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bazhangthis wont end well01:00
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (garota_ipanema bad news)02:43
ubottugarota_ipanema called the ops in #ubuntu (garota_ipanema bad news :))02:43
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krytarikSome of the #ubuntu OPs want to ##fyc 'andyfied' there after 1.5 days of constantly timing out? >_>17:46
ikoniawhat's andyfied ?17:47
krytarikA user.17:47
ikoniaahh fix your connection17:47
ikoniaI totally miss-read your statement17:47
DJonesThat does look appropriate looking at /lastlog andyfied17:52
krytarikI'll mention that we did so in #x yesterday too.17:55
DJonesStruggling to remember the format, is this right? /mode +b andyfied $##fixyourconnection17:56
DJonesJust looking through past classroom sessions for format17:57
ikoniaif you're trying to do it on the acount17:57
krytarikWell, we used 'andyfied!*@*.dyn.plus.net$##fix_your_connection' yesterday.17:58
DJonesSo /mode +b $a:andyfied $##fixyourconnection (not been on irc much lately due to health issues and have forgotten quite a bit)17:58
ikoniathat would work too17:58
ikoniaDJones: krytarik's example if you want the host, my example if you want the account17:59
ikonia(I don't know if he's identified)17:59
DJonesI'll use krytarik's example as a starter17:59
krytarikDJones: Thanks.18:07
bazhangflameselite seems not to understand 'don't curse here'23:51

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