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FManTropyxafter booting, things are back to the way they were before I fixed them, which makes me unhappy with Ubuntu00:11
Jordan_UFManTropyx: Explaining how things are/were and how you tried to fix them might help you get support.00:12
FManTropyxhmm, how do I see a picture?00:15
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ghostali'm preparing to install ubuntu on a second, brand new disk installed in an existing windows 7 machine, and switching the boot drive to the new ubuntu drive, so it can handle the dual boot. but i'm terrified of borking up the windows 7 install. should i be?00:19
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Jordan_UFManTropyx: Is this picure a file? On a camera? On a website? Somewhere else?00:19
k1l_ghostal: no. just be carefull what disk you choose in the installer.00:20
ghostalk1l_: mmm. that's my main concern as, apart from one being newer, the disks are otherwise identical00:20
k1l_FManTropyx: if you mean "how can i show a picture in here" then use imgur.com and show the link here00:20
k1l_ghostal: well, than its a 50% chance :)00:21
k1l_ghostal: the installer should show existing partitions. so you can see which hdd is which one00:21
ghostalk1l_: ahh. that's cool.00:21
ghostalanother question: when the bootloader is set up by ubuntu on the new disk, and detects the windows 7 on the original disk, will it make any changes to the windows boot loader on that disk? or would i, in theory, being able to change the boot order back and boot windows as if nothing had changed?00:21
Gamemakoghostal, you have 64-bit windows 7, yes?00:22
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Gamemakoghostal: just checking, since you can enter nightmare land if you try to mix 32-bit and 64-bit. Just my current headache :(00:23
k1l_ghostal: ubuntu wants to install grub into the MBR of the booting hdd. so it can let grub give you a choice if you want to boot windows or ubuntu (or others). but it will not make changes on your setup, when you made the ubunut disk the first disk and install grub there00:23
Sean_McGyou could unplug the windows disk while you install00:23
jeremiahhello all#00:24
ghostalSean_McG: i've considered that, for the sake of peace of mind. but is it easy then to add the windows 7 to the dual boot? never done it manually00:24
jeremiahwin 7 dual boot with linux is ok man00:25
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jeremiahbut forget about win 1000:25
ghostalk1l_: yeah... i figure, grub on the MBR of the new disk, and leave the existing windows 7 bootloader on the MBR of the original disk, unchanged00:25
jeremiahit's a pile of crap00:25
k1l_ghostal: when you run "sudo update-grub" it will again scan other disks for other OSs and will add them00:25
bazhangjeremiah, take the commentary elsewhere please00:26
jeremiahyeah soory00:26
ghostalk1l_: oooh. very handy. maybe i'll unplug the original disk while i install ubuntu then. it wouldn't be the first time i accidentally formatted the wrong disk :( luckily it would only be the second time though.00:26
ghostalkind of mistake i think most people only make once00:27
ghostal... touch wood00:27
pressure679-I am attempting to get a git repo to ubuntu from an iPad's webdav server, but problems. Help? :-/00:27
stevwillshey i have a question. is there a way to change the mouse selector box color from blue to something else in gnome 3?00:28
FManTropyxwhen I make a resolution and apply it, how do I make it persist after boots?00:28
stevwillsFManTropyx: do you have a nvidia gpu?00:29
jeremiahthe resolution always persit after each boot usually00:29
k1l_stevwills: i guess that is part of the theme in use00:29
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stevwillsk1l_ ok so the mouse selector is decided with the theme? ill try other themes to see if its part of that00:30
ghostalthanks for your advice k1l_, Sean_McG00:30
FManTropyxwell, it didn't and the default behavior of shutting down my monitor is incredibly annoying (and serves no purpose, except to produce harm)00:30
Sean_McGno problem00:30
FManTropyxI now have 3 commands that I need to run after each boot - where to put them for automatic execution?00:31
wafflejockstevwills, yeah can check in /usr/share/themes and find the CSS for your theme appears to be defined as @define-color selected_bg_color #d64937;00:32
wafflejockwell that's the one for Numix gtk300:32
SirBestEveram i in the write spot for chatting?00:32
reisiohermes_: hi00:32
brycemlFManTropyx: in /etc/rc.local, I recommend changing the #!/bin/sh -e or whatever it is to #!/bin/bash00:32
reisioSirBestEver: about Ubuntu support matters, yes indeed00:32
hermes_what is this im new00:32
SirBestEverthis is cool00:33
jeremiahis this  chat about backbox?00:33
stevwillswafflejock:  if my theme is in ~/.themes is it the same?00:33
bazhangSirBestEver, this is ubuntu support only Not chat00:33
wafflejockSirBestEver, hiya this is a support channel for ubuntu issues00:33
reisiojeremiah: not really no00:33
SirBestEverok sorry, peace00:33
bazhangjeremiah, backbox has their own support channel00:33
jeremiahok sorry I thought it was the right channel with the irc one00:34
wafflejockstevwills, I imagine so just what I found poking around on my own setup not sure about per user themes but imagine they work the same00:34
k1l_FManTropyx: what commands are they?00:35
stevwillswafflejock: ok i will try that.00:35
jeremiah@bazhang , but is  not backbox based on ubuntu?00:35
jeremiahif not, what channel is it please?00:36
k1l_!backbox | jeremiah00:36
ubottujeremiah: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.00:36
bazhangjeremiah, it's offtopic and not supported here00:36
jeremiahok thanks man00:36
bazhang /msg alis list backbox to find it jeremiah00:36
jeremiahcheers guys00:37
dazed1anyone know of a channel that might support selinux on ubuntu?00:40
whatisitHey everyone, what should I format my thumb drive to for an iso image?00:41
poco_hey guys I have this thing that's driving me crazy- just installed Kubuntu 16.04 and I can't get any sound on any apps other than Spotify. In the sound settings I can get it to test through my headset just fine. What is going on?00:41
whatisitof xubuntu00:41
reisiowhatisit: the image contains the format already00:41
whatisitah ok00:41
fedupwithwhatisit: you don't format it as anything. Whatever is on there is getting wiped00:41
FroggerNewbie here. My goal is to have a setup whereby everytime i logon to my ubuntu account (or turn my computer on), files from one folder are backup up to another folder on my desktop. I tried options using rsync etc, all to no avail. Tips?00:42
reisioFrogger: do you want it every time you login or turn it on, or once a day?00:42
reisioAutinDroid: hi00:42
Froggerreisio, if there is a way to do it every day, regardless if my machine is one or off, thats fine. If not, then I want it every time i login00:43
whatisitNow I ran into an issue earlier where the download failed when installing grub00:43
Froggeris on or off*00:43
reisioFrogger: well it's just a matter of frequency00:43
whatisitI don't want to have this happen again, any suggestions?00:43
reisioFrogger: do you really want it every time you login if you login multiple times a day, or just once one time you login once a day00:43
reisioFrogger: the former may not be a problem, if it's not a crap-ton of files00:44
Froggerreisio, for now, let just say every time i login00:44
reisioFrogger: okay00:44
reisioFrogger: you're backing it up from one dir to another on the same FS?00:44
reisioyou want to be*00:44
whatisitAlso the image wouldn't load in legacy mode, only uefi (but I've installed in legacy before)00:44
Froggerreisio, bare in my mind i am very new to ubuntu and the terminal in general00:44
reisioFrogger: that won't be an issue :)00:44
Froggerreisio, i am backing up from one folder to another, both on my desktop00:45
stevwillswafflejock: the css file i need to edit would be within what file? gtk-3.0, gtk-3.20,00:45
reisioFrogger: okay, just real quick can I ask what you mean to accomplish by doing that?00:45
reisioFrogger: duplication on one FS isn't usually as useful as, for example, to another FS/device/etc.00:45
reisiostevwills: wb00:45
Froggerreisio, eventually, i am trying to backup files from an important folder to another folder that is linked to the cloud (to backup my data)00:46
whatisitis it better to boot ubuntu in legacy or uefi?00:46
reisioFrogger: okay00:46
reisioFrogger: any particular "cloud"?00:46
stevwillsreisio: ???00:46
reisiowhatisit: doesn't matter; one or the other may be simpler depending on your hardware00:46
reisiowhatisit: I'd say on average not UEFI will be simpler, but not always00:46
Froggerreisio, actually, im figuring all of that out now. I've been messing around with afew00:46
whatisitreisio: for some reason my unetbootin image won't load in legacy (but in the past I've installed in legacy)00:47
reisioFrogger: oh, well, if you can get something that accepts data over ssh or rsync, that'll save you time I think00:47
Froggerreisio, point is the clouds ive been using all sync with a local folder00:47
reisioFrogger: anyway, back to copying00:47
reisioFrogger: do you want a 1:1 backup, or incremental backups (each day's differences are separately available)00:48
Froggerreisio, i'm not sure, for now I'd be curious as to your approach in general. (i guess incremental backup however)00:48
reisioFrogger: I do tend to favor incremental by default, but 1:1 is perfectly fine if that's what you want00:49
reisioFrogger: 1:1 protects you against losing your data within a 24 hour period, if you accidentally delete it, say00:49
reisioFrogger: incremental arguably protects all versions of all data forever00:49
Froggerreisio, sure lets just say incremental.00:49
reisioFrogger: which you could argue would be a burden, if, for example, you backed up something you actually wanted to leave no trace of00:49
reisioFrogger: okay00:49
reisioFrogger: you want the silly Unity/GNOME-specific GUI way, or the ordinary terminal way? :p00:50
Froggerterminal if possible00:50
reisiogood answer :p00:50
reisioFrogger: you see ~/.config/autostart/ ?00:50
reisioFrogger: chances are you have a .desktop file in there that's already running something on login the way you want00:50
reisioFrogger: just copy it and change the command to a shell script to do your backup00:51
veysiubuntuhi ubuntu users00:51
reisioFrogger: in this case, I would recommend a "script" like this: rdiff-backup foo/ bar/00:51
reisioveysiubuntu: hi-o00:51
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wafflejockstevwills, I think the first but honestly not entirely sure guess it would depend if the app uses gtk3 or 3.2 but would just give them a go probably reload the theme afterwards or restart gnome to see changes I'd guess, sorry dunno details to say for sure00:52
reisioFrogger: & FFR, if you wanted it once-a-day vs once-a-login, look into anacron00:52
reisioFrogger: alternatively you could add logic to your script to know if it'd already been done that day00:52
stevwillswafflejock: thx ill try that00:53
veysiubuntucan we ask questions about linux in here?00:53
AutinDroidIm a newb at irc. Can somebody tell me if i am talking. Than we will talk about linux00:53
dazed1frogger (et al) um, I assume he means a graphical login, right?  why not put it in his user-specific xinitrc?00:53
k1l_veysiubuntu: this channel is ubuntu related00:53
whatisitIf I run trisquel will I end up with a bunch of hardware issues?00:54
dazed1then it would only run once he logged into the desktop00:54
veysiubuntuk1l_: thx00:54
k1l_whatisit: better ask the trisquel guys what they change from ubuntu. we cant know that00:54
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dazed1frogger (et al): then it's a simple script to check to see if it has been run in the last X hrs, then do a sync if not00:55
Vaderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_jUtiKSf1Y Eruption - One Way Ticket00:57
fedupwithVader: fuck off with the spam00:57
veysiubuntuwhen i open video on firefox. it gives eror and say intalling flash. but icoulndt find flash on ubuntu sowfware?00:57
k1l_veysiubuntu: what ubuntu are you on?00:58
pavlosveysiubuntu, https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-install-flash.html00:58
k1l_veysiubuntu: install adobe-flashplugin from the canonical partner repo00:59
veysiubuntucanonical partner repo ? what is that ?00:59
k1l_!partner | veysiubuntu01:00
ubottuveysiubuntu: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »01:00
* Sean_McG debates a Flash uninstall party.01:00
Jordan_Uk1l_: veysiubuntu: sudo apt install browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash01:00
Jordan_Uk1l_: That way you get an up to date version of flash, and the glue layer needed for it to work in Firefox.01:01
veysiubuntuthanks guys :)01:01
ubuntu43help me i install ubuntu 14.04 i i want go to shell \bash but i dont know how01:01
reisioubuntu43: likely that will already be the default shell for end users01:02
Sean_McGubuntu43: look for the Terminal application01:02
reisiooh _go_ to, pardon01:02
reisioubuntu43: CTRL+ALT+t01:02
ubuntu43ok im in01:02
ubuntu43how i update fire fox01:02
k1l_ubuntu43: run "apt-cache policy firefox | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the output url here please01:03
AutinDroidhas anybody been able to get linux working on da new macbook pros?01:04
ignacioAutinDroid, yeah, using vms :D01:04
AutinDroidWithout VM01:04
ignacioah no idea D;01:05
ignacioI do not recommend running linux native though; feels so weird in mbp01:05
AutinDroidignacio, vms are slow01:05
ignacioHave you tried parallels desktop?01:05
ignacioIt feels really fast01:05
AutinDroidIll try parallel01:05
AutinDroidThe 2015 MBP was able to boot the usb. 2016 makes me cry :(01:06
reisioit can't boot from usb?01:06
AutinDroidboot ubuntu from usb01:06
k1l_ubuntu43: is this a live cd? or an install?01:06
AutinDroidlive cd01:06
ubuntu43install now is install01:07
ubuntu43i install this 20 min ago01:07
AutinDroidThe mbp cant run linux (well)01:07
AutinDroidVery little support01:07
k1l_ubuntu43: then run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade". that will update all installed programs01:07
AutinDroidI can't boot it01:07
codepython777what is the correct way of installing picins (latex package) on an ubuntu box?01:07
ubuntu43i dont want alll program  only firefox01:08
k1l_ubuntu43: you should run all updates because only that way you get all security fixes01:08
ubuntu43security fixes hahah good joke hahah sorry01:09
fedupwithubuntu43: troll much, do you?01:09
ubuntu43on linuc have no wiruses01:09
k1l_ubuntu43: that is not a joke01:09
k1l_ubuntu43: its not about virus. its about issues on programs that get fixed with updates. see ubuntu.com/usn for more details01:10
ubuntu43i dont need fixes at this time only updae firefox01:10
ignaciothen download firefox tar.gz file and run it from there01:10
ignacioeasy af.01:10
k1l_ignacio: no, that is not helping01:10
ignacioagh, then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade firefox"01:11
k1l_ubuntu43: please take a look at the ubuntu.com/usn website and decide if you only want to update firefox with "sudo apt install firefox"01:11
fedupwithhttp://termbin.com/wqga - the ms fonts installer is constantly running and failing. Anyone else getting this?01:16
gshmuflashplugin-installer: downloading http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20170110.1.orig.tar.gz01:16
gshmu0% [Waiting for headers]01:16
gshmuplease cache this to local mirrors01:17
gshmuI want install this update manual with proxy, how to do this?  but, mirror is better than proxy01:19
Sean_McGfedupwith: yes, uninstalling and reinstalling that package worked for me01:19
fedupwithSean_McG: will try. cheers01:20
veysiubuntuubottu: it works for firefox but not for opera and browser of ubuntu01:20
ubottuveysiubuntu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:20
Sean_McGyeah ubottu, you dumb!01:20
veysiubuntuubottu: are you sure :)01:21
ubottuveysiubuntu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:21
veysiubuntuwho is ubottu?01:21
reisioa bot01:22
fedupwithSean_McG: still repeatedly failing and breaking01:22
reisioSean_McG: harsh man01:22
reisiono wonder the robots rise up against us in the future01:22
Sean_McGfedupwith: oh wait no I remember now -- you will actually need to grab the Debian package for ttf-mscorefonts-installer, the Ubuntu one is broken.01:24
Sean_McGfedupwith: for more info, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/766491/failure-to-download-extra-data-files-with-ttf-mscorefonts-installer-on-ubuntu01:24
veysiubuntureisio:  :)01:25
Sean_McGfedupwith: sean@ohana:~$ dpkg -l | grep fonts-installer01:26
Sean_McGii  ttf-mscorefonts-installer                   3.6                                           all          Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts01:26
fedupwithSean_McG: cheers anyway, but not going to install a foreign deb here. Seeing if there is a bug on launchpad with anybody taking an interest01:27
Sean_McGfair enough, it worked for me though.01:27
naccfedupwith: Sean_McG: LP: #1607535 iiuc01:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts and should be updated to version 3.6 from Debian" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160753501:31
Sean_McGoooh, cheers nacc01:31
fedupwithnacc: cheers. Much appreciated01:31
naccSean_McG: fedupwith: np, there are links to many other bugs from there, unclear if it's making progress01:33
naccbut note that given it's in multiverse, it's unclear how much care is given to it normally... (and not updated in Ubuntu since 2014)01:34
kapaHello guys! How can I did "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" and force to use another keyboard model, how can I return to the values it were after ubuntu installation ?01:34
kapaI tried to purge keyboard-configuration packet - but it also wants to remove a lot of packages by dependencies ... I do not want to do that :)01:34
kapais there any easier way ?01:35
fedupwithnacc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/1655431 - looks as if it has degenerated into a religious battle over the broken way update-notifier works, rather than accepting debian's pragmatic solution. I weep for this distro sometimes01:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1651923 in apt (Ubuntu Yakkety) "duplicate for #1655431 apt https method decodes redirect locations and sends them to the destination undecoded." [Undecided,Triaged]01:38
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Sean_McGreligion has no place in computing.01:43
kapaand also, how to make Brightness buttons works on laptop ?:(01:43
Jordan_USean_McG: Such discussion is not appropriate for #ubuntu. Please stick to the topic of Ubuntu support.01:44
reisioSean_McG: SGML has no place in the universe01:44
kapaI tried evtest, xinput, xev nothing detects Brightness shortcuts :(01:45
reisiokapa: what 'puter?01:45
kapalaptop, clevo (chinese one) :(01:46
reisiooh the humanity01:46
cfhowlett!kylin | kapa01:46
ubottukapa: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is an official part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin01:46
kapaI'm not chinese user :)01:47
Sean_McGreisio: tru.dat01:47
reisiokapa: might check showkey, keytouch01:48
kapaP641HK this one01:48
kapalet me try. Thank you01:48
kapashow keys also shows nothing :( it's <FN> + <F8> in my case. But <FN> + <F5> (sound down) works good01:49
TFlana2Hi. I installed Ubuntu 16.10 on my MacBook Pro (Intel Graphics). The machine runs extremely hot with only a browser running. Doesn't appear that the fans are working. It is almost unbearable to touch.01:54
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* Sean_McG wonders if that is deliberate on the fruit company's part01:55
TFlana2The battery also drains extremely fast.01:55
kapawhat is your LA ?01:56
TFlana2kapa: LA?01:56
kapaload average01:56
kapayou can get it using `uptime` command01:56
TFlana2Thanks. I will get right back to you on that.01:57
TFlana2kapa: 0.64, 0.35, 0.5201:57
Sean_McGOK, so nothing.01:57
Sean_McGare you visiting any websites in your browser that use Flash?01:58
TFlana2No. I can shut this browser off and have nothing open and the machine will be this hot.01:58
Sean_McGOK, hot at idle makes me wonder if you need a firmware update from Apple.01:59
TFlana2Hmm. I will research that.02:00
cfhowlettTFlana, plan B = OSX + virtualbox <<< xubuntu02:00
ghostal ugh, so, I'm booted into the USB installer, and choosing the "install ubuntu" boot option, and the UI has loaded, but i think it has wrongly set itself up for three monitors when i only have two. and the installer is on the third monitor02:01
wedgieghostal: can you press Alt+<space> and then m   ?   sometimes you can move windows that way02:01
cfhowlettghostal, simple.  disconnect 2 monitors.  reboot.  install.  configure multi-monitors in post-install02:01
ghostal(deduced by moving the mouse pointer from place to place and alt+tabbing)02:02
wedgiedo the windows+arrow keys work in the installer?02:02
ghostalwedgie: that worked :)02:03
ghostalalt space m02:03
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FManTropyxwhy do I have a large number of 'bioset' processes?02:11
wafflejockFManTropyx, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2227781&page=2 may help02:16
wafflejockFManTropyx, appears to be something related to newer 4.x kernels02:16
FManTropyxok, tnx!02:17
royal_screwup21Is there a keyboard shortcut to maximize a window?02:19
wafflejockroyal_screwup21, which desktop environment, can typically map things with the keyboard mapping app if there's not a default for it (depending on the desktop environment)02:21
wafflejockroyal_screwup21, think in Unity it's superkey/windowskey and up arrow but I forget off hand02:21
royal_screwup21wafflejock what's superkey?02:23
royal_screwup21Oh, sorry, you mean the windows key?02:23
wafflejockthe win key yeah02:23
wafflejocksome places call it super key depending on what you're reading02:24
wafflejockno worries02:24
royal_screwup21Cool, thanks wafflejock!02:24
wafflejockroyal_screwup21, if you're using Unity the default desktop environment for Ubuntu then can hold windows/super key for a few seconds to see some common shortcuts02:24
wafflejockno prob02:25
kk4ewtsuperkey windows key evil empire key02:25
royal_screwup21Is there a way I can check for the last download made on my machine via the command line? I've enabled a lot of automatic downloads and it's hard to keep track of all of them02:30
wedgiedownload of what? Using what?02:32
lotuspsychjeroyal_screwup21: history command could bring up your recent commands also02:33
garota_ipanemahey boys02:42
garota_ipanemacowboys lets go02:42
lotuspsychje!ask | garota_ipanema02:42
ubottugarota_ipanema: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:42
lotuspsychjeroyal_screwup21: a download manager could be also for you perhaps?02:42
garota_ipanemaroyal_screwup21: a download manager could be also for you perhaps? :)02:42
garota_ipanemaok boy02:42
garota_ipanema#ubuntu --> ok boy02:42
lotuspsychje!ops | garota_ipanema bad news02:43
ubottugarota_ipanema bad news: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:43
garota_ipanema!ops | garota_ipanema bad news :)02:43
garota_ipanemagarota_ipanema bad news: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu :)02:43
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elkyi do like it when they fail so bad that i don't have to do anything.02:43
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day02:45
JGJGis it?02:46
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kankushtgood evening02:51
kankushtdoes anyone know the solution to GLX Extension Missing: 0.0 error?02:52
lotuspsychjekankusht: can you explain to the channel what you are trying to achieve?02:55
lotuspsychjekankusht: tell us the whole story please02:55
kankushtsince my last update I've got some issues that don't allow me to open blender I think it is related to my graphic card, everytime I execute Blender in the terminal I received an error message that it says Xlib: extension GLX missing on display ":0.0"03:00
kankushtis there any way to solve it?03:00
lotuspsychjekankusht: ubuntu version? card model? driver loaded?03:01
WildPenguinhello, how can I encrypt disks in Lubuntu?03:02
lotuspsychje!encrypt | WildPenguin03:02
ubottuWildPenguin: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory03:02
WildPenguinI want the hard disk drives to be encrypted, so that they are not accessible even from the live usb.03:04
MestreLionHello everyone!03:04
kankushtUbuntu version 14.04; card model nvidea Geforce 256MB; driver Xorg (the default one)03:05
Jordan_UWildPenguin: That's easiest done at install time, where it's one of the options in the installer.03:05
rbattycan you do a fresh install?03:05
rbattyyeah what jordan said03:05
WildPenguinI have Lubuntu already installed.03:06
WildPenguinNow, what to do to encrypt the hard disk drives?03:06
rbattyif youre that worried about encryption i'd say a fresh install is worth it03:06
lotuspsychjekankusht: you could try a driver switch at the additional drivers section, and reboot03:06
WildPenguinwhich is the most mature and stable DE available for Ubuntu?03:08
rbattyjust so you know if you decide to encrypt and NOT do a fresh install, you won't be able to do full disk encryption. just the home folder03:08
WildPenguinrbatty, I know that option.03:09
wedgieWildPenguin: that might be a religious question :P03:10
WildPenguinwedgie, what?03:11
WildPenguinwhich question?03:11
wedgieWildPenguin: opinions on the "best" DE will vary greately based upon the answer's personal tastes03:11
MestreLionHi there kankusht03:12
WildPenguinGenerally, which is considered the most user friendly for the beginners and which has least bugs or other inconveniences.03:12
rbattyXfce! Xubuntu03:12
kankushtGood evening MestreLion03:13
WildPenguinok. Xubuntu.03:13
rbattyBut like wedgie said, different strokes for different folks. I prefer a more lightweight, easily customizable environment.03:14
wedgieWildPenguin: on ubuntu unity seems to get the most attention since it is the default. I personally like Mate03:14
WildPenguinok. I'll try both Xfce and Mate.03:14
WildPenguinthanks for your suggestions, guys.03:15
WildPenguinjust a casual and probably an off topic question, is the page hit ranking in distrowatch.com reliable?03:16
rbattyit's reliable in measuring trends, thats it03:16
rbattyits not a good measure of actual numbers of users03:16
rbattybut its probably safe to say the top 10 in distrowatch are probably the 10 most used distros03:17
rbattyjust not necessarily in the order as presented on distrowatch03:17
WildPenguinSo, if I need to get some most popular distros, I can go for top ten on that list?03:17
lotuspsychjelets stay ontopic guys03:18
rmcadamsHas anyone ever run into an issue where a trunk port on a switch - with a linux interface using vlans (ie:  eth0.20, eth0.21) can't get a DHCP address on the vlan interfaces?03:18
lotuspsychjermcadams: perhaps the ##networking guys know that103:18
wedgiermcadams: nope, haven't had that issue. Is the dhcp server recieving the requests at all?03:19
WildPenguinok. Thanks guys.03:20
wedgiermcadams: and does it work from various vlans on access ports?03:20
rbattynp penguin03:21
rmcadamsSo it's interesting right, there are 3 vlans on this interface, 2 static - both work no problem and 1 dhcp - which isn't getting an address.  If I tcpdump the interface I can see, quite easily that it's looking for the DHCP request on the .20 interface... but I'm not seeing the traffic make it to the switch which leads me to believe there's something03:21
rmcadamsblocking it.03:21
rbattyone thing you can try doing is installing ubuntu 16.04, then through the terminal install/remove different DEs to see what you like the best03:22
rbattythat way you aren't spending time installing all the different ubuntu flavors03:22
wedgiermcadams: and if you assign a static to the .20 interface does that work (just trying to verify the trunk setup)03:22
kankushtMore Details about my graphic card: nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache 256MB03:22
rmcadamswedgie:  I'm about to try that, but it's driving me crazy that it's not working.03:23
rbattyits how i first used xubuntu before i decided to go just install xubuntu on its own03:23
rbattyoh he left03:23
rmcadamsThe switchport is pretty simple (running cumulus)03:23
wedgiermcadams: well, if static doesn't work either that would rule out dhcp-specific problems. If it does, it rules out your trunk config as the problem03:23
rmcadamsdoesn't get much simpler than that03:24
wedgiermcadams: *shrug* stuff happens. And there's 2 sides to every trunk :P03:24
rmcadamswedgie: sure - this trunk was setup by MAAS, so I'm going to assume MAAS does it right ;)03:26
rmcadamsre-deploying in a few03:26
wedgiermcadams: maas looks neat. I should play with that one day03:27
rmcadamsyah, I run some pretty large scale OpenStack clusters, but I use MAAS to run them at home.03:28
MrKeunerhi, does ubuntu enable any firewalls with the default install?03:37
lotuspsychje!firewall | MrKeuner03:37
ubottuMrKeuner: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:37
gryi dont think its enabled by default. there's also apparmour which has related functionality, but per app instead of per port or per user03:37
p_ewhi all03:38
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rmcadamsInterstingly enough, a redeploy with a static network configuration didnt fix it wedgie, it's an interesting issue to say the least.04:15
wedgiermcadams: time to check on the other end of the trunk.04:16
waltmanI just installed the new kernel in yakkety and I can no longer login to the desktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23779865/04:16
wedgiermcadams: native vlan mismatch? Is vlan 20 permitted on the trunk?04:16
rmcadamsI hear ya, and tend to agree with you, but it can't be any more simple of a config ;)04:17
rmcadamsbridge-vids 20 100 101 20004:17
wedgiermcadams: what's on the other end?04:17
Jordan_Urmcadams: Are the packets being tagged with a vlan by the host that's making the dhcp request or elsewhere?04:17
rmcadamsCumulus switch (Quanta Hardware)04:17
wedgiehmm, 0 experience with those so I won't be much help there04:18
rmcadamsyah, nothing super fancy, it's a debian based switch (network operating system)04:18
waltmanI see lots of past reports of people having the same problem I'm having, but no real solutions. Help!04:19
wedgiebut that's what I'd check first: does the vlan exist on the switch, is it permitted on that trunk interface, is the native vlan the same on both ends (if the native vlan is 20 in the switch for whatever reason then that could cause you trouble)04:19
rmcadamsyou know what, I think now that you mention it04:22
rmcadamsvlan 20 might be the default vlan on the bridge04:22
* rmcadams sighs04:23
rmcadamsoff to check, be back in a few04:23
wedgiei'm about to drive home. Good luck04:23
waltmanFor the heck of it I tried switching to Unity, and now it just seems to be hung.04:23
coffeeguyhi which is the fastest webbrowser for ubunut?04:24
VulcanJediMy second monitor is 1280x1024, but that resolution does not appear in display settings. How do I get it to use the correct resolution?04:24
coffeeguyhmm so chromium for oss04:25
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waltmanI just restarted because I seemed hung, and now I see a message during shutdown saying "a start job is running for Unattended Upgrades Shutdown". What does that mean?04:31
waltmanAnd can I just hit the reset button?04:32
rmcadamsSure enough, default vlan was 20, removed it, world is better04:33
sardiorI had steam working on my previous installation of Ubuntu and now that I have upgraded to 16.4 I cannot get steam to work without using a terminal window and a script. Can this be fixed?04:34
VulcanJediI have broken packages from attempting to install plasma/kde. I ran dpkg --configure -a and got errors with kde-telepathy, what do I do about that?04:36
waltmanI tried rebooting and I still can't login. Here's my .xsession-errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23779960/04:59
snowiehowdy all. both control keys have mysteriously stopped working. Don't recall changing anything (shortcuts etc) any tips on how to hunt this one down? it's new to me05:01
waltmanSame here. I don't have the slightest idea how to go about debugging my problem.05:02
snowie16.04 lts05:02
snowiewaltman: hmm05:02
waltmanI'm on 16.1005:02
waltmansee also http://paste.ubuntu.com/23779865/05:02
snowiewaltman: did you run an update today as well? I think mine was working yesterday.05:03
waltmanI did an update and a dist-upgrade, and there was a new kernel.05:03
waltmanIt X isn't working, how am I even getting a login screen?05:03
lafleurdubienCan anybody explain how to get files off of a corrupted LVM partition?05:04
waltmanI can type in my password, but then it sits for a few seconds, the screen goes black for a second, and then it dumps me back at the login prompt.05:04
snowiewaltman: sorry, i see we are having different problems, mine seems far less serious.05:04
waltmanI can login via ssh, but not via the desktop.05:05
waltmanYeah, not being able to login seems serious.05:06
lafleurdubienTwo drives, each one with a containing a single LVM partition. The system they were in previously is no longer bootable. Both drives appear to be corrupted and I'm unable to successfully mount them on another Linux box. Is there any way to get the files from it?!05:07
waltmanOK, it seems like anyone capable of helping me is asleep, so I think I'm going to go to bed and try again in the morning. Good night.05:10
gubernatori'm installing ubuntu mate. can i adjust partition sizes in the installation or do i need to do that before hand?05:20
gubernatori'm at the step where you assign root, home, swap, etc to paritions, but hesitant to go forward because i want to resize05:21
ReddyTeddyHi guys. Having an issue with Ubuntu 14.04 -- can't seem to access my active screens, no idea what happened05:24
ReddyTeddyBut I know for a fact I have a bunch of screens running05:24
sere84when banshee is running i cant connect to my mtp device "andriod s7"? any ideas?05:24
ReddyTeddyBut for some reason, screen -ls lists none05:24
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ReddyTeddySolved it with some more Google foo05:27
kevoCan anyone help me I'm having issues with Nvidia drivers on fresh install of Ubuntu 16.10 with i7 5820K and GTX 980. AFter I install drivers and reboot I get a black screen doing a drive check for problems that freezes and the only way to fix is to purge nvidia*. Any thoughts on the matter would be great because I'm trying to game on Linux and leave Windows for good!05:29
SnowieHi all, Any advice on both control keys just dying. Not working anywhere at all. Other keys (super/shift) seem fine. No change to anything that I'm aware of as far as keyboard/shortcut settings are concerned.05:29
Snowiekevo: I would try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen05:34
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waltmanUpdate: it's something in the kernel. I booted into 4.8.0-32 and I could login just fine.05:38
waltmanOK, really going to bed now!05:38
sere84when banshee is running i cant connect to my mtp device "andriod s7"? any ideas?05:39
waltmanMaybe the nvidia driver isn't compatible with the new kernel?05:39
sere84when banshee is running i cant mount to my mtp device "andriod s7"? any ideas?05:40
Snowiesere84: can you describe "can't mount" a little more?05:40
gde33how do I fix/get rid of the failure to download dialog for ttf-mscorefonts-installer ?05:40
gde33trying sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer05:44
gde33failed :/05:44
gde33I assume I can just remove it?05:47
WayZIIOhello all05:59
gnmkHi, how to attach same window in tmux , rather then opening new one always ?06:00
SnowieStill googling around, but no solution for both ctrl keys suddenly failing to work anywhere. 16.04 lts, very vanilla, no known changes to keyboard settings or shortcut keys. Seems to be after a recent update requiring a restart. Any hints?06:04
yshavitI'm trying to map my super key to meta on 16.04. I've found lots of references online to an optoin in System > Keyboard > Layout > Options for "map super to win," but that option isn't there. I tried looking in dconf but didn't see anything there, either. Is this possible?06:15
yshavitin case this is an xy problem: I'm basically trying to get my windows key to work like the command key on a mac06:16
Snowieyshavit: the super key is the windows key. I also think that most linux software use the super key in the same context as the command key on mac. unless i'm missing something06:17
yshavitSnowie: That's what I thought, too. The specific app I'm having trouble with is Intellij IDEA. When I try to type e.g. <Meta-N>, hitting the windows key makes IDEA think I'm hitting "Windows," and then hitting N (while keeping the win key down) types just "n"06:20
yshavitCould be that's an IDEA thing, but I thought maybe it wasn't, since apparently this functionality was an explicit option at some point.06:21
yshavitBut fwiw, it's similar in gnome-terminal. Typing alt-n or cntl-n doesn't do anything, as expected (since I don't have any shortcuts for those). But hitting win-n just types an 'n'06:22
Snowieyshavit: yeah, not sure on that one sorry. But is this a new problem or have you always had it. For some reason both of my control keys have magically stopped working, so if you having issues with similar modifier keys, maybe it's realted06:23
yshavitSnowie: To tell you the truth I don't know -- I haven't used this laptop in a while. Actually, largely because I can't get my intellij mappings the way I like them, because of this damn meta key ;)06:24
john_rambo https://paste.ubuntu.com/23780236/ ...sda3 is my tiny core partiton I am trying to dual boot with Ubuntu ..WHich file should I modify and add what ?06:33
john_ramboAnyone ?06:40
HoloIRCUser3Why not use android pattern lock used in one loop06:55
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ubuntu_can you speak chinase ?07:09
ducasse!cn | ubuntu_07:10
ubottuubuntu_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:10
ubuntu_ /join #ubuntu-cn07:11
ubuntu_ /join #ubuntu-tw07:11
ignacioubuntu_, remove the space before /join07:11
dukevampireis thereanyone know the deep learning tech07:19
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apsHi guys. I see that I can use MAX_OPEN_FILES in sysconfig to set ulimit -n values. Is there a sysconfig option to do the same for ulimit -u (max number of processes/threads)?07:25
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apsnevermind, stupid of me. That needs to be handled by the init.d script07:29
WildPenguinhello, how can I get Ubuntu OS with all the needed packages installed on a pendrive so that I can carry that with me, to be used without having to install the OS on the hard drive?07:36
WildPenguinI want all the packages installed on the pendrive itself07:37
WildPenguinis it possible?07:37
hateballWildPenguin: Yes, install Ubuntu to the pendrive as you would to a harddrive07:40
WildPenguinhateball, have you heard of Knoppix?07:41
hateballWildPenguin: Yes, how is that relevant to #ubuntu ?07:41
WildPenguinI read about it in distrowatch.com07:42
WildPenguinone more question I have regarding Ubuntu. Do the LTS versions like 16.04 and non LTS versions like 16.10 have packages of different versions?07:44
WildPenguinis one more stable than the other?07:44
WildPenguinDoes 16.10 have newer packages or packages of latest versions?07:45
hateballWildPenguin: 16.10 will likely be newer, but it's not always the case for all packages, depends what has been packaged and tested07:46
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)07:46
Herbalistyeay i have 16.04 LTS07:50
Herbalisthurray !07:50
Herbalistwhat's in store for version 17 ?07:51
wedgieit's a surprise07:54
schtiehveHey guys, I'm trying to get sdio wifi Working on Ubuntu on a "mini computer"yesteday I was pointed to https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Asus/T100TA#WiFi. But there is no firmware-brcm80211 in Ubuntu and there is no nvram file in the efivars ... any suggestions07:55
msevworkwhy doesn't this work "tail -300 data.dat | xclip -selection primary"08:00
BlackDexmsevwork: Because it is binary?08:03
BlackDexit only works with plain/text08:03
msevworkBlackDex, it is plain text08:07
msevwork 13719  -10505.908:07
msevworkits like this08:07
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BlackDexmsevwork: Is it on you own desktop? Or a remote concole?08:13
bouncemanHowdy, can anyone help me with cut? What am trying to do is only grep the SIP/sip.domain.se-something lines from this output http://codepad.org/zz3TZUMz ? So the output would be SIP/sip.domain.se-0001ca72 for an example.08:16
bouncemanI would like to use cut -d' ' because the space is the delimiter08:17
bouncemanbut I do not get it to work08:17
alkisgbounceman: try | awk '{ print $2 }' instead of cut08:17
wedgieawk '/sip/ {print $2}'08:17
wedgieno grep08:18
bouncemanasterisk -rx "queue show " | grep sip.domain | awk '{ print $2 }'08:18
alkisgasterisk -rx "queue show " | awk '/sip.domain/ { print $2 }'08:19
alkisgif you want to omit the grep08:19
wedgiebounceman: and for future reference, would have been ''cut -d ' ' -f 2'' to do it with cut. But the awk solution is better because it does the cutting and grepping all in one08:20
bouncemanYeah that's just great08:22
alkisgIt also handles multiple spaces better...08:25
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bouncemanalkisg: is there a way for awk to handle if $2 contain spaces as well? example if the value is SIP/My Trunk-something08:28
alkisgbounceman: you need to better define your input. Is it like, something, space, something-with-spaces?08:29
wedgiebounceman: if you can write a regex for the "something" you could use grep -o08:29
Guest76248hey, i need little bit help in setting proxy08:29
bouncemanIt will vary, so I was thinking I'd just send an argument that says "look for this". The structure is ALWAYS "SIP/Something"08:30
alkisgbounceman: put a larger sample to pastebin, one with all the possible variations08:30
alkisgIs the second delimiter space+left parenthesis?08:30
alkisg1. SIP/sip.domain.se-0001ca72 (wait: 7:52, prio: 0) ==> how would it know where to stop? in " (" before the "wait"?08:31
wedgiemaybe something like  grep -Eo 'SIP/.*-[[:xdigit:]]{8}'08:31
ikevin-SIP/.[^ ]*08:32
ikevin-Guest76248, ask your question08:33
Guest76248i want to hide my ip08:33
Guest76248or want to set system wide proxy08:33
alkisgbounceman: try this: asterisk -rx "queue show " | sed -n 's@.*\(SIP/sip[^(]*\) .*@\1@p'08:34
wedgieikevin-: but he *does* want the space included08:34
bouncemanThese are all variations.08:34
bouncemanThe only relevant ones are the ones that start with SIP/ not the agents ha,sk or e08:34
alkisgbounceman: try the line I wrote above08:34
ikevin-Guest76248, you can define it in network settings08:34
alkisgIt stops at the parenthesis08:34
ikevin-wedgie, SIP/.[^\(]*08:35
alkisgthat includes the space before the parenthesis08:35
bouncemanalkisg: will that one work even if it starts with SIP/My Trunk-something ?08:35
alkisgbounceman: yes08:35
bouncemanOr just SIP/sip-something08:35
alkisgtry it08:35
alkisgAh sorry08:35
alkisgasterisk -rx "queue show " | sed -n 's@.*\(SIP/[^(]*\) .*@\1@p'08:36
alkisgThat one then08:36
wedgiebounceman: wait, is the expected output from the last three lines?08:36
wedgie*what is08:36
bouncemanThe last three lines in my paste should be ignored.08:36
bouncemanSince they are not relevant.08:36
bouncemanalkisg: it works kinda, only it select the agents as well ( last three lines )08:38
wedgieasterisk -rx "queue show " | grep -Eo 'SIP/.*-[[:xdigit:]]{8}'08:38
alkisgbounceman:  asterisk -rx "queue show " | sed -n 's@.* \(SIP/[^(]*\) .*@\1@p'08:38
alkisgI added a space there08:38
ikevin-$ echo "SIP/sip.domain.se-0001ca72 (wait: 7:52, prio: 0)" | grep -Eo 'SIP/.[^\(]*'08:38
wedgieikevin-: is that going to grab a trailing space?08:39
alkisgAnd it will also match the lines that should be ignored...08:39
alkisgbounceman: did the last sed line work fine?08:40
SpeirosHey folks.  Hoping you are all well.  I tried to open tar.xz file using the commands on the page, but it won't be good and obey.  Can someone please help me with the commands, as for some reason I'm not getting what I want opened.08:40
wedgieSpeiros: tar xf tar.xz08:41
wedgiebounceman: my grep command seems to work for all the examples you posted08:41
SpeirosOk, thanks wedgie.  I'll compare my commands to that one:)08:41
ikevin-<alkisg> And it will also match the lines that should be ignored... <== ^SIP/.[^\(]* <== this will return only if it start by SIP/08:41
alkisgikevin-, no lines start with SIP, they either have numbers or "ha, sk" etc08:41
alkisgSee the codepad paste...08:41
ikevin-ok, number are from asterisk !08:43
bouncemanYeah I've gotten some examples now from you. Wedgie it did work, I have not tested it throughly yet but I am yet to decide if I will roll with grep or sed08:43
SpeirosThanks wedgie.  Worked a charm mate:)08:43
ikevin-<alkisg> ikevin-, no lines start with SIP, they either have numbers or "ha, sk" etc <== add "^.{2} " before08:46
alkisgikevin-, I'm the one that gave the solution, not the one that had the issue... you can talk to bounceman if you want :)08:47
alkisgHe said that my sed line worked fine though, so no need for more t hought about it08:47
SnowieHi all, any help with both of my control keys suddenly not working? Have been looking around and can find nothing that's worked.08:48
ikevin-your solution will work only if 8 digits are present, if it sometime 7 or other it will not work08:49
wedgieikevin-: that was mine. And that can be tweaked it necessary08:49
ikevin-Snowie, do you have change your keyboard disposition?08:49
Snowiehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting tried this, an i get no events from xev or evtest08:49
SpeirosIf I have a secondary drive, how can I access that one from terminal?08:50
SpeirosNot an external drive08:50
Snowieikevin-: not sure what you mean, but no changes to keyboard or hotkeys that i'm aware of. happening across multiple user profiles either.08:50
Snowie*is happening across multiple profiles08:50
wedgieSpeiros: first you have to mount it. look in /dev for the device name. Will probably be something like /dev/sdb. Run this: ls /dev/sd*08:51
ikevin-Speiros, mkdir what_ou_want && mount /dev/sd?? what_you_want && cd what_you_want08:51
Speiroswedgie ikevin- Ok, thanks eh:)  I'll have a look.08:51
traineeAbhibus though term ends no one left
Speiroswedgie ikevin- Thanks.  I can access them from there:)  What does the mkdir what_you_want command do?08:54
ikevin-Speiros, it create a directory08:54
Speirosikevin- I see, so is that in case I can't access it if ls doesn't work?08:55
ikevin-it depend of what ls return08:55
wedgieSpeiros: no, the ls /dev/sd* was to find out what the /dev/sd?? part was in order for you to mount it per ikevin-'s directions08:55
matinhii guys08:56
matinim new in ubuntu08:56
wedgieSpeiros: if you only have 2 drives, it'll most likely be /dev/sdb1, but check to see what you've got08:56
matini want to change my desktop theme08:56
matincan u help me .. with link or sagestion for download08:56
matinor any advise08:56
Speirosikevin- wedgie I see.  That's good to know.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I can click on the icon for the drive and it opens, does that mean it's already mounted?08:57
traineevilas operate Dentist section
Snowiematin: you can change the them in settings>appearance.08:57
wedgieSpeiros: i would think so.08:57
ikevin-Speiros, yes08:57
Speirosikevin- wedgie Excellent.  Thanks for that.  I can write those instructions down:)08:57
wedgieSpeiros: if it automounted then it is probably mounted in /media/Speiros/something08:57
Speiroswedgie Yep:)08:58
wedgieso that's how you'd get to it from the cli08:58
ikevin-you can show all mount point using "df"08:58
matinyeah i can change .. but there is jus tow options.. dark and light08:58
Speirosikevin- wedgie Ok, cool.  I'll have a look.08:58
Snowiematin: the most common method for customer themes these days would be to use unity-tweak-tool08:59
Snowiematin: if you google around for "customer theme ubuntu [my version]" you should find plenty of help to get something new installed. i like the paper-gtk theme09:00
matinis this pre inistall >>>unity-tweak-tool09:00
=== anon is now known as Guest84200
matinso thanks09:00
Snowiematin: no, but i think it is in the repos, so you should find it in the software centre09:00
matinthank snowie09:01
Snowiematin: np :)09:01
traineecustomers service given
Snowieso my keyboards ctrl keys have suddenly stopped working on multiple user profiles. followed the hotkey/troubleshooting on the ubuntu wiki, and no events from xev or evtest. Any suggestions what to look at next?09:02
Snowie16.04 all up to date. kernal update a few days ago seems to coincide with issue, but that could just be a coincidence09:03
Speirosikevin- wedgie Thanks for your help:)09:09
ikevin-uw :)09:09
HexaChopHello everyone!09:13
SpeirosHi HexaChop09:13
HexaChopSpeiros, do you want an update on my issue?09:14
HexaChopSpeiros, so take a look at this. My MB has PCIe swithces to turn off GPUs with ease, did that, then switched SATA ports and my DVD drive started to work and actually booted into Linux using internal GPU. All there is left to install drivers for NVIDIA. But IDK how to do that because my GPUs are off and probably they cannot be detected by Linux Ubun09:16
HexaChopspeiros, switches*09:17
SpeirosHexaChop Okay.  That's a lot of progress mate:)09:17
HexaChopSpeiros, ikr, lol. But now the Drivers and I am probably done with this. FINALLY.09:17
SpeirosYeah:)  I'm in a learning curve myself.09:18
=== Ocelott is now known as Ahti
HexaChopSpeiros, well, I would be probably given up by now if it's not for you. :)09:18
SpeirosHexaChop Mate, it pays off in the long run.  I know little now, after 8-9 years, but no way would I ever go backwards to microstuffed.09:21
HexaChopSpeiros, how to manually install nvidia drivers from PPA?09:21
SpeirosHexaChop I have a similar problem with that, and haven't had the patience to work it out yet.  Sorry man.09:21
HexaChopSpeiros, that was one hell of a long run, lol.09:21
SlashLife^mMorning :)09:22
SpeirosHexaChop Yeah, but mate, since then I've been able to create that many documents how I want them for all business structures, as well as make websites (or being involved in them) and maintaining business structures, I've no motive to look back.09:22
=== grainjello is now known as graingert
ledeniHexaChop, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt-get update09:25
alkisgHexaChop: you don't need a ppa for nvidia drivers09:26
HexaChopledeni, thanks a lot, you keep on helping me. Super-awesome. :)09:26
HexaChopledeni, what commands after that?09:27
ledeniHexaChop, go to software & update09:28
ledeniHexaChop,additional drivers09:29
SlashLife^mI have a problem with 16.04; I have setup three displays on a laptop, but when I maximize they use the full horizontal space on their respective screen, but not the full vertical space. I end up with a wide strip of background image between the lower border of the window and the lower border of the screen.09:31
HexaChopledeni, nothing there, because if I enable my GPUs, I am not going to be able to boot09:31
ledeniHexaChop,can you run lspci | grep VGA09:32
HexaChopledeni, see? it sees only the internal GPU, "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics (rev 06)"09:33
SlashLife^mDoes anyone have an idea how I can fix this?09:33
SlashLife^mOkay; I'll try again later then. :)09:36
SlashLife^mHave a nice day.09:36
ledeniHexaChop,did you try to switch to nvidia09:36
BluesKajHiyas all09:43
HexaChopledeni, back, booted into windows for now. Are going to be logged in?09:47
machusi have booted onto a liveusb and i need to get some files from the distro which is on the hard disk, is this possible?09:48
rderuitermachus: you should be able to mount the harddrive like any other device09:49
ledeniHexaChop, yes09:49
machusthe distro is ofcourse ubuntu09:49
HexaChopledeni, Perfect!09:49
machusrderuiter: after i take the files from the hard disk and copy them to the liveusb distro, will installing the liveusb distro get rid of the files that i had taken from the hard disk?09:50
machusyes to who, me?09:51
BitsOfSkinThey will stay on the USB09:51
BitsOfSkinUnless to state otherwise09:51
rderuiterthey probably won't be automatically copied to your new install, though. you'll have to do that manually.09:52
BitsOfSkinYou can choose to copy them from the USB at a later stage09:52
machusBitsOfSkin, are you sure this option will come up09:55
machusi don't want to transfer all of my files from the hard disk to live usb, only to find out that they have been deleted by the installation process09:55
machusi don't have a backup in this case09:56
BitsOfSkinThere is no reason why they would be deleted from the USB. Its only READING from the USB09:56
rderuiterif you have room on your USB, it'll be fine. the contents of the USB isn't altered during the install process.09:56
HexaChopioria, u there?09:57
machusas an example: let's say i copy /home/machus/1.txt from the hard dive to the Desktop folder of the liveusb, will the install process get rid of this 1.txt on the desktop?09:57
BitsOfSkinNo, it will remain on the USB09:57
machuswill a certain option arrive during the process informing me that there exists a 1.txt file on the Desktop, and whether i choose to keep it or not09:57
rderuiterno, the liveUSB isn't engineered to do backup/restore for you.09:58
rderuiteryou'll have to do it manually.09:58
msevworkif i wanted to use Google's STT and TTS in some python scripts, would i have to pay for the api, or is it free (how much requests per month)? Does anyone know?09:58
BitsOfSkinOnce your install is complete, simple move from the USB to your completed install09:58
machusrderuiter: in other words, after transferring the 1.txt to the Desktop, i'll have to do something to inform the liveusb not to delete it during the install process?09:59
BitsOfSkinNo, it will not be deleted anyway bro09:59
rderuiterit won't be deleted. the liveUSB doesn't care what files are on the USB. It only installs from packages.09:59
rderuiterthe USB will not be altered in any way.10:00
machusok i was just double checking, i dont want to lose all the files10:00
rderuiteryour files will be safe, but you'll have to copy them from the USB to your new install manually.10:00
BitsOfSkinYou could create a small partition on the HD and use that for backups too, but that's not required. Your files will be safe and will remain on the USB10:01
* rderuiter likes backups. :)10:02
* BitsOfSkin does too10:02
rderuiterrsync is damn useful :)10:02
BitsOfSkinIve never used it, heard good things about it tho10:03
amirvI know how to set permission for a folder and all subfolders using chown -R. But for new subfolders, the permissions and owner does not apply. what should I do?10:03
HexaChopledeni, I get no sound after headphones are plugged in. Help?10:03
SpeirosHiya BluesKaj:)10:03
rderuiteramirv: use chown again for the new folder(s)10:03
BluesKajHi Speiros10:04
HexaChopHi, BluesKaj.10:04
lion_Hi guys10:05
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HexaChopBlueskaj, want an update on my issue?10:05
amirvrderuiter: is there any way to do this automatically?10:06
rderuiteramirv: not that I'm aware of. subfolders do not inherit the settings of their parent.10:06
alkisgamirv: read about ACL, access control lists10:07
BluesKajHi HexaChop, pastebin , aplay -l10:07
HexaChopBluesKaj, http://termbin.com/uqhw10:08
=== fernando is now known as Guest88598
sonjahhi any idea what /usr/lib/apt/methods/http is downloading from sadalbari.canonical.com ?10:08
BluesKajHexaChop, open alsamixer in the terminal, make sure your headphone ctl is turned up to 80% minimum10:10
HexaChopBlueskaj, that little number right above "Headphones"?10:11
TheDiveORecent update broke my boot again :( systemd again times out remounting my disks during boot, works when going through the recovery mode and continuing from there.10:12
TheDiveOThis is the second time updates to the Kernel and systemd rendered my Ubuntu installation dead.10:12
HexaChopBlueskaj, if so, it is at a hundred.10:12
TheDiveOSo, as I can boot through the recovery step: how do I ensure that the graphics card gets used with its correct resolution? This is lost atm, but there seems to be a kernel parameter?10:13
BluesKajuse your arrow keys to navigate and the updown arrow keys to increase/decrease the volume ctls, also make sure your automye is disabled, HexaChop10:14
Snowieany help with both ctrl keys suddenly not working? followed the instructions on ubuntu wiki for hotkey/troubleshooting. both xev and evtest produce no results for either ctrl key, every other key appears to be working.10:14
BluesKajHexaChop, automute10:14
HexaChopBluesKaj, I don't see automute anywhere.10:14
BluesKajii's probly on the far right use the > arrow key to navigate to it HexaChop10:16
HexaChopBluesKaj, disabled it.10:16
BluesKajHexaChop, now check your headphones10:17
HexaChopBluesKaj, quiet.10:17
Snowieusing ctrl by onboard works fine, so not a shortcut issue10:17
HexaChopBlueskaj, instead it plays on Speakers.10:18
TheDiveORecent Ubuntu upgrade today broke my system, so systemd times out mounting disks. Please helpt.10:18
TheDiveORecent Ubuntu upgrade today broke my system, so systemd times out mounting disks. Please help.10:18
BluesKajand make sure pulsaudio headphone output is selected, HexaChop10:19
HexaChopBlueskaj, when in settings, I select headphones, still plays through speakers. Pulsaudio?10:19
BluesKajpulseaudio in the search10:21
HexaChopBlueskaj, comes up with nothing10:21
gabmushello people. I am making a graphical application to install GPU drivers on linux, and I'd need some help. I use arch but I'd want to make this application compatible with any (or most) distro. Could you please tell me the packages you need to install on ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 to get the drivers working respectively for nvidia, nvidia+intel (optimus), intel, amd, amd+nvidia and intel+amd (primus)? thank you10:21
Snowiegabmus: there is allready a graphical interface in ubuntu to install the latest proprietary GPU drivers10:22
BluesKajHexaChop, try pulse audio10:23
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
HexaChopBluesKaj, comes up with Sudoku. What the...10:23
TheDiveORecent Ubuntu upgrade today broke my system, so systemd times out mounting disks. Please help.10:23
gabmusSnowie: I know, but I don't like the way it's been designed and works, that's why I am making another tool. Besides, some other distros don't have such tools10:24
Sam54TheDiveO check release changes10:24
BluesKajHexaChop, I don't use the unity desktop or pulse audio, so that's as far as I can go10:24
Snowiegabmus: fair enough. so i'm pretty sure the latest supported drivers are in the repos.10:25
HexaChopBluesKaj, I found it on the Ubuntu Software app10:25
gabmusSnowie: all I need is the package names, if you could provide (at least part of) them it'd be really nice :)10:26
Snowiegabmus: Ah, yeah. This is the support channel so i'm not sure you will get what you need here, i think you might have better luck with #ubuntu-dev i think it is, but not sure.10:27
Snowiegabmus: i'm here to get support myself10:27
Snowiegabmus: does this help? http://packages.ubuntu.com/10:28
HexaChop!info realtek10:29
ubottuPackage realtek does not exist in yakkety10:29
gabmusSnowie: not really, if there was a wiki page for each of these gpu configurations it'd be better. Also, I don't think ubuntu-dev is the right channel, I don't need any development help really, assume I have different machines with different GPU configurations, what do I need to get the correct drivers on each of these computers?10:30
=== fran is now known as Guest68306
BluesKajgabmus, look for "additional drivers"10:32
turbo64is there a way to get the ttys to work and also have plymouth work10:32
turbo64i cant use the tty consoles unless i disable graphical grub10:32
turbo64but when i do that, i have no plymouth splash screen on boot10:32
Snowiegabmus: i'm really not sure what you mean. I have an nvidia card, i open "addiitional drivers" and pick one from the suggested list. Outside of that, you would be using standard linux utils to determine what card it is, and then hitting the manufacturers site to get the driver for that card. what ubuntu specific things are you after?10:33
BluesKajturbo64,  wait for the login page, then ctl+alt+F1_F610:33
turbo64it doesnt work after logging in either10:33
rderuiterturbo64: weird. I can access my TTYs and I have plymouth active.10:33
turbo64its just a blank screen10:33
turbo64the problem only seems to happen on certain video cards10:33
turbo64it has to do with modesetting i think10:34
turbo64or at least thats what i heard, but i tried nomodeset and that didnt fix the ttys10:34
rderuiterturbo64: ah. works fine on radeon, anyway :)10:34
turbo64i have an old thinkpad with intel integrated graphics10:34
rderuiterick :D10:34
gabmusSnowie: if you were not using the "additional drivers" software, you'd need to install the packages that "additional drivers" installs, but from your package manager (command line apt, or synaptic). All I want to know is what packages are needed on ubuntu for each of the configurations I need.10:35
BluesKajdon't login  at the login page , you 'l be asked for a login prompt after the ctl+alt+F keys10:35
turbo64well the point is i need to be able to access the TTYs at all times10:35
Snowiegabmus: doesn't this give you packages and their dependencies, nvidia as an example. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all10:36
turbo64so when something crashes and freezes up X or gets stuck in full screen or something like that, i can kill the process without having to restart and lose all of my data10:36
BluesKajturbo64, you have to wait for the systems to load and that doesn't happen until you arrive at the login10:37
turbo64the ttys dont work after the systems are loaded10:37
turbo64as i said earlier10:37
HexaChopHeadphones not working on linux, works fine on windows. Could somebody help?10:38
rderuiterI can barely remember the last time I had to kill a process via a TTY... it's been years...10:38
gabmusSnowie: not really. there are different packages for different cases (ie: nvidia-304 is a legacy driver for a specific set of legacy cards). I could guess which ones I need to install, but that'd be potentially harmful, if one of my guesses is wrong people will come up with broken Xorg sessions10:38
turbo64linux in general has a problem with programs not crashing gracefully10:39
turbo64at least when stuff crashes in windows, ctrl-alt-delete will usually get you out of it10:39
brunch875HexaChop: Is your audio output the proper one?10:39
turbo64or hangs rather10:39
mcphailgde33: the Ubuntu ttf-mscorefonts-installer package is broken just now. Lots of arguments about how best to fix it. Some people are using the upstream debian package instead, but mixing debs from different distributions is dangerous10:40
HexaChopbrunch875, who knows.10:40
BluesKajgabmus, the additonal drivers package shows a recommended driver for your gpu10:40
brunch875turbo64: I disgress; find it easier to kill stuff in ubuntu10:40
brunch875HexaChop: Well then, go to sound settings and see the output devices :p10:40
rderuiterturbo64: have you tried ctrl-alt-backspace?10:40
turbo64i thought ctrl-alt-backspace doesnt work anymore10:40
brunch875ctrl-alt-backspace is disabled by default10:40
brunch875besides, it doesn't do the same as in windows10:40
gabmusBluesKaj: again, I don't like the way it works, that's why I am making another similar, hopefully better and cross-distro tool10:40
rderuiterturbo64: only if it has been specifically turned off10:40
turbo64well the problem with that is ill lose my data in any other programs that are open10:41
turbo64because that just kills X10:41
brunch875turbo64: you might want to check the xkill and killall commands10:41
brunch875pkill, even10:41
HexaChopbrunch, Headphones, Digital Output and HDMI / DisplayPort 210:41
turbo64rather than selectively killing the process thats locking up the system10:41
HexaChopbrunch875, Headphones, Digital Output and HDMI / DisplayPort 210:41
brunch875HexaChop: None of these work? Perhaps you're muted?10:42
BluesKajgabmus, suggest you join  #ubuntu-devel for that10:42
HexaChopbrunch875, only the back port works10:42
gabmusBluesKaj: alright10:42
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
brunch875Strange... are these fancy headphones or just some regular jack ones?10:43
HexaChopbrunch875, audio jack ones. SOny10:43
brunch875turbo64: ALT-F2, type xkill in there and then click the faulty application10:43
HexaChopbrunch875, audio jack ones. Sony *10:43
Snowiegabmus: so i think you're looking for the tool that does this, suggests a driver, in ubuntu it's a package called ubuntu-drivers, but i'm not sure how it makes the suggestion. i still think that question might be better in the dev channel https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia10:43
turbo64regardless of that, i still want to be able to use my TTYs and still have a graphical boot10:44
rderuiteras far as I'm aware, ubuntu-drivers scans the hardware in the system and installs the appropriate packages. you'll have to do something similar in your app, gabmus.10:44
HexaChopbrunch875 that would be firefox :DDD10:44
brunch875HexaChop: Surprising. Perhaps you're muted hardware-level from windows. Care to boot there and see if you can unmute?10:45
turbo64i dont have this problem in other distros either10:45
brunch875I've ran into these troubles long ago10:45
HexaChopbrunch875, works fine there, I was just in windows10:45
turbo64i ran debian stable and the ttys worked fine with plymouth10:46
brunch875Are you currently not muted in windows?10:46
HexaChopbrunch875, noe10:46
HexaChopbrunch875, nope10:46
brunch875Well then, I'm out of ideas :D10:47
protocolanyone here >10:47
alkisgturbo64: ttys work fine with plymouth here as well. What non-standard thing do you have? Custom grub? Custom drivers?10:47
brunch875protocol: 1692 people in the room. Just ask10:47
rderuiterprotocol: nobody here but us chickens10:47
protocolhow i can change the host namme ?10:48
alkisgprotocol, do you mean your computer name?10:48
rderuiterprotocol: edit the file /etc/hostname10:48
brunch875I'm pretty sure it should work if you go to system settings -> details10:48
alkisgAnd also /etc/hosts10:48
brunch875or editing those files, too10:48
reactormonkAccording to the updater, /boot is full - is there a nice cleaner for old kernels?10:50
protocolhe said Permission denid10:50
HexaChopAnyone else why Headphones not working on linux, works fine on windows. Could somebody help?10:50
protocolin hostname10:50
alkisgprotocol, sudo gedit /etc/hostname10:50
alkisgreactormonk: what's the output of ls /boot/vmlinuz*10:50
reactormonkalkisg, not on said machine (kinda remote support for my parents), but assume it's a few.10:51
alkisgI don't know of anything automatic, but I do have a scripts just for that10:51
alkisgWant it?10:51
reactormonkSounds good to me.10:51
Snowiei'll take one last stab. A few days ago, both my control keys stopped working. happens across multiple users and does work form the onboard osk. have tried the ubuntu wiki hotkey/troubleshooting, and both xev and evtest produce no output for either ctrl key, every other key appears to work. any suggestion where to go next?10:51
reactormonkalkisg, apparently you can just remove the old linux-image packages10:52
alkisgreactormonk: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ts.sch.gr/sch-scripts/trunk/view/head:/share/sch-scripts/purge-kernels10:52
alkisgYes, but it's a looong line10:52
alkisgAnd the headers too10:53
protocoldo you have a arbic channels ?10:53
xXEoflaOEXxis Ubuntu 17.04 alpha released?10:53
tatertotsSnowie: does your symptom occur when booted to livecd/liveusb?10:53
rderuiterreactormonk: 'sudo apt-get autoremove' perhaps?10:53
alkisgreactormonk: that script keeps the most recent and the running kernel, you can run it with --yes to do it automatically without confirmation10:53
k1l_xXEoflaOEXx: no10:53
xXEoflaOEXxk1l_, OK.10:53
HexaChopk1l_ I need ur help mate. A different problem this time. Could you please help?10:53
protocolmr alkisg10:54
protocolhow i can install a programs10:54
Snowietatertots: havn't tried just yet. it's a new issue, so i assume that will work. I could get a live usb and test if necessary, but i think that will just confirm software issue.10:54
brunch875protocol: might want to chec #Ubuntu-Arabic10:54
k1l_xXEoflaOEXx: wait, the alpha was released back in december. but the non-final channel is #ubuntu+1 anyway10:54
xXEoflaOEXxk1l_, OK.10:55
protocolcan you see my ip10:55
protocolnow >?10:55
alkisg(12:47:15 μμ) protocol [~protocol@] entered the room10:57
alkisgThat's your ip there, yes10:57
alkisg(assuming you're not using a web irc client)10:57
protocolalkisg i am a new man in the linux10:58
rderuiterchanging hostname on your computer won't change that.10:58
rderuiterthat's to do with the internet, not linux10:58
protocoli know10:58
HexaChopk1l_, u there?10:58
rderuiteryou won't find help to change that here.10:58
BluesKajprotocol, a whois on your nick shows your IP10:59
rderuitergo and find out how to register a domain name10:59
k1l_HexaChop: ask your question in here and people will see if they can help11:00
protocolguys i cant open port 4444, and 44311:00
protocolwhy ?11:00
protocoli opening in router11:01
brunch875what do you mean by "opening"?11:01
BitsOfSkinUse iptables11:01
xXEoflaOEXxprotocol, What is the error given?11:01
HexaChopk1l_, your private messages are "Idle for" bot thingy. Already did ask like 3 times on here.11:01
protocolwhen i open canyousee me11:01
protocolgive me a error11:01
protocoland in metasploit11:01
BitsOfSkiniptables -A INPUT -p tcp/udp --dport PORT --jump ACCEPT11:02
xXEoflaOEXxbrunch875, Opening port is port-forwarding11:02
k1l_!pm | HexaChop11:02
ubottuHexaChop: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:02
brunch875xXEoflaOEXx: so, just NAT traversal11:02
xXEoflaOEXxbrunch875, OK.11:02
protocolubottu talking to me >?11:03
ubottuprotocol: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:03
rderuitershell users... pfffft :D11:03
HexaChopAnyone else why Headphones not working on linux, works fine on windows. Could somebody help?11:03
HexaChopk1l_ ^ did exactly that for like 3 times11:03
BluesKaj!repeat | HexaChop11:03
ubottuHexaChop: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:03
VolisHi, I'm in some trouble. I installed Ubuntu on my computer and pressing any key on keyboard brings the "shutdown, reboot, suspend, switch user..." dialog11:03
VolisI'm not able to do anything11:04
k1l_HexaChop: headphones do work on ubuntu. so you need to give informations what is happening exactly. you are still at "my car doesnt work"11:04
VolisI have so far tried rebooting, no luck. Reinstall, no luck. Installed Lubuntu instead, still the problem persists11:04
alkisgVolis: how did you install, was your keyboard working then?11:04
HexaChopk1l, it just plays on external speakers instead of headphones despite the fact that I selected headphones.11:05
HexaChopk1l_, it just plays on external speakers instead of headphones despite the fact that I selected headphones.11:05
k1l_HexaChop: "my car doesnt work, it worked yesterday"11:06
Volisalkisg, Before installing, I chose "Try Ubuntu without installing". The keyboard worked fine in that!11:06
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therielhi! quick question.. is there any pdf viewer for ubuntu which can do "whole word" search?11:06
k1l_HexaChop: what type of connection? simultaniously with speakers? where did you change to headphones?11:07
therieladding spaces doesn't help because it doesn't do anything with tables11:07
alkisgVolis: try with an older kernel, there's an option for that in the initial grub menu, "advanced ubuntu options" or something11:07
HexaChopk1l_ just speakers. Headphones are quiet.11:07
BluesKajdid you choose heaphone out in pulseaudio11:08
Volisalkisg, um okay how do I enter the GRUB menu? I rebooted and it straight away loaded Lubuntu11:08
HexaChopBluesKaj, I have no pulse audio app11:09
k1l_its the sound system settings11:09
BluesKajit's defualt on ubuntu HexaChop11:09
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, Reboot and remember to press Shift key repeatedly until you reach to that menu.11:09
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, okay let me try that11:09
HexaChopBluesKaj, where is it located?11:10
BluesKajHexaChop, sound system settings as k1l_  just posted11:12
HexaChopBluesKaj, that is simply named "Sound"?11:12
BluesKajHexaChop, better learn hoe to navigate your desktop iof you're gonna run ubuntu11:13
xXEoflaOEXxHexaChop, Yes.11:13
HexaChopBluesKaj, already selected Headphones11:14
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, Have you got the GRUB menu?11:16
HexaChopBluesKaj, but plays on speakers instead, lol11:17
HexaChopBluesKaj, so frustrating that it makes me laugh.11:18
BluesKajHexaChop, dunno , I don't use puleaudio anymore, so i can't go any further11:19
HexaChopk1l_, any suggestions?11:20
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, I couldn't... Tried pressing shift all the time, now Lubuntu isn't booting either11:20
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, I've tried both shift keys so far11:21
therieli guess my question got lost :D so many people joining and entering, plus other questions.11:21
therielif anyone has any suggestions please let me know!11:21
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, Lubuntu logo comes on the screen and stays there for a while and the computer shuts down11:22
k1l_HexaChop: it is very very exhausting to help you when you dont give informations that are requested. what type of connection do you use? there is bluetooth, audio cable, hdmi,..... there are nearly 10000 possible issues. so i dont know where to start instead of asking you the same questions on basic informations over and over again since you dont answer that.11:23
BluesKaj!pdf | theriel11:23
ubottutheriel: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)11:23
HexaChopk1l_, Audio Jack, SONY headphones, used on front case audio jack. RealTek sound card.11:24
k1l_HexaChop: and the speakers on the same jack?11:24
BluesKajhda-intel audio chip11:24
Volistheriel, it seems to be a basic feature, what softwares you have tried so far?11:24
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, Try to restart, when Lubuntu logo comes, press the arrow key (up) one time and it shows you logs. Does (Reached target shutdown) appear?11:25
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, no reached target shutdown does not appear11:25
VolisThe screen just goes black and it goes off11:25
HexaChopk1l_, on the back MB port11:25
k1l_HexaChop: does the backside outjack work?11:25
therielevince, okular? find is a basic feature, but it doesn't have any sort of regex or "whole word" type option, that i can see.11:26
therielonly option is case sensitive11:26
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, OK, Then it is the booting issue. Try to get live CD, backup your files, and reinstall from fresh. When it is reinstalled, restore the file.11:26
HexaChopk1l_, yup, both do on Windows11:26
k1l_HexaChop: does it now work when you use the backside audiojack with the headphones?11:27
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, oh wait it just booted. This laptop is tricky because it has a 32-bit UEFI and a 64-bit system11:27
therielrecoll can do whole word searches, but it's a bit overkill for what i want.. basically to stay in the same gui interface and find a word11:27
theriele.g. find "son" without finding reason11:27
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, I had to use these instructions to install https://github.com/lopaka/instructions/blob/master/ubuntu-16.04-install-asus-x205ta.md11:27
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, OK.11:27
HexaChopk1l_, it works fine there.11:28
HexaChopk1l_ but when PC is huge, no way I could be comfortable with that11:28
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, TLDR, 1. Burn ISO to USB; 2. Build GRUB locally and copy `bootia32.efi` to USB.; 3. Select try Ubuntu; 4. Some commands to get the WiFi working. and so on11:28
Volislike I don't have the WiFi working here11:29
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, I'm installing Ubuntu 16.10 now11:30
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, then what what architecture you are using? and what computer type you are using? BIOS or UEFI?11:30
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, OK.11:30
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, I burned the amd64 iso to USB. The computer is Asus X205TA. I think it's UEFI11:30
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, Does the UEFI support 64-bit? or just 32-bit?11:31
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, Only 32-bit. I think it's called mixed mode which the 16.10 ISO doesn't support. That's why I have to copy `bootia32.efi` after I burn USB.11:32
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, then test the BIOS and boot to hard drive, See if it shuts down. If it is the case for UEFI, then it is the problem.11:34
HexaChopk1l_, any more questions, mate?11:34
k1l_HexaChop: see "alsamixer" program in terminal if there is something muted.11:35
VolisxXEoflaOEXx, oh wait, how do I do that?11:35
therielVolis: if you can multitask with getting help for your own issues, i'm still curious about suggestions for "whole word only" searches in pdf viewers11:36
xXEoflaOEXxVolis, go to UEFI menu, search for PC mode that says UEFI or something similar. and change it to BIOS, then save and exit.11:36
HexaChopk1l, everything is on max11:36
therielmaybe i am missing something with evince and okular11:36
HexaChopk1l_, everything is on max11:37
k1l_HexaChop: then i dont know. i am not a sound specialists. so look up for your exact audio card model and if that is a known issue11:38
HexaChopk1l_, hexachop@hexachop-pc:~$ pulseaudio11:39
HexaChopE: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.11:39
HexaChopE: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.11:39
BluesKajHexaChop, run , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , then reboot11:43
HexaChopRebooting. BluesKaj11:43
BluesKajdoubt that it'll make any difference11:45
HexaChopBluesKaj, done11:49
BluesKajand ?11:51
HexaChopBluesKaj, my speakers work fine but not headphones11:52
BluesKaji've run out of ideas11:53
HexaChopAnyone knows how to get headphones to work?11:57
BluesKajHexaChop, is there a switch on you headphones ?11:58
HexaChopBluesKaj, no.11:58
bouncemanHave you tried plugging it in?11:59
HexaChopbounceman, it is audio jack headphones, of course.11:59
EriC^^!fr | lechevalier11:59
ubottulechevalier: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:59
BluesKajbounceman, not funny12:00
lechevalierok thanks you12:00
bouncemanI did not like the question at all, it does not tell us anything.12:00
bouncemanHow to get my car to work?12:00
HexaChopbounceman, my mb audio jack works while case audio jack doesn't. Everything works on windows.12:01
BluesKajdrive it12:01
HexaChopbounceman, blueskaj, in Windows Realtek SupremeFX switches the audio jack when Headphones are detected, in Linux, however, there is no program to switch it.12:02
HexaChopBluesKaj, nice one! :D12:03
BluesKajHexaChop, open alsamixer , choose F6, choose the souncard that shows "Card 0" when you hover the mouse over it12:05
HexaChopBluesKaj, Intel Audio12:06
HexaChopBluesKaj, but my audio card is Realtek12:06
BluesKajrealtek is the card, intel-hda is the chip12:07
HexaChopboth audio?12:07
BluesKajthe chip rsides on the card12:07
k1l_HexaChop: is the front audio jack connected to the mainboard or to the soundcard?12:08
HexaChopk1l_, both audio card is MB's component, MB is connected to Case.12:08
BluesKajthecard is part of the mobo ..usully unless you have a pci soundcard12:08
protocol guys how can i delete my ip from my account >?12:09
k1l_yes, it did sound like you have a pci soundcard.12:09
HexaChopBluesKaj, mobo = MB = Motherboard?12:09
k1l_protocol: ask for a cloak on #freenode12:09
protocoli dont speaking english good12:10
protocoli am a arbic man12:10
HexaChopk1l_, BluesKaj, I guess my sound card is of supreme quality then.12:10
BluesKajHexaChop, is it a pci or on the mobo?12:11
protocolhow can i delete my ip from my profile12:12
protocolin xChat12:12
k1l_protocol: i already answered that question. you cant on your own.12:12
BluesKajprotocol, join #freenode and ask for a "cloak"12:12
HexaChopBluesKaj, it is a part of mobo12:12
BluesKajhes than it's probly good quality, but not "supreme"12:13
HexaChopBluesKaj, best sound card and mobo I could find on the market12:15
protocolhe said this for me12:17
protocol* Now talking on #freenode12:17
protocol* Topic for #freenode is: Welcome to #freenode. Staff are on '/who freenode/staff/*'; some may also be on '/stats p'. Feel free to message us at any time. | We're doing some maintenance; sorry for any noise. | https://freenode.net/news/new-year-new-freenode12:17
protocol* Topic for #freenode set by dax!~dax@freenode/staff/dax at Wed Jan  4 06:04:20 201712:17
protocol* #freenode :http://freenode.net/12:17
BluesKajHexaChop, then you haven't explored/searched the market well enough ...12:17
protocol<protocol> hello12:17
HexaChopBluesKaj, I needed asus and I needed for it to support the latest CPU on the market (Intel Type)12:17
HexaChopBluesKaj, whatevs, let's get the audio jack to work12:17
BluesKajHexaChop, I've tried  all that I know without getting into a heated discussion about what helpers are allowed to suggest , that's all i can say12:22
HexaChopBluesKaj, what do u mean?12:23
HexaChopledeni, k1l_, no more suggestions?12:26
brunch875Is it "simple" to turn ubuntu into a "router"? That means, make a subnetwork in eth0 while being connected to the internet via wlan012:28
brunch875does anyone know of docs on how to do this?12:28
akikbrunch875: read up on ip forwarding. yes, it can be done12:29
MarcoHI am shaking12:33
MarcoHI just deleted a directory12:33
MarcoHand the backup is gone12:33
MarcoHI deleted some really, really, really important files12:33
MarcoHSVG files12:33
MarcoHPLEASE help me to recover them12:34
brunch875Silly question: could it be they're in the recycle bin?12:34
k1l_MarcoH: stop using that hdd. make a backup with dd. let photorec run through that dd image.12:34
MarcoHbrunch875, rm -rf12:34
brunch875then follow k1l_'s advice12:34
Night__MarcoH:  is it critical for your buisniss?12:35
MarcoHk1l_, that is the only computer I have12:35
MarcoHNight__, yes12:35
Night__then dont touch it12:35
MarcoHand I am not a rich person with 2 computers of stuff12:35
Night__take it out and send it in ti pros12:35
MarcoH*or stuff12:35
MarcoHso there is no simple recovery solution?12:35
Night__SW makes it worse 90% of the times12:35
MarcoHI know the exact directory12:35
MarcoHdaaamn it12:35
Night__I have used IBAS before12:35
brunch875the more your disk writes, the more likely it overwrites12:36
MarcoHwhat is IBAS?12:36
HexaChopledeni, k1l_, no more suggestions?12:36
Night__those who recoverd data of the challanger space shuttle when it exploded12:36
ledeniHexaChop, no12:36
MarcoHI found a software named "extundelete"12:36
Night__i would not12:36
MarcoHand I know the exact path to the files where they were12:36
Night__you know human path12:37
brunch875MarcoH: are you using ext3?12:37
brunch875or ext4?12:37
Night__not data path12:37
Night__they are ibas12:37
MarcoHbrunch875, ext412:38
MarcoHthank you all of you12:38
brunch875then you could try extundelete12:38
MarcoHextundelete /media/external --restore-direcotry /home/marco/files12:38
MarcoHis that right?12:38
brunch875no experience using that12:38
k1l_MarcoH: the filesystem (ext4) forgot where that data was stored. that is what "removing" does. so i named you the way to get most of the data back. if its too much work for you, then its not important data.12:39
DPRany one know about OONIPROBE using12:39
HexaChopledeni, when I type in update-grub, I get this action in details: com.ubuntu.apport.apport-gtk-root12:40
k1l_MarcoH: and working on a disk, where you try to recover data from got a lot of risk of crashing that data forever.12:40
MarcoHok then I shut down the PC now12:40
MarcoHthank you all12:40
MarcoHI am leaving12:40
brunch875good luck12:40
DPROONIPROBE is a TOR program any one can share infos about it?12:40
Night__youll need it12:40
Night__what would you want to know DPR12:41
brunch875that extundelete tool seems promising though12:41
DPRi want to know how to erase ALL traces of using OONIPROBE12:42
Night__you will never be able to remove all traces12:43
mcphailDPR: is it a program in the ubuntu repos? If not, it isn;t supported here12:43
Night__you wont12:43
Night__FBI will come knocking12:43
Night__stop surfhign shit12:43
Night__thing is, you can delete of yur computer sort off12:44
Night__but not upstream12:44
Night__TOR exit nodes12:44
Night__routers +++12:44
Night__so you are SOL12:44
k1l_DPR: you better ask the torproject for specific questions about their programs12:44
JP____Anyone know a good C++ channel? i can't seem to find one12:44
DPRalready done12:45
Night__k1l_:  thing is with TOR is it not as secure as it was12:45
Night__now adays goverments run their own nodes to trace pervs12:45
k1l_lets focus on ubuntu support in here.12:45
DPROONIPROBE purpuse is not anonymity of users12:45
kknicewhat can i do here12:45
JP____TOR was developed by US government :lol:12:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:45
k1l_DPR: do you habe a specific issue ubuntu issue with that program?12:46
kkniceall  developers?12:46
k1l_kknice: this is the community technical support channel.12:47
VivekI am trying to do an apt-get upgrade and I am getting the following error:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/23781581/12:47
k1l_Vivek: gzip: stdout: No space left on device12:47
k1l_Vivek: please show a "df -h" in a pastebin12:48
=== newbie90_ is now known as newbie90
DPRyes afters some checks it seems like program is still running12:48
k1l_DPR: then stop/kill the process12:49
edxtreemI'm using 16.10 and when I'm typing at random my key keeps hanging until I press some other key, can anyone point me in the right direction?12:49
DPRalready done12:49
Night__did you spill cola in your keybord?12:49
DPRgonna ask tor programers again12:49
k1l_DPR: and if you are using backbox you might want to ask them what they changed from ubuntu and how to solve that.12:49
=== JP____ is now known as JP_
=== JP_ is now known as JP__
DPRthank you K1l12:50
Vivekk1l_: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23781615/12:54
k1l_Vivek: "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the output url please12:55
Vivekk1l_: http://termbin.com/xnga12:57
k1l_Vivek: "sudo rm /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-36-generic /boot/initrd.img-4.8.0-28-generic"   then let apt run again12:59
Lornzerheya, anyone knows of a way to modify a zip file without extracting / recreating it? specifically, i want to remove an unnecessary top level directory which contains all other files.13:09
l0llip0pLornzer: I don't think so13:10
Lornzerthats unfortunate :s13:14
kirillkhwhich program (or part of system) normally fulfills the role of a dhcp client in Ubunu?13:19
kirillkhomg! Ubuntu!13:19
Ben64kirillkh: dhclient13:20
Night__about dhclinet, my system does not uptain ipv6 on startup, only when i enter dhclint -613:20
Night__anyway get ipv6 on startup13:21
kirillkhand dns client?13:21
FManTropyxUbunu vs. Ubuntyu13:23
FManTropyxhave you tried netstart? or maybe that's just on OpenBSD :)13:24
kirillkhI haven't tried anything, I'm just trying to understand how to troubleshoot problems with dns13:25
kirillkhfor that, I need to know what to google13:25
Ben64dns, dhcp, or ipv613:25
kirillkhdns is too wide, I need to narrow it down13:25
Ben64no, what is your problem13:26
Ben64you keep saying different things13:26
=== deanman_ is now known as deanman
kirillkhdns randomly stops working, and only kernel module reload helps13:26
Ben64oh, Night__ said ipv613:26
Ben64you're both yellow13:26
Night__Ben64:  huh?13:27
Ben64kirillkh: how do you know dns stops working13:27
kirillkhBen64: "ping google.com"13:27
Ben64and how do you accomplish a "kernel module reload"13:27
Ben64can you still ping when it happens13:27
Ben64can you do "host google.com"13:27
kirillkhdidn't try13:28
kirillkhit's working now13:28
Ben64try setting dns servers yourself, i recommend and
^eagle^I do I do a channel list13:28
^eagle^how do I do a channels list13:28
Ben64!alis | ^eagle^13:29
ubottu^eagle^: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"13:29
kirillkhBen64: tried that, doesn't help13:29
f31nhi ad 0 day grub2, am i vulnerable when there is only plain linux cli installed no gui? i don't get how the virus hits the mashines13:29
Ben64f31n: can you translate that to english13:29
kirillkhBen64: sudo modprobe -rv iwlmvm; sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager; sudo pkill -e wpa; sudo modprobe -v iwlwifi; sudo systemctl start NetworkManager13:29
Ben64kirillkh: how did you set dns servers13:30
kirillkhBen64: /etc/network/interfaces13:31
kirillkhBen64: /etc/resolv.conf is set to "nameserver"13:32
Ben64try setting it in resolv.conf and see if it happens13:32
f31nBen64: http://hmarco.org/bugs/CVE-2015-8370-Grub2-authentication-bypass.html does this problem concerns me or can i just ignore it and wait for the update?13:32
kirillkhBen64: it has a big bold header saying not to set it by hand13:32
Ben64kirillkh: if it does, try the host command i mentioned earlier, if that works, idk, if it doesn't work, you got some weird problem13:32
Ben64kirillkh: it'll just get erased next boot13:32
Ben64f31n: that's been fixed for over a year13:34
k1l_f31n: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2015/CVE-2015-8370.html13:34
k1l_f31n: that is a very old issue and that has been fixed long ago already.13:34
=== robert_ is now known as Guest91165
kirillkhBen64: thanks, I will try that13:44
xyzenIs this channel necessary? Ubuntu is so easy to use.13:46
cfhowlettnot everyone agrees, so yes, it is necessary13:46
f31nBen64: k1l_: you're totally right, its form 2015 sorry for that, in the news from austria they are talking about a grub virus concerning mainly Russia - now i got it, its a bug from killdisk not from ubuntu / main core files itself. sorry for that http://derstandard.at/2000050493923/Linux-Erpressungstrojaner-will-viel-Geld-kann-Daten-aber-gar-nicht13:46
^eagle^anyone familiar with Epoptes?13:47
cfhowlett!details | ^eagle^, better answers come from better questions.  avoid "... anyone ...?" so as not waste bandwidth or time.13:48
ubottu^eagle^, better answers come from better questions.  avoid "... anyone ...?" so as not waste bandwidth or time.: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.13:48
HexaChopcfhowlett, my headphones aren't working in ubuntu (front audio jack), however, the back one works fine13:51
=== genesis_ is now known as senes
cfhowlettHexaChop, I have officially retired from solving issues on your machine.  someone else will know more.  best of luck.13:52
JP__HexaChop: is it connected (powered) on your motherboard?13:52
HexaChopJP__, it is connected PSU > Motherboard > Case13:53
JP__Does it work in windows?13:53
HexaChopJP__, yes13:54
JP__Do you have audio device program installed?13:54
JP__Like alsamixer?13:55
HexaChopJP__, it is in ubuntu by default I think13:55
JP__well open it up13:55
JP__Maybe the volume of the speakers is just low13:55
HexaChopJP__, open13:56
l0llip0pHexaChop: pavucontrol have you tried that one ?13:56
HexaChopl0llip0p, nope13:56
JP__HexaChop: what is the volume of front?13:56
HexaChopJP__. 100, I think13:56
JP__And headphones?13:57
john_ramboCan I write the boot-repair-disk to usb using dd instead of unetbootin ?13:57
JP__Think? you can see it :p13:57
HexaChopJP__, yup, 10013:57
JP__ok press F613:57
HexaChopJp__, headphones has no volume control13:57
k1l_john_rambo: dont know, ask the bootrepair guys if that is a hybrid iso.13:57
HexaChopkl1_, Intel and USB (Which is MIC)13:58
HexaChopJP__, Intel and USB (Which is MIC)13:58
JP__Which one is currently selected?13:58
HexaChopIntel (0), JP__13:59
SpeirosHow painful...HexaChop, I am once again feeling your pain man:)13:59
=== anonymous is now known as Guest94263
SpeirosHexaChop, but with my own experiences:)13:59
HexaChopSpeiros, yup. even worse.. :)13:59
SpeirosHexaChop Yep.  It'll work out though.14:00
HexaChopSpeiros, I hope. I don't like watching something mumbling silence...14:00
HexaChopSpeiros, lol14:00
JP__HexaChop: Use the back port14:00
SpeirosHexaChop, true eh lol14:01
HexaChopJP__. easy to say, when my PC is HUGE, and my cable isn't long there is no possible way I could use headphones that way.14:01
=== base is now known as Guest71343
HexaChopJP__, I would if I could...14:03
JP__Have you tried a longer cable?14:03
JP__Also maybe an update/upgrade might fix it14:04
JP__I assume you know how to do that?14:04
HexaChopJP__, 16.10 has much more issues, and this might be due to my drivers not installed, I could go into windows and enable both, wonder, what that would do.14:05
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
JP__found this, you could try it out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/132440/headphone-jack-not-working14:06
HexaChopl0llip0p, how to use pavucontrol?14:09
daisyhi everyone14:09
HexaChopI can't find pavu control after installing, could someone please help?14:09
daisypavu control what does it do ?14:10
j_broHow can I watch.avi files on my meizu pro 5 Ubuntu touch phone? Ubuntu 15.04 ota 1414:10
HexaChopdaisy, for sound14:11
cfhowlett!touch |  j_bro14:11
ubottuj_bro: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:11
EriC^^j_bro: install vlc14:11
j_broCan I get codecs installed? Thanks14:11
daisyu can install vlc or a linux audio software i think there are many14:11
=== scottt is now known as Guest54577
j_broCheers eric + daisy + ubottu14:12
=== tarator85 is now known as tarator
=== Guest71343 is now known as battleframe
notgnuanyone recommend any good gtk themes?14:12
=== andyrock_ is now known as andyrock
gp_altI have an odd problem where a usps shipping label pdf is printing the tracking number upside down and in the wrong location. everything else on the label prints correctly. when viewed in a pdf viewer the file is displayed on screen correctly. where should I start trying to fix this?  I am using ubuntu 16.10 (32bit)14:17
daisy_guys i have installed ubuntu as main os before but i had problems with video games14:17
=== daisy_ is now known as daisy
FManTropyxis there a pre-available command that solves an expression, eg. "calc 1+2*3" and it tells me 714:22
theoceaniscoolFManTropyx, bc14:26
theoceaniscoolFManTropyx, But if you are scripting, use the shell tools for calculations14:27
theoceaniscoolFManTropyx, For example, in Bash you have $(( 1 + 2 * 3))14:28
theoceaniscoolFManTropyx, sorry, $(( 1 + 2 * 3 )), which gives 714:29
FManTropyxthank you!14:30
napalmgrenadev2I only have Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer right now and am trying to uninstall it and then install Windows...does anyone have experience with this? I don't have access to a dvd drive so I'm going with USB but am having issues...14:32
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
Ben64napalmgrenadev2: ask in ##windows14:32
napalmgrenadev2okay, thanks14:32
alkisgnapalmgrenadev2: there's no need to uninstall it, you can just tell windows to format the whole disk14:33
alkisgi.e. no uninstall step, just install step14:33
alkisgWhen you install windows, it will overwrite ubuntu14:33
alkisgSo there's no "uninstall ubuntu" step14:33
napalmgrenadev2oh, right. Well my issue is getting the "LiveUSB" working14:34
alkisgThat part is for #windows, not for #ubuntu14:34
napalmgrenadev2I see14:34
napalmgrenadev2how do I actually change channels? this is my first time using IRC ;O14:34
alkisgtype this: /join #windows14:34
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=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
mergesortsucksSome people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I Choose to see the beauty.14:39
Speirosmergesortsucks There is beauty even in ugliness...:D14:40
uvarovsergehey, how to use variables PHPVER=7.0 and PHPEXT="mysql json" in bash to the executable command apt-get install -y php7.0-mysql php7.0-json ?14:41
uvarovsergeI guess, I'd need to split PHPEXT by the space and then add php$PHPVER- before somehow14:41
uvarovsergeis there a regex for this or something?14:41
SpeirosHow do I get a program to run in user, although it's installed in the root?  I did this the other day to see the hard-drives, but can't seem to open a program I downloaded in root.14:44
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yeeveI have a script the runs AWK over some log output to rearranged some columns, is it possble to "read" the script without executing it to get a constant stream of AWK'd text? The only alternative I can think of would be to run a cron task every minute :/14:49
oniichanSpeiros : what os do you use ?14:49
Speirosubuntu 14.414:49
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RonWhoCaresSo I've messed up my Ubuntu.  I can't connect to Facebook where my Internet connection let's me do so on my Windows computer.  What do I need to do?14:52
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yeeveRonWhoCares, can you access any other websites?14:55
waltmanKernel 4.8.0-34 hit 16.10 yesterday. I rebooted last night, but then I could no longer login to the desktop. Ssh logins still worked. I booted back into 4.8.0-32 and that worked fine. It appears to be this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/151182414:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1511824 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Can't login as ordinary user with lightdm" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:57
RonWhoCaresyeeve: I am talking to you using the Ubuntu14:57
yeeveSo only facebook.com won't load? Have you installed/updated anything recently? When do you last remember facebook.com loading for you on the ubuntu machine?14:58
RonWhoCaresyeeve: I can successfully ping Facebook.com in terminal14:58
yeeveso it's only the browser not loading?14:59
waltmanI can repost some logs from last night. I don't have the slightest idea how to go about debugging it.14:59
RonWhoCaresyeeve Correct.  I was able to connect before I closed Firefox to make a video (less than an hour ago)14:59
yeeveWhen you ping facebook.com you should get an ip4 address, can you try go to http://[ip-address-from-ping[?14:59
yeeveDo you use extensions/addons on your browser? Have you tried a private/incognito window?14:59
RonWhoCaresyeeve: The IP address is 'server not found'15:00
RonWhoCaresyeeve: I am not using a VPN connection15:00
RonWhoCaresyeeve: I have ran updates.  But then the rest of the computer is fine.15:01
yeeveHave you tried restarting your machine? It seems that if Ping works then the issue is with HTTP or your browser :S15:01
RonWhoCaresI can re-start after the video renders ~20 minutes15:02
yeeveOk dude, wait till then, once you tested the reboot come back here and let us know if you still have issues.15:03
akhilhello anyone plaese tell me how to install a software in linux15:04
daisy_to install openvpn in my virtual machine i just need the client right ?15:05
JP__akhil: sudo apt-get install *name of software*15:05
JP__In a terminal15:05
akhilam downloaded cmake from internet its in downloads folder now . where i need to coopy it?15:06
yeeveI may need to downgrade my rsync install to match a stupid web host, how can I check if that version exists in the repos without actually trying to install it?15:06
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JP__akhil: to your bin folder15:07
alkisgyeeve: http://packages.ubuntu.com/rsync ==> shows version per release15:09
alkisgNote that there's only one rsync version per ubuntu version15:09
yeeveThanks alkisg, I just needed to confirm the versions just so I can relay the info to my manager15:10
yeeveis there a way to use rsync between mismatch protocol, host is v30, local is v3115:10
alkisgI don't know about rsync15:11
yeeveno worries alkisg :)15:11
akhilJP__ Thankyou it installed .15:11
akhilcan you please tell me how to install opencv?15:11
JP__akhil: same way, sudo apt-get install opencv15:12
JP__If it is not in your repo: http://opencv.org/downloads.html15:13
akhilit shows unable to locate opencv15:13
akhilok thankyou JP__ am a complete begginner to linux15:14
oniichanis anyone in here15:14
JP__Oniichan, ask your question15:15
oniichanJP_ : where are you from?15:15
oniichanjp_ : can't you help me to find my handphone. my handphone lost15:17
Picioniichan: Hi, you've joined the official Ubuntu support channel. Did you have a question about Ubuntu?15:17
SpeirosHow do I get permissions on my user for a tarball opened up, as I've forgotten the terminal setup commands?15:17
frank_steineIs there any other tools for checking smart data besides smartmontools? It is having a hard time recognizing my drives behind a perc 6i controller15:17
oniichanPici : yes i have a question. how to fix ssh error ?15:17
Picioniichan: What error?15:17
HelpI need help15:18
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PenTester1249I need help with /etc/resolv.conf15:18
yeeveHelp and PenTester1249, you can ask your questions to chat and if anyone can help they will, if not feel free to stick around a bit and try again in 15-30 mins15:19
PenTester1249Ok thanks/15:20
theoceaniscoolPenTester1249, BTW, if you have doubts about a specific configuration file, you can use "man resolv.conf" to get its manual15:20
JP__PenTester1249: What do you need?15:20
PenTester1249I need help with /etc/resolv.conf I am running Kali Linux 2.0 and want to start penetration testing. I want to prevent any dns leaks. So when I modify manually it, it does not save, because it gets overwriten by something. I have tried $ sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf15:22
JP__speiros: sudo chmod +x filename15:22
SpeirosJP__thanks, I'll try that:)15:22
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JP__PenTester1249: This is an ubuntu chat :p15:23
JP__But if you change your permissions maybe it won't get overwritten15:24
Nossersvinethi guys ... i recently rented a dedicated server and i've currently only got ssh accesss15:26
Nossersvinetcan anyone help me as to how i get from here to having a graphical interface that i can control from remote desktop?15:27
Younderttf-mscorefonts-installer failed to install with error  Can't  remove privileges for download. Any idea what causes this?15:28
JP__Nossersvinet: http://askubuntu.com/questions/71309/how-do-i-enable-remote-desktop-connection-on-xubuntu-11-1015:28
PenTester1249So can anyone help me15:28
NossersvinetJp: Thanks i will loook into that15:29
alkisgYounder: what was the command line you gave? was it sudo apt-get install ?15:29
SpeirosJP__ Do you know how to make the terminal stay open again in the root mode?  I can't remember, except that I have to exit twice to get out of it.15:29
Younderalkisg, yes, I irst tried apt and then apt-get15:29
JP__Speiros: what do you mean exactly?15:29
alkisgYounder: can you put the whole output to pastebin?15:30
JP__PenTester1249: if, after you change your conf file you change the persmissions (chmod) it might work15:30
SpeirosJP__I am in a user account, and whenever I type sudo, it asks me for the user account password, and no access to root.15:30
JP__Are you logged into a root account?15:30
PenTester1249JP__ How can I do that?15:31
RonWhoCaresyeeve: Same problem with restarting.  I do see a problem.  "About" shows I am using 16.10   A few days ago I tried updating to 17.04.  I got a 17.04 error when I first rebooted.  I expect I corrupted Ubuntu.  I am waiting on a hard drive to arrive for my computer in a few days.  Is there any short term solution?15:31
RonWhoCaresyeeve: Actually youtube won't connect either.  Is there a way to flush DNS cache / restart it with systemctl15:31
JP__Speiros: Does your account have admin privilages?15:31
yeeveRonWhoCares, that's odd, even if something got corrupt I would expect it to effect all websites via the browser, odd that it's just facbeook. Do you know if your network connection goes through a 3rd party or proxy of some kind?15:32
JP__PenTester1249: chmod - -help15:32
alkisgRonWhoCares: is your date/time correct? https will have issues with wrong client dates15:32
yeeveRonWhoCares, I don't think it's DNS related as the IP4 address you tried before will bypass a DNS request15:32
yeevealkisg, nice call, something I wouldn't have though to ask him to check15:32
RonWhoCaresalkisg: Date - time correct15:32
SpeirosJP__No, but I accessed my root account from here a day or two ago, with a command, but forgot it.  It was a su command.15:32
Younderalkisg, http://pastebin.com/MY43dEeC15:33
alkisgRonWhoCares: what's the output of this command? host www.facebook.com15:33
yeeveSpeiros, su will try load a root shell and as such it requests the root user password (most of the time your root account shouldn't have a password, shouldn't allow login or should have a secure password)15:33
RonWhoCaresalkisg: www.facebook.com is an alias for star-mini.c10r.facebook.com.  Host star-mini.c10r.facebook.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)   Host star-mini.c10r.facebook.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)15:34
alkisgYounder: it says "not found", not permission issues. I'm guessing either problem in your isp or in sourceforge's servers15:34
yeeveSpeiros, sudo is used to escalate your current shell to allow you to use certain programs/features as root. Sudo is separate program to manage all this. To use sudo you have to call it each time (you can make it cache the password but not usually advised)15:34
yeeveRonWhoCares, if you run `ping facebook.com` you should see an IP address, can you try that?15:35
alkisgRonWhoCares: and what's the output of: host www.facebook.com  ?15:35
Speirosyeeve Yes, that's correct.  I accessed it the other day so I could make one of my drives work, which it does now.15:35
JP__Speiros: staying in root tends to break things15:35
JP__Having said that, i am always in root :p15:35
yeeveSpeiros, try avoid root/su and use sudo  when you need certain permissions.15:35
Younderalkisg, Yes It sound like it. Perhaps the problem will resolve itself when the server sid gets fixed.15:35
RaulwynnI am not sure this is the right place. If this should be posted elsewhere, let me know. I am looking to make a set of console command (or use a program) to download RSS feed information into some kind of document aka text or sheets file.15:36
yeevelol JP__15:36
SpeirosJP__I dont intend to stay there, hence I have a user account.  Still, that other code allowed me to get in there to grant the permissions.15:36
RonWhoCaresyeeve: ping facebok.com works; using the IP address is 'server not found'15:36
yeeveSpeiros, what are you wanting to use the root account for this time?15:36
Speirosyeeve I can't get sudo without first opening su though.15:36
Speirosyeeve I can't open tor in my user account, as I downloaded it in my admin account.15:36
yeeveHow did you setup your user account and sudo? By default ubuntu usually adds you into the right place so your normal user can use/call sudo15:36
Speirosyeeve Normally that's a good idea.15:36
Speirosyeeve I'm after the commands to do just that mate.15:37
RonWhoCaresalkisg: http://pastebin.com/Zg4da3D315:37
yeeveSpeiros, if you call `sudo ls` what happens? does it request a password or just show `ls` output?15:37
JP__Speiros: Don't ask me for help when you break things :P:P:P:P ---> sudo su15:37
alkisgRonWhoCares: sounds like a broken dns server then, so configure your internet to use, the google one15:37
JP__Let's you stay in root mode untill you close the terminal15:37
yeevetype `su` and enter the root password to get a root shell, from there you can setup your stuff15:37
Speirosyeeve JP__lol, I'll give them a go.  Both of them. I'll keep you in touch with what happens.15:38
alkisgRonWhoCares: it *might* be possible to reset your router and get it working, if there's the dns15:38
RonWhoCaresRight back15:38
JP__I came here for anwsers, got questions instead XD15:39
nicomachusJP__: literally my life in this channel. :/15:39
JP__nicomachus: i thought, hey i am a noob, i probably can't help anyone.... Turns out, everyone here is a noob15:41
theoceaniscoolJP__, No matter how stupid you think you are, someone somewhere is going to be stupidier than you15:42
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RonWhoCaresyeeve: where do I set to use 'Googles' server in Firefox?  any idea?15:43
nicomachus^^^^ case in point.15:43
nicomachus(no offense.)15:43
yeeveRonWhoCares, the DNS settings will be set on your network settings not your browser.15:43
ViraxisRonWhoCares : You mean google DNS? just set it in your network settings15:44
Viraxisthe IPs are
yeeveRonWhoCares, http://askubuntu.com/a/232515:44
JP__nicomachus: LOL15:48
snoosnoofishhaving some issues fixing mysql on ubuntu 16.04 anyone available to help?15:49
JP__SnooSnoo :lol:15:51
RonWhoCaresyeeve: Didn't work15:51
snoosnoofishI run sudo apt-get install mysql server and I am coming across this error "AppArmor parser error for /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld at line 9: Could not open 'abstractions/mysql'"15:52
snoosnoofishdo I need to add permissions to abstractions/mysql?15:53
timypsnoosnoofish  sudo ln -s /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock /tmp/mysql.sock15:54
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Guest10461Hi Ubuntu, I heard 16.10 Beta1 has experimental on Wayland on gnome-desktop.15:56
Guest10461I wonder if you can teach me what is your opinion on this Wayland.15:57
genii16.10 is in release, far past beta stage15:57
RonWhoCaresyeeve: That didn't work15:57
RonWhoCaresDo I need to re-install?15:58
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akhilerror gettin while installin opencv "s@s-SVE15136CNS:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential [sudo] password for s:  E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.  s"15:58
Guest10461Would it continue to be experimental if you release it?15:58
yeeveRonWhoCares, It's difficult to say, if your comfy to reinstall and there's nothing much you need to backup then that may be an easy-ish way to fix it15:59
Guest10461or would it be a little more than experimental :) ?15:59
yeeveI'm sure the solution is there somewhere but troubleshooting to this level over IRC/chat is difficult15:59
RonWhoCaresI am going to be reinstalling in a few days with a new hard drive15:59
akhils@s-SVE15136CNS:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential [sudo] password for s:  E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.  s15:59
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RonWhoCaresyeeve: Probably going to use my windows XP until the new hard drive arrives and then do a fresh install16:01
yeeveOk dude if you're happy with that then that sounds good, shame we couldn't solve it though16:01
RonWhoCaresyeeve: The hard drive on this computer is toasted.  I was just hoping to keep it going for a few more days16:05
yeeveRonWhoCares, just make sure  you copy off anything you may need (files, config etc)16:05
RFlemingGreetings and other salutations!16:05
RonWhoCaresI've got a new 1,000 gig hard drive for my data16:05
yeeveBeen PM'd about helping someone with a CTF and it has a link to a .jpg file, WTF, anyone had similar?16:06
yeeveRonWhoCares, that's nice, you going to be dual-booting on that or just for storage?16:06
RonWhoCaresyeeve: I am waiting on an SSD drive to arrive for the operating system (ubuntu).  Then traditional 1000 gig hard drive for data16:06
nicomachusyeeve: it's spam, the #freenode staff are aware.16:07
nicomachusyeeve: ignore it.16:07
nicomachusand please use family-friendly language here.16:07
yeeveI see RonWhoCares. that's awesome :P I love reinstalling and configuring stuff again, you always get to make improvement over the previous16:07
yeevenicomachus, thanks for the info :)16:07
yeeveShame too, been wanting to help random strangers with their CTF comp for a while :P xD16:08
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Speirosyeeve JP__ Neither of those commands allow me access to sudo, but they ask me to put the users password in, and then state that the incident will be reported.16:12
Speirosyeeve JP__ I thought I wrote down the old commands from the other day, and I browsed this log, but couldn't find it (meaning I asked on a channel with no log) :\16:13
yeeveSpeiros, have you setup a password for the root account at some point? And how did you setup your current non-root user?16:13
yeeveSpeiros, it's possible if you've used it before on your machine it may be in your history, if you run `history` or `grep "su" ~/.bash_history` it may help16:14
bluekingare there ways to get back into current process apt-get dist-upgrade ?  dropped out of it :/16:14
gvvgHi - is there a shell setting for a user that would not provide a shell but I could still use to have an ssh session used for port forwarding? Any suggestions on how I could provide a gui applet for a desktop user that would establish said ssh session?16:14
Speirosyeeve I have a fully functional root account, and a user account too.  I tried that too, but once I've exited out of those commands, those commands don't get posted to the bash record.16:14
akhilamam getting this error while  trying to install opencv"You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  build-essential : Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.4.3) but it is not going to be installed                    Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.5) but it is not going to be installed  libasan0 : Depends: gcc-4.8-base (= 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3) but 4.8.2-19ubuntu1 is to be installed  libatom16:14
Speirosyeeve I think it's a password thing.16:15
bluekingit's running in 'background16:15
Speirosyeeve I mean for security.16:15
akhilamhow can i troubleshhot it?16:15
yeeveSpeiros, I think we're getting a bit lost with this. Is your aim to run a root shell so you can configure some stuff without the need to type sudo all the time?16:16
yeeveakhilam, if you run `sudo apt-get -f install` without any packages what happens?16:16
yeeveblueking, did you drop out with Ctrl+Z ?16:16
Speirosyeeve I guess I've a two-fold purpose.  The first is to document all the commands so I can access them when/if I reinstall, but the other is to get the tarball open and running on my user account.16:17
yeeveif so type fg in your term and it should bring it back16:17
onlaI have just installed ubuntu server 14.04.1. I installed xorg to it, and then from awesome wm ppa the awesome wm. Now when I run startx, I get to see the awesome I think very briefly and then it exits and I see the output on screen. Some last lines say "Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server" and "xinit: connection to X server lost" "Waiting for X server to shutdown (EE) Server terminated16:17
onlasuccesfully. /var/log/Xorg.0.log is http://sprunge.us/GKJB16:17
bluekingctrl+c  failed get out of looking at changes in conf file of shorewall (END)  but didn't know what to to get out of it.. :/16:17
yeeveSpeiros, su is used to get a full root session, when  calling `su` it will ask for the root password.16:17
akhilamNow its starts to installing16:18
bluekingyeeve ctrl+c  failed get out of looking at changes in conf file of shorewall (END)  but didn't know what to to get out of it.. :/16:18
yeeveSpeiros, sudo is used to run a command as root (or near enough) so if I want to edit a system file I would use sudo or if I want to restart a service.16:18
yeeveSpeiros, sudo requires your users password NOT the root one, sometimes if root doesn't have a password you may need  to call `sudo su` to get a full root shell but you would still enter your users password16:19
nicomachusdo NOT use sudo su!16:19
bluekingwhat I do yeeve ?16:19
Speirosyeeve Yes, it isn't the same command though, as I accessed it a couple of days ago, and all I get using sudo su is my own root password.16:19
nicomachususe sudo -i if necessary, but best to just use regular "sudo" whenever possible.16:20
Speirosnicomachus sudo -i?  Hmmm, rings a bell...let me try it.16:20
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anonquestion, does anyone know of a easy way to do android emulation on ubuntu16:21
SpeirosNo, it's not that one either.  It's okay.  I'll chase the documentation for it.  Still, do you know any way I can open tor in my user account?16:21
anonI've been trying to do Genymotion but it continually locks up my system16:21
anonI'm attempting wine now16:21
yeeveblueking, to confirm, you were running apt-get dist-upgrade and it prompted to edit a file so you were editing a config file when you got stuck? Is your term still open? What do you currently see on screen?16:21
nicomachusanon: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Android_emulation16:21
anonI tried Android x8616:22
nicomachusanon: you want to use Android_x86 in Virtualbox16:22
anonThe app I want to use won't launch on Android x8616:22
bluekingterminal still open16:22
bluekingchecked distro upgrade still active process16:22
nicomachusanon: Wine isn't going to help you... that's Window emulation. doesn't get you any close to Android.16:22
anonIt gets me bluestacks16:23
anonand bluestacks works fine16:23
timypanon your best bet is virtualbox16:23
bluekingyeeve checked distro upgrade still active process, terminal still active16:23
yeeveblueking, how did you check it's still active?16:23
liohfbHow to find Linux drivers?16:24
bluekingyeeve: ps aux | grep -E 'release|upgrade|apt'16:24
anonI can't get any VB images to actually work with gapps and launch/run the game I'm trying to play lol16:24
nicomachusliohfb: what do you mean? you need to install a new driver? or view the ones currently installed?16:24
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yeeveblueking, I see, do you need to get back to where you were or is it possible to kill the process and that over?16:25
liohfbI want to find Linux drivers for my tablet nicomachus16:26
bluekingyeeve /var/lib/dpkg/lock are still locked can't restart process so must get back in or kill and restart ?16:26
liohfbHow to find drivers currently installed? nicomachus16:26
liohfbIt's Windows tablet16:26
yeeveblueking, I've never had a apt-get process stuck in the background, not even sure how it happened but if you run `jobs` does it show you anything regarding apt?16:26
bluekingwasn't running in background  but were comparing old/new conf file...  but had to get out of looking16:28
RaulwynnAnyone know how to install Orange3 Mining Suite?16:28
yeeveblueking, when I get into these situations (if I'm not going to loose anything) I would just restart the system and try again16:28
anonunless someone here knows how to get Genymotion or Android x86 to work with ARM native code16:28
bluekingjobs = nothing16:28
yeevewhat does the of the ps command you ran look like? can you pastebin the out?16:29
RaulwynnWere you asking me?16:30
yeevesorry, that's for blueking16:30
bluekingyeeve  will do16:30
yeeveRaulwynn, do you have a website/wiki or guide for Orange3? I've never heard of it before16:30
Raulwynnhttps://github.com/biolab/orange3 Is the method I'm currently using.16:30
yeeveRaulwynn, have you tried following the repo installation instructions?16:31
RaulwynnYes. there is no repo for Orange316:31
Raulwynnthe binaries are manually installed via Python16:32
bluekingyeeve http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782373/16:32
Raulwynnin a virtualenv16:32
yeeveRaulwynn, if you follow each step/line here: https://github.com/biolab/orange3#installing what happens?16:32
RonWhoCaresDon't ask me ... but it is working now16:32
yeeveRonWhoCares, NICEEEEE16:32
yeeveRaulwynn, bare in mind not all lines need to be ran, some are optional or conditional16:32
RonWhoCaresyeeve: Maybe it is the severe winter storm we are having16:32
Raulwynnyeeve, Let me run it and I'll pastebin when I get the first err. I just updated everything.16:33
yeeveRonWhoCares, wouldn't surprise me :D16:33
Raulwynnyeeve, I understand that the install will change based on Python verx etc16:33
brunch875Is samba the unix way of sharing network folders?16:34
bluekingyeeve looking at paste?16:34
yeeveRaulwynn, ok dude try go through the bits you can follow/uderstand and when you hit a wall let chat know and we might be able to help.16:34
Southern_Gentlembrunch875,  with winblows boxes yes16:34
Southern_Gentlemfor everything else nfs16:34
brunch875Southern_Gentlem: clear and simple, thank you :)16:35
RaulwynnAlright. I made it further that time.16:35
Raulwynnyeeve, http://pastebin.com/f4mVFCcv16:35
yeeveblueking, interesting, do you use multiple term windows or something like tmux/screen?16:36
bluekingstarted up another putty when it failed16:36
yeeveblueking, is the old putty window still open at all?16:37
Raulwynnyeeve, Some of the commands failed prior but that's I imagine because I have installed those components before.16:37
yeevechat, is it possble to log into a specific pts/?16:37
yeeveblueking, try this: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/35524/what-can-i-do-when-my-ssh-session-is-stuck16:38
yeeve~^Z (press ~ then Ctrl+Z) to suspend the connection and type a command locally (run the command fg to return to the SSH session)16:38
Raulwynnyeeve, I'm trying to install with a sudo -H real quick.16:39
yeeveRaulwynn, I think you only need sudo where the guide uses it, the virtualenv stuff should mean all the bits are install locally under your user so permissions shouldn't be an issue :S16:40
=== daisy_ is now known as daisy
yeeveRaulwynn, can you try run gcc and see if it works/fails?16:41
Raulwynnyeeve, Can you clarify?16:41
yeeveRaulwynn, clarify the sudo bit or the gcc line?16:42
RaulwynnDo I run that in the virt env or terminal?16:42
yeevethe gcc line shouldn't matter, I think if something isn't in your venv it should look globally (not 100% sure, I always struggle with pip :P)16:43
RaulwynnI hate pip16:43
RFlemingIs there any way to change the mount options for gvfsd-fuse?16:43
yeevenpm/composer/cargo aren't much better. I just wish everyone would adopt apt/repos regardless of platform/language16:43
RaulwynnThere is lack of support on ubuntu repo and upgrading it is near impossible.16:44
alPg0Raulwynn, would the anaconda version work for you?16:44
RaulwynnalPg0 I am not sure that I can do/how to do conda but I'm up for learning.16:45
alPg0Raulwynn, I would really recommend trying anaconda. It is usually much easier due to the binary packages.16:47
Raulwynnalright let me try real quick16:48
bluekingyeeve: how about reptyr PID ?16:48
alPg0Raulwynn, install miniconda: http://conda.pydata.org/miniconda.html16:48
RaulwynnShould I 2.7 or 3.5?16:48
alPg0Raulwynn, I would use python 3.516:49
nicomachusRaulwynn: it's not hard to upgrade pip on ubuntu....16:49
Raulwynnnicomachus, It is not but I have both instances and get-apt commands won't work for some reason. never has with pip on this machine16:50
nicomachusyou mean apt-get?16:50
ignacioRaulwynn, what do you mean by that?16:50
ignacio(pip not working)16:50
max___\whois Raulwynn16:50
fribI can't see audio devices in my settings panel.  How can I Fix this?  Any help apreciated, thanks!16:51
nicomachusfrib: can you paste the output of "sudo lshw -C audio" to a pastebin and link here?16:51
fribnicomachus, You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.16:52
nicomachusfrib: sorry, skip the -C audio part. just "sudo lshw"16:52
fribnicomachus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782446/16:53
Raulwynnignacio, I have python 2.7 and Python 3.5 whenever I apt or apt-get install or upgrade *anything* revolving around pip, I get an error saying pip is not found16:53
nicomachusfrib: sorry again... "aplay -l" is what I was looking for.16:53
yeeveblueking, I've not seen/used reptyr before. Did you read the stackoverflow post? did you try the tilde ~ command to try regain control of the "dead" putty window?16:53
RaulwynnalPg0, I have miniconda now.16:53
ignacioRaulwynn, pip2 and pip3 works?16:53
nicomachusRaulwynn: do you have pip installed?16:54
RaulwynnI have pip installed, yes16:54
fribnicomachus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782452/16:54
alPg0Raulwynn, do the anaconda installation instructions from https://github.com/biolab/orange3 work?16:55
nicomachusfrib: looks like 2 devices there. what does "find /lib/modules/`uname -r` | grep snd16:55
Raulwynnconda command not found16:55
RaulwynnHow do I enter the conda enviornment16:55
fribnicomachus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782467/16:56
fribnicomachus, my sound works, the devices just don't show up in the settings panel16:56
yeeveRaulwynn, is there a bin folder inside the conda files you downloaded/installed?16:56
YouRockBeastBoymy teamviewer is 192 180 127 and my password 12345616:56
Raulwynnyes... just cd that folder?16:56
nicomachusRaulwynn: sudo apt install python-pip python3-pip python-dev build-essential16:56
yeeveif you cd to it you can run the bits you need but the "right" way would be to add the conda bin dir to your bath and source/. your .bashrc again16:57
nicomachusfrib: that's... interesting. one sec.16:57
Raulwynnnicomachus, Already installed.16:57
yeeves/bath/path/ xD16:57
=== xy is now known as xy2_
ioriafrib, using Unity ?16:58
yeevenicomachus, Raulwynn is close to testing the conda way so maybe wait until he knows where he stands with that before trying to talk him through the pip way again16:58
Raulwynnyeeve, "if you cd to it you can run the bits you need but the "right" way would be to add the conda bin dir to your bath and source/. your .bashrc again" That went way over my head.16:58
fribioria, the settings command is unity-control-center16:58
nicomachusRaulwynn: sudo pip install --upgrade pip16:58
nicomachusthen: sudo pip install --upgrade vitrualenv16:59
ioriafrib,  Systemsettings > Sound   ant look at bottom16:59
fribioria, sorry I don't understand!16:59
nicomachusscratch that: sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv16:59
ioriafrib,  go in Systemsettings > Sound16:59
fribioria, the sound panel in settings, output tab is empty16:59
fribioria, as are all tabs17:00
RaulwynnWhat steps do I take to add the conda bin to "bath and source"17:00
YouRockBeastBoyconnect to my computer17:00
alPg0Raulwynn, try opening a new terminal window and type conda to see if it works17:00
yeeveRaulwynn, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/26047/how-to-correctly-add-a-path-to-path17:00
nicomachusYouRockBeastBoy: please stop spamming. No one wants to see your desktop.17:00
YouRockBeastBoymy teamviewer is 192 180 127 and my password 12345617:00
RaulwynnalPgo, I opened a new terminal and something is finally happening17:01
yeeveonce you edit your .bashrc you need to reload it using `source ~/.bashrc` or `. ~/.bashrc` to have it take  effect in that current logged in terminal17:01
YouRockBeastBoyplease connect to my laptop17:02
nicomachusYouRockBeastBoy: stop.17:02
fribioria, what should I do?17:02
Raulwynnyeeve alPg0 http://pastebin.com/Xn5bixYD17:03
YouRockBeastBoywhy you mean?17:03
k1l_YouRockBeastBoy: please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. thanks17:03
nicomachusYouRockBeastBoy: no one wants to see your Teamviewer, and you aren't even entering a real IP address.17:04
YouRockBeastBoyim 10 years old17:04
nicomachusok bye.17:04
yeeveRaulwynn, do you actually have python 3.6 installed?17:05
Southern_GentlemYouRockBeastBoy, then you are not suppose to be connected to this server17:05
YouRockBeastBoyno bye17:05
YouRockBeastBoyim on my ipad17:05
Raulwynnyeeve, at this point, I'm not even sure I have ubuntu installed...17:05
RaulwynnOkay let me check17:05
yeeveRaulwynn, I know that feeling xD17:06
fribnicomachus, any ideas?17:06
nicomachusfrib: not the slightest. it's odd.17:06
fribnicomachus, ahhhhhh should i just reinstall os?17:07
nicomachusthat may be a bit extreme.17:07
nicomachusunless this is a fresh install.17:07
fribnicomachus, i am losing more time trying to figure out the solution17:07
alPg0Raulwynn, try running the conda commands outside the conda env. open a new terminal and paste in all the conda commands only without the source activate in between.17:07
nicomachustry rebooting first.17:07
YouRockBeastBoymy dad says get windows 1017:07
fribnicomachus, this has been going on for a while now, at least a month17:07
Raulwynnyeeve, How do I check python version. When I try a details or version tag, it gives me errors17:08
ioriafrib,  audio is working but the card does not show up in tabs ?17:08
fribioria, yes!17:08
nicomachusioria: right.17:08
ioriafrib,  aplay -l17:08
yeeveif you run python3 it shows the version at top17:08
fribno cards do, like I can't switch to hdmi because the option doesn't appear17:08
fribioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782604/17:08
yeeve`python3 --version` works for me17:08
yeeveRaulwynn, ^^17:08
Raulwynnyeeve I missed one of the dashes... To big of a hurry I suppose17:09
alPg0Raulwynn, I think the error happened because you ran the conda command while inside the orange3 env.17:09
fribioria, if I plug in my headphones, the audio switches, but that's just automatic, i can't connect bluetooth devices17:09
Raulwynnyeeve, Oh, snap. I'm on 3.5.217:09
RaulwynnalPg0, You are correct. It's running an installer now.17:09
Raulwynn*fingers crossed*17:10
yeeveRaulwynn, that's not a bad thing, I just wanted to see because the error mentioned 3.617:10
yeeveRaulwynn, try follow alPg0 recommendation and see what happens17:10
Raulwynnyeeve, Is there a way to see if I have python installed multiple times?17:10
yeeveRaulwynn, there will be a way :S maybe `whereis python`17:11
yeevefor me it shows 3.5 and 2.7 versions17:11
nicomachusfrib: you may try reinstalling the unity-control-center17:11
fribnicomachus, i tried!17:11
nicomachusfrib: sudo apt install --reinstall unity-control-center17:11
RaulwynnAlso, I would like clarification on how conda works... So it's in my home folder, and I can still run it like programs installed in a su drive? How does it work, where can I research? yeeve alPg017:11
fribnicomachus, no effect!17:12
nicomachusfrib: how about ubuntu-desktop? same process. apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop17:12
fribwhat is ubuntu-desktop?17:12
yeeveRaulwynn, sorry dude no idea about conda xD I thought it was similar to venv in that you get a special environment with the conda stuff available17:12
Raulwynnyeeve, I have like 30 different python dir17:12
yeeveRaulwynn, that's not good :P17:13
nicomachusfrib: that's you're whole desktop environment.17:13
alPg0Raulwynn, anaconda is from continuum analytics: https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/17:13
fribnicomachus, i use fluxbox17:13
Raulwynnyeeve, I have python2.7 and /python3.5m both in usr/bin dirs17:13
fribnicomachus, anyway I reinstalled it with no effect17:13
yeeveRaulwynn, that's kind of what I expected so hopefully that's OK, I feel like if I'm not careful I'm going to make your issue worse because I don't understand much about conda or pip/venv17:14
RaulwynnalPg0, Thank you I will look them up. I feel that using a virtual type envoirnment would be really cool to work on projects without breaking the OS17:14
nicomachusfrib: I'm pretty lost.17:14
Raulwynnyeeve, I agree17:14
fribyou! hahah what does that say a bout me17:14
alPg0Raulwynn, anaconda has its own versions of everything in ~/miniconda3. It is largely independent of the host system.17:14
Raulwynnyeeve alPg0, If I can get orange to work after this. I'm not touching anything.17:14
ioriafrib, fluxbox ? so you're not using unity ?17:15
nicomachusfrib: you don't know me, I could be a 10 year old asking for someone to look at my teamviewer.17:15
yeeveRaulwynn, do you have access to virtualbox/VMs at all? When I was trying pip/npm and stuff for the first time I like to setup a VM I can nuke when stuff goes wrong or snapshot and revert certain bits for testing17:15
yeeveRaulwynn, this "orange3" better be worth it :P17:15
fribioria, i am using fluxbox and the "unity-control-center" ap17:15
fribioria, it always worked!17:15
RaulwynnI have three computs. I can run a VM on one. The idea never really appealed to me but I think for this instance I'll run a try. Also, I have no experience with VM on Ubuntu.17:16
ioriafrib, but you installed ubuntu desktop, or what ?17:16
minimecfrib: You need to start 'unity-settings-daemon' at the beginning of your session. Otherwise you cannot use the controlceter correctly.17:16
RaulwynnF*** yes! Orange is ready to go!17:16
RaulwynnalPg0 yeeve, Thank you guys!17:16
ioriafrib,  if you switch to unity from the login screen ?17:16
yeeveRaulwynn, thanks awesome, I was doubting our abilities for a second there :D17:17
RaulwynnalPg0, You have more experience with conda. I may ask another favor of you.17:17
fribminimec, i never had to do that before. anyway I tried it now as you suggested.  My screen resolution changed and audio devices are still not present.17:17
fribioria, i would have to disconnect from IRC17:17
ioriafrib, cat /proc/asound/modules17:17
RaulwynnSo I have orange pulled up here, there is no launcher or anything (I'm using my own custom launcher.17:18
fribminimec, upon trying to restore my screen res via control center: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files17:18
Raulwynndo I just set the terminal command as a launcher then because there's no "directory" for say17:18
fribioria,  0 snd_hda_intel 1 snd_hda_intel17:18
RaulwynnalPg0 ^^^17:18
ioriafrib,  ok,   grep cdrom /etc/apt/sources.list17:19
fribalso this weird thing happens now where at some point a terminal will get stuck in the upper left hand corner of the screen, can't move it or close it (??)17:19
yeevefrib, if you press alt+f2 do you see a input box pop up?17:20
fribyeeve, yes17:20
alPg0Raulwynn, i would write a shell script that first does the "source activate orange3" and then runs the orange gui command and then create a launcher for that.17:20
fribioria, # deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 16.04 LTS _Xenial Xerus_ - Release amd64 (20160420.1)]/ xenial main restricted17:20
yeevetype in xkill and you'll get a X cursor, if you click on the term window it should kill it for you :) not sure why it sticks in the first place but this will atleast get rid of it :)17:21
ioriafrib,  ok, so you have unity installed.... why don't you try from there ?17:21
fribioria, ok ill brb then17:21
RaulwynnalPg0, How/where do I add the Orange icon for that?17:21
RaulwynnalPg0, Forget that I'll download it an do it manually.17:22
minimecfrib: I use e17 as window manager and also used other environments. You either need 'gnome-settings-daemon' or 'unity-settings-daemon' to be able to use the gnome/unity control center. As default in ubuntu unity-settings-daemon is installed. It might be, that in your installation gnome-settings-daemon is installed. It depends on the install medium you used.17:22
yeeveRaulwynn, an icon which will show in your explorer window or an icon which shows in the startmenu or panel?17:22
=== scottt is now known as Guest40009
fribioria, the control center in unity can see my built in audio device17:25
fribioria, but I still cannot connect to bluetooth devices there17:25
friband I want to use fluxbox!17:25
ioriafrib,  i don't think you can easily use unity app on fluxbox ....17:26
fribioria, it always worked17:26
fribeven if it doesn't I will use another app.  please advise!17:26
Raulwynnhey alPg0, It won't let me launch the command from the launcher17:26
Raulwynnit will in terminal but not through the launcher17:26
ioriafrib,  something like gnome-sound-app or panel .... don't remember ....17:26
yeeveRaulwynn, that can happen when the paths don't quite match up. In your terminal are you cd'ing to a specific folder to run it or just from your home?17:27
RaulwynnI'm running it in the "~" dir17:28
nicomachusalso, gnome-panel17:28
yeeveRaulwynn, and what command are you running in the launcher? Do you know if the launcher settings has an option/input for "working directory"?17:28
fribnicomachus, gnome-panel adds the menu bar on my desktop17:29
fribgnome-control-center has like 2 things in it17:29
RaulwynnI run this "~$ orange-canvas" in the terminal it has no problems but when I click the same command in the launcher it dowsn't work.)17:30
RaulwynnI run this "~$ orange-canvas" in the terminal it has no problems but when I click the same command in the launcher it dowsn't work.) alPg017:30
alPg0Raulwynn, you'll probably need to activate the conda env with "source activate orange3". I'd write a shell script.17:30
ioriafrib,  have you tried pavucontrol ?17:30
RaulwynnOh, my. I don't think I'm ready for this... What do I gotta do? alPg017:30
nicomachusioria: ah, that's a good solution.17:31
fribioria, nope but i just did now, seems good17:31
yeeveRaulwynn, in your home folder create a file called run-orange.sh and inside you will type the commands you need to source the orange env and then run your script. You can't call multiple commands/lines easily in the launcher so it's easier to write a single .sh file and run that via the launcher instead17:32
=== cyborg is now known as Guest73150
fribioria, that solves that (i think).  But I am still able to pair bluetooth devices, but not connect to them.  What can I do for that?17:32
pdfQuestionAnyone familiar with XFA PDF forms? (like US federal tax forms)? I have one blank and one filled, and they are identical according to md5sum, sha1sum, diff, and cmp. ?!?!? Why???17:32
yeeveYour launcher command should then be "~/run-orange.sh" (not sure if relative paths work in launchers, I always use absolute paths in launchers, scripts and cron tasks just in case, so /home/username/run-orange.sh)17:32
ioriafrib,  are in unity right now ?17:33
fribioria, you know what I just realized?  I went to change my shortcuts to put in pavucontrol instead of unity control center and i noticed it was preceded by a "sudo".  So i thought hmm and took out the sudo and now unity-control-center works fine17:34
fribioria, i am in fluxbox17:34
ioriafrib,  ok, hcitool dev17:34
ioriafrib,  what is that exactly ?17:34
fribioria, what do you mean?  i assume its a bluetooth adapter no?17:36
ioriafrib,  sure ... but what ? :]17:36
fribioria, you mean like the brand / model?17:36
ioriafrib,  you know exist a lot of bt devices .... what's yours ?17:37
Raulwynnyeeve alPg0, You're right this program better be worth it.17:37
fribioria, i don't remember!17:37
fribi think its an intel something...17:38
Raulwynnyeeve alPg0 is there a way like in WinDoze that I can locate the "orange-canvas" file?17:38
fribioria, Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 223017:38
fribpretty sure its that17:38
ioriafrib,  and are you pairing an headset ?17:40
fribioria, an amazon echo17:40
fribioria, i could also try headphones but the result is the same17:40
fribthe "ON/OFF" button is always greyed out17:40
fribit pairs fine with devices, but then they don't work17:40
ioriafrib,  i see17:41
stan_man_canAnything wrong with installing mono? does it have any negative effects on your system?17:42
ioriafrib,  sorry,  not very good at that17:42
mapmhello, is it possible to create a luks partition without randomization of the free space, and then randomize it when entering the new installed system? if so, how?17:43
fribioria, :\17:43
fribioria, another userful bluetooth connection app?17:44
vltmapm: `cryptsetup luksFormat <partition>` will not randomize the whole partition.17:44
vandanacan anyone help me out for resolving wifi issues? searched internet and tried everything but not luck. have rtl8723be card +ubuntu 16.04+latese 4.9.2 linux kernel17:45
mapmvlt, sorry, I meant encrypting the system in an ubuntu installation17:45
fribis there a way to initiate bluetooth connection to an already-paired device from ubuntu?17:45
mapmvlt, so, encrypted system without randomizing (takes a long time), and then, from the same new running system, randomize the free space17:46
RaulwynnalPg0 yeeve, I can't launch the sh file. I can run it in terminal but the launcher will not run it.17:48
RaulwynnI give up for now.17:49
vltmapm: If you create a LUKS partition, move your system there, reboot (after making sure cryptsetup is in initrd) you can randomize anything you want youself.17:49
RaulwynnOn to my next task. How to I unzip/install a tar.gz file?17:50
mapmvlt, thanks!17:50
vltRaulwynn: man tar17:52
Raulwynnvlt, man tar?17:55
timypRaulwynn this is a great post on using tar.zip https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-compress-a-whole-linux-or-unix-directory/17:56
timyppost back if you have any questions17:56
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RaulwynnSeems a lot simpler than I thought it would be, still working on it. I'm trying to stray from the ubuntu software center. I want to build a LFS system and that doesn't use the software center.17:59
sardioranyone familiar with the problems with loading steam on Ubuntu 16.4?18:00
znebwerxhi all i have a very strange problem with my laptop18:00
Raulwynnznewberx, I have noticed that. I think they are encouraging those who know and understand linux to the Steam OS18:01
RaulwynnI've noticed that the games even, on the same hardware, whether a nongui linux vs Steam OS run literally twice as fast. znewberx18:01
fribit used to be that if I paired an audio device it would immediately connect and be usable.  Now I am able to pair only but the device remains unconnected (and unusable).  How to fix??18:02
=== nat__ is now known as Natkeeran
SpeirosOh, I got my issue resolved...I went about it differently:D18:02
znebwerxsorry i dont understand, havent exposed it yet18:02
Raulwynnznewberx, What is the issue you're having?18:03
sardiorI can run a script in a terminal window to make it work, but can't get the gui icon to work18:03
znebwerxwhen i power on my laptop it takes very long time to load bios , up to 20 minutes and more,18:04
sardiorhere's the script... rather short18:05
sardiorLD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/$LIB/libgcc_s.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libxcb.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libgpg-error.so' /usr/bin/steam18:05
naccznebwerx: if it takes that long to load bios, something sounds like it is wrong with your computer, not an ubuntu issue18:05
naccsardior: why are you using a script to load steam? the version from the partner repository?18:05
naccsardior: s/partner/multiverse/18:05
sardiorI loaded it and it doesn't work. starts to load and then quits18:05
Raulwynnznewberx, if your BIOS is taking that long to boot, that is far before the OS even loads, much before Steam boots. That would be a setting in your bios that is wrong, or a failed post test.18:06
HexaChopSpeiros, you there/18:06
=== tinti is now known as Guest2210
znebwerxok thank you, i was just wandering if any diagnostics tool is suitable18:07
Gamemakoznebwerx: It could be that you have something broken like duplicated invalid entries which just slowly time out-- have you checked efibootmgr -v for anything unusual?18:08
bray90820_Can you install ubuntu on a raspberry pi?18:08
naccsardior: why are you changing how steam loads? what version of steam?18:08
znebwerxno, do i type it in a terminal?18:09
sardiorI could try removing and reloading, this is the repository: http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/18:09
sardior@nacc Latest version as far as I know18:09
naccsardior: can't really help at that point, steam is packaged for ubuntu in the multiverse repository18:09
Gamemakoznebwerx: yes, and I believe you will also need sudo18:09
naccsardior: for the version you are trying to use, you'd need to ask steam18:09
DJonesbray90820_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi Hope that link helps, its not something I've done though18:10
fribanyone know how to get bluetooth audio devices to work in ubuntu?18:10
znebwerxok tnx i proceeed immediately18:10
sardiorOk, I was just there but with only 17 asleep users I didn't get much response.18:10
znebwerxcoomand not found18:10
znebwerxi use sudo18:10
naccsardior: the steam repository isn't officially supported by ubuntu, that's a steam thing (equivalent to a PPA), they are the only ones that can provide support18:10
znebwerxsorry i used sudo18:11
sardiorok. Thank you, but it worked on my last LTS ubuntu.18:11
sardiorI'll check with them.18:12
znebwerxmy distro is kxstudio 140418:12
znebwerxok it was not installed , i have just installed it now18:13
minimecfrib: I saw your question before. My suggestion is, to start a unity session first and see, whether you can connect to your bluetooth audio device. Afterwards, you could start to debug the problem with your fluxbox session. So.. first try if 'ubuntu default' is working... ;)18:13
znebwerxFatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables.18:13
znebwerxTry 'modprobe efivars' as root.18:13
fribminimec, on it! thanks18:14
Gamemakoznebwerx: I guess I should have asked first, how old is your machine? I suppose I take for granted that you're on an EFI BIOS these days18:14
Joelwhat's ubuntu's equivelant of kickstart?18:14
naccJoel: preseed18:14
znebwerxyes it an i7 efi machine18:14
BluesKajbray90820_, yes , ubuntu-mate has an arm image for raspberry pi https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/18:14
naccJoel: although ubuntu has some support for kickstart as well, just not all of the syntax18:14
bray90820_BlueShark thanks18:15
BluesKajbray90820_, also support in #raspberrpi chat18:15
BluesKajoops #raspberrypi18:15
fribminimec, unity has the same result (I actually tried it earlier when I was in unity and forgot!)18:16
Joelnacc thanks18:16
minimecfrib: ok. As far as I remember the bouetooth device is recognized by the system right?18:18
znebwerxznebwerx@znebwerx-S551LB:~$ sudo efibootmgr -v18:18
znebwerxFatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables.18:18
znebwerxwhat does itmean?18:18
fribminimec, yes pairs fine18:18
minimecfrib: can you once do 'rfkill list all' in a terminal?18:19
fribminimec, it's always that "connect/create audio device" part that is the problem18:19
fribminimec, no soft/hard block18:19
znebwerxafter more than 20 minutes of waiting, i always find linux booted and perfectly working18:21
minimecfrib: ok. let's check pulseaudio. 'pactl list short sinks'18:22
znebwerxbut no way to access the bios before it decides to boot18:22
fribpactl list short sinks18:22
fribminimec, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23782894/18:23
minimecfrib: ok. So the device is not connected...18:23
fribminimec, no, paired then disconnects18:24
fribremains in the paired devices list18:24
stan_man_canI have a second hard drive used for storage and right now it mounts under my user instead of in the system, how do I change that?18:25
minimecfrib: Can you remove it once and pair again? You probably did that before, but try to remove the device from the list of paired devices.18:25
stan_man_canissue is right now when I reboot my computer I have to go into disks and manually mount it18:25
fribminimec, i did it a bunch of times18:25
Skaaganyone here ever had to deal with a 3M USB Touchscreen?18:27
SkaagI managed to invert the axes and now when I touch the screen the cursor moves correctly across the axes18:27
Skaaghowever the numbers are off, so I run xinput_calibrator and I touch the corners, but the numbers it calculates are way off18:28
minimecfrib: Can you check whether the 'pulseaudio-module-bluetooth' package is installed?18:29
fribminimec, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth is already the newest version (1:8.0-0ubuntu3.1).18:30
minimecfrib: 'sudo -i pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover'18:30
RaulwynnHow to I create a launcher for a program installed with miniconda? the terminal command is simply "orange-canvas" it works in terminal. It doesn't work with a launcher, It doesn't work with a shell script. Anyone?18:30
fribminimec, Connection failure: Connection refused18:31
fribpa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused18:31
stan_man_canso my 2TB storage drive is /dev/sda18:31
stan_man_canif i type blkid nothing shows up for that drive18:31
minimecfrib: 'pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover'?18:32
fribminimec, 2718:33
JuJUBeeTrying to manage my music files currently have /MUSIC/Artist/Album/Song.mp3  How should I handle multi-disk sets?  Album (Disk 1)  or for the song have 1-01 Song.mp3?18:33
JuJUBeeJust looking to see what others do about this?18:33
RaulwynnJuJUBee Place all songs with a 3 digit number18:34
JuJUBeewhere first digit is disk number and next 2 are track ?18:34
Raulwynnin one folder. I.E., 112 is CD 1 track 12 and 206 is CD 2 track 0618:34
JuJUBeeReason I am asking is that I had to download my entire library from Google Play Music cuz my HD died.18:35
Raulwynnthe syntax is off but that's what I do. Like numbering hotel rooms.18:35
JuJUBeeGoogle thought it would be nice to name all songs with a track number and some with disk-track18:35
Raulwynnlook into MonkeyMedia I think it is... If I remember correctly you may need to WINE it but it will search online metadata and you can rename and folder with one click. Super handy. I'm not on my media server right now or I would help you more. JuJUBee18:36
RaulwynnWhat exactly is newer, 16.04 or 16.10?18:38
EriC^^Raulwynn: 16.1018:39
minimecfrib: Hmm... Have a look at this. I don't know whether removing/loading 'btusb' could be a solution... http://askubuntu.com/a/77993418:39
RaulwynnEriC^^ What is the difference? just slightly updated? I perfer the LTS model.18:40
EriC^^Raulwynn: yeah, same here18:40
fribminimec, i saw that, tried it18:40
RaulwynnEriC^^ Thanks bro.18:40
EriC^^Raulwynn: it also is just supported for 9months18:40
minimecfrib: and this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/689281/pulseaudio-can-not-load-bluetooth-module-15-10-16-04-16-10?noredirect=1&lq=118:41
RaulwynnAnyone know how to dd a xz file? the same as a gz I imagine?18:41
EriC^^Raulwynn: no problem18:41
vandanahave wifi issue.. device (wlan0): link timed out  in syslog. power management is off still after a while wifi automatically goes down18:41
fribminimec, why does pactl work as user but not root?18:42
fribminimec, also wouldn't this module have to be loaded to pair, as I have done?18:42
minimecfrib: Because you have a pulseaudio sessioni running as user...18:42
fribminimec, is that ok?18:43
fribminimec, also, don't I already have an X11 session runnig?18:43
minimecfrib: Not for pairing. After pairing, pulseaudio should discover the paired device.18:43
fribminimec, oh i see "discover" by pulseaudio18:43
ElectrumGuyHi all18:44
ElectrumGuyI have done this: "sudo crontab -e"18:44
ElectrumGuyin there, I entered this: * */1 * * * reboot18:44
minimecfrib: These scripts will run @ boot. So you will have to reboot after these changes. Maybe backup the current files.18:44
ElectrumGuyI want the VM to reboot every hour18:44
ElectrumGuyhowever, it is not doing so.18:44
koffeinfriedhofElectrumGuy: use absolute path18:45
minimecfrib: On the other hand a reinstallation of pulseaudio would probably overwrite your changes to default settings.18:45
fribminimec, except I am not even able to connect -- so there is nothing for pulseaudio to discover18:45
ElectrumGuykoffeinfriedhof, what would the absolute path be for ubuntu 16.04/18:45
ElectrumGuykoffeinfriedhof, /sbin/reboot?18:46
minimecfrib: So why would your device show up under 'paired devices'?18:46
fribminimec, i dont know it's strange.  It pairs then immediately ignores the device.  Connection is not possible.18:46
koffeinfriedhofElectrumGuy: yes. and you should use @hourly or 0 * * * * to reboot every hour18:47
fribminimec, it seems like a bluetooth problem18:47
ElectrumGuywhy would what I did not work?18:47
koffeinfriedhofElectrumGuy: which reboot shows you the location18:47
fribin fact, the connect button is always greyed out18:47
Combined2857When are we going to get a fix for this bug ?  http://thehackernews.com/2016/11/hacking-linux-system.html18:47
minimecfrib: Ok. If I remember well you tried two different bluetooth audio devices with the same result, right?18:48
Combined2857I can still get root access to my machine upon bootup by this hack, it needs to be fixed !18:48
fribminimec, what about this? https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=14176018:48
fribminimec, yes i did18:48
koffeinfriedhofElectrumGuy: perhaps it would. have a try :)18:49
OerHeksCombined2857, it is already fixed in (2:1.7.3-2) https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-4484.html18:50
Combined2857OerHeks: here it says needed  https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-4484.html18:52
ElectrumGuythanks koffeinfriedhof18:52
minimecfrib: What if you tried to connect your mobile phone once over bluetooth?18:52
Combined2857if its released why not push it into updates ?18:52
fribminimec, to my laptop you mean?18:52
minimecfrib: yes18:52
fribminimec, it is paired like other devices18:53
fribconnect button is greyed out for everything18:53
fribbrb 1 sec gona reboot18:53
minimecfrib: BUt can you send/recieve files then. Just to check that bluetooth is working.18:53
fribminimec, this has to be a problem with bluetooth itself, the driver18:56
Combined2857OerHeks: ???18:57
Southern_Gentlemfrib, does you bluetooth have a hardware switch is it on?18:57
minimecfrib: So that would mean that you have to dig some bugs for that intel wifi/bluetooth adapter of your computer.18:58
fribSouthern_Gentlem, its integrated with my wifi chip, it's on, can pair, but unable to connect to devices after pairing18:58
fribit's a intel centrino wireless-n 223018:58
fribalways worked up until recently18:58
frib(although sort of indirectly)18:58
OerHeksCombined2857, seems like it is patched upstream, indeed18:59
Combined2857OerHeks: but why not in the distros ?18:59
sardiorNow I can't get "Ubuntu Software" to work. it starts to load and then quits.19:03
k1l_sardior: start it from terminal and see what errors it lists19:04
sardiorkil_ -what is the actual file name?19:05
k1l_sardior: what ubuntu are you on exactly?19:05
sardior16.4 lts19:05
=== yannik__ is now known as L0g4nAd4ms
OerHeksCombined2857, no idea when the upstream update arrives, maybe it is in proposed already?19:07
sardiorit's hung in terminal no messages.19:08
SpeirosJust a thankyou to all on here for helping out where required.  Not only have I had a lot of the problems fixed, but I've found a wealth of new knowledge, and tools too.19:08
k1l_sardior: what did you do before that happend?19:08
sardiortried sudo ubuntu-software and still hung, no messages19:08
k1l_sardior: dont run gui programs with sudo19:09
sardiorWell, I tried it because some of the gui programs work that way too.19:09
Speirosmerhaba onur_  How are you?19:09
k1l_sardior: sudo will make a mess with your file permissions.19:09
SpeirosOh, he's gone.  One disadvantage of turning that off...19:10
sardiorya, if I'm working on gedit on a root file it keeps it there. and if I'm working on a personal file I have to change the permissions back to mine. I understand that19:11
k1l_sardior: try to rename the .local/share/gnome-software/   folder and see if it starts again afterwards19:11
k1l_sardior: :/ dont use gedit with sudo19:11
sardiorrename it to what? "old"19:11
sardiorbeen working command line for a long time. I understand the gotcha's.19:12
k1l_i dont know why people claim to have experience with cli and then run gui programs with sudo :/19:13
=== synkro is now known as aggsol
MichaelPWhat does ubuntu do different to kernels then other distro's ? I can boot kernel 4.9.2 from mainline... But anyother distro like Opensuse Arch.. can't 4.9 with out using acpi=off19:14
k1l_Combined2857: the cve is still disclosed. maybe there is no single patch available to backport it to the versions in use19:14
jattdifferent patches19:15
jattsee: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9.2/19:16
MichaelPjatt: i always thought mainline was an unpatched kernel19:16
sardiorok, ubuntu-software came up. Thank you k1l_19:16
k1l_MichaelP: this eyplains something and got links to more information: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37147/what-are-the-differences-between-the-ubuntu-shipped-kernel-and-the-upstream-kern19:16
jattit has patches applied on top of it19:16
bluekingyeeve  got it fixed :)19:16
sardiorbecause I've been using linux since 1998 and had an amiga computer since 198519:16
=== mmCooper is now known as joocain2
Combined2857ty k1l_ and OerHeks19:18
Skaagsardior: we have a similar history, except I had an old Apple II instead of an Amiga (couldn't afford the Amiga)19:18
Skaagbut I did play with Amiga at friend's places19:19
SpeirosI have an amigo, if that's any consolation...19:19
SpeirosProbably not I guess...19:19
sardiorApple II was a great computer.19:20
sardiorfor its time19:20
sardiorAmigo is the guy version lol19:20
SkaagI sold it for $200, and felt really bad doing it19:20
sardiorok. I have the ubuntu-software working. Thank you k1l_19:21
MichaelPI bet those 2 computer today move like a old lady with a walker.....19:21
sardiornow I need to try to get Steam working on this computer.19:21
sardiorMichaelP: worse!!! they's be walking backwards... lol19:22
alkisgif you put dos to an 8086, it'll still go fast :D19:22
* alkisg did that a couple of years ago...19:22
sardiordos, amigados, slackware, etc all ran very fast on very slow computers. it was the gui that slowed everything down.19:23
sardiorNow I would like to figure out how to get my steam app working on this freaking computer. lol19:23
sardiortalk about a gui cpu hog.19:24
ppfsardior: just install it?19:25
sardiorI've tried and it won't install right.19:25
k1l_sardior: with proper informations on what exactly doesnt work, someone could actually help you. put those messages into a pastebin19:26
sardiorI'm just getting my system back to a point where I can do that. I've been trying things posted on the internet for a while now.19:27
sardiorgive me a minute to gather things together again.19:27
sardiorusing ubuntu software to install the steam_latest.deb.19:28
sardiortried clicking on the icon and it stops midway, going to cli (no not sudo).19:30
k1l_better use sudo dpkg -i some.deb to install a deb19:33
ppfmh, the usual19:34
ppfsardior: run with LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose19:34
=== quakestring is now known as mozammel
sardiorWith the following script (only one line) steam will run:19:36
sardiorLD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/$LIB/libgcc_s.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libxcb.so.1 /usr/$LIB/libgpg-error.so' /usr/bin/steam19:37
ppfor, find libstdc++.so.6 in the steam folder19:37
ppfand delete it19:37
ppfk1l_: any idea who the maintainer of the steam package is?19:39
ppfthey should fix that at some point ...19:39
minimecppf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/steam19:40
k1l_ppf: valve :)19:40
ppfdarn :)19:41
sardiorI found the file in three places in the steam folders. I deleted them all, but there are associated (same name with longer extensions) files in there too.19:41
sardioromgoddess, it lives!!!!!!19:43
sardiorThank you pff!!!!19:43
sardiorbeen fighting that one for days!19:43
sardiorSee you guys again!!! Thank you for being there and helping!19:44
ppfk1l_: it's maybe the tenth time i've answered that question. maybe it's time to teach ubottu to? :)19:45
coffeeguyupdates yay \o/19:45
TouchmanHello I have a question about Ubuntu touch is that okay here19:49
OerHeksTouchman, join #ubuntu-touch for support please19:50
lasersaberwhat's a good dvd ripper?19:51
ioria!info handbrake19:52
ubottuhandbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.5+ds1-2 (yakkety), package size 5456 kB, installed size 10520 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)19:52
SpeirosSee you folks:)19:53
coffeeguyhandbrake is nice19:53
lasersaberthanks ioria19:53
ppfDVD, how oldschool19:53
=== thomas is now known as Guest77918
lasersaberppf, lol19:54
countingdaisiesHas anyone heard of problems downloading the standalone evolus pencil deb for ubuntu? I had troube with it a few months ago and now I'm trying again and having problems.19:57
countingdaisiesIs there an alternative source / way to get the latest standalone Pencil installed on 16.04?19:58
=== d is now known as Guest82801
countingdaisiesit isn't in software center20:00
jattinstall from source20:00
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto20:02
=== theWhisper_ is now known as Office__
maretHi everyone, any tip of (even paid) speech to text recognition which is not pain in the ass to setup ? Rightnow the best I found is speechpad.sw works good in browser but cant make it work on dekstop thanks20:06
ioria!info simon20:08
ubottusimon (source: simon): open-source speech recognition program. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu10 (yakkety), package size 1823 kB, installed size 8528 kB20:08
countingdaisiesI need to find something out about this and I don't really have a starting point? Who is the developer for it or any starting point. The thing is being promoted for download but the links themselves are broken for months? Is the guy in prison? Is he even aware that the links are broken? Pencil is almost a household name (its like saying vim or git for god sakes). If someone came in here...20:08
countingdaisies...saying git downloads were broke this place'd have a shit fit!20:08
countingdaisiesI don't know how to approach something like this20:08
nicomachus!language | countingdaisies20:12
ubottucountingdaisies: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:12
ppfcountingdaisies: download from the website works fine for me20:13
=== pavlushka is now known as sleep-warp
nicomachuscountingdaisies: look up the package from Launchpad and look for the maintainer. Send them an email.20:13
=== sleep-warp is now known as pavlushka
nacccountingdaisies: 'promoted for download' where? it's not ubuntu's job to make every project out there functional. Afaict, that pacakge is not an ubuntu package, so is not relevant here.20:14
countingdaisiesppf: hey thanks for the check. are you referring specifically to: http://pencil.evolus.vn/dl/evoluspencil_2.0.5_all.deb   which comes from clicking the red download button at the homepage here: http://pencil.evolus.vn/Default.html      ?20:17
countingdaisiesnacc: ^20:17
k1l_countingdaisies: talk to the pencil guys about that. that is out of ubuntus support area20:18
ppfno idea. i quickly navigated the page to all linux downloads20:18
countingdaisiesppf: if there is another source you went to I like to know20:18
countingdaisiesppf: that one was also dead for me but with a different error page (different looking). I think the problem is with something missing or misconfigured on my system (or else how would it work for you and not me)?20:19
ioriacountingdaisies,  iirc it'a also a firefox extension20:19
countingdaisiesioria: I installed that ff extension two mos ago when I tried to do this the last time. The extension installed fine but when I tried to open it wouldn't ever launch. I never knew why so I removed it.20:21
ioriai see20:21
k1l_countingdaisies: did you try to talk to the project?20:21
maretioria: so I've tried it and this is def. not an easy to setup , I would have to have basic understanding of speech recognition domain. speechapd you pretty much install hit start recording and it has pretty good accuracy. Only problem is that I have to copy the text to editor20:22
countingdaisiesk1l_: I would love it but I don't see any contact available through the main site: http://pencil.evolus.vn/Default.html   I'm not sure where to look beyond that or how to start.20:22
ioriamaret, https://www.maketecheasier.com/simon-linux-speech-recognition/20:22
k1l_countingdaisies: on wiki, licensing is an email20:23
countingdaisiesk1l_: ty so much - I wasn't finding anything20:23
k1l_countingdaisies: or use github: https://github.com/evolus/pencil20:24
designbybeckInstalled the new snap on 16.04 for Inkscape. It seems the aspell/dict aren't there20:26
designbybeckHow do Snaps work along those lines? Does the Inkscape Snap need their own aspell/dict?20:27
wmwmOK so I've installed debian in the past so I have at least some linux knowledge but it's been a while. I'm trying to install ubuntu on my laptop it says success but it booted back into windows20:30
wmwmbasically grub didn't install and this laptop two hard drives and between that and the partitions I'm walking in the dark looking for a light switch20:31
naccdesignbybeck: better asked in #snappy, but a snap carries all its dependencies with it20:31
naccdesignbybeck: internal to the snap20:31
designbybeckand that would include things like dict nacc?20:31
designbybeckI don't know anything about them, I'm just trying to learn20:31
designbybeckI'll check out #snappy as well20:32
wmwmif anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated if not I'm sure I'll find it out eventually20:32
ioriawmwm, i think you need to boot a livecd and paste  sudo parted -l    .... some could help20:32
ppfdesignbybeck: ya. snaps are selfcontained20:32
naccdesignbybeck: it includes anything hte snap packager said was necessary for the application20:32
wmwmOK I have ubuntu on a flash drive so I can boot into that20:33
designbybeckgotcha... thanks ppf and nacc20:33
wmwmso I get a warning saying the block size is 2048 bites but linux says it's 512 bytes20:35
ioriawmwm,  sudo parted -l |nc termbin.com 999920:35
wmwmI think it's talking about my flashdrive20:36
k1l_wmwm: yes, that is from the usb pendrive20:36
wmwmtemporary failure in name resolution and the same warning20:37
ioriawmwm,  does the command give you an url ?20:38
wmwmnc: getaddrinfo: temporary failure in name resolution warning : the driver descriptor says the physical block size is 204820:39
ioriawmwm, can you install pastebinit ?20:40
wmwmwith apt get?20:41
bluekingbest way to have access to mediashare(movies) for my kids ?20:43
bluekingread only ofcourse20:43
nicomachus!plex | blueking20:43
wmwmwhat's root pass on live cd? when I use su do it says unable to execute20:43
k1l_blueking: start a dlna server like minidlna20:43
nicomachuserg. no factoid for Plex. check it out there. Or XMBC20:43
bluekingcurrently using acryan mediaplayer20:43
k1l_wmwm: use sudo20:43
ioriawmwm, sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:43
bluekinglater I will put up pc with kodi20:44
ducasseblueking: never heard of acryan, but almost every mediaplayer can get data from minidlna and it's fairly simple to set up. kodi can also work as a dlna server.20:48
wmwmOK got it20:48
ioriawmwm,  sudo parted -l | pastebinit20:49
bluekingmedia files are on ubuntu server on mine user20:49
=== nha_ is now known as nha
wmwmsorry Ioria I see what you're getting at but now it just gave me the warning and it won't give me the urn I'm guessing it wants me to type ignore or cancel20:52
ioriawmwm,  ignore20:52
MikeSeeI'm trying to understand pipes a little better, when I run `cat /dev/urandom | base64 -i -w0` it goes forever, if I add `|head -c500` it stops at the 500 characters.  What would be the best reading to help understand how the last item in the chain closes the process?20:54
ioriawmwm,  ok, so you booted the ubuntu media in efi mode ?20:54
alkisgMikeSee: you tell head to stop at 500 characters, that's what stops the pipe20:56
=== phil is now known as Guest83771
wmwmI'm not sure what that means. I think that's what windows uses to skip bios checks and I was supposed to install ubuntu with it too?20:56
MikeSeealkisg: I thought that was the case, but I guess I meant; how does head communicate back up the pipe to stop sending data -- or does head simply stop accepting data after that -c value, and that closes it?20:57
kmdude344apparently spotchat servers are being shutdown for maintenance rn20:57
ioriawmwm,  when you install ubuntu in dual boot with windows in efi mode, you have to share the efi/esp partition on your system, /dev/sda120:58
alkisgMikeSee: head stops, so cat no longer has a pipe end to write its output to, it gets a message "pipe closed" from the os, so cat then stops too20:58
ioriawmwm,  you need to 'add an entry' in that partition20:59
MikeSeealkisg: Okay, so it essentially chain-reactions back up the chain with closed pipes, and each one closes in turn.  thanks :)20:59
wmwmOK. I gotta get ready for work I really appreciate your help.21:00
wmwmbut does that mean I need to reinstall?21:00
wmwmalso the ubuntu install was really simple I don't remember it saying anything like that21:00
ioriawmwm,   i think you just need to reinstall grub https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:01
ioriawmwm,   ls /sys/firmware/efi | pastebinit21:02
wmwmOK sec21:03
ioriawmwm,   oh, sorry, you need to mount your linux partition21:04
wmwmcan not access21:05
ioriawmwm,   sudo mount /dev/sda9/  /mnt21:05
wmwmOK done21:05
ioriawmwm,   then   ls /mnt/sys/firmware/efi | pastebinit21:05
wmwmyou are trying to send an empty document. exiting21:06
wmwmyea it gives me an error21:08
ioriawmwm,   cd /mnt/sys/firmware/efi21:08
ducasse /sys is not part of a real filesystem21:09
ducasseyou need to use /sys on the live image21:11
wmwmyea no such file or directory21:11
ioriawmwm,   btw, that's not important21:11
ioriawmwm,    ls /mnt/boot | pastebinit21:12
wmwmI'm confused lol. sorry I'm not better at helping you help me21:13
wmwmbefore this install I tried debian and somehow I installed grub on my flash drive. so grub has been steady kicking my ass21:14
ioriawmwm,    no output ?21:14
kmdude344wait is 12.04 still being suported?21:14
wmwmgot ir21:14
ioriawmwm,    what is 'ir' ?21:15
k1l_kmdude344: untill april21:15
bluekingI was thinking about to make samba share...21:15
wmwmthat was a typo got it is what I meant21:15
kmdude344ah, i thought it had been killed already.21:15
bluekingI have samba share for my user but want to add other people to same share with only read permissions21:16
ioriawmwm,    did you choose 'install ubuntu alonside windows ' in the patitioner or what ?21:18
wmwm yes21:18
wmwmat least I thought I did21:19
ioriawmwm,    i think you need to reinstall grub21:20
wmwmyea that's what I was thinking. I just don't know the correct place to install it21:21
wmwmI'm scared I'll install it on my USB drive again lol.21:22
ioriawmwm,    /dev/sda1 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#Boot_repair_after_a_Windows_Upgrade_on_Ubuntu_14.04_.28non-RAID.2921:22
alkisgwmwm: what's the summary of the issue? you install ubuntu and can't boot into it?21:22
alkisgwmwm: are you on a live cd now?21:22
wmwmtry ubuntu on a USB drive21:23
alkisgWhat's the output of: sudo lsblk --fs; ls /sys/firmware/efi;21:23
alkisgPut that to pastebin...21:23
ioriawmwm,   right now you have only you linux partition mounted in /mnt , you need to mount also /dev/sda121:24
wmwmcan not access sys/firmware/efi no such file or directory21:26
alkisgwmwm: that means that you are not booted in efi mode. What about the first part?21:27
alkisg(an example is that if you boot CDs in non-efi mode, and trying to install in an efi pc, grub won't get properly installed)21:27
skinuxI need help figuring out why my machine lags like shit when I run my headless VM.21:28
alkisgwmwm: so, try this: sudo lsblk --fs | nc termbin.com 999921:28
alkisgThis will show us if your pc is efi or not21:28
wmwmso when you copy in linux I thought you just high listed the text21:28
skinuxI have 4G RAM, 4G SWAP, VM is set to use only 1G RAM. I'm really wondering WTF is wrong here.21:28
k1l_skinux: if the machine is using swap, it will be super slow.21:29
wmwmhttp:// paste.ubuntu.com/2378370921:30
k1l_skinux: and when the cpu doesnt have the proper features for virtualization, that it will be slow, since it will need more cpu power to let the vm run.21:30
alkisgwmwm: yup, it's a gpt disk with an efi partition in it. So the basic problem is the way you made the cd or usb stick, or the way you configured your firmware, and the live cd does not start in efi mode, so grub then can't be installed correctly21:31
alkisgwmwm: you need to boot properly (i.e. to see /sys/firmware/efi) and reinstall ubuntu21:31
skinuxk1l_: how do I find out if the machine fully supports virtualization?21:31
wmwmOK so boot into windows delete all linux partions21:32
wmwmand then what? sorry21:32
k1l_skinux: look at the cpu flags21:32
alkisgwmwm: no, you can delete them from the installer21:32
alkisgwmwm: how did you create your boot medium? is it a stick or a cd?21:32
k1l_skinux: and look at free output if you are using swap21:33
bluekinghow to dig out mac address of an device with known IP ?21:33
=== liohfb is now known as wetting
pavlosskinux, there could be a bios setting or look at /proc/cpuinfo for vmx (intel) or svm (amd) flags21:34
wmwmit's a USB stick I used by using win32diskimager to write the iso to it21:34
skinuxI see I have 822MB free RAM and 1300 free SWAP21:34
skinuxSo, if I boot the VM I'm probably then doing everything using SWAP instead of actual RAM.21:34
alkisgwmwm: use another tool that generates an image that can be booted in uefi mode, this one apparently can't do it21:35
alkisgwmwm: for example, `dd` works fine, i.e. just dumping the ubuntu.iso to the stick21:35
wmwmI'm not sure what that means exactly21:35
yaourthi can anyone tell me if their is away to make the left bar and move it towards the bottom?21:35
alkisgwmwm: do you have another usb stick handy?21:35
wmwmno I don't. this one is USB 3.0 does that matter?21:36
k1l_yaourt: on unity? yes21:36
yaourtubuntu the latest version.21:36
alkisgwmwm: this will probably work: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows21:36
borisetoHow can I delete all the saved WiFi networks and start over? :)21:36
alkisgwmwm: make sure to select "or uefi" there, not just "bios", see the screenshot21:37
dinetI have a problem with some wordpress sites loading really slow. is there a way to see where things slow down?21:37
yaourtk1l_: do you have a link?21:37
pavlosyaourt, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/03/ubuntu-16-04-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom/21:37
yaourtthank you.21:37
k1l_yaourt: gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom21:37
yaourtthank you guys.21:38
embrikDoes anybody know about clonezilla and drbl in Ubuntu 16.0421:38
wmwmOK. I was reading that windows uses fast boot to skip some bios stuff to make it appear to boot faster. is that part of the reason I'm running into problems?21:38
wmwmbefore this ubuntu install I tried debian an it worked but the grub was installed to the flash drive so I decided to start over with ubuntu.21:39
alkisgwmwm: normally you won't need to change anything in the firmware options. In some cases, you might need to disable fast boot and even secure boot. Your goal is to see the /sys/firmware/efi directory from the live usb stick21:40
alkisgwmwm: I'm guessing that you just selected the wrong tool to create the stick, and rufus will make a fine usb stick for your efi computer.21:41
embrikalkisg: rufus works fine21:41
wmwmOK. I got to work for about 7 hours. I'll be back. thank you very much everyone21:42
wmwmyou guys are way nicer than any of the debian or freebsd or android people.21:43
alkisgwmwm: i'm also running debian, hope I don't have multiple personalities... :D21:44
wmwmlol. thanks again you too ioria21:45
dankjankemdo any of you have experience with KDE?21:48
k1l_dankjankem: yes. but there is also the #kubuntu channel21:49
zargonovski_alkisg, can you help me out with something ?21:49
zargonovski_do you have an idea about Zpanel21:49
dankjankemoo o21:49
bluekinghow to reload dhcpd.conf file after added some  IP's ?21:50
bluekingblueshark exists in ocean ?21:50
zargonovski_blueking, lol :)21:51
bluekingbut how to restart dhcpd server ?21:52
bluekingtried stop restart ++21:52
BlueSharkblueking: everywhere.21:53
zargonovski_sudo service dhcp restart21:53
zargonovski_or dhclient ethx21:53
zargonovski_to force it renew ip21:53
bluekingaren't it service dhcpd restart ?21:57
bluekingit failed21:57
zargonovski_typo missed d21:57
zargonovski_dhclirnt ethx21:58
naccblueking: if it failed, then you need to investigate why it failed.21:58
bluekingdhclient are for wan side  dhcpd on lan side21:59
=== Guest90889 is now known as EriC^
bluekingCan't open /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases for append.22:00
naccblueking: did you use sudo (or as root)?22:00
bluekingam as root22:00
naccblueking: can you pastebin the command and exact output?22:01
bluekingthink I have to check this out  <bug>  https://www.isc.org/software/dhcp/22:02
k1l_blueking: what ubuntu do you have exactly? what do you want to do?22:03
blueking16.04  ubuntu server22:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1543794 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "isc-dhcp-server fails to start on second & further attempts with 'Can't open /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases for append'" [High,Fix released]22:03
bluekingthink I've been killed by this one :P22:03
tatertotsblueking: or human error22:04
bluekingthis human are perfect ;)22:04
k1l_blueking: usually you restart the network22:05
bluekingto get the new conf file active ?22:06
k1l_sudo service networking restart22:06
momkenHas anyone here worked with pkcon (terminal command for PackageKit)?22:06
momkenI want to ask some questions about getting prettier outputs from pkcon22:07
nacck1l_: that would be true for the clients, but not normally (aiui) for hte DHCP server itself22:08
k1l_nacc: was he talking about a server? i did understand he meant the client.22:08
k1l_blueking: you are running a dhcp server? or are you talking about the client?22:09
nacck1l_: perhaps, aiui, blueking was talking about server restart22:09
naccerr, reload, I mean22:09
bluekingrunning pc router  ;)22:10
bluekingneed to restart dhcpd22:10
bluekingor have dhcpd.conf file reloaded22:11
k1l_so you want to restart the dhcp daemon22:11
Przhevalskoyehi all ;)22:12
k1l_sudo service dhcpd restart22:12
bluekingFailed to restart dhcpd.service: Unit dhcpd.service not found.22:12
k1l_i guess the service is named differently22:14
k1l_sudo service isc-dhcp-server restart22:14
Przhevalskoyesudo service dhcp restart22:14
Przhevalskoyethats should do it22:14
bluekingit was service isc-dhcp-server restart22:15
sethjAm I allowed to use the etherpad instance at etherpad.ubuntu.com? Does anyone here know?22:24
sethj(I have the appropriate permissions to access it)22:25
k1l_sethj: as ubuntu member, yes22:25
bluekingare there ways to force devices renew their ip's ?22:25
Przhevalskoyeif you have the permission, why not22:25
sethjk1l_, cool! Is that documented anywhere?22:25
bluekingPrzhevalskoye  how ?22:27
internetmanHello good people. Today I installed Ubuntu Server on a machine that has a tiny Jensen usb wifi dongle which uses the rt2800usb driver. It worked automatically during install, but now after I cannot get it to work. Does anyone have an idea how to troubleshoot? All the answers I've found on google has been to little help unfortunately.22:27
internetmanAnd there is light on the wifi dongle itself, so its definately On.22:29
k1l_sethj: hmmm, i thought it was on the ubuntu wiki page for membership. i guess you should ask the community team22:29
sethjk1l_, okay. I'll do that (I just checked the wiki page myself)22:29
Przhevalskoyeblueking, try dhclient (interface)22:31
Przhevalskoyefor example dhclient eth022:31
VulcanJediI'm having broken dependency trouble http://paste.ubuntu.com/23783964/22:32
Przhevalskoyeotherwise try dhclient -r (interface)22:32
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k1l_VulcanJedi: ah that broken kde package again22:34
VulcanJedik1l_: has that been a thing?22:35
Przhevalskoye yuuup22:36
k1l_VulcanJedi: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb22:36
VulcanJedik1l_: praise the sun!22:38
momkenAnyone here worked with pkcon?22:38
momkenthe CLI interface for PackageKit22:38
internetman"ifconfig" outputs three different interfaces, e.g. "eno1". but "sudo ifup eno1" yields "Uknown interface eno1". What can cause this?22:40
budderi'm a linux noob. i installed ubuntu for the first time and it has been running kinda slow, so i was suggsted lubuntu. I loaded lubuntu iso on my usb22:45
budderbut installer kept crashing22:45
buddernow i can't load into windows because boot order is set to usb first, and if no usb it goes to grub (i think) which i dont know how to use22:45
tatertotsinternetman: let's pretend there's a %1 chance things aren't as your perceive they should be, what exact or specific network related problem are you facing with ubuntu?22:45
budderi'm a linux noob. i installed ubuntu for the first time and it has been running kinda slow, so i was suggsted lubuntu. I loaded lubuntu iso on my usb. but installer kept crashing. now i can't load into windows because boot order is set to usb first, and if no usb is inserted it goes to grub (i think) which i dont know how to use22:47
internetmantatertots: i just installed ubuntu server and a pc with a wifi dongle using the rt2800usb module. the wifi worked automatically during install, but after I cant get it to work. the interface shows up with "ifconfig" but i cant figure out how to get it to connect again. i have tried to configure /etc/network/interfaces with no luck :(22:48
internetmanubuntu server on a pc*22:48
internetmantatertots: and it looks like theres nothing to manage it, like network-manager22:48
tatertotsinternetman: you have internet access by some other means on this ubuntu system ?22:52
internetmantatertots: unfortunately i only have access to wifi (big warehouse). i am chatting on another machine.22:52
internetmantatertots: wpa_supplicant is installed though22:54
Shadowmmuse that22:55
tatertotsinternetman: laptop or desktop?22:55
Shadowmmauto wlan022:55
Shadowmmiface wlan0 inet dhcp22:55
Shadowmm    wpa-ssid mynetworkname22:55
Shadowmm    wpa-psk mysecretpassphrase22:55
Shadowmmchange wlan0 to the name of your adapter22:56
Shadowmmin /etc/network/interfaces22:56
Shadowmmifconfig wlan0 up22:56
Ateugood evening everybody23:00
internetmanShadowmm: that did the trick. its been a while since ive been setting up linux without a GUI so the wlan0->actual interface name flew over my head earlier. thank you very much for the help!23:01
internetmantatertots: i also thank you :)23:01
Ateugreetings from brazil23:02
Shadowmminternetman: np23:05
prappl93I'm not sure if this is a question for here or dd-wrt's channel, but I'm having issues getting my KVM guest to hit the internet through the bridge I've set up using the KVM software23:06
prappl93It had been working before I had switched my router to dd-wrt. I did make sure to enable a route to the host machine on the router.23:06
internetmanShadowmm: now that the interface is working im getting very bad performance, during install the performance was fine though. but i will duckduck this for myself abit :)23:07
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day23:10
Bubbatroy__: hey23:13
budderguys how do i load xubuntu on my USB stick? i tried dragging the ISO on the stick but startup just skipped over the USB and went straight to windows even though I had adjusted boot order to USB first23:35
budderwhat file type to select when creating USB drive with xubuntu iso?23:37
pavlosinternetman, sudo iwlist scan | grep Quality ... what's the number?23:38
Bashing-ombudder: One has to copy the .iso as an image. What system are you on now ?23:38
budderBashing-om: i'm on windows now.  i realized I just dragged the iso to the USB which obviously wouldn't work. I have just downloaded rufus though23:38
internetmanpavlos: sorry im currently reinstalling because I changed my mind about having lvm with encryption. I can get back to you shortly :) it does seem like this will help though https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=234491623:39
k1lbudder: yes, rufus will make it work23:39
USER_____hello pips23:39
FoeHammeredI want to mod the files of a game, but I can't find the blasted things. The game runs great, which it couldn't do without a fair amount of other stuff helping out. How do I find out what files a given program is using where?23:39
USER_____How can I customize my Quassel?23:40
budderwhat file type?23:40
WalexFoeHammered: 'man lsof'23:41
budderkiller: what file type?23:41
k1lbudder: what do you mean?23:41
FoeHammeredWalex: Will try that. Is that man page relatively readable to a novice?23:41
k1lbudder: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows23:41
budderkiller: on rufus, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, or exFAT?23:42
budderk thanks23:42
k1lbudder: look at my link, it has a pictured howto23:42
FlamesElitehi everyone23:43
budderkiller: got it, thnx23:43
* FoeHammered looks at the man page in question, determines either Walex's answer is no, or they have wildly different ideas of novice.23:44
naccFoeHammered: lsof -p <pid>23:47
FoeHammeredOooh, that sounds useful, thanks, nacc.23:47
FlamesElitev  /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER FlamesElite ucmvhzpnoqqq23:48
FlamesElite /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER FlamesElite ucmvhzpnoqqq23:48
naccFlamesElite: you'll want to change your password now.23:48
naccFlamesElite: and no leading spaces in front of commands23:48
FlamesEliteim new to irc damn it23:48
FlamesElitenow im going to get fucking doxed23:48
naccjust change your password.23:48
FlamesElitei cant change my password23:48
FlamesEliteim a noob qnq23:49
FlamesElitei know i am23:49
FlamesElitebut how do i change my password?23:49
bazhangno cursing here FlamesElite23:49
FlamesElitegood for you fine dox me see if i care23:49
SpeirosFlamesElite Relax mate, and someone will help you:)23:49
himaghi there everyone23:49
naccFlamesElite: i feel like you may be confused, this is the ubuntu support channel.23:49
FlamesElitei know23:49
naccFlamesElite: i was just letting you know that you printed the above commands into the channel.23:49
FlamesElitethen how the fuck do i change my password?23:49
bazhangFlamesElite, ask in #freenode23:50
FlamesElite /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER FlamesElite ucmvhzpnoqqq23:50
uxfiFlamesElite  this is a help channel. ask what you need and 'm sure someone will help23:50
himagWhat is the latest version of "apt" package on xenial? can someone update check it please?23:50
bazhangFlamesElite, stop cursing here23:50
nacc!info apt xenial | himag23:50
FlamesElitethere we go23:50
ubottuhimag: apt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 1.2.18 (xenial), package size 1035 kB, installed size 3308 kB23:50
FlamesEliteill change the pw23:50
uxfigood luck23:50
k1lFlamesElite: stop putting that command with spaces in front in here. use the server window and dont put spaces in front23:50
himag!info libvncclient1 xenial23:50
ubottulibvncclient1 (source: libvncserver): API to write one's own VNC server - client library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.10+dfsg-3ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 56 kB, installed size 166 kB23:50
SpeirosFlamesElite firstly the command is /msg NickServ identify <password>.23:50
=== KagomeShuko is now known as AegNuddel
FlamesElitei alerady did that23:50
himagthanks nacc23:51
nacchimag: yw23:51
FlamesElitei cant even fucking get the stupid ass password to reset23:51
himag!info libapt-pkg5.0 xenial23:51
ubottulibapt-pkg5.0 (source: apt): package management runtime library. In component main, is important. Version 1.2.18 (xenial), package size 727 kB, installed size 2804 kB23:51
SpeirosFlamesElite OKay, maybe someone can help with that.23:51
naccFlamesElite: you are ignoring the polite requests of people to respect the rules of the channel (no cursing)23:51
himag!info libapt-inst2.0 xenial23:51
ubottulibapt-inst2.0 (source: apt): deb package format runtime library. In component main, is important. Version 1.2.18 (xenial), package size 55 kB, installed size 460 kB23:51
VulcanJedix have a 1280x1024 monitor, proprietary driver installed, but max resolution in 4:3 available is 1152x864. Can I override this setting?23:51
nacchimag: rather than do that in the channel, if you're going to query many pkgs, do that in a /query ubottu23:51
FlamesEliteI just need help to get this stupid password to reset23:52
FlamesEliteor just ban this account?23:52
SpeirosFlamesElite You're putting a space before the /23:52
Ben64FlamesElite: join #freenode23:52
k1lFlamesElite: join #freenode and ask there23:52
Ben64this is ubuntu support, not irc support23:52
FlamesEliteokay mofo23:52
himag : what's the issue bro23:52
naccFlamesElite: you were told to ask #freenode, this is not an ubuntu support question23:52
FlamesElitethis is why linux is at 2%23:52
Speiros* rolls eyes at FlamesElite23:52
neecahello, little noob question: how can i write a little script for ubuntu that does 2 simple terminal commands 'cd ~/PATH' and './do.sh' and put it on my desktop? :)23:53
FoeHammeredOkay. So. Thanks, nacc. However it uses its files, it doesn't use them in a way that shows up here, which means... I guess I won't find them by asking what files the program's pulling from.23:53
FoeHammeredBut hey. This was a useful skill to learn.23:53
FoeHammeredThanks, Walex, nacc.23:53
Ben64neeca: why don't you just put do.sh on your desktop?23:53
naccFoeHammered: right, `lsof` just lists files currently open23:54
naccFoeHammered: but it could have spawned other processes, etc.23:55
neecapath dependency in that file (not my thingy... its the inetelliJ IDE)23:55
naccFoeHammered: but, I would think, for most games, what you need is the source, not the files currently open23:55
Ben64neeca: you should just be able to run ~/PATH/do.sh23:56
FoeHammerednacc, any idea why it was suggested? Is it simply the closest thing available? In order for this game to run, it needs to read from game files elsewhere, such as a SoldierName text file that it employs to randomly select soldier names by nationality.23:56
FoeHammeredWhich happens to be the file I wanna edit.23:56
naccBen64: unless the script (dumbly) needs CWD to be ~/PATH/ ?23:57
naccFoeHammered: your question was too vague to know it would or would not be an answer? :)23:57
Ben64would need a better script23:57
naccFoeHammered: so more than likely, for that case, it opens the file and then closes it23:57
naccBen64: agreed :) just guessing based upon context23:57
FoeHammerednacc: Ah. It's hardly the only file, but that'd make the window for finding *any* files it uses for that purpose pretty small.23:58
prometHas anyone noticed recently compiz acting up, i.e. the rendered desktop, seemingly, randomly loosing mouse interaction capability in some windows, and other general weirdness and sluggishness?23:58
Ben64promet: nope23:58
gustavohmsilvaHi guys! Whatsup!!! I'm making a shellscript for my reversible laptop (you know, that one that turn into a tablet), and he is already awesome and up and running (I've made the shell script and an installer script available on github, feel free to use it if you need it for some reason).23:58
prometI don't think I've ever had to run "compiz --replace" in my entire Ubuntu "career", as I have had to in the last two months23:58
prometBen64, thanks, hmmmm, must be gremlins...23:59
neecatbh: i'm not looking for a workaround... wanna know how i do a simple script i can run with double-click that would run terminal command(s) :/ pretty new to linux :)23:59
Kirkland_Signatugay people should be bombed23:59
Kirkland_Signatubig leagiue23:59
prometCompiz is usually so transparent, got wonky recently though.23:59

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