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justicefriesjust as a wild-eyed thought03:31
justicefriesi wish juju was structured a little bit more like Kubernetes where when I created a charm, I was just submitting a manifest rather than a charm with code, and my code was something more like third party resources.03:33
justicefrieshow this would work in practice, I couldn't tell you.03:33
lazyPowerjusticefries well we can skinny up that charm with layers06:24
lazyPowerbut that only goes so far. I guess in reality if you wanted to get *really* persnickety, you could use just a metadata that declared resources, and a single hook, but thats really not what we're here to do. Operational code is often large to handle the complexities of interactions and what that effected change means in a context to your workload.06:25
lazyPoweralso note: its midnight here so i hope i'm not babbling gibberish06:26
junaidal1tvansteenburgh: Any idea, when networks spaces feature is added to juju-deployer? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-deployer/+bug/164215706:28
mupBug #1642157: deployer doesn't support juju 2.0 network-spaces feature <juju-deployer:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1642157>06:28
kjackalGood morning Juju world!07:36
junaidaliGood morning kjackal08:17
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SimonKLBjust deployed openstack bundle with conjureup, instead of deploying them on lxd containers inside the machines it deployed all the charms on different machines09:48
SimonKLBwhat couldve happened to cause this?09:48
SimonKLBthis is on maas btw09:49
junaidalican you share your bundle? is it openstack base bundle?09:51
SimonKLBjunaidali: yes, "OpenStack base for MAAS"09:51
junaidaliSimonKLB: this bundle https://jujucharms.com/openstack-base/ right?09:53
SimonKLBjunaidali: afaik09:53
SimonKLBjunaidali: it's the pre-defined one in conjure-up, i've not added a custom bundle09:53
junaidaliSimonKLB: is there a machine section in that bundle?09:54
SimonKLBjunaidali: yes09:55
SimonKLBjunaidali: but it might be due to the fact that it says "lxc:1" instead of "lxd:1" come to think of it09:55
SimonKLBjunaidali: ive seen something similar in the past09:55
SimonKLBjunaidali: never had any trouble deploying the bundle manually with juju deploy, but conjure-up seem to be tricked by it09:56
stokachuSimonKLB, whats juju status look like?09:56
junaidaliSimonKLB: I've not used conjure up but manually deploying a bundle works even if there is lxc:<machine number>. Juju deploy command auto deploys to lxd09:57
SimonKLBjunaidali: yes09:57
SimonKLBstokachu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23786000/09:58
SimonKLB18 machines heh...09:58
SimonKLBi wouldnt be surprised if it was the lxc/lxd bug09:59
stokachuSimonKLB, yea gimme a few finishing something up and ill check it09:59
SimonKLBstokachu: cool, thanks09:59
mskalkaSimonKLB mind showing the bundle.yaml?09:59
SimonKLBmskalka: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/openstack-base/archive/bundle.yaml09:59
mskalkaok so you're definitely on the base bundle.. that's quite odd10:00
SimonKLBmskalka: well, that's just my guess tbh, conjure-up have some bundles pre-defined10:01
SimonKLBmskalka: the one i deployed was named "OpenStack base for MAAS"10:01
SimonKLBmskalka: i assume that is the one i linked to10:01
stokachuSimonKLB, you're also on 2.1-rc1 it looks like10:01
SimonKLBstokachu: yea, thats right10:01
mskalkatry pulling down the bundle from https://jujucharms.com/openstack-base/ and deploying it from local10:01
stokachuok just wanted to get the right juju version10:01
SimonKLBmskalka: will do10:02
SimonKLBanyone got a nice one-liner to empty a model of all it's applications?10:03
mskalkacan't guarantee anything but it might rule out conjure-up shenanigans10:04
SimonKLBmskalka: yea10:04
mskalkaother than killing the controller? Not really10:04
stokachujust destroy-model10:04
stokachujuju destroy-model10:04
SimonKLBstokachu: ah, conjure-up created a model of it's own10:05
stokachuSimonKLB, :)10:05
SimonKLBmskalka: stokachu how do i use conjure-up with a local bundle.yaml?10:08
stokachuSimonKLB, cp -a ~/.cache/conjure-up-spells/openstack-base ~/openstack-base10:15
stokachuthen put your bundle in openstack-base10:16
stokachuand you can run conjure-up -d <path_to_spell>/openstack-base10:16
SimonKLBstokachu: ah, just deployed it through juju deploy now, works like it should - conjure-up will have to wait for another day10:21
SimonKLBthere is an issue ticket with a similar experience that i had, i commented my problem as well https://github.com/conjure-up/conjure-up/issues/55310:21
stokachuSimonKLB, yea i've got someone on it10:50
stokachuhopefully will have it fixed today10:50
SimonKLBstokachu: great to hera!10:50
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tvansteenburghjunaidali: probably whenever someone submits a patch. i may get to it eventually but i doubt it'll be soon13:28
pmatulishi, using ppa:juju/stable i install juju and juju-deployer but i get a juju 1.x type error. i notice that juju-deployer actually gets installed from universe. i think there is a packaging snafu. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/23786563/13:40
tvansteenburghpmatulis: ftr, the most up-to-date juju-deployer is in ppa:tvansteenburgh/ppa14:03
pmatulistvansteenburgh, oh14:04
cory_furick_h: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/blob/e13c7c82396da82780c0b18c32f88c79647d09a6/examples/deploy.py (once https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/pull/46 is merged)14:57
tvansteenburghcory_fu: shouldn't it be loop.run(main())15:09
tvansteenburghor loop.run_until_complete(step())15:09
tvansteenburghi guess the former so that args can be passed15:10
CatalysGood afternoon, is manage.jujucharms.com down? (Reason my Openstack single node installation is failing)16:46
smgollerhow can I force destroy a model? I've got a model that's stuck on "Waiting on model to  be removed, 8 machine(s)...17:10
magicaltroutcan you remove-machine?17:10
magicaltroutdunno then17:10
lazyPowersmgoller juju remove-machine # --force is your saving grace here as magicaltrout pointed out.17:12
* magicaltrout gets lucky \o/17:13
lazyPowersometimes, i've seen slow cloud cause issues where models can take up to 20 minutes to be reaped, and force removing the machines seemed to have done the trick17:13
smgollerthis is a maas cluster, and i've run that command and the machine is still not gone.17:13
lazyPowerits the controller doing the right thing trying to execute all the extant removal hooks, (*-departed, *-broken, stop), and then issue a removal request via the cloud api.17:14
smgolleri released the machines on the maas side now so I'm just trying to figure out how to clean up without killing the controller17:14
lazyPowersmgoller - is this 2.0.2?17:14
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lazyPowersmgoller - can you tail your controller logsync file and see if there's anything pertinent spamming in the controller logs so we can file a bug?17:14
lazyPowerthis smells of a regressionb ut we're going to need a root cause to be helpful17:15
smgollerwhere is that located?17:15
lazyPoweryou can juju switch controller && juju ssh 0 && tail -f /var/log/juju/*.log17:16
lazyPowerer that last && wont work as a chain, you'll probably need to put that in the ssh session17:16
smgolleri know what's wrong17:16
smgollerit's not juju17:16
magicaltroutyou coming to gent this year lazyPower ?17:16
lazyPowermagicaltrout yessir17:16
lazyPowersmgoller oh ok! do tell if you get it resolved17:16
smgollercontroller can't resolve the hostname of the maas server17:17
smgolleris the actual problem17:17
lazyPowermagicaltrout i took a look at the mesos/k8s integration bits over holiday. we might actually get to that this year17:17
smgollerso i'm good. thanks!17:17
lazyPowersmgoller oh awesome! thats good to hear (not that its a quibble, but that its  not a regression)17:17
smgolleryes :)17:17
magicaltroutnice one lazyPower I've got one of my guys working very slowly on LXC support for Mesos17:17
lazyPoweroh snap17:17
smgolleri prefer problems to be mine instead of the software's i'm using17:18
lazyPowerlex dee in mesos :D17:18
magicaltroutI need to sort out my Mesos charms and get them up to date as well17:18
magicaltroutthen bring in flannel17:18
magicaltroutthey have support in there somewhere17:18
lazyPowermagicaltrout yep, lmk when you've got that in the pipeline and i can try to schedule out some time to collab so we can do an external scheduler relation17:18
magicaltroutyeah that would be good. I moved all my existing stuff to DC/OS as a test platform, but DC/OS is just Marathon with a fancy UI and some authentication, so I reckon we can do that nicely in Juju, but then it doesn't have the universe packager and stuff, but i reckon if LXC works as a cloud provider in Mesos, who cares! ;)17:20
lazyPowerwe can do universe packager as a stretch goal whenever someone wants it eh?17:22
magicaltroutindeed its only marathon apps wrapped up in a git repo17:22
magicaltroutstill need to write my cfgmgmtcamp talk =/17:22
magicaltroutwhen don't I need to write a talk?17:22
magicaltroutand sumbit some to apachecon17:23
jrwrenonly during the 1hr you are actualy giving a talk do you need to not write a talk. :)17:23
magicaltroutaye, even then though....17:23
magicaltroutlazyPower: got any cool K8S demo stuff? I have a conference I'm sponsoring full of developers in a few weeks, gonna take down a screen and stuff17:25
lazyPoweryeah, i wrote up an ARK server workload17:26
lazyPoweri hear games steal the show when you demo neat stuff with moving game servers17:26
magicaltroutthere will certainly be game and app developers there17:26
lazyPowerk let me get you my resource files17:26
lazyPoweryou'll need to drop the $20 on steam for the game tho17:26
lazyPowerprepare your wallet17:26
magicaltrouti'm over it17:26
lazyPowerthat soon huh?17:27
magicaltroutlol, if it gets me work :P17:27
lazyPowermagicaltrout https://gist.github.com/99a68eb6602b2a9502f79315517969b217:27
lazyPoweryou'll want to scrub that private registry image link, incoming second gist wit the docker bits to build the server image17:28
magicaltroutthanks lazyPower17:31
lazyPowernp, lmk if you have any issues with that17:31
lazyPowerits oddly specific to my homelab17:31
lazyPowerso there's maybe dragons in there i'm not aware of17:31
buggdon't kill tmux17:33
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magicaltroutI'll spin it up in AWS next week lazyPower and let you know if anything starts crying17:35
magicaltroutlooking forward to it, not sponsored an event before. Gonna take along a bunch of Juju stuff, K8S, build pipelines for auto build and deployment, data processing etc17:36
magicaltroutsee if it gets any love17:36
magicaltroutsam is going to sort me out with some marketing stuff as well now I have the master services agreement signed17:37
lazyPoweryou should get some love with that stack, being able to deploy it and demonstrate it at the drop of a hat is a nice feather to have on your tail17:40
stokachualuria, can we get the review queue in the topic changed to review.jujucharms.com?19:21
aluriajam, jcastro: ^19:22
aluriastokachu: I'm not a jujudev -- but cheers :)19:23
stokachuah just showed you the last person to update the topic19:24
=== jcastro changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to #juju || Review Queue: http://review.jujucharms.com || Summit: http://summit.jujucharms.com
=== jcastro changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to #juju || Review Queue: http://review.jujucharms.com || Summit: http://summit.jujucharms.com || Docs: http://jujucharms.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jujucharms
Teranetok who has Openstack on Juju experiance ? I do have an contrainer issue and don't know how to tackle it19:43
stokachujcastro, thanks20:05
pmatulisTeranet, just ask a well-formulated question and see if someone can answer20:06
admcleod_Teranet: whats the issue?20:19
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TeranetHI I do have a hook error which I don't know how to fix : hook failed: "cloud-compute-relation-changed" for nova-compute:cloud-compute21:05
TeranetTHis is on Nova-Cloud-Controller21:06
Teranetand also neutron-gateway is blocked21:06
Teranetall other container look green and ok21:06
kwmonroeTeranet: does debug-log give you any more details? "juju debug-log --replay" will give you the whole log; if that's too much info, you can restrict it to unit with "juju debug-log -i unit-nova-compute -XX --replay", where 'XX' is the unit number of your failing unit.21:15
kwmonroeer, that should be "-i unit-nova-compute-XX" <-- no space between the unit and unit number21:16
admcleodTeranet: if you find anything with kwmonroe 's suggestion could you pastebin and give us the link?21:36
Teranetyes ofcourse sorry totally alseep today up since 4AM :-(21:41
TeranetHere is the pastbin result : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23788886/21:42
Teranetand it's now clear to me what the real issue is21:42
Teranetit's like persistant but not willingly to tell me what's wrong with it.21:43
Teranetnew link : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23788899/21:44
TeranetI added a full status overview of the juju containers as well21:44
Teranetit's just I am pulling my hair out because I don't really see how to see the real error or how to fix it. :-(21:45
TeranetWhich drives me crazy21:45
admcleodteranet: if you "juju ssh" to one rabbit node, can you ping the hostname of the other rabbit node?21:46
TeranetYes don't worry about rabbitMQ for now21:46
Teranetthat's a man mad issue :-)21:47
admcleodTeranet: well it looks like a problem with reverse dns on the nova cloud controller node, you might also want to ask the same question / paste the logs in openstack-charms21:50
kwmonroeyeah Teranet, #openstack-charms might be better a better place.. admcleod, just out of morbid curiosity, does nova-cloud-controller :: nova-compute have the same nonsensical rev dns requirement that namenode :: datanode has?  any way to be "ip-only" in an openstack env?21:52
admcleodkwmonroe: i think there is a requirement for forward and reverse to work and match up21:53
admcleodkwmonroe: so.. i assume, dont know for sure, even if you used IP's it would do both checks21:54
elbalaahi all, is juju dead?21:55
Teranetwhat forward and revers ?? Juju don't control DNS nor does MAAS or OpenStack21:57
kwmonroeelbalaa: my juju lives.  strong like bull.21:58
admcleodTeranet: the hook is failing because of an NXDOMAIN error21:58
kwmonroeTeranet: line 220 of your first paste21:58
Teranetwhere do you see the NXDOMAIN ?? ok let me check21:58
admcleodTeranet: also i think MAAS should be handling the DNS21:59
admcleodTeranet: but i have very little maas knowledge21:59
TeranetMaas only does do DHCP but won't do DNS21:59
Teranetour Corp is to big and complex which does not allow dynamic DNS22:00
admcleodTeranet: are you following any particular set of instructions for this deployment?22:01
admcleodTeranet: https://github.com/conjure-up/conjure-up/issues/48722:05
TeranetYes I do follow the last OpenStack/Ubuntu deployment setup which I rewrite right now for Cluster Enviroments like we use at Rackspace and IBM right now22:05
admcleodTeranet: i was wondering what that setup mentions about DNS. also see the link i just posted22:06
admcleodelbalaa: is that a philosophical question?22:06
Teranet... one sec let me check22:07
TeranetI don't see where to repoint DNS to MAAS I do see certain records in MAAS DNS but that's it22:09
elbalaaadmcleod: wow juju does windows22:12
admcleodTeranet: just before you said 'maas only does do DHCP but won't do DNS' - has it been disabled? you may also want to ask about this in #maas.22:12

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