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jarlathHi folks. My E4.5 (stable channel) screen is black when a call comes in so I often can't answer. If I get the timimng just right I can do it with the power button followed quickly by tapping on-screen button during the fraction of a second it shows. Similarly, I can't navigate voicemail or hang up a call. Is this a known issue? The closest I see on LP in this one12:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1493574 in Canonical System Image "duplicate for #1532785 [vegeta] Phone app makes screen stay black during call (so you can't hang up)" [High,New]12:50
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OhYashAny plans on updating th porting Guide?17:21
OhYashit still talks about the cyanogenmod knowledge and links to cyanogenmod wiki (which is dead)17:22
popeyOhYash: probably best asking in #ubports17:37
iarebatmanHey guys - just wanted to make sure of something before I waste some time on it..21:13
iarebatmanJudging from your 'Porting' page - it looks like I should be able to port ubuntu touch to my nexus 6p without it being a several-month endeavor... is that true or is there something specific about the 6p that I should consider a major blocker?21:14
iarebatmanI can flash custom loaders without it being an issue, I can snag the vendor binaries without that being an issue, it's aosp as far as I know...21:15
dobeyhave you ever actually built kernels for devices and done anything like a port before?21:16
iarebatmanI'm familiar with building kernels & troubleshooting C/C++ compile issues, and I've flashed custom roms to my phones in the past, but I've never built the roms myself.21:16
iarebatmanI realize I may have to tweak some build/code to get it to compile - but I guess what I'm asking is - I don't have to implement new functionality that isn't there for this to work, do I?21:17
dobeybuilding a custom kernel and the system image to run ubuntu on a phone is very different from just simply building a standard kernel21:17
dobeybut you might want to join #ubports and see what's up there. it's at least under "voting devices" on https://devices.ubports.com/#/21:17
iarebatmanthanks dobey, I'll give that a shot..21:19
iarebatmanI'm assuming I'm missing something - because I would have thought the 6p would have been a prime target for ubuntu touch21:19
dobeywell you're not the first wanting to port it. but there still isn't a port21:22
dobeyporting is not a trivial task21:22
dobeygetting a device fully working and reliable can take a team of people a couple months21:23
iarebatmanyeah - I've seen people saying they want it working, but I've not seen anyone listing blockers they've encountered.. so I'm not sure why they failed, or if they simply didn't try21:23
dobeyif anything, i want to see a port to the new pixel phone21:26
iarebatmanI snagged the 6p because it works on pretty much every carrier21:27
iarebatmanNot a lot of phones you can have complete control over that you can throw on the verizon network (best available signal here =/ )21:28
dobeyeh, any unlocked gsm phone is pretty much fine for me as far as that goes. main issue with the pixel is that it's $75021:29
dobeybut pixel is a nice bit of kit, and only like 1mm larger than my nexus 5. so at least something i could probably deal with. any larger than that and i'm not interested21:30
robert_ancellMy click app (Animal Farm) is stuck on the recent upload. It says "Revision waiting for review of a previous upload.". Any idea what's blocking it?21:44
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