chesedogood morning all05:42
paddatrapperMorning all06:41
nsnzeromorning guys06:54
Kiloshi chesedo inetpro paddatrapper and everyone else09:39
paddatrapperMorning Kilos 09:39
paddatrapperHow goes it?09:39
Kilosok ty and you?09:39
andrewlsdmorning paddatrapper Kilos and everyone else09:45
Kiloshi andrewlsd 09:45
chesedohi Kilos paddatrapper andrewlsd09:46
andrewlsdnice to see you Kilos09:46
andrewlsdand chesedo :-)09:46
paddatrapperKilos: good thanks10:23
paddatrapperhey andrewlsd 10:23
* andrewlsd lurks10:27
jerit_hoe gaanit mense en vroumense en ander mense wat nie wil so identifeer (totally made up that word thinking it's right for "identify") nie12:26
jerit_lol well I was almost right... Hello everybody12:27
jerit_ello Kilos12:41
andrewlsdhi jerit_12:49
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Kilospower has returned17:06
Kiloshad a ood nap as well17:06
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jerit_How do you nap in this heat?17:07
Kilosgooi love heat17:08
Kilosgooalso  we have good fans17:08
Kilosgoomy son struggles in the heat but fans help17:08
Kilosgooalso helps to hand a wet towel over the fan. air is cold from there to you17:09
Kilosgooi have no idea why im shown as away17:09
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smileHi! :)18:24
smileCan anyone reproduce this? :p https://github.com/Smile4ever/firefoxaddons/issues/1318:25
smileinetpro: why "good morning"? :o18:48
smileit's evening18:49
inetproeh smile, it's morning for superfly ;-)18:49
inetproand me has been rather busy today, only connected here now18:50
smilewhat did you do today? :D18:52
inetprosmile: unfortunately don't have a public list of achievements that I can brag about18:56
smileinetpro: :(18:57
smilehttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/01/discord-linux-app-download-stable <- nice artwork!18:57
Kilosyou guys start talking at bedtime19:00
inetproKilos: eh19:02
* inetpro just stumbled into here to show face19:02
inetproit's a tired face but I'm still breathing 19:03
smileKilos: bedtime? not yet!19:06
smilehold on an hour :DD19:06
smilethere's peeps who go to work, Kilos :D19:06
Kilosty for popping in inetpro 19:07
* inetpro gotta steal some energy from these youngsters somehow19:08
Kilosone wonders where they get the energy19:08
smileinetpro: I'm tired as well, so nothing to get here :D19:08
smileI walked half an hour, worked 8 hours, was in the car for about 1,5 hours, slept a few hours19:11
smileAnd I played a parlor game19:11
* paddatrapper peers around the door19:24
* Kilos opens the door wide19:27
Kilosha gotcha19:27
Kilosany news from fly paddatrapper ?19:27
paddatrapperKilos: He's around occasionally. DM now19:28
Kilosi mean about the decision on ibid19:28
Kilosand what does inetpro say19:28
* inetpro slips out of the door19:28
Kilosinetpro opinion?19:29
Kilosinetpro ping19:29
inetprooops... he stopped me19:29
Kilosare we not more at home on LP19:29
* inetpro thinking19:29
Kilosuh oh19:29
smileDon't over-think19:30
* Kilos smells smoke19:30
smileYou'll get tired even more19:30
Kilosis that rubber or old wood burning19:30
smileKilos: are you smoking again! :o 19:30
Kilosno man pro is thinking19:30
inetproKilos: well, I think the call has been made19:31
inetprothe devs, they always win19:32
Kilosthats frogboots and fly19:32
Kilosand weed19:32
Kilospaddatrapper have you guys decided?19:32
inetproKilos: and don't forget chesedo19:33
Kilosoh yes19:33
paddatrapperKilos: Ah sorry, seems like we'll merge back19:33
Kilosmerge to github?19:33
inetproKilos: back to ibid on github yes19:34
inetprono more iterum19:34
paddatrapperyeah. fly said he's fine with it, though will need to get over his aversion for closed-source github19:34
Kilosok that will keep weed actively involved19:34
paddatrapperYup and hopefully other old devs too19:34
Kiloslate night thatgraemeguy 19:34
Kilosoh well, as long as we got an upgraded bot19:35
inetproKilos: and hopefulle we can get cocooncrash back again one day as well19:35
* pavlushka says ahoy silently19:35
Kiloshe never even pops in any more19:36
paddatrapperUpgraded, new improved and hopefully a little flash19:36
Kilosshame on you cocooncrash 19:36
inetprohi pavlushka19:36
pavlushkaHello inetpro :)19:37
inetprocan I go sleep now?19:37
smilegood night19:38
inetprodankie smile19:38
pavlushkainetpro: How's your Family? good, and brushed your teeth before going to sleep?19:38
Kilossleep tight inetpro 19:38
Kilosill follow soon19:38
inetproclean and healthy yes, thanks :-)19:38
inetprogood night19:38
pavlushkaNight Pro19:38
Kilosi crash as well now guys19:43
Kilossee you tomorrow19:43
Kilossleep tight19:43
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smilebye! :)20:32

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