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cmaloneyHow's the day so far?14:08
widoxmeh. trying to fend off getting a cold14:28
_stink__parry and counter?14:28
widoxHeather has been sick the past couple days, and I think its trying to get me next14:28
cmaloneywidox: Ugh14:29
widoxcmaloney: so, I prolly won't attempt CHC tonight :-/14:32
cmaloneyYeah, that's what I gathered. :)14:33
cmaloneyno worries.14:33
rick_hcrappy back home?16:12
jrwrenweather? yesterday was, but today is nice... its warm and finally dry.16:12
rick_hah nice16:12
rick_hdid the snow/ice all melt?16:12
rick_hschool was closed today and yesterday based on my voicemail16:13
cmaloneyIt sort of melted16:23
cmaloneybut it's still cold16:24
cmaloneyAnd a little icy16:24
jrwrengreg-g: don't get fired!19:35
ZimdaleAnyone deal with ubuntu on a surface pro?19:42
ZimdaleHow is it?19:43
greg-gjrwren: what'd I do?19:57
jrwrengreg-g: wiki down19:58
jrwrengreg-g: seems fine now.19:58
greg-gyeah, just went into #wikimedia-operations19:58
greg-gwell, looked in19:59
greg-gat a dev summit right now19:59
cmaloneyjrwren: Stop taking down Wikipedia. ;)20:03
jrwrenits what i get for trying to go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/∆AIMON20:04
greg-gjcastro: jrwren hey! help a good guy get the mediawiki package backported to yakkety! https://bugs.launchpad.net/xenial-backports/+bug/163733123:11
greg-ger, in xenial23:12
jrwrengreg-g: last time I asked for anything, they said, "no".  You'll be better off making a snap. :p23:15
cmaloneyCan anyone tell me who should give two craps about snaps?23:22
cmaloneyOr is that the point23:22
gamerchick02aren't snaps a way to package programs so you have all the dependencies?23:23
cmaloneyYes, they're like appimages23:23
cmaloneyexcept appimages are used by folks outside of the ubuntu ecosphere.23:24
gamerchick02i'm not passionate about them. i just install things from the repos...23:25

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