adi1992how to use cloud-init on ubuntu 14.04  to  configure a vm  ubuntu.qcow2 image with kvm hypervisor . Not able to virt-install with cdrom option whith user-data and meta-data .iso files . any help ?09:09
adi1992where should I post queries on cloud-init , I am new to IRC , if there is a separate page or something please provide the link .09:24
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rharpersmoser: on the ntp fix, did you want me to drop the tox changes altogether from the branch? or just rebase into collapsed comments (tox change, test-case update,  cloud-init module changes, unittests) ?19:50
smoserdrop the tox19:51
smoserthey shoudl be in another pull request19:52
rharperthat'll get updated whenever you merge in magicalChicken updated branch;19:53
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