axwredir: chat about cross compiling agents?00:10
rediraxw: yes please00:10
axwredir: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/reed-andrew?authuser=100:10
anastasiamacveebers: thumper: is tab completion with juju-core or qa team?00:11
thumperit is in core I think but not sure who understands it00:11
anastasiamacthumper: awesome \o/00:11
babbageclunkanastasiamac: I'm not sure how to fix bug 164806300:12
anastasiamacused to mgz, I *think*00:12
mupBug #1648063: kill-controller removes machines from migrated model <gap> <model-migration> <juju:Triaged by alexis-bruemmer> <juju-ci-tools:Triaged by veebers> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1648063>00:12
anastasiamacsee? amusement :D00:12
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: does it mean that you know what's going on and just don't have a solution?00:13
babbageclunkanastasiamac: Oh, hang on - I think I need to try to reproduce it now that a related/intersecting bug is fixed.00:13
anastasiamacveebers: would have been awesome if we had that functional tests to prove/disaprove it ^^00:14
babbageclunkanastasiamac: but I'm a bit worried about how to fix the problem in the general case00:14
veebersanastasiamac, babbageclunk (mentioned in email just forwarded) Seems I came across another version of that bug (or just an extension). After migration everything seems happy, but when I destroy the origin the units get "Agent lost"00:14
veebersanastasiamac: ack00:14
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: "worried" is our perpetual state... it's generally good!00:15
anastasiamacmeans we care00:15
babbageclunkanastasiamac: after a migration there might be clients that think they know which machines belong to this controller, and end up killing machines that now belong to the target controller.00:16
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: don't we identify mahcines by which controleer they belong to + machine id (maybe even a model)?00:16
* anastasiamac can't type today... at all00:16
babbageclunkanastasiamac: hmm, with tagging? maybe. I'll need to do some experiments.00:18
babbageclunkouch, migrating models with cross model relations might be complicated.00:19
babbageclunkthumper: that migrations bug anastasiamac pointed out is pretty bad, should I pick that up or work on intermittent landing blockers?00:21
thumperbabbageclunk: look at the bad one :)00:27
babbageclunkthumper: yay00:28
thumperbabbageclunk: the model destruction code in the api server just needs to take migration status into account00:28
thumperthe model may be there still but marked migrated00:28
thumperthe destruction code doesn't check00:29
thumperthat is my working hypothesis00:29
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anastasiamacthumper-dogwalk: did u hear back from larrymi about how custom binary went? m trying to figure out if your change would be of benefit here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/165516900:54
mupBug #1655169: Juju 2.1beta3: Mongo Out Of Memory on bootstrap machine 0 <juju:New> <Landscape Server:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1655169>00:54
rediraxw: ERROR failed to bootstrap model: cannot use agent built for "arm64" using a machine running on "amd64"01:05
axwredir: hrm. what's your bootstrap line?01:06
redirjuju bootstrap arm64-maas kvm/arm64dev2 --constraints arch=arm64 --metadata-source ~/Sync/juju/arm64-bin/streams < axw01:07
axwredir: I think that means it didn't find the tools using --metadata-source01:09
axwredir: I'd use --debug to figure out what's going on with agent selection01:09
rediryeah that's it found 0 packaged agent binaries01:17
rediraxw: do I have to do something to tell it to look for devel streams?01:17
redirrather than released01:17
axwredir: ah yeah probably need to pass --config agent-stream=devel01:17
axwor whatever it's called01:18
redirbut really juju bootstrap --use-this-agen /path/to/jujud would be nic301:18
redirsame issue01:22
redirif I'm on 16.10 is it looking for 16.04 and missing?01:22
redirI wonder01:22
anastasiamacredir: I *think* u can ask it to look for 16.04... there might b a config option...01:24
* redir looks for config optiosn01:24
perrito666k, see you tomorrow everyone01:30
anastasiamacperrito666: o/01:32
redirsame problem01:53
redircannot use agent built for "arm64" using a machine running on "amd64"01:53
redirI'll have to get back to it tomorrow01:54
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natefinchman, kill controller -t 0 on lxd is gloriously fast03:50
natefinchanastasiamac: you around?04:50
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rogpeppeanyone know what's going on with this juju build failure? http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/10005/artifact/artifacts/trusty-err.log12:50
rogpeppei've been trying to merge this trivial juju-core change for days now12:50
rogpeppeand i keep getting failure after failure12:50
perrito666tim was working on it last night iirc12:53
rogpeppeperrito666: ok, thanks12:55
rogpeppeperrito666: it's a wonder that anything lands at all...12:55
perrito666this has increased over the last days afaik12:58
perrito666the erroring  mean12:58
perrito666bbl lunch15:11
natefinchredir: you around/15:21
redirnot yet but will be soon-ish16:05
redirwhat's up natefinch ?16:05
natefinchwondering if you know if kvm containers respect constraints16:06
redirnatefinch: not positive16:07
redirabout all16:07
redirbut disk size, ram, cpus are16:07
redirarch isn't16:08
redirrequires hostarch16:08
natefinchredir: *nod*  what happens if you try to deploy a container with RAM=32G on a machine with 16G?16:08
redirat this point I am guessing16:08
natefinchredir: it's ok, I can check, just wanted to know if you knew16:08
redirkvm fails to start16:08
redirI also think it is a problem if you put 4 kvms with 30G disks on a system with a 60GB drive16:09
redirit will seems ot work, but run out of disk on the 'host'16:09
redirgood questions16:10
redirnatefinch: so the the mem case it defines the domain but cannot start it17:24
natefinchtych0: you around?17:25
natefinchredir: interesting. How does that appear to the end user of Juju?17:26
redirnatefinch: poorly17:27
redirit just doesn't start17:27
natefinchredir: lol, not surprising17:27
redirI'll put it on the list of known issues17:27
redirafter it works on rare arches it shouldn't be too hard to handle and return a useful error17:28
redireven easier if go-libvirt grows the API we need17:29
natefinchyeah, the problem I'm looking at is that I'm implementing constraints for LXD, which do the right thing as long as your constraint matches the host machine, but you can set mem=8G for a container on a machine with 4GB, and lxd still happily runs a container17:30
natefinchbut it'll obviously only have 4GB of ram available17:31
redirthat isn't ideal17:36
redirI think kvm has that issue with disk17:36
redirbecause they are sparse... so aren't actually too big on creation17:37
redirbut I haven't tested that17:37
natefinchvoidspace: you still around by any chance?18:19
admcleod_hi, any approximate release date for 2.1?20:17
thumperreal soon now™20:19
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redirbbiab going to run an errand20:26
babbageclunkthumper: ping?20:37
thumperbabbageclunk: whazzup?20:38
babbageclunkthumper: so the instances are being deleted in environ.Destroy() - is there a way to rename the containers?20:38
thumperenviron.Destroy on the controller model?20:39
thumperor on the hosted model?20:39
babbageclunkthumper: controller I think20:39
thumperwe need to work out why20:39
babbageclunkthumper: It's just using prefix matching on the names.20:40
thumperenviron.Destroy *should* only destroy that model's machines20:40
thumperthe prefix match shouldn't match others20:40
thumperwe shouldn't be calling environ.Destroy on migrated models20:40
babbageclunkthumper: Hmm, true - ok, I added lots of logging, I'll rerun my experiment to see.20:40
nurfetthumper: again a question about implementing a new cloud provider. Now I'm getting: ERROR cmd supercommand.go:458 failed to bootstrap model: cannot start bootstrap instance: no "xenial" images in us/las with arches [amd64]21:09
nurfetwhat is wrong here?21:11
perrito666thumper: hey, to make your beginning of day more complicated 1) sorry for making you review a pr that was partly obsoleted but tx for the review it gave me a few pointers, 2) there was some talking thes afternoon in another channel about mongo logs and oplog eating most of the ram on some situations, is that what you where looking at?21:12
* thumper is otp right now21:13
thumperperrito666: we need to talk about storage at some stage, do you have much overlap with axw where we can do it all together?21:33
thumpereither that or I could catch you first21:33
perrito666thumper: if you give me 1/2 h we can talk21:35
perrito666then you can talk with axw21:35
thumpernurfet: not entirely sure where this is failing... is it in the provider code where it is trying to start the instance?21:35
thumperif so, it will be very provider specific, and how it looks for cloud images in the cloud21:35
thumperperrito666: talk in 30 minutes? or talk for 30 minutes?21:35
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perrito666thumper: we can talk now, sorry I was finishing some house chores21:43
thumperperrito666: gimmie 30 minutes21:43
perrito666thumper: ack21:43
nurfetthumper: it's failing in the provider code. I am not sure how to link an existing image, for instance xenial, with my provider region "us/las".21:51
nurfetsorry I might be asking well known stuff but I am pretty new to Juju21:52
katcoanyone around? need a 3rd data-point22:11
perrito666thumper: time is up22:12
katcopretty easy ask, and if you help you get 100 internet points!22:12
perrito666katco: I sort of am if is a low attention thing22:12
katcoperrito666: it is22:12
katcoperrito666: can you build/bootstrap lxd from upstream/2.1-dynamic-bridges ?22:12
katcoperrito666: looking for binary y/n was successful22:13
perrito666katco: sure, fetching22:13
katcoperrito666: ta22:13
* perrito666 builds22:14
thumpernurfet: you are hitting the very cloud specific bits. There needs to be some way for the provider code to ask the cloud to start particular instance types with a particular OS image22:15
thumperhow those images are identified and mapped is very cloud specific22:15
thumperperrito666: making hangout22:15
nurfetthumper: that's clear to me but I am concern what info I need to provider/store locally in order for Juju to be able to deploy charms?22:50
redirkatco: I seem to be sticking around at waiting for ip address for longer than I recall happening on lxd22:51
thumpernurfet: juju stores info locally about the machine, like the series and instance id22:51
thumpernurfet: once the machine has been started, it is the juju agent running on that machine that deploys the charm22:52
katcoredir: ta for trying; that might be because this branch is a bit diverged from recent changes. but it should bootstrap i think22:52
thumperall the provider code needs to be able to do is to start an instance for a model22:52
thumperand list instances for that model22:52
thumpernormally there is some tagging of the instances using the model UUID22:52
thumperif we are just thinking about the first step of the machines, you need to be able to start, stop and list instances for a model22:53
thumperuuid tagging is the easiest way to get some listing22:53
thumperthat uuid tagging has to be at the cloud provider level22:53
thumperand not rely on any local storage (meaning user's host machine)22:53
thumperhow that tagging is done is very cloud specific22:54
thumpernurfet: does that help?22:54
redirkatco: look at gh:jameinel/juju dynamic-bridges branch22:55
redirit have developp merged up to it22:55
redirat least as of last week22:56
katcoredir: cool ty... i think i may have figure out what's going on22:57
redirk not bootstrapping here22:58
katcoredir: ta for starting to tal23:00
nurfetthumper: pretty much. The problems are that my cloud provider doesn't support instance tagging nor instance flavors23:01
nurfetbut i think i can get around those weeknesses23:02
thumpernurfet: does it support any form of persistent disk?23:02
thumperone way we used to do it before instance tagging23:02
thumperwas a file in presistent storage that had a mapping for us23:02
nurfetthumper: it does support persistent storage i.e. HDD volumes23:03
thumpernurfet: storage not attached to an instance?23:04
nurfetthumper: the storage must be attached to the instances but that's performed on a remote host23:09
nurfetno any kind of local storage is required23:10
nurfetI trying to find a correlation between my cloud provider images and images published on http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/23:13
nurfetI am trying to find a correlation between my cloud provider images and images published on http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/23:14

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