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spider_xHey guys, for whatever reason when I shutdown the computer the monitors get turned off but the computer keeps running?04:58
user|23803I have forgotten my password and my computer needs to update how can I update my computer05:31
spider_xHello, I am having an issue I installed lightdm on Kubuntu, however it is giving me a  "Failed to Start session"05:36
valoriespider_x: what version of Kubuntu?05:40
valoriewe use SDDM now05:40
valoriealthough afaik it will still work with lightdm05:41
valoriewe can't provide support for that, though05:41
spider_xvalorie: 16.04.105:42
spider_xand the login screen was purple05:42
spider_xso I removed lightdm and well now no login screen at all05:43
valoriedo you still have SDDM?05:43
valorie`apt-cache policy sddm` in a konsole or terminal05:43
spider_xYea, I just "sudo apt-get installed" it and it says it is already at its newest05:43
valorietry sudo apt install -f05:44
valorienot force05:44
spider_xyep it is on 0.13.0 version05:44
spider_xthe sddm that is05:44
spider_xwell 0.13.0-1ubuntu505:45
spider_xhmm ok I ran sudo sddm and it came up with the usual blue screen05:45
spider_xhowever when I logged in it threw me back into tty105:46
valoriecan you say why you installed lightdm?05:46
spider_xI was unable to shutdown and I had a suspicioun that it was caused by sddm05:46
spider_xwhich is kind of true since I was able to shutdown just fine with lightdm05:47
valoriedid install -f do anything for you?05:47
spider_xhmm, I am wondering can I reconfigure it to use sddm again?05:48
spider_xmaybe something like sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm05:48
valorie`sudo dpkg --configure -a`05:48
valorieor you can do sddm only05:48
valorieI would advise doing all, since it seems you have some other problem05:49
spider_xhmm when I try that it gives invalid option -o ?05:50
valoriedunno what that might be05:51
spider_xyea, I tupe sudo dpkg --configure -a05:51
spider_xbut then it just gives me a new line now?05:51
spider_xand say if I try sudo apt-get update it is stuck on 0%05:52
spider_xhmm I rebooted, it came up with the sddm display manager05:53
valorieif there is no output, all is good05:53
spider_xlets see what happens next05:53
spider_xhmmhmm, seems to have fixed itself by removing lightdm05:54
spider_xand the sudo apt-get update was caused by the VPN, because it didn't turn off properly so the proxy settings were probablly set to be the ones of the VPN05:55
spider_xyep it was indeed the issue05:55
spider_xwell anyway thanks a lot valorie :)05:55
spider_xissue has been resolved05:55
momkenI have a case which I have installed kubuntu 16.04 on it07:46
momkenThe only problem is that after going to suspend, if I move the mouse it will wake up07:47
momkenHow could I disable waking up by moving mouse?07:47
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MrokiiHello. I've been using Ubuntu for years but switched to Kubuntu some time ago (fresh install). I had been using Kupfer on Ubuntu and am using it on Kubuntu as well, but since switching to Kubuntu, Kupfer doesn't start properly anymore when it is started automatically. In this case, the shortcut to open the command-window doesn't appear. If I kill its process and manually start Kupfer, everything works fine.08:44
MrokiiDoes anybody have a clue what the cause could be?08:44
lordievaderGood morning.08:56
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:38
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noaXessdoes anybody also have problem with laptop screen sleep mode and not wake up, only if unplug/replug power?12:44
hateballnoaXess: is it nvidia?12:45
hateballnoaXess: binary blob?12:46
noaXessnvm.. i think12:46
noaXesslet me check to be sure12:46
noaXessfor the nvidia and i915 for the intel12:48
hateballalright, then I dont know12:49
hateballsaw the latest binary blob had some fixes related to backlight and power source detections and so on12:49
hateballnoaXess: any reason you're using nouveau? old chipset?12:49
noaXessas nvidia from repo's does make problem with dual monitor..12:50
noaXessbinary blob means.. download driver from nvidia directly?12:50
hateballwell I use the PPA for ease of managment12:51
noaXesswhich one?12:51
noaXessofficial nvidia ppa?12:51
hateballsudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37512:51
noaXessand do you also have dual monitor on your laptop?12:51
hateballNo, I do not use hybrid gpu at all. I only use pure nvidia on desktop, and pure intel on laptop12:51
hateballanyhows, you could give it a go, if it works, great, if not, purge nvidia-375 and you should be back on nouveau12:52
noaXessso your laptop has no hybrid graphic, right?12:52
hateballnoaXess: Nope12:52
noaXesshybrid is tricky as i tested a lot.. if only single monitor.. no prob.. but i work on dual mon. setup12:53
hateballnoaXess: are you on 16.04 or 16.10? using kubuntu backports?12:53
hateballbecause that's another headache in the multimonitor equation :p12:53
noaXesskubuntu backports, yes12:54
hateballgood, at least updated there then12:55
noaXessupdate to 16.10?12:55
hateballnoaXess: no point, 16.04 is on par as far as plasma goes12:56
hateballwhen running backports that is12:56
noaXessaha.. okay.. so keep12:56
hateballI'd try the binary blob and see if that works nicer, it's quick enough to test12:56
hateballsuppose you may want to install "nvidia-prime" to be able to choose between nvidia or intel also12:57
noaXessokies.. will check.. later ;).. thanks for hints..12:57
noaXesswhy ever they make hybrid stuff.. its horrible..12:57
noaXessinternal display, as i know is connected to intel12:57
noaXessexternal connectors (vga and hdmi) is connected to nvidia..12:57
noaXessor only hdmi to nvidia and vga to intel.. can't follow that concept12:58
hateballwell, a lesson learned for the next laptop :p12:58
hateballbuy with discrete gpu or at least muxless so you can pick in bios12:58
poco_hey guys, running Kubuntu 16.04 with a GTX 970 (nvidia-367) and I'm getting a lot of screen tearing in apps like Chrome and Steam games. Any advice?13:15
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alx5000on a scale of 1 to 10, how advisable is adding the kubuntu staging KDE apps ppa?18:31
alx5000is there a better way to get 16.12 applications under ubuntu?18:31
daxon a scale of 10 to 1, how much do you mind your KDE being unusable18:31
daxif it's in staging, it'll presumably be moved to one of the less-crackbuild PPAs when it's been tested18:32
alx5000dax: understood, that's what i expected :D18:32
alx5000the problem is the backports ppas are still on 16.0418:33
* dax nod18:36
alx5000thanks ;)18:37
FanfareHi @ all. Q: I have a file i can not delete... it is on a external hdd with a gpt partitiontable and ntfs filesystem.19:30
Fanfarels -l gives: -????????? ? ? ? ?            ? Thumbs.db19:30
FanfareAny hint how to get rid of that file without reformatting...19:31
efeciftciFanfare: try if you can view inode number of that file by executing "ls -il"19:53
efeciftciinode numbers will be displayed in the 1st column of "ls -il" output19:54
efeciftcithen you may execute the following command:    find . -inum INODE-NUMBER-HERE -exec rm {} \;19:56
efeciftcibut be careful with that command :)19:56
JonelethIrenicusthis is awesome https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.95.php20:11
speederupdated kubuntu to 15.04 (dunno why it went to that specific version) and now it boots but immediately crashes with sddm-greeter crashing20:31
speederwhat now?20:31
koffeinfriedhof15.04 is EOL, speeder. I would recommend a fresh installation with 16.04 or 16.10.20:35
speederkoffeinfriedhof: I just told it to update, and then it updated TO 15.0420:36
DragnslcrOr if you can get a terminal, use do-release-upgrade to upgrade to at least 16.0420:36
speederor rather, my dad did that20:36
lordievaderspeeder: What version did you have originally?20:36
speederlordievader: I have no idea20:36
koffeinfriedhofyou need historical sources (or how they are called) to get 15.04 nowadays...20:37
lordievaderDragnslcr: Don't think 15.04 can go to 16.04 directly.20:37
DragnslcrYeah, you'll probably have to upgrade to 15.10 then 16.0420:38
lordievaderspeeder: Hmm, perhaps you can upgrade directly, else try to go via 15.10 (if that is still possible). If that all does not work, I think the easiest is to (re)install 16.04.20:38
speedertried typing do-release-upgrade, it said "no update from vivid to xenial"20:38
speederdo those 16.something versions support extremely old 32bit machines?20:40
lordievaderspeeder: If you are adventurous you can upgrade to 16.04 directly, but it might break (a lot) of things.20:40
speedernow my dad said that 15.04 was actually working for a while20:40
speederand broke down "out of nowhere"20:40
BluesKaj!eol |  speeder20:47
ubottuspeeder: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:47
speederBluesKaj: that helps me how?20:47
lordievaderspeeder: See the last link ;)20:48
BluesKaj15.04 is no longer supported , back up your data and install anewer kubunyu like 16.04 or 16.1020:49
lordievader"Looking to upgrade from an EOL release?..."20:49
BluesKaja newer kubuntu20:49
speederthe links ends at 12.0420:49
lordievaderspeeder: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:50
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current LTS release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial20:50
speederlordievader: I am in that godamn link20:50
speederit ends at 12.0420:50
ubottuUbuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety20:50
speederit doesn't has a path for how to update 15.0420:50
BluesKajyou can't20:50
lordievaderspeeder: It has generic instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrading20:51
lordievaderThe adventurous path I had in mind earlier.20:51
speederlordievader: I tried that, at least the ending part20:51
lordievaderUpdate sources.list, then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.20:51
speederdidn't worked20:52
lordievaderWhat ending part?20:52
speederapt-get update, then upgrade, then do-release20:52
lordievaderWithout updating the sources.list? Yeah, that step is crucial.20:53
speederthat sort of stuff is what make me cringe every time I see someone claiming Linux is ready for desktop use20:54
speederall this trouble because the machine decided to refuse to boot out of nowhere20:54
speedermeanwhile the XP boot on the same machine is working just fine. (and it still updates even!)20:54
BluesKajspeeder, you have to keep track of the kubuntu releases.Linux is not like Windows which holds your hand and controls your OS at every turn. It's up to you to on Linux to pay attention to the new releases with all their benefits21:05
speederBluesKaj: I don't mean that, what I mean is that it suddenly broke, and then to fix it requires an entire OS upgrade, it makes no sense, and to upgrade it, requires editing text files.21:06
speederit is not "hand-holding", it is actively hostile to the user.21:06
speederhaving to configure stuff yourself is one thing, having to dive in text files to do basic tasks is another level of non-usability21:07
BluesKajspeeder, it didn't break, 15.04 is just no longer supported21:07
speederBluesKaj: so when it detects it is EOL is breaks on purpose?21:08
BluesKajthat's all i'm going to say about it21:08
BluesKajdo some research21:08
speederresearch about what?21:09
BluesKajabout kubuntu release schedules21:09
BluesKajanyway I'm calling it a day21:10
mattb_I have a problem with KDE and my network card21:14
mattb_I have a broadcom bcm4311 and I have tried installing the drivers multiple times and the wifi will not work on KDE21:14
Fanfareefeciftci: THX, ls -il also gives no usable info... "? -????????? ? ? ? ?            ? Thumbs.db" looks like the problem is deeper inside gpt table or ntfs filesystem...21:52
samandar_Fanfare, what's the issue?21:53
DragnslcrFanfare- do you get an error message when you try to delete the file with rm?21:58
samandar_Fanfare, what folder your file is in?21:59
samandar_Fanfare, does it show file does not exist when you try to delete it?22:00
javi_hi, trying to create a telegram online account from system settings but I get an error saying that I need a plugin called 'morse', how can I install that?22:03
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Fanfaresamandar_: The file is in regular subfolders i can access... However when accessing the file Thumbs.db i get error message "Can't access file: IO Error and all infos shown as questionmarks...22:58
geniiI'll bet if you do dmesg|tail  at that point you'd see read errors22:59
genii( indicating the drive is going bad)22:59
Fanfaregenii: thx, nothing comes up in dmesg or syslog when accessing that file...23:02
Fanfareoh, there is something...23:03
FanfareJan 13 00:00:18 RMW-Vaio ntfs-3g[27975]: Could not decode the type of inode 533423:04
geniiFanfare: Do you have a windows install on it?23:05
Fanfareno, no system on it , pure data drive... but its one huge partition with ntfs... and a gpt23:06
geniiFanfare: Needs to have a filesystem check and fix. So requires to be unmounted and then to issue a sudo fsck.ntfs on it23:08
Fanfarei guess it was since an unclean unplug from a windows system...23:08
Fanfareso u thing fsck.ntfs can handle that?23:08
geniiActually, unfortunately there isn't one, sorry23:09
geniiFanfare: filesystem check of ntfs from linux is extremely problemmatic23:10
Fanfareso, better get a hand on a windows system somewhere... or does M$ offer a repair *.iso? :-)23:11
geniiThere is ntfsfix, which comes with ntfs-3g package, but it can only do simple fixes. Could try that first23:12
geniiThe other alternative is yes, find a Windows system to check it from23:13
Fanfaregenii: +1 thx for the pointer... will invetigate... i schould have done smaller partitions .... but i was lazy....23:13
geniiFanfare: Well, also if you have a choice of filesystem, ntfs makes little sense if there's no Windows :)23:17
FanfareIt was chosen for portabillity and large files...23:23
geniiexfat is a much better choice23:24
Fanfareexfat? doon't know that? files > 4GB native win support? Mac and Linux?23:25
geniiAlso android23:28
Fanfareok, i will check that for future considerations...23:28
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MrGrymReaperHello everyone.23:56
MrGrymReaperCould the the packages for owncloud from 16.10 please be backported to 16.04. For a future point release or update?23:59

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