sky_can anyone help me with an installation question specifically regarding bootloader partitions03:45
rbattyanyone have experience with home wi-fi network using one device with win10 and another with xubuntu or another ubuntu flavor? the only way i can get the two devices to communicate each other on the network is by disabling both win10 and xubuntu's firewall (including rule exceptions on both ends with software firewall enabled still prevents the two devices from reading one another 99% of the time)04:03
rbattytrying to see if there is a way to get them to talk to one another without having to turn off my firewalls04:03
sinewavrbatty: what do you mean "talk to one another"?04:11
sinewavWhat are you trying to do exactly?04:11
rbattyi have a workgroup setup on my home network, and i'd like to do file sharing between my two devices simply without having to disable the firewall on windows and on xubuntu04:20
rbattytalk to one another - just a colloquial for networking/communication04:21
DrCoolrbatty, what happens if you only disable the Win10 firewall or just the xubuntu firewall>04:42
rbattyDrCool, connection is only slightly more stable. Still times out a good chunk of the time.04:43
rbattyI tried both ways earlier today to see. More stable when Windows firewall alone is disabled compared to just Xubuntu's firewall being disabled. So I'm thinking it's gotta be something with the permissions on Windows.04:46
rbattyOn the private network settings on Windows, I have file and printer sharing and network discovery enabled.04:47
xubuntu44whello xubuntu06:22
xubuntu44wis anyone listening?06:22
xubuntu44wi have a question06:22
xubuntu44wis there a way for me to remove the title from the desktop in lower left corner06:22
xubuntu44wubuntu 16.04.ts06:23
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cr3xhi guys, did some of you had experience with xubuntu and touchscreen on Rpi?10:13
turbo64whats with thunar and its columns constantly becoming wider even with auto expand disabled10:52
turbo64ill set them to a fixed size but i come back to the folder later and theres a horizontal scrollbar and the date column is expanded really far even though theres no values long enough to expand it10:52
doc|workanyone had a problem where the computer starts up fine (can remote desktop in) but xubuntu's display utility shows it as having a disabled screen? xrandr gives results you'd expect.19:36
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bel_kihow to create direcrory whiz opt = all files created from this dir by default moved to /dev/null ?20:21
bel_kii have prog. she make many files in many dir. i wont move this files in /dev/null by defauls. how i can do this?20:26
knomewhat application is it?20:26
bel_ki<knome> firefox & flash cookies20:26
knomei'd look ath the firefox/addon options20:27
knomethough the idea of cookies is that they are stored on your computer..20:27
bel_ki <knome> i tray addon betterprivacy thin del cookis from dir .macromedia but dir .adobe cookis is still a live = wrong plug.20:31
knomewhat's the problem even? it's hidden directories20:32
bel_ki<knome>him (betterprivasy addon for firefox) not remove all flash cookies20:33
bel_ki.adobe dir not clear20:34
knomebel_ki, maybe you'll want #ubuntu-ru again20:35
flocculantxangua: the addon is supposed to clean directories - it doesn't clean .adobe20:36
flocculantat least that's how I understand the issue20:36
flocculantbel_ki: a quick look at the addon and it seems it only lets you clean from 1 directory, not multiples20:40
flocculantI would be inclined to talk to whoever wrote the addon20:40
bel_ki<flocculant> i dont need this addon i wont to make DIR wiz opt = all files is created in this DIR by default move to /dev/null20:47
bel_kii can make this or not?20:47
knomebel_ki, that's not the way to solve this problem20:48
bel_ki<knome> OK20:49
xanguabel_ki: what is exactly what you want? No cookies, no history, no nothing?21:49
L0rdLaravelxubuntu 4 lyfe21:49
bel_kixangu yes? clean all history? save only usernames & pass21:51
bel_kixangua> yes , clean all history? save only user & pass21:52
bel_kixangua> *,21:53
bel_kii press ? agan stooped =((21:53
bel_kixangua>  yes , clean all history, save only user & pass !!!21:54
bel_kiin firefox21:54
bel_kiwhen i is saved21:56
xanguaI don't see how you can't achieve this from Firefox settings21:56
bel_ki<xangua>  it is unerasseble cookies22:12
bel_ki flash cookies not eraseed from settings firefox22:13
bel_kii know this too days agou22:14
doc|workanyone had a problem where the computer starts up fine (can remote desktop in) but xubuntu's display utility shows it as having a disabled screen? xrandr gives results you'd expect.22:55

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