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zsombikalikiana: shouldn't we add theme property to MainView in addition to units and i18n?12:37
zsombiin this way it could replace the context property12:37
zsombikalikiana: I can add that in an incremental MR if you think...12:38
kalikianazsombi: Maybe; I wanted to get the MainWindow in first for exactly those benefits. So the proof that it works is there. But I wasn't sure if we'd want to add to MainView - we'd probably prefer everyone to migrate and that's one of several benefits you get from moving over.12:40
kalikianaAnd we can't remove the context properties anyway since existing apps could still be relying on them.12:41
zsombiok, so I'll add the theme as increment12:41
kalikianazsombi: Or did you mean 'to the MainWindow'?12:50
kalikianaMaybe I misunderstand the q12:50
zsombiyes, to the mainwindow... crap, I wrote MainView...12:50
kalikianazsombi: Right, in that case yes13:10
zsombikalikiana: so, do you want to add it, or want me to do it?13:10
kalikianazsombi: Also, any opinion on the organizationName? Unity needs it - we could add it; otherwise they'd have to keep using C++ for that13:10
zsombikalikiana: we could add it, but we make it as empty by default?13:11
kalikianazsombi: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The default would match the current behavior, and any app that needs it can set it13:11
zsombikalikiana: yup13:12
kalikianaMirv: Mind having a look at this gles-only failure? It looks as if the temporary folder isn't being created properly https://jenkins.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-sdk/job/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-ci-i386-gles-stable/1350/console15:22
kalikianaBefore this MR it wouldn't fail since it silently skipped errors15:23
kalikiana^^ This is https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/wrapAndSort/+merge/31441115:23
Mirvkalikiana: maybe that dirname $0 works differently than what one would think, but that seems mysterious enough to not be solved without some manual test output like echo $(dirname $0) , ls -l ../debian/ , ls -l $tmpdir/ on various lines to try to decipher what's wrong. at least the original check did report problems earlier, so I can't imagine how control.gles would not be there15:33
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kalikianaMirv: Hmmm good idea, didn't think of that15:42
kalikianamzanetti: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/organizedWindow/+merge/314631 We talked about the organizationName in context of Unity using the MainWindow I think, so FYI15:43
mzanettikalikiana, mhm, ok, not 100% sure what to do with it though16:24
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