to disambiguate that grammar17:23
kdubalan_g, yeah, I think the plan was to not release the MirRenderSurface, because if its named 'MirSurface', then it falls into the vulkan standard17:23
alan_gkdub: ack, I thought that too17:24
kdubyay, we're in a cheatsheet for khronos https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.0/refguide/Vulkan-1.0-web.pdf17:25
alan_gBut at that time I also thought 1.0 would make it into 17.0417:25
* bschaefer has hope but it fades by the hour17:31
tjaaltonbregma: ping22:39

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