waltmanAnyone ever seen this before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23779865/04:20
pleia2is your user in the nopasswdlogin group?04:23
pleia2(and do you have it configured to log you in without a password?)04:24
waltmanI just tried switching to unity, and now it seems completely hung04:24
waltmanI rebooted a zillion times up to a few days ago and it was always fine.04:24
pleia2https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1511824 seems to indicate others have had problems04:25
waltmanYeah, I've seen reports from the past, but I don't see what they did to fix it.04:25
pleia2yeah, I've never seen it :\04:26
waltmanI think I'm going to have to reboot just to get a login prompt back.04:26
waltmanI just restarted because I seemed hung, and now I see a message during shutdown saying "a start job is running for Unattended Upgrades Shutdown". What does that mean?04:32
waltmanAnd can I just hit the reset button?04:32
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:50
waltmanSo my temporary fix to my issues from last night was to reboot back into 4.8.0-32 instead of the new -34.15:00
waltmanAnd again I seem to be getting ignored by #ubuntu :(15:03
waltmanSo if #ubuntu remains unresponsive tonight, where's the best place to ask questions about it? The ubuntu-users mailing list?15:39
jthanwaltman: ubuntu forums16:15
waltmanjthan: Ugh. So is this "General Help" or "Desktop Environments"?16:34
jthanI don't know.16:35
waltmanMy experience with these sorts of forums in the past is that once your issue falls off the first page it disappears.16:36
waltmanWell, I'm trying to post a new thread to the General forum, but it's just hanging. This isn't really inspiring a lot of confidence in me.17:11
waltmanmailing lists > web forums17:11
waltmanMaybe if I go get lunch it'll be finished by the time I get back.17:12
jthanNobody would ever subscribe to a mailing list that was getting 20k emails/day17:16
waltmanOh well. We'll see if anyone responds.17:19
waltmanI find it much easier to deal with high-traffic lists in mutt than with web forums17:20
waltmanOne nice thing about web forums is that you can see how many people read your post and decided to not answer it. :)18:55
jthanor perhaps they just didn't know how18:56
waltmanI didn't see any solutions in the previous postings.19:22
waltmanThey did, however, have *some* repliesā€¦19:22
waltmanWill I get notified if anyone does reply?19:53
jthando your notification settings indicate that you will?19:56
rmg51waltman: probably the best way to deal with this is to wait till the next kernel update. sometimes a new kernel will fix an old problem20:09
* waltman hunts around for his notificaiton settingsā€¦20:09
waltmanIt seems I can't even see, let alone modify, any of my settings until after I've made 10 posts. WTF? WTAF?20:11
waltmanrmg51: I've been thinking of that too, but it still seems bizarre that a kernel change could prevent me from logging into the gui.20:12
rmg51I've had problems in the past where that was the easiest fix20:13
waltmanIf it's not some weird conflict with the nvidia driver, I can't imagine what else might cause it. But then I also don't see how it could even draw the login screen!20:15
jthanso your issue is that you just cna't log in..?20:16
r00t^2well based on the logs you pasted the other day, i'd presume it's a PAM error20:16
r00t^2which a kernel update definitely wouldn't fix20:16
jthanor break, most likely20:16
r00t^2well, right20:16
waltmanSo then why was I able to reboot into the old kernel and login successfully.20:17
r00t^2waltman: well, that depends on what boot options are in your bootloader. if i had to guess, something with the security policy's getting futzed20:17
waltmanalso I haven't knowingly touched anything with pam, and the updates didn't seem to have anything to do with them20:18
r00t^2you can still log in on a TTY on the broken kernel version, right?20:18
waltmanI didn't try, but ssh worked.20:18
r00t^2i can't recall the default ubuntu sshd_config, but it's possible for sshd to bypass PAM20:18
waltmanI wasn't sure how to get to a tty on that box20:18
r00t^2if that doesn't work, f2. if that doesn't work, f3 etc.20:19
r00t^2as a quick test, you can also try adding yourself to the no password group in the lightdm config and restarting lightdm, then trying to log in20:21
waltmanit was reporting something like that. But again, what does that have to do with the kernel?20:21
r00t^2which should bypass pam_kwallet5.so, from what i understand, which is what's complaining in the logs20:21
waltmanthere's no pam_kwallet5.so on this box20:22
r00t^2you did an updatedb;locate pam_kwallet5.so ?20:22
r00t^2and as for your question, that's a complicated answer. essentially, kernel -> apparmor -> pam -> userland20:23
waltmanit should run updatedb every night, shouldn't it?20:23
r00t^2not if you aren't running a cron daemon or it doesn't have a systemd timer20:23
waltmanmlocate.db was updated at 00:42 this morning.20:25
r00t^2okay. and you're using KDE as your DE?20:25
waltmanKDE? No, whatever the default is. lightdm, I think.20:25
r00t^2that's your login/display manager20:25
r00t^2lightdm doesn't even have an associated DE20:25
waltmanoh, then I guess gnome.20:26
r00t^2default for ubuntu vanilla is cinnamon, iirc20:26
r00t^2which is still confounding why it wants kwallet, but whatever20:26
waltmanI'm running whatever the default is.20:26
r00t^2okay. and what version did you dist-upgrade to?20:27
r00t^2seems you aren't the only one, assuming it's 16.04.1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/151182420:27
waltmanThanks for telling me about the same old bug I included in my forum post :)20:28
waltmanalso that's from over a year ago.20:29
r00t^2ah, 16.10. might still be present (the last post is from november. it's jan 11. "last year" means little). have you tried adding your user to the video group?20:29
r00t^2and did you change the default session to be explicit, per http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=15300 (which is linked to in that bug report)20:31
waltmanI haven't done either of those things. And I'm not home now to try them out.20:32
r00t^2well, you've got a place to start then20:33
waltmanI still don't see how either of those things should change so radically in a point release of a kernel.20:36
r00t^215:23:17 < r00t^2> and as for your question, that's a complicated answer. essentially, kernel -> apparmor -> pam -> userland20:43
r00t^2a dist-upgrade updates a shit-ton, not just the kernel20:44
r00t^2directly, it's likely closer related to the video driver and requiring your user be in the video group, which wasn't present in the video driver the previous kernel uses20:45
waltmanNo, dist-upgrade is just an upgrade with some different dependency checking.20:45
r00t^2what do you think the "dist" means in "dist-upgrade"?20:45
waltmanI'm using Nvidia's video driver.20:45
waltmanalso, why does the kernel have a video driver?20:45
r00t^2because where else would a video driver be? (it's actually a kernel module, and different module versions are kept for different kernel versions)20:46
waltmanI see nothing about nvidia in the release notes.20:46
r00t^2do you want to argue with me or do you want to try solutions?20:46
r00t^2i can do either, i'd just like a straight answer20:47
waltmanWell, seeing as how you don't seem to know what dist-upgrade does...20:47
r00t^2alright, let's boot my ubuntu vm up. hold on20:47
waltmanplease read the man page for apt-get20:47
waltmanit installed like 4 packages, all related to the kernel.20:47
r00t^2did you try full-upgrade?20:48
r00t^2did you update your sources.lst to use 16.10?20:49
jthanUsing upgrade keeps to the rule: under no circumstances are currently installed packages removed, or packages not already installed retrieved and installed. If that's important to you, use apt-get upgrade. If you want things to "just work", you probably want apt-get dist-upgrade to ensure dependencies are resolved.20:50
waltmanWhy do you think I just did an upgrade to 16.10?20:50
waltmanThat's NOT what dist-upgrade does.20:50
waltmanI built this box with 16.10.20:51
r00t^2wasn't apt-get obsoleteted in favor of apt?20:53
r00t^2obsoleted even20:53
jthansame thing20:53
jthanjust different name20:53
jthanapt-get install -> apt install20:53
r00t^2jthan: they aren't, actually20:53
r00t^2check the man pages. :)20:54
jthanhell if I'm spinning that garbage up20:54
jthan       install, remove, purge (apt-get(8))20:54
jthan^ that's in man apt20:54
waltmanI don't see anything in the apt-get manpage saying it's obsolete.20:55
jthanwell it was certainly replaced.20:55
r00t^2dist-upgrade was created to upgrade to a newer release. hence the name. whether that's the way it's used now, i have no idea. but presumably you're going to want to use apt rather than apt-get since it's standardized since 16.0420:58
waltmanthanks, but I really don't think that this is the issue in this case.21:04
waltmanbecause despite the method that I used, as I said several times already, it only installed a few packages all related to the kernel.21:05
r00t^2did your video drivers get updated?21:11
waltmanNo. I checked and as of midnight I'm running the latest and greatest nvidia drivers. And they haven't changed since I built the box over the holidays.21:20
r00t^2doesn't matter what driver version, it matters that the drivers exist for the specific kernel version21:22
r00t^2^^^ "(it's actually a kernel module, and different module versions are kept for different kernel versions)"21:22

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