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Deepsgood morning. i'm trying to install ubuntu server 16.04 using the netboot iso, when it gets to configuring network, it autoconfs an ipv6 address, fails to dhcp an ipv4 address (there's no dhcp server) and then asks for nameservers - i dont know any ipv6 nameservers, so it then fails at that point to go any further09:04
roaksoaxDeeps: use google's ipv6 DNS servers or your RA/Dhcp in ipv6 is not providing those09:06
Deepsit's alright, i realised after typing that, that there was an option to fire up a shell, 'ip add add <ipv4 address> dev ens160' and i'm off again :>09:07
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fricklerjamespage: coreycb: can you please check why https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1616240 is still open for newton-uca?11:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1616240 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive newton "Traceback in vif.py execv() arg 2 must contain only strings" [High,Triaged]11:39
HetfieldHi, i need some help with conjure-up12:01
Hetfieldwhen installing openstack with maas. i cannot understand why it creates a juju model with up to 18 machines instead of just 412:01
coreycbfrickler, that should be done with verification but for some reason the bug is missing the uca bits requiring tagging verification-done13:29
coreycbbeisner, python-oslo.privsep 1.13.0-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0 is ready for promotion from newton-proposed -> updates13:30
coreycbHetfield, can you share your juju status output?13:32
Hetfieldnow i changed it: with conjure i changed the architecture so force services on the 4 machines13:40
coreycbbeisner, can you also promote swift 2.7.0-0ubuntu2.1~cloud0 to mitaka-proposed?13:42
coreycbHetfield, ok cool13:43
stephankHi! Will EC2 AMIs be available for Canada (ca-central-1)? The ones listed in the AMI finder appear as 'deregistered', and when searching by Canonical as owner, all I see is alpha/beta/testing.14:01
coreycbzul, i think the neutron api issue is due to neutron-vpnaas switching from neutron.api to neutron-lib and not releasing a milestone that includes that change for ocata14:49
coreycbzul, i'm going to release a snapshot from master14:49
zulcoreycb: sounds good14:53
bluekinghave many experienced failed upgrade of ubuntu  like 14.04 -> 16.04 ?15:47
bluekinguhm.. I didn't know how to get out of looking at conf file  and failed get out of it  within upgrading 14.04 ->16.04  is it aborted or ?15:57
zulcoreycb: fixing oslo.messaging ftbfs16:30
cncr04sblueking: there have been an increase of failed upgrades in here recently for some reason.16:44
cscfI have dotted interfaces configured, and bridges connected to them, and the dotted ifaces don't come up on boot, but if I run 'systemctl restart networking' they come up fine and work.16:45
cscfI don't see any errors in dmesg.  Any tips on where to start looking?16:45
bluekinghow to get back into distro upgrade   dropped somehow but still running in background.. ots/416:46
cncr04sit may of launched a ssh on some port, idk mine did.16:46
cscfOh, actually: " [   15.086022] mlx5_core 0000:81:00.0: device's health compromised - reached miss count " <- Mellanox firmware message in dmesg16:47
cncr04sno xpert, but if restarting it after boot fixes it, then add that command to execute after startup. would be a patch to the issue, but there is some issue with the device then.16:48
bluekinglooked at an conf file within upgrade process asking to keep old or get new...  was at (end)   didn't know how to 'terminate' conf file looking,...16:51
bluekingok will do reboot then16:51
cscfcncr04s, well yes, I know I can work around it.  Just trying to find a real fix.16:52
cncr04sno don't reboot during an upgrade16:53
cncr04sjust exit escape :q if in vim, or ctrl+q or was it ctrl+x in nano16:54
rbasaknacc: FYI, I've updated https://git.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/log/?h=unapproved. Still needs some cleaning and fixing up but mostly in shape now.17:38
rbasaknacc: the first seven commits of that branch refactor some existing importer and repository handling pieces to provide some new entry points for unapproved handling.17:39
rbasaknacc: they could be reviewed now I guess.17:39
naccrbasak: ack, will look at it today17:47
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zulcoreycb: nova needs os-xenapiclient now20:16
zuli need to package it20:16
coreycbzul, ok20:18
zuli need to figure out away to just pull it from pypi and package it20:18
togoI am looking for advise on serving a web from home and maybe also about finding a team23:24
togowhere is a good place to ask for advice?23:33
togoeffectively its not about hosting html pages...23:34
powersjtogo: best to just ask the questions you might have and then you might get redirected23:35

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