andyrock_dmj_s76: it should land soon00:00
andyrock_He prepared a silo for z00:00
tsdgeos"We will release current content as Qt 5.8.0 release Tue 17th January if nothing really serious found during testing"09:24
tsdgeosMirv: let's just skip 5.7.1 :D09:24
Mirvtsdgeos: yeah right, I've heard that a lot over time :)09:37
Mirvlike why wouldn't we ship 16.04 LTS with 5.6 as 5.6 will be released in Oct^Dec^WFeb^W..09:37
Mirv5.7(.1) for 17.04, 5.8(.1) for 17.10, 5.9(.1) for 18.04 LTS is (unfortunately) realistic09:38
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mterryjosharenson: ok I finished a separate thing, I can look at what's happening with greeter-arrangement -- any progress there?19:36
josharensonmterry: haven't looked at it yet today, so nothing new yet19:37
josharensonmterry: I don't mind looking further, but id be helpful if you could reproduce the issue as well just so I don't chase something non-existent19:37
mterryjosharenson: yup reproduced  :(  Imma noodle at it a bit19:47
josharensonmterry: that good, and bad... keep me posted19:48

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