floridagram<ahoneybun> https://androidcommunity.com/google-voice-may-be-receiving-a-long-overdue-update-soon-20170110/01:17
floridagram<KMyers> @ahoneybun, I really disagree - if I were fixing a computer and came across content like that, I would also report it without hesitation. I would not snoop through the person's machine but if out in the open it is fair game02:32
floridagram<KMyers> I guess the most important lesson is don't look at child pprm02:32
floridagram<ahoneybun> Well it was not just open02:32
floridagram<ahoneybun> They needed to search for it02:32
floridagram<ahoneybun> But anyway02:33
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> Did anybody see my message about Sunday?02:34
floridagram<ahoneybun> It's your mother's birthday02:34
floridagram<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze, Yes, still come down after. Maybe we can grab sushi ... I could really use some02:34
floridagram<KMyers> @ahoneybun, No, he is performing02:35
floridagram<ahoneybun> Oh yes for the fair02:35
floridagram<ahoneybun> His mother is the day before02:35
floridagram<AdamOutler> I got a pokemon go plus. Anyone up for some pokemon this sunday?02:35
floridagram<KMyers> @AdamOutler, I may be open to that.02:35
floridagram<KMyers> I will let you know.02:36
floridagram<AdamOutler> What is the plan for the time between Ubuntu Hour and the sushi?02:36
floridagram<KMyers> No clue02:36
floridagram<ahoneybun> Damn PG02:37
floridagram<ahoneybun> Seems it will be a good event02:37
floridagram<ahoneybun> New year people02:37
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> Always up for sushi02:37
floridagram<KMyers> @RazPi ?02:37
rwsassHi, my first time on this discussion. Name is Bob.03:23
floridagram<KMyers> Hey Bob03:30
rwsassHello.  Pleased to make your aquaintance.  Quite new to Ubuntu since I kicked Windows out of a netbook.03:32
floridagram<KMyers> Good choice, What part of Fl are you in. North Miami here03:33
rwsassI'm in East Central, Melbourne area.03:34
floridagram<KMyers> Cool, we have a few users up there. Chris for example03:34
rwsassGreat. Thot so.  This general area is quite techie oriented.03:35
rwsassThere's also a good amount of amateur radio activity in this central Florida area in general. Lots of hams taking to digital modes these days.03:40
floridagram<ahoneybun> @itnet703:40
floridagram<Abrerr> Melb/PB representin03:42
floridagram<Abrerr> rawrr03:42
floridagram<Abrerr> Welcome Bob03:43
rwsassThanks, your name?03:43
floridagram<Abrerr> Dustin :)03:43
floridagram<KMyers> Who woke Dustin...03:44
rwsassK Dustin.  How long have you been on Ubuntu?03:44
floridagram<Abrerr> Hrm, good question03:44
floridagram<Abrerr> Started maybe using it full-time in 0903:45
floridagram<Abrerr> Think I went a different direction around '1203:46
floridagram<Abrerr> You?03:46
rwsassOh that long..me since about April of 2013, thereabouts, dabbling with it.  Trying out this chat utility.03:46
floridagram<Abrerr> Awesome, welcome to the club :)03:48
rwsassYes, I'll check out that web site mentioned above.03:50
floridagram<Abrerr> G'night folks.03:50
rwsassTake care Dustin. Nice to meet you.  I'm quitting for the evening too.  Thanks for the greeting and catch you again soon.03:52
floridagram<ahoneybun> Website?03:57
floridagram<ahoneybun> ubuntu-fl.org03:57
floridagram<RazPi> @KMyers I'll try I really want to but work has me locked down really hard for the next month or two08:18
floridagram<ahoneybun> @Ivoriesablaze https://discordapp.com/download13:07
floridagram<ahoneybun> linux app for discord13:07
floridagram<SivaMachina> Did they finally make a non canery build?13:44
floridagram<SivaMachina> Because I have used desktop app for a while now. Given I have been out of a computer.13:45
floridagram<ahoneybun> That has nothing to do with chrome14:40
floridagram<KMyers> @AdamOutler15:03
floridagram<SivaMachina> @ahoneybun, I am talking about the Canary build of Discord not Chrome. Unless I am not understanding something15:29
floridagram<ahoneybun> Oh not sure then15:29
floridagram<ahoneybun> Not a BIG user of discord15:30
floridagram<SivaMachina> https://github.com/crmarsh/discord-linux-bugs15:30
floridagram<AdamOutler> WTF?15:45
floridagram<AdamOutler> Where do you get these crazy plugins?15:45
floridagram<KMyers> @AdamOutler - That is simply an iframe pulling in the T-Mobile Digits Beta15:57
floridagram<AdamOutler> I've been stuck on this screen for an hour.  any ideas?18:24
floridagram<KMyers> 418:24
floridagram<govatent> What apps are people using for sms? I've been using textra and am thinking about switching18:43
floridagram<KMyers> Whats SMS?18:43
floridagram<govatent> I had a feeling someone was gonna say that18:51
floridagram<AdamOutler> It's still stuck on the screen.  I don't know what a good action would be.  Do I ctrl-c and try grub-pc again?19:03
floridagram<KMyers> You can, the worst thing that can happen is you boot into rescue mode19:03
floridagram<AdamOutler> I never learned how to work with rescue mode. :/19:04
floridagram<AdamOutler> At that point I grab a USB drive and boot from it, then I install grub19:04
floridagram<SivaMachina> I use Signal19:04
floridagram<SivaMachina> @govatent19:05
floridagram<KMyers> As my primary number is Google Voice, I currently use hangouts19:05
floridagram<SivaMachina> I think you can put your Google voice number into Signal19:06
floridagram<govatent> Alright. I may go back to hangouts19:06
floridagram<govatent> I have signal for encrypted chats. Did not test it for regular SMS to non signal users19:06
floridagram<SivaMachina> It works fine19:07
floridagram<SivaMachina> I use it as my default client. Less apps I have to hope between19:08
floridagram<AdamOutler> Google+ post by Adam Outler … https://plus.google.com/+AdamOutler/posts/4XumD2QUdGA19:09
floridagram<ahoneybun> @govatent I use the Google Messenger mostly19:13
floridagram<AdamOutler> I just fixed that grub problem.  ctrl+c, sudo grub-install /dev/sda; reboot19:24
floridagram<AdamOutler> I just rebooted my phone and it suddenly had the 5 January 2017 update.  Seemless updates FTW.21:38
floridagram<AdamOutler> Seamless*21:38

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